Why the Betsy Ross Idea bothers me...

Personally, I am a fan of the flashbacks, when used properly. Cicero, Ben Franklin, Ichabod and Abraham’s friendship , Mary’s confrontation with Katrina were all great flashbacks that added depth to the story. :And I would actually like to see some flashbacks of Ichabod’s family so that we can compare the journey of our two witnesses.  We know that Abbie’s childhood was hell.  What about Ichabod’s childhood?  This would be an awesome flashback.  The problem is that we suspect that the proposed Betsy Ross flashbacks are intended to continue the attempt to displace Abbie with a white leading lady.  Just take the description of the character without knowing that it is Betsy and you would swear that they are describing Abbie.  So naturally we are suspicious because we are not prepared to trust Clifton on faith alone.

The Season 2 attempt to elevate Katrina was not subtle. So TPTB should not insult our intelligence by trying to deny it.  Now the first proposal of substance to come from the new regime involves casting a white actress who has the same character points as Abbie.  It gives the impression they do not regret trying to replace Abbie, only their original choice of replacement.  So it reeks of trying to build a better mousetrap so that Sandra and friends will beat a path back to their door..

Maybe their intentions are not shady, but like a husband who has been forgiven for infidelity, you don’t get involved in another suspect situation because all of your good will has been used up.  I see only two possibilities.  Either (1) They are intentionally or unintentionally repeating past mistakes or (2) They are woefully ignorant of the concerns of their fans. Either way this seems like a bad start.

Strange Magic Fic Idea: Sleepy Hollow

Okay so the other day I was watching the Tim Burton version and in my head I saw Bog as Ichabod Crane and thought he would be so epic playing that part and Marianne as Katrina but more badass and here’s what I got:

Constable Boggart ‘Bog’ King is send to investigate the mysterious murders happening in a sleepy town called Sleepy Hollow.  He meets the Tassels, Lord Dagda and his daughters Marianne and Dawn who are different as day and night.  Marianne is more the tougher and rebellious while Dawn is more sweet and flirty.  Marianne’s ex Roland is trying to win her affection after she caught him with some other girls and decides not to get involve with him ever again despite her father and Stepmother’s wish ‘hint hint,’. 

When Bog shows up Marianne decides to give him a hand with finding out more about the deaths and with the manservant’s son Sunny whose father was also murder but also very protective of Dawn but wants to get to the bottom of things.  They track clues and learn more and find there’s a conspiracy involve and that something supernatural is happening within their little town.

Also I like to add that as a twist the stepmother is actual related to Roland and both are conspiracing to inherit everything so there’s a little twist added if you like.


Just saw this announced online; my and emmyc​ ‘s cover for issue 1 of BOOM! Studios’ upcoming Sleepy Hollow: Providence mini-series. 

This cover marks my first-ever collaboration with superstar Illustrator and Storyboard artist Emmy Cicierega. I’ve long been a fan of her work, so it was fun to sit back and let her do all the heavy lifting, adding digital inks and lush color over my pencils.

More to come!