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Yoosung just made me realise, there is this one thing, I can not excuse V for. 

I’m probably quite late on that because I started of with Zen, Seven, Jumin, V and only now Yoosung. I would’ve probably seen that earlier if I had played this route earlier. 

… Why the hell did V ever agree on that god damn bomb in Rika’s apartment??? 

Like man, you know Rika has massive fucking issues, you know she starts a freaking cult and all… and you have… a bomb in a huge apartment building? Like I’m not even gonna question MC’s safety here, but generally the greater good? 

Jihyun, I love you but, what went through your mind when Rika came up with that bomb idea? And why the hell didn’t you just like, take the Mint Eye Documents somewhere else and get rid of that bomb? 

Jihyun please ;-; 

I love her voice!

anonymous asked:

how would bts be during "the morning after." (assuming you guys have been in a relationship for a while but the previous night's events were unexpected nonetheless)

Thank you for the request~

After he woke up and saw you still sound asleep next to him, Jungkook’s ears would heat up and he would immediately start blushing to himself. He’d scratch his head, slowly remembering the previous night’s events and find himself wondering how it even came to be a thing that happened to begin with. When he notices your eyes open tiredly, he’d give a shy smile (feeling a tiny bit awkward), brush your hair away from your face with his fingers and lean down to kiss you on the forehead, whispering, “Good morning, sleepy head.”

V would be the actual cutest piece of shit thing ever the morning after your first time; he’d cuddle up to you beneath the blankets and nuzzle against your chest until you both decided it was time to get up. He’s ask you tons of questions like, “how are you feeling, jagiya?” and “did you have fun last night?” with the biggest grin on his face. He’d giggle and kiss your cheek sweetly, not allowing the moment to be awkward whats so ever.

Jimin would be huge grease-ball like usual, and keep making sexy comments once you were both awake enough to recall what had happened the night prior. He’d tell you, “that was really unexpected, but you were amazing“ and spend a lot of the morning lazing around together, reminiscing on your relationship and openly admitting that you both had been ”waiting on that moment to come.”

Once Rap Monster woke up and realized you were still next to him, arm draped across his chest with a sleepy smile on your lips, he would smirk to himself and take a moment to simply bask in your beauty and admire how gorgeous you looked, even the morning after. He’d admittedly feel a tad odd at first, just for the fact that he hadn’t expected your visit to turn into what it did, but he wouldn’t complain in the least. Whenever you woke up, he would snort quietly and wrap his arms around you, mumbling a quiet “I enjoyed last night a lot“ against your hair. 

J-Hope, since he’s typically a giant ball of sunshine anyway, would be his normal, chipper self in the morning. His lively vibe would make you smile, wrap your arms around him and pull him down into a really sweet, post-sexytimes kiss. He’d lay there and cuddle with with you for as long as you wanted and would keep telling you how much he loved you and that ”you are so, so gorgeous.“ Hoseok would definitely make the morning after all about giving you attention and making you feel good.

Being the not-to-open-about-his-feelings kind of guy, Suga would truthfully not know how to act the morning after. He’d think you sleeping next to him in only your underwear was adorable and he would stare at you for a while, just thinking about what happened last night, but as soon as you woke up, he would blush like crazy and try to avoid talking about it. If you mentioned it first, however, he would awkwardly chuckle and smile at you, whispering ”yeah, it was really nice, jagiya.“ He would make sure you knew he wasn’t being rude or anything, though, and you would understand and just giggle at how cute he was. 

Jin would wake up an hour or so before you, getting out of bed slowly, making sure he wouldn’t wake you up from your well-deserved sleep. He’d walk to the kitchen, raking a hand through his hair while mentally questioning himself how he became so lucky. After making a nice breakfast for you to enjoy together, he’d turn around and see you tiredly standing in the door frame rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. He’d smile at you, walk over to wrap his arms around your waist and give you a quick peck on the lips. ”I hope you slept well~

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