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OMG I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED IT BUT COULD YOU DO BENNETT 7,19,31,31?? if not that's fine too,it's not possible for you to have tooons of spare time for these posts so don't feel bad if you don't want to? WHY DO I ALWAYS MAKE THINGS AWKWARD WHEN ASKING FOR SOMETHING. Also i'd like the post pn my birthday to be a surprise?(if it's not too much, srsly just seeing his face makes me happy) - bunny nonny

OK hello bunny let’s do this >:)

(also i’m not sure if you meant to ask for 31 twice?? if there was another one you meant to ask for instead feel free to send it)

(ps. if anyone wants to ask these still, i’ll answer them!!!)

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Red Breakfast

If anyone has any questions/queries about the Red event this morning, please feel free to chuck them in my inbox. I got in a cab straight after and worked a 13 hour day so haven’t had time to post anything but comments seem to be that there’s not been a lot of coverage beyond one very short anecdote and I’m happy to share whatever I can once I’ve had some sleep.

Off the top of my v sleepy head my favourite parts..
G and J talking about their favourite exercises and techniques, G loving the “acceptance cup” but also acknowledging it as kinda ridiculous (!), more menopause talk, an interesting conversation with J about “having it all” especially relating to a healthy relationship and a fulfilling career. G giving advice on handling anxiety in work settings.