sleepy ewe

I’m so tired of everything that revolves around gay guys being about sex!! not every mlm interactions are sexual! there are old gay couples who water flowers together, there are preteen gay boys who hold hands after class, there are teenage gay couples who play video games together, there are ace gay couples who don’t like to go past kissing. not every single thing we do is sexual

  • Mahiru: When things get crazy, don't push me away, Kuro!
  • Kuro: I was gonna push you against the wall but ok..

(Two Hours of chatting later)

Edd: This was really kind of you.

Max:Hey, It’s no problem! You do the same for me probably.

Max:But when you come round mine you’re cookin’!

Edd: That’s a fair trade..

Max: Uh?!

Edd: What is it?

Max: Um-

Max: Just some spaghetti on my shoe.

Edd: Oh? How’d it get there haha…

Max: Thanks again for having me round! I’ll see you soon I’m sure.

Edd: Goodnight..

when i spent the weekend with daddy...

*laying in bed with daddy at around 1 in the morning*

me: daddy…

daddy: *almost asleep* mmmmm

me: i hate the minions

daddy: *opens his eyes and looks at me* what

me: stupid yellow idiots

daddy: *laughs* come here and go to sleep

me: *smiles and snuggles against him*

daddy: *holds me close* dork