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#163: Sleepy

Ashton: Baby deer eyes would droop as he wears this lazy grin, giant bear paws latching onto you with a weight you could barely take. He’d whisper in your ear, “Cuddle? Babe, sleep with me. Just put the laptop away for a few minutes.” And his husky voice would put you into a lullaby trance just like his eyes did.

Calum: Nuzzle. Nuzzling was the first and only sign you needed to know that Calum Hood was a tired new born puppy. His soft and messy hair would tickle against the skin on the nape of your neck as he probably (and most likely will) press a kiss to your collar bone and let out a small moan to affirm that he indeed, wanted to be in bed with you.

Luke: He’ll stare at his lap and play with his pinky ring as a way to distract and keep him awake, along with avoiding eye contact so you didn’t have to see his pouty tired face. He was embarrassed to be tired in front of you, because he always wanted to be awake and alert when he had the chance to spend time with his own girlfriend. When you ask if he’s sleepy, he’ll nod and rub his eyes with his soft hands and latch onto your waist, “I just want to sleep for a little bit baby, I promise I’ll be less tired tomorrow.”

Michael: The constant loud breaths that he exhales and nodding off every time he answers a question of yours is a big hint and number one answer to the fact that he’s sleepy, but he will immediately change into a young child wandering la-la land when it comes to being sleepy around you. He’ll compliment you more than he usually does and smell your hair, he’ll interlock his fingers with yours and try to get you alone, you were his human cuddle bug. It was always best when he was sleepy around the ones he loved.