sleepy couple

It’s the middle of the night and I’m thinking about you, not in any particular way, just of you. I wonder if you’re up too or if you’re sleeping what it is you’re dreaming about? I wonder if you were here, would you pull me close or just stay a safe distance? Would you give in to your heart’s desires as you lay here half asleep, your eyes barely open and your raspy voice that I’m sure would sound delightful to my ears, would you cave in for just a moment? Just long enough for me to feel you against my skin and have this moment ease it’s way, way into my heart. It’s the middle of the night and if you were here that would be the only thing that would make this better.
—  I Think About You More Than I Should And More Than You Know
  • Mahiru: It's kind of nice. Look at us, I'm reading, you're reading. We're like an old married couple.
  • Kuro: If we were an old married couple, the wife would serve iced tea and snickerdoodles.
  • Mahiru: I don't have iced tea and snickerdoodles.
  • Kuro: A good wife would go to the store.
  • Mahiru: I want a divorce.
  • Kuro: Good, on the way to the lawyers pick up some tea and cookies.