sleepy chicken

I wish Star Trek had more prank based sub plots like House MD did.

I wanna see Bones and Scotty see how long they can keep a chicken each on the Enterprise before Spock finds out.

Chekov stealing Sulu’s fave plant and sending him cliché ransom notes. Sulu steals Chekov’s secret vodka collection in retaliation.

Bones starts eating healthy so that Jim stops stealing chips off his plate.

Uhura, Chapel and Rand have a competition to see who can steal Jim’s underpants. Somehow, Spock wins.

Bones keeps sending different masseuses to the Bridge. Everyone is v happy except for Spock, who doesn’t need to calm down, Doctor, cease this foolishness.

Chapel keeps sending Bones pages w increasingly impossible scenarios, he turns up each time and she hands him a pile of paperwork. So… no radioactive killer spiders attacking?

Jim and Bones spend ages trying to surprise Spock, but his Vulcan superiority wins out. They throw water ballons at him, round the corner w water guns, turn the lights off, a whole bunch of classic stuff.

Peep peep, happy early Easter apparently! Pearl, Blue Pearl, and Yellow Pearl as chickens, we all know Blue would be a silky.

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