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Cat Cafe Nekokaigi (京都猫カフェ ねこ会議) in Kyoto Japan by TOTORORO.RORO
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Cat Cafe Nekokaigi (京都猫カフェ ねこ会議) in Kyoto Japan. You can have a cup of coffee and play with cute cats there.

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what gym workout routines will make you look more masculine if you're pre t?

Carl says:

AFAB and AMAB bodies have certain ratios. In regards to shoulders to waist to hips, a more “feminine” physique has a 2:1:3, whereas a “masculine” one is 3:1:2. To compensate for not being able to slim the bones in the hips, broadening the waist and shoulders is what should be the main focus of your routine, but feel free to add lower body workouts. With that being said, try and keep the cardio to a minimum.

For shoulders/chest: Bench presses, Alternating deltoid raises, Push ups (of various grips), Dumbbell presses, Dips, Battling ropes, Pull/Chin ups

For core/obliques: Side planks, Swimmers, Exercise ball crunches, Twisting Hanging leg raises, Off set squats, Core stabilization, V-Ups

For arms: Rows/Inverted rows, Curls, Dumbbell floor presses, Decline triceps extensions 

You want to switch up the amount of reps you do per exercise ( low reps one day, high reps the next). The higher the reps the lower the weight.

Now, I’m a big fan of schedules, so, personally, I keep a little white board with exercises corresponding to a day of the week. It helps me visualize my plan and make sure I’m not under or over working anything. Starting out, you don’t want to exercise more than 3 days a week, and you can increase after a month or so.