sleepy bedtime

ppl seemed to like the other dad hcs i posted based off @seidurstown dad au so here are some more!! enjoy :~)

• sportacus being the daytime dad and Robbie being the nighttime dad. like Stephanie goes to sportacus when she wants to play and run around but when she’s sleepy and it’s bedtime she goes to rob. she loves the way he reads her a bedtime story very softly and she insists that he’s better at tucking her in somehow (sportacus’ feelings lowkey get hurt every night)

• when steph has a nightmare or gets scared at night she goes and sleeps in bed with rob and sport and they both hold her in a little dad cocoon and she sleeps very soundly

• stephanie loves to play dress up with robbie because he has so many fun costumes and she always makes sporto and rob play with her for like, hours.

my other hcs were based off the idea that steph was their only kid but i wrote some including rottenella as well

• when stephanie and sportacus go outside to play sports and stuff robbie and rottenella stay inside to bake cookies and do arts and crafts :,)

• robbie packs stephanie and rottenella lunch everyday and he always leaves really sweet little notes in their lunch boxes telling them he loves them and that he misses them already

• steph and rottenella go to the same dance studio (steph is in hip hop, rottenella is in ballet) and at the end of the year they have a recital and sporto and rob are the proudest parents there and they buy them both the biggest matching bouquets and balloons and take them to a celebratory dinner and never stop gushing about how proud they are 

• also, rottenella and steph come up with their own dances and put on shows at home that robbie sews them costumes for and the dads are always very impressed 


Moko by Tjflex2


You know, a few years back, at the height of Gardy’s solo popularity, I had plans to “retire” from Tumblr RP by age 25. Well, today’s my 26th birthday, and my RP itch is as strong as it’s ever been! With the real world alternating between terrifying and boring on an hourly basis, well, I think I’ll still be engaging with these fictional fantasy lands for a long time to come.

Many thanks for the birthday messages, and I’m looking forward to creating even more great memories in the future!