sleepy basset

Topp Dogg as Dogs

P-goon: Rottweiler thats just super pumped and active and cute but can be scary if he needs to be

Jenissi: Sleepy and apathetic Basset Hound

Hansol: Cutie Golden Retriever that just wants love

B-joo: Pomeranian bouncing off the walls and biting ankles

Xero: Some sort of fancy show dog probably that’s pretty and he knows it

Hojoon: Dachsund, tiny and precious bb

A-tom: Pulli (for the fur…)

Yano: Chihuahua, cute but angry

Nakta: Great Dane

Sangdo: German sheppherd for the cutie patootie ears

“As I lie here on my luxurious leopard-print blanket, wearing my hand-made and "blinged-out” leather harness, I don’t ask for much. Just your love. And some raw bones from the butcher. And some quail. Yes, quail would be nice.”