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You’re not so good at getting away from all of the karma that lies between your tongue and cheek.
Real Friends//Everything I Never Want To Be

Sleeping Plants
Sleeping plant

“I don’t fancy yellow, but its what I think of when I’m with you” - Sleeping plants

Hi! Could you possibly do a Zack smut where he likes it rough (like slapping and spanking and stuff) and one day he slaps you kind of hard and your lip splits and you get kind of scared because of how hard he slaps you so you go out to the guys((like you’re on tour) and sit with them after he falls asleep and the guys see and think he’s abusive and you have to tell them? (sorry it’s kind of long)

AN Requested by tumblr user: @sleepy-punkrock-babe Also guys, I’ve been reading up on some smut lately, and so this is a lot more graphic than most of my smut has been, so be prepared for the smutiness that is Zack Merrick. Also I’m sorry for my lack of updates, but I still love you and I’m still trying.

Warning: smut

Your POV

“God, I love it when you’re like this,” Zack growls, holding me against the wall. Everyone was out tonight and it was just me and him on the bus. Zack had been turned on all day, mostly because I was the one making him so, but now we finally got to do things.

“Mm,” I moaned as his hands wandered all over my body, squeezing it in places that made me want to scream. His lips were traveling my neck to my shoulders, and my shirt was hanging off my body. All you could hear was the sound of hot breath and kisses. I needed to feel him, to feel all of him.

I knew Zack liked it rough. He had me pinned to the wall, unable to move, unable to speak. I couldn’t, not with myself needing him, I was a hot mess and he was making it that way. “You’ve been a bad girl,” Zack growled in my ear.

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anonymous asked:

I always love the playlists you make and your song taste in general, so I thought I'd come here and ask: do you know any songs for teamwork/group friendship dynamics? I'm trying to make a fanmix but I'm stuck.

So! It is a truth universally acknowledged that there are really not enough songs written about friends. Especially not groups of friends!

I don’t know what mood you’re going for on this, first off! It’s easier to find “me and my friends are gonna hit up the club” than anything else. Like, there’s Me and My Gang or Royals, for the pop song side of things. Little Help From My Friends is always a classic. Or Wannabe, where would we be without the Spice Girls?

More serious songs requires specificity, unfortunately! Us by Regina Spektor and Heathens by Twentyone Pilots are both good Leverage crew songs (and also, incidentally, both would probably be good Rogue One crew songs). This is the New Year is a good Les Amis song for the “the role we play is so important / we are the voices of the underground” line.

I imagine this was spectacularly unhelpful, and I’m sorry! If you want me to take another shot with more specific teamwork dynamics, feel free to drop me some details and I’ll try again tomorrow when I’m feeling fresher.

Hi! :) Can you possibly do one where you’re dating Zack and you take care of your 12 year old brother because you’re parents died when he was nine (but you’re only a year younger than Zack) and you never told Zack about your brother and finally one day Zack comes to your house un-announced and you get all nervous because all your other boyfriends broke up with you when they found out you took care of your brother but Zack’s really happy that you finally told him and fluffy? Sorry it’s long .-.

AN So this topic might make some people uncomfortable, I don’t know, I don’t know what goes on in your guys’ personal life. If I got something wrong or made something sound offensive, PLEASE tell me. Okay? No text conversation for this one, I really hope you like it. Criticism is always welcomed. I love you guys, stay strong xx

Your POV

I had been taking care of Benji for three years now. He was nine when the accident happened. I tried to tell him in the best way that I could that his parents weren’t coming back. That we were all each other had. I wasn’t going to leave him like they had. I tried my best with him.

Benji is my younger brother. He has autism, and it’s not as bad as you think. I know you’re probably wondering how he can function and all that. But he gets along just fine. He’s not stupid. I love my little brother.

I was twenty-two when it happened. I was told either I had to take him or he’d get sent to my grandmother’s. My grandma was not a happy woman. She was bitter and mean and I didn’t trust her with Benji one bit.

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