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Ever notice how the only ones showing up to "miss S1 Iris" are SBs? I've witnessed this "oh, I really miss xyz character from S1 when they were alone and doing xyz thing (read as when they were not in a relationship w/ or the love interest of the white male lead)" straight from the How To Be Anti-Black Without Sounding Overtly Racist playbook so many times... Suits, Merlin, Sleepy Hollow... I mean, turn the page or update the edition to something new like that reverse racism argument. I'm tired.

They miss every thing about S1, especially Iris not being an official part of the team for most of it. Transparent as clear glass.

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Sleep deprived Eggsy at the base asking Merlin to carry him. Basically sleepy Eggsy clinging to Merlin

so i just did a merlin tired, so writing tired eggsy will be fun.

Eggsy got out of the plane very carefully. He wondered when the steps got so wobbly. He stared at the candidates he had taken out for a live exercise that had just had problem after problem and he had been awake and in charge and on the go for days. “You all did good.” He said, swaying a little.

“Sir, I think you need sleep.” The one candidate said. “You didn’t sleep on the plane, you should have.”

“Couldn’t until had you back, had you safe. Me agent, you trainees.” He said. 

The looked over and saw Merlin walking over. “He’ll fix this.” A candidate said. “He’ll scare Galahad asleep.”

The other two candidates nodded in agreement. They had only seen minimal interaction between Merlin and the Kingsman agents, but he was just as ruthless with the agents as he was to them. They waited for Merlin to yell at Galahad for something, because that is what he did.

“Agent Galahad.” Merlin’s voice was hard. “You have returned with all the candidates late.”

“Problems.” Eggsy answered. “Fixed them.”

“Sir, he hasn’t slept in days, wouldn’t even on the plane, said he wouldn’t until he brought us back safe.”

Merlin rolled his eyes. “Stubborn fool.” 

Eggsy pouted. “They all safe?”

“They are lad, ye did good.” Merlin said quietly. He came closer.

Eggsy held his arms up. “Carry me.”

The candidates stared in shock as Merlin picked the agent up. He snuggled Eggsy in tight. “Ye can rest now.”

“Bestest husband every.” Eggsy said. He put his head on Merlin’s shoulder and fell right asleep.

Merlin kissed his head and held Eggsy there and lectured the candidates for twenty minutes about proper field practices holding Eggsy the whole time.


And there’s an old man sitting on the throne that’s saying that I probably shouldn’t be so mean

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Merhartwin where Eggsy is feeling left out in the relationship but he's the lil baby cuddle him. so angst with happy ending

Eggsy knew without a doubt what the two worst words in the English language were:

Inside joke.

Small words, simple words, and the ones on any given day he dreaded hearing the most.

Because when you are the new guy in a relationship with a couple that has been together for as long as you’ve been alive, well they have a lot of inside jokes.

And sometimes they explain, or try to, a lot ends up being dismissed as you had to be there. And worse sometimes they don’t even try because they are laughing so hard and Harry is kissing Merlin’s temple, or Merlin biting Harry’s knuckle - which is in itself apparently an inside joke.

So Eggsy sits at the table and fakes a laugh, watches as they remember something silly because one of them said the word “kelp.” And who even has an inside joke about kelp anyways?

Worse though than those two words were the rituals. Eggsy trying to squeeze himself in to somewhere like it didn’t feel like there was space. He felt pushed to the side as he watched them move around the kitchen with ease. In the living room when Merlin didn’t even have to open his eyes to find Harry’s hand. Harry putting out a sweater for Merlin.

They never had to say, “Oh pardon me” or “Look out” or “Watch your step” like they did with Eggsy, they just flowed around each other. And in bed, watching them, well it was a dance, partners long in sync with each other, and Eggsy was just some understudy.

And one morning, they all actually had the day off. The sun was just coming up, the room still mostly shadow and Eggsy looked at the two men to his left, Harry spooning Merlin and he was so in love and it just broke his heart that he might not fit.

Merlin could feel eyes on him and just said, “Kumquat” and Harry burst into sleepy giggles behind him. Merlin opened his eyes and grinned, he loved Harry’s giggle. He looked at Eggsy, wondered why he seemed so sad. “Sorry lad,” he said, “it’s just an -”

“If you say inside joke bruv, I will pull a knife out from under this bed and gut you.” Eggsy said with a snarl. He got out of bed and started to pull sweats on.

Harry and Merlin sat up in bed and stared at him in horror.

“Eggsy where are you going?” Harry asked already out of bed and rounding to Eggsy.

“To mum, to Roxy, I don’t know, just not here yeah?’ Eggsy was trying to find a shirt and all he could find was Merlin’s jumper. He threw it on, hating that he wanted to bury his nose in the scent. “I’ll send Jamal to get my stuff.”

At this Merlin also got out of bed and basically blocked the door. 

“Move Merlin.” Eggsy said pushing past Harry.

“Nae, not until you tell us what is wrong.” Merlin flipped the lock and placed his body right in front of the knob.

“Look I get it, it was a fun experiment,” Eggsy said, eyes flitting between the two men. “But time we all moved on. I moved on, let you two get back to normal.”

Harry touched Eggsy’s shoulder from behind. “I don’t understand. What did we do? What can we do?”

“Want me here.” Eggsy said.

Merlin stared at him. “What ever made ye think we don’t want ye here?”

“I don’t fit, you two are like these perfect puzzle pieces, just snug and settled and I don’t, I just don’t. When you reach for me, you don’t find me, not like you do with Harry. And Harry doesn’t fuss over me like he does you.” Eggsy looked at them, “We don’t have any inside jokes.”

Eggsy looked at his toes. “You have this whole life that’s yours and I don’t see how I belong in it, not really. So I’ll go.”

Harry stepped closer and wrapped his arms around Eggsy, “I don’t fuss over you because you actually have the sense God gave man and dress warm enough.”

Merlin stepped forward and touched Eggsy’s cheek. “I reach for ye lad, but you’re always moving and don’t even see.” He kept his hand in place. “Found you this time didn’t I?”

Harry nuzzled Eggsy, just a little. “We might be two puzzles pieces that fit well together, but they’re a middle, won’t last forever without a frame. You are what finishes us off.” Harry explained.

Merlin kissed Eggsy’s mouth even as Harry stayed buried in his neck. Merlin pulled back a little “Besides lad - two way mirror.”

Eggsy snorted out a giggle. Then a full laugh.

Harry looked up at his two loves, “What’s that then?” He asked as he began to pull Eggsy’s clothes off.

Eggsy let himself be hugged by the two men. “Nothing. Just an inside joke.”


Rating: M

Warnings: None

Words: 1,874

Pairing: Merlin/Arthur Pendragon

Summary: Merlin has a habit of falling asleep after sex and Arthur loves teasing him for it. That is, until a very sleepy Merlin accidentally proposes to him one night… or does he?

Read on AO3

So, this a short fic that I wrote almost by accident. I’m currently working on a longer fic and was a bit stuck, so a friend of mine suggested I could do some free writing, but instead I ended up writing a short fic based on this prompt:
“Person A teases Person B about getting sleepy after having sex. As B is falling asleep, the last thing they say is “I’m going to marry your idiot ass.” A then gets flustered, pulls B tenderly into their arms and falls asleep together with B. Bonus: A asks B about what they said when they wake up. How B reacts is up to you.”

Huge thanks and lots of hugs to my beta @edenofalltrades

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it’s really really shitty how showrunners are at a place where they’re letting (and expecting) fandom do the work they’re too lazy and entitled to do. Oh so Cap/Sam/Bucky are “the greatest love triangle in MCU history”? cool how about we see some of that love onscreen i.e why not have Sam lock lips with Cap or Bucky or each of them declare their feelings at some point? oh that’s right, this isn’t really about showcasing gay love, it’s about using and exploiting a subset of your viewers while continuing to avoid real, challenging, paradigm-breaking representation. this happens ALL THE TIME with these white dudebrow fests. BBC Merlin spent whole seasons REFUSING to develop their characters or advance the story because they knew if they just gave fandom enough scenes of merlin and arthur “bantering” or taking their shirts off people would tune in anyway and continue writing fanfics and making gifs and feasting on the “subtext” that will never be allowed to break the surface. same with BBC Sherlock. Same with Supernatural. Showrunners know what fandom thirsts for, they read the tweets and tumblrs, they know the formula for garnering slashdom interest and they run with it all the way to the bank. meanwhile, women of color/ queer women of color rarely appear onscreen, and when they do they’re quickly shafted or sidelined in favor of white male characters (see also: Merlin, MCU, Sleepy Hollow et al). and lemme tell you it’ll be cold day in hell before MCU lets chris evans share a kiss with anthony mackie onscreen. i’m not saying dont ship things or dont enjoy these films/shows. god knows i enjoy a lot of trash media. but i’m pissed that showrunners exploit and encourage the worst sort of trends in fandom with not a single effing drop of accountability.

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what did bradley james do? i wasn't involved in the merlin fandom since it was full of racist assholes and my poor heart couldn't take it. but you said he'd drop bombs like sleepy hollow cast? what do you mean?

oh gosh! for those of you who don’t know Bradley James played one half of this pair right here:

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

it seemed like every week he put his foot in his mouth in an interview somewhere. i honestly don’t think he was mean spirited (except that one time), i think as an actor he just had no grasp of what fandom thought about things.

from the way it appears those two dated or something during the first season of the show. he follows her around in the bts, she jumped in his lap when they rode this roller coaster, they were together a lot, they were out grocery shopping once in matching outfits. this is all speculation on the part of fandom, but those two really did look like they were dating. i mean matching outfits seriously.

anyway i’m not gonna go into details. but whatever the case he gave an interview where he made a fairly inappropriate remark about Guinevere right around the start of s2. the remark was mean spirited (which is what makes me think they were dating or wanted to) it had the ring of very hurt feelings to it. 

other comments that he made were all IMHO done in a sense of good humor. they didn’t have the ring of maliciousness to them. which is why i commented earlier on actors not really understanding fandom. he also got really frustrated with both the way Arthur and Guinevere were written and expressed it poorly (Merlin seemed to avoid all the best meatiest bits of the storytelling). actors generally have no authority on set. they’re the low man on the totem poll. which is always the case. 

and this is with any service that is produced by a group whomever it is that has to deal with the public usually has the least amount of control over the service they are producing. 

anyway back to Bradley James. while writers, producers, networks, and directors have the actual authority fans see actors as an authority on the shows and movies that they produce. newsflash they are not. but with fans affording him an authority that he did not have his comments were perfect fodder for the Arwen vs. Merthur shipper war. 

mind you it was mostly racist sexist attacks on those of us who just wanted to enjoy Arwen and watch Merlin, but whatever. there was a period where every weekend the Merlin fandom turned into this:

and Bradley was nearly always at the center of it. it made fandom unpleasant and stressful to say the least. i stuck around because unlike Sleepy Hollow my ship was canon. i mean these two kissed a lot:

and they did things like this:

sorry anon i got distracted by all the Arwen….so it sort of balanced out, because regardless of whatever was going on off screen this was  what was going on onscreen:

(i’m Arwen trash Anon and i’m not sorry)

with Sleepy Hollow something else altogether is going on. I mean we got Clif, Lyndie, Nicole and now even Tom saying they should be friends.  they continuously ship bait Ichabbie while actively discouraging Ichabbie shipping. like Tom has been such a diehard Ichabbie shipper there is no way he just flipped like that. they told him to can it. 

you can’t have your cake and eat it too. so it’s just too much for me. i like to think that i learn from my experiences. and one of the things i learned from merlin is that bts bs can make for a bitter fandom experience. i don’t need that in my life. tv is supposed to be relaxing and its not when i’m wondering when the next bomb is going to be dropped and what the next round of Ichabbie/Abbie hate will bring.

i’m not one of these people who feels entitled to having a story told a certain way. as a writer myself i never could be. what i am entitled to is a pleasurable experience from a show and a certain amount of respect from the people who work on it. what i am getting instead is one alienating bts experience after another and a show that i no longer believe will even write a fleshed out, fully human Abbie Mills with any kind of consistency or reliability. she doesn’t have to get with Ichabod for me to watch. Abbie just has to be loved, cared for and respected and more often than not she is not. 

and now that i am feeling just a bit down, i’ll leave you with this nonnie:

the way those two  looked at each other. phew!! 

also none of these gifs are mine. i definitely lack that skill.


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