“little stories”
You know when we was little we alwasy created this “lil” castels with pillows or blankets ? oh wait I still make them : <
ye that is the lil Grace before the “AAAAAAh”
and arthur by @sleepy-kinq ^^ I loved to draw them! THEY ARE SO CUTE I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

mississippi blues
led zeppelin
mississippi blues

led zeppelin - [the] mississippi blues (unreleased).

this early version of hat’s off to (roy) harper, was recorded during the zeppelin iii sessions (summer ‘70) at bron-yr-aur.  the track features pagey playing bottleneck slide guitar, and percy’s vocals, processed through a vibrato amp, sounding like a tremolo effect.  his lyrics are loosely from elvis presley’s “i feel so bad”, sleepy john estes’ “diving duck blues”, arthur crudup’s “that’s alright mama”, robert johnson’s “32-20 blues”, and bukka white’s “fixin’ to die”.

Allies pet names for s/o!:

America/Alfred F. Jones-
“Babe!” (regular basis)
“Sugar!” (when you‘re angry)
“Hey, beautiful.” (When he freaking wants something)
“Love muffin!” (fuckin fight me)
China/Yao Wang-
“Sugar plum” (when‘s he‘s a sleepy baby)
England/Arthur Kirkland-
“Love!” (regular basis)
“Poppet…” (when you’re being childish)
France/Francis Bonnefoy-
“Mon cher!”
Russia/Ivan Braginsky-
“My love”

You're Cute When You're Sleepy

Summary: Arthur gets a little dippy when he’s sleep deprived and Alfred has to deal with it.

Rating: G; Fluff!!
“Have I ever told you that you’re simply radiant when you smile?” Arthur asked slowly.
He was on the verge of sleep, slightly delirious, and a total sap. Alfred looked down adoringly at him, chuckling as the Brit laid his head on Alfred’s lap while he stretched his legs over the rest of the couch.

“You’re cute when you’re sleepy.” Alfred giggled.
“Noo… You are…” Arthur argued weakly, “You’re gorgeous.”
“That’s what you think, huh?” Alfred asked with a grin.
“Artie, you’re adorable.” Alfred gushed.
“Mm… I love you, Alfie…”
“I love you too, Artie.”
“Hehe you’re a big teddy bear,” Arthur giggled, poking Alfred’s face, “Soft and warm.”

Alfred looked down with a warm smile.
“Go to sleep, silly.”
“You’re silly.”
“Am not.”
“Are too.”
“Hehehe yeah you are, Alfie.”
Alfred sighed.
“Ok, off to bed with you. C'mon, Artie.”
Rolling his eyes, Alfred scooped his boyfriend up in his arms. Arthur only giggled.
“Let me goooo.”
“Nope. Bedtime.”
“I’m not three.”
“You’re acting like it.”
“Hehehehe I love you!”
“Love you too.”

anonymous asked:

Could I please get Arthur and Eames in bed together, Arthur with his arm flung around Eames and Eames lying there wide awake and looking stunned? It's for a fic I'm writing; they're not together (yet) but they're sharing a bed. Thank you so much!

Drawing coodles and sleepy!Arthur hair is my weakness, o no.

Requests for @inceptiversary open for today and then that’s it! I will be finishing up these later so feel free to spam my inbox and all that.


Hey hello I am travelling across a marvellous country, so of course I must draw Merlin and Arthur doing what I am doing. Here, have the boys travelling by train because yeah.

Also Arthur may have drooled a little excessively on Merlin’s shoulder.