dear journal,

today i had my interview. i got accepted. i didn’t know whether to scream or cry, either way i showed no emotion until i got back home (then i scream-cried into my monkey plush and took a nap). is this happiness? this is what it feels like…right? that marlowe girl scares me a bit…obviously she’s at sleepwater for a reason and knows what she’s doing. and i’m just…here. but tomorrow is my first day of class and i’m hoping that everything goes well. it has to.

love, apricot 🥀

child, i’m afraid for your soul

I am weak-willed and made a Don’t Starve playlist whOOPS

track list
1 Eat You Alive - The Oh Hellos
2 Exile Vilify - The National
3 Hey, Little Songbird - Anaïs Mitchell & Greg Brown
4 Jericho - The Stone Foxes
5 Black Eyes - Radical Face
6 Friend of the Devil - Lalla Rookh
7 Mercy Street - Leaving the Ozone
8 In the Pines - Janel Drewis
9 Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow - Antique Persuasion
10 Dead & Gone - Brother Dege
11 Georgia on My Mind - Ray Charles
12 Cotton-Eyed Joe - Hobart Crabtree
13 Jerusalem Ridge - Erik Paquette
14 Samson - Regina Spektor
15 The Prince - The Silent Comedy
16 No Children - Mountain Goats
17 Slow Train Drag - The Sleepwater Band
18 The Girl Who Wept Stones - Brother Dege
19 Run Daddy Run - Miranda Lambert fea. Pistol Annies
20 Pluto - Sleeping At Last
21 You Gotta Move - Scott H Biram
22 Papa Hobo - Paul Simon
23 Black Water - Of Monsters and Men
24 Hello - Adele
25 I Am Just A Pilgrim - The Chestnut Grove Quartet