sleepwalking mom

I rarely remember my dreams, but I sleepwalk. My mom once found me throwing everything in our fridge away, And when she asked me what I was doing I aggressively spoke Russian at her and proceeded to climb onto the kitchen counter, where I fell back asleep. 

  • mom: how often do you listen to music?
  • me: every second every minute every hour every day it never ends.
  • mom: um, ok then, just dont hurt your ears...
  • me: fuck you and your decisions. cause they're not mine.
  • mom: you do not talk to your mother like that
  • me: we dont have to talk
  • mom: *storms out*
  • me: wish we could turn back time, to the good ol' days
  • mom: *yells* in your dreams
  • me: its like im sleepwalking

I FINALLY did the most popular request I think I’ve ever gotten: The Cinnamon Challenge. With my mom.


omg i’m dead. this is hilarious…

What I want from Gordon’s return:

  • Gordon returning b/c of whoever gets stabbed in the Chas incident & he’s like “ok your mom is sleepwalking and stabbing ppl, you need a Good Parent”
  • Aaron pissed off b/c he’s never had a good parent except Paddy b/c of Chas and Gordon both!
  • Paddy and Aaron in rough patch b/c of Tess so Aaron having a rough patch with both dads
  • Gordon vs Paddy pissing match (Paddy winning b/c duh)
  • Gordon being weird trying to show he’s Cool with the Gays by trying to hook Aaron up with Finn or some other boy
  • Robert seething with jealousy as he watches Gordon do this
  • Gordon learning about Aaron’s problems with Robert in the past & him being like “I’m gonna rough up this fuckboy for you, son” and Aaron just rolls his eyes as Gordon goes for Robert
  • Robert being magnificently trashmouthy and cutting Gordon to pieces with all the shit Gordon’s done, really DEFENDING Aaron!!! (And saying Paddy and Chas were the only ones ever looking out for him!)
  • Aaron secretly happy about it but pretending to be mad
  • Aaron and Chas bonding over her wanting to right her mistakes in Aaron’s youth, hugs & family
  • Gordon leaving the village only leaving a stronger Aaron Family Unit
  • Aaron deciding to replace the Livesy in his name with Sugden

Sleepwalking Mom ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)


Mom’s Tick Freakout

My mom freaking out over a PICTURE of a tick. A PICTURE.


A video SomeTipsForLife made with my mom 3 years ago hahaha


Tomato Cages 101 by Rita-Robin Smith

Rita-Robin Smith teaches you about tomato basics and what keeps her plants erect on her new show, Rita-Robin Smith’s Garden Adventure.


Mom and Grandma’s Reaction to “Sleepwalking Mom” TV appearances

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