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hey guys! here’s a live study/chill/sleep/yoga music stream that i found on youtube!! it’s 24/7 and it rarely lags! enjoy!! ♥

I’ve been trying to put into words why I’m so excited for this baby and I think I’ve finally figured it out.

This kid is going to have a great life. We hear so much about terrible childhoods and mistreatment of children. We hear child abuse stories and some of us are victims ourselves.

What makes me so happy and so excited for Iris Elise Jones is that she is going to have amazing parents. Michael and Lindsay are fantastic people alone, incredible together, and I can only imagine how much of them they will pass on to this baby. I know we’re going to get to watch and hear this child grow up and be happy and be surrounded by people who love her. Will Michael and Lindsay be perfect parents? Hell no. No one is. But I’m so excited knowing that these two will do everything in their power to make sure Iris has the best life she can.

Not only that, on top of blood family, she gets an entire company as various levels of family. You can guarantee the Achievement Hunters are going to love this baby to bits. Proud Uncle Geoff, weird Uncle Ryan, silly Uncle Gavvy, cool Aunt Mica etc. I know that Burnie is excited, the man is a huge softie for kids.

Iris is going to have an entire company worth of people ready to love and support her.

She is going to have an entire network of entertainment personalities ready to love and support her.

And the best part, she already has an international mass of people: fans of Rooster Teeth, Achievement Hunter, Funhaus, EVERYONE who love and support her.

This kid is going to be great and I’m excited to experience everything Michael and Lindsay are willing to share.