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yoongi scenario | like cat and dog (pt. 2)

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You are a dog owner. Your neighbour, Min Yoongi, is a cat owner. The two of you are constantly arguing over your pets, bickering about how they cause so much trouble. Will the two of you ever be able to see eye to eye?

pairing: yoongi x reader

genre: fluff, pet owner au

word count: 2.0k

A/N: It gets a little angsty in the middle, sorry. It’ll get more fluffy later, I promise

You blink your eyes open, and blearily drink in the blue morning light sifting through your apartment.

Sitting up, you ruffle your hair, which has become twisted and messy with sleep. The blanket which had been pulled over you slides onto the floor with a soft fwump. 

Your dog is asleep in his basket, breathing lightly.

The events of last night trickle to the forefront of your brain, muddling your thoughts. It seems distant and blurry now. Getting up, you see two empty mugs, cleaned and rinsed, sitting on your kitchen counter. The remnants of the night before.

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I'll Never Leave//Kellin Quinn Oneshot

Hiiiiii. So this is cool, here’s my first imagine/oneshot! Leave comments, shoot me some asks with new prompts, I’ll try to do them all! 


It’s official: you had to catch up on laundry. You had run out of clean underwear. You haven’t washed any of your clothes for at least two weeks, so laundry day was a long time overdue. You had found you hadn’t really felt like doing anything lately, you’d rather be sleeping, or on tumblr.

 Your outfit consisted of an oversize bleach-stained t shirt you got from who knows where, along with some booty shorts that were nearly too small. But you couldn’t throw them away, because they’re clothes. And you’re too lazy to go through your clothes anyways to get rid of the ones you don’t or shouldn’t wear anymore. So you were standing by the counter in the kitchen folding laundry. You were even too lazy to haul the basket all the way to your room, which was too messy to even find space to fold them and put them. 

Kellin had come over even though you told him you’d be busy, just to keep you company, since you guys hadn’t hung out in awhile. And also to help you out if you got over your stubbornness and asked him, but of course you hadn’t. 

 "Babe?“ you hear Kellin call from his spot in the living room, which was connected to the kitchen. 

 "Yeah?” you answer, walking into the living room. He looked so cute, slouched over on the couch watching the TV. His hair was bushy; he was in a shirt that fit him perfectly along with the usual black skinny jeans. You lightly thought about how he was too good for you. He smiles at you sweetly, and you can’t help but give him a small smile back. 

 "Can you grab me so—" he starts, but his voice falters as his eyes scan over your shorts. 

 "Grab what? Whats up?“ 

 "C'mere,” he says softly, sitting up and holding out his arm, motioning for you to come to him. You walk over and stand in front of him, confused. As you stare down at him, he scowls and reaches out to loop a hand around the back of your knee, as if to hold you in place. Before you notice what he’s doing, Kellin uses his other hand to pull up your shorts, revealing more of your thigh, as well as a web of cuts. 

 You suck in a breath and look away, thinking shitshitshitshit. You had sworn they had healed by now, and that your shorts were at least long enough to cover them. 

 "Wh… Why?“ Kellin asks, his voice cracking. 

 "Im sorry,” you whisper, afraid to use your voice. He wraps his arms around your waist and pulls you against his chest. 

“Why do you do this to yourself? Don’t you know how beautiful your body is? Don’t you know that I’m here for you?" 

 "I’m sorry,” you tell him again, unsure what to say. You had been angry, depressed, and a little drunk. Telling yourself that you had just had a bad day had gotten old; you’ve been having a lot of those lately. Kellin was out, and there was no way you could call him and ruin his night. You are his soldier, how could he see you like that? So you resorted to self harm, which you knew now as you stood in front of Kellin was a horrible decision. There’s no taking it back now, you and he both know the damage is already done. 

What had you been thinking? You know you guys are sexually together. He sees you naked, how could you have hid something like this? 

Tears begin rolling down your face as you stand there, confused as to what to do or say. You sniffle and Kellin looks up, just as your knees give out and you start to crumple. 

 "Sometimes it just gets to be too much,“ you tell him, hoping to God he understands. He pulls you down onto his lap and holds you close, with one arm around your head and another holding you against his chest. You put your head on his shoulder and bury your nose into his neck, taking a deep breath. His shirt is going to be tear stained and gross, but the thought doesn’t even cross his mind. All that matters is that he holds you together. 

A few moments pass before Kellin can find his voice and say something. 

"Baby, I’m here. I’m right here. I don’t know why it’s so hard for you to ask for help when you need it. You can always count on me, I’m not going anywhere, I’ll never leave. Please don’t do this anymore. Promise me?" 

"I promise.” you whisper. 

 You don’t break your promises.

that the ice was so thin under the snow - chapter two  

on ao3 | chapter one

TW: vomiting, somewhat graphic description of a wolf hunting and killing prey, blood mentions, vague non-graphic descriptions of violence

Dinner was an…interesting affair.

The men who’d found Blue—Ransom and Holster, Eric called them—were loud and boisterous, and eerily in sync at times. They one called Shitty was somehow even louder, and the only woman among them, Lardo, uttered maybe three words during the entire meal. Still, between the looks she gave Jack and the way she appraised him when she thought he was distracted, it felt like she said more than all of them combined.

Blue ate with the other two dogs in the kitchen, already at home in this strange, strange house. The dog food itself appeared homemade, meat and rice and sweet potatoes. Jack wondered if Eric was a chef, or maybe the house husband of this ragtag family unit. Either way, he piled dish after dish onto the table in front of them, beaming when Jack’s mouth fell open in shock.

“It’s not every day we get a guest for dinner,” he said in explanation.

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Breakfast At Victor’s (Victor Zsasz x Reader) - Fluff Drabble

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@taintedmarker asked: Reader surprise Victor with breakfast.

-Gender Neutral-

Tags: @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction @aya-fay @amandajuly81 @cnygma @ellayf-of-ravenclaw @ascoolasathestral

Warnings: None really, Fluff, a bit of Angst.

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Relief in Waking [Bucky Barnes x Reader] Part 1 of 3.

Title: Relief in Waking

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Last story in the “Right Here Waiting” Series

Your memories of HYDRA are giving you nightmares and you’re left feeling unsure about what is real and what is not.

Tags: @kairos34 @johnmurphys-sass @emstur

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Part One:


The Avengers facility was rarely quiet, considering how many people lived and worked there. But in the middle of the night, barring any emergencies, there were a few desolate spots to be found where you could wander about and still maintain your privacy.

It took a couple of months before you were willing to walk about the facility on your own. At first Sam escorted you around, then sometimes Steve, Tony, or Pepper. Most of the time your preferred the illusion of safety that your room offered.

The rest of the team treated you kindly, but gave you the distance you seemed to prefer. Wanda gave you a wide berth. At first, you were a little offended by her obvious avoidance of you, but after Steve explained her powers, you understood her reasons for keeping away. She was the only other person privy to the flashes of memories in your head, to the nightmares that plagued your sleep, and it was hard for her to cope.

It was hard for you to cope too.

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Last Night Wasn’t Enough

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Last Night Wasn’t Enough

Rating: M

Your slim fingers gingerly brushed over the tender and inflamed blotches of red that dotted across your neck. Physical evidence of last nights affairs.
A soft involuntary groan escaped your still swollen lips as you looked yourself over in the foggy bathroom mirror. You ran out of your favorite makeup concealer a few nights ago and had yet to run out to buy more. How the hell did Jay expect you to go to work later today and face your co workers with a neck full of hickeys?! You thought to your self as you toweled yourself dry. 

As you made your way out of the bathroom in nothing but a towel. Feeling a little refreshed from your hot shower, you headed towards the bed. Jay was still sleeping soundly, face completely relaxed. You smiled softly at his sleeping figure. Your annoyance from earlier, gone in an instant. You knew how hard Jay had been working recently, with managing both his company and music career. Deciding to let him sleep just a little bit longer before you had to wake him up, you gathered up the clothes that were carelessly thrown about the room during last night’s fun.

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The Iron Chef

In honor of Iron Bull Appreciation Month, and because yesterday was my anniversary and therefore I’m still feeling schmoopy, I’m reposting this bit of tooth rotting fluff. This takes place at some unspecified time in my (now rather defunct) Cabaret!AU-verse, but you don’t need to know anything more than Dorian is a belly dancer.

The Iron Bull was… baking. Dorian blinked at him, watching the mercenary maneuver his way around his spacious kitchen with a surprising amount of grace. Dorian rubbed his hands over sleep crusted eyes, attempting to ensure he was actually awake and that he wasn’t seeing some strange fade apparition.

No, Bull was still there, humming to himself as he leaned over and pulled a muffin tin out of the oven, wearing nothing but black pajama pants (printed with flying nugs of all things) and a lace trimmed pink gingham apron. He had massive oven mitts over his hands, also in pink. The remains of his baking efforts were neatly stacked in the sink, rinsed and waiting to be loaded into the dishwasher.

Dorian was still recovering from the sight of Bull looking like he had walked out of some kind of deranged cooking show, when the smell hit him. Whatever he was smelling, it was sinful - sweet and rich and mixed with the intoxicating aroma of the coffee that Bull had already brewed. Dorian’s stomach rumbled and his mouth watered enough that he was seriously concerned he might drool.

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How Strange, Innocence

It is easy to convince President Snow when her feelings for Peeta are real. It’s the consequences of loving him that are so hard.

Rated M for sexual situations (both consensual and nonconsensual), violence, and torture

Prompt: Marigold & Jonquil

A/N: Title comes from an Explosions in the Sky song. Thank you so, so much to my lovely, wonderful pre-readers/betas: peetaspenis, thegirlfromoverthepond, and w000ly. And a huge thank you to the-tesseract-wrinkling-time for the gorgeous drawing you did to go along with my story. You ladies are amazing!\

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blanket kick

rating : pg - 13

word count : 1192

characters : you x yoongi

genre : fluff

requested by : anon

Your eyes fluttered at you woke up; dazed yet wide awake. You turned to face Yoongi’s wide back, hugging his torso as his body radiated more heat than your blankets supplied you.

You closed your eyes, to appreciate your surrounding. The blazing sun was seeping into your translucent lace curtains, brightening up your already florescent white bedroom. The birds’ chirping were being drowned out by the loud city hustle but you weren’t bothered as you could only hear your boyfriend’s soft breathing in front of you.

Last night’s memories drowned your mind, placing a wide smile on your face as you remembered vividly of everything that happened.

His long and slender fingers traced the curves on your body, making your face flush bashfully. Yoongi bit his lip as his eyes scanned your body, making you squirm. His hands held your bare hips down onto the sheets, “you’re beautiful,” he whispered.

“So are you,” you blurted out awkwardly, making your face redder than it already was.

He chuckled, looking into your eyes as he positioned himself at your entrance. “You sure?”

Your hands ran over his defined abs as you nodded slowly, “I’m sure.”

A sigh escaped your lips before a yawn soon replaced it. You rolled over as slowly as you could to not awake Yoongi before raising your arms in the air to stretch.

You looked at your phone and noticed two missed calls from your work place and three text messages from your best friend who was also your colleague -  thankfully. Your worriedness of consequences for missing work subsided when the texts were about how you owed your friend big time since she covered for you.

Slipping on your slippers after placing down your phone on the wooden night stand beside you, you stood up - feeling like your limbs were replaced with Jello. “Shit,” you mumbled under your breath as you slid your way across the wooden floor to the bathroom due to the pain that ran through your thighs when you took steps.  

After refreshing yourself by splashing generous handfuls of cold water onto your face, you brushed your teeth and pulled your hair into a messy but so it was out of your face.

Since you were only in last night’s lingerie, you tip toed back into your bedroom and put on Yoongi’s baggy white t-shirt that was in a pile of clothes thrown carelessly on the floor. Scooping up the articles of clothing were a killer to your knees but you hated to see your room messy, so you threw them into a laundry basket after closing the door gently so that he could sleep peacefully as you made breakfast.

You laid the ingredients out on the kitchen counter and were slightly discouraged when you realized that you had to clean also after cooking your meal, but Yoongi paid for a really expensive and luxurious dinner the night before so you wanted to repay him.

With a little bit more determination after playing “Get Your Head In The Game” on by Troy Bolton; you mixed pancake batter, cut up bell peppers and mushrooms for your omelet, and sliced your sausages in bite sized pieces.

As you were waiting for your frying pan to heat up on the stove top you leaned against the smooth marble counter and exhaled loudly. Who knew cooking such a simple dish would be that hard, you thought while oiling the pan after you tested the heat with a bit of the beaten and seasoned egg.

After making an omelette, you started to clean the oily pan so that it was clear for your pancakes to settle on. Once it was dry and clear, you fried up the pancakes, placing them on two plates where the eggs were.

Before you could go back to the sink and rewash the pan, a pair of strong arms wrapped around your waist, pulling them into none other than Yoongi’s warm body. “Holy crap,” you breathed, turning your face around to see his head resting on your shoulder. You set the pan down, “I could’ve wacked you.:

"But you didn’t,” Yoongi hummed, peppering your neck with kisses.

You raised your shoulder as a reflex before turning around to face him. You combed his bed hair as you asked him, “why aren’t you sleeping?”

Yoongi replied with a question of his own, “why aren’t you at work?”

You pat his head twice after you ran your fingers through his soft hair. “I got a day off.” Which wasn’t a complete lie, but not exactly the truth either. “And you?”

“Something smelt good and if wasn’t you so I decided to check it out,” he winked, making you laugh while shaking your head. Yoongi looked down at your legs with his head tilted slightly to the side, “but aren’t you a bit sore?”

Your lips pursed, “no…” You said unconvincingly, making his eyebrows arc.

“Prove it,” he said with a smug smile and arms folded across his chest.

“I’m standing,” you retorted, not wanting to give him the victory of how much he affected your body. Your hopes of him letting go of the subject shattered when he picked you up bridal style and brought you into the living room. “Yoongi.. What are you doing?” You asked, almost nervously.

His smile widened after he saw your anxious face, “if you’re fine then when I let you go you can jump upright.” You knitted your eyebrows together and shook your head silently yet vigorously.

He swung you back and forth but before he could release you, you gave him. “Okay fine! I can barely walk.” You make a sulky face, a combination of annoyed and defeat. 

Yoongi chuckled and kissed the top of your forehead, setting you down on the soft leather coach before going into the kitchen himself. “Where are you going? I still need to fry the sausages!” You shouted so he could hear through the running tap water.

“I know!” He yelled back. “You handled my sausage yesterday so I’ll take care of it today!”

Your face grew red a his statement, making you want to just run over and hit him gently across the back of his head. “Shut it, Min Yoongi!”

He laughed loudly, the sound still audible to you despite the distance. “Just relax, babe.” The sizzling almost blocked out his voice a the pan hit the burner loudly. “I’ll finish up breakfast so pick out any movie you want.”

You slid your slippers off so that your feet could be cushioned by your soft rug that was under your coffee table. You grabbed the TV remote and flipped to Netflix to browse movies. The news usually played during your mornings so you weren’t used to the idea of an actual full plot so you decided to watch something light.

After the commercials finished running, Yoongi walked out with the plates of food and two cups of coffee, making you salivate just at the smell. “Here you go,” he said, putting the plate in front of you and handing you your utensils.

“Life couldn’t be better,” you sing-songed.

“Definitely better with you,” Yoongi replied.

I promised a chicken fic if that KGB chicken post goes over 200 notes. It’s now in 383, so here it is: The Chicken Affair (2K). It’s a story of four mornings during a mission. And a chicken. Beta thanks to @mollokoplus as usual. Other Tumblr fics.

The Chicken Affair

Illya walked down the creaking stairs. He ducked just in time not to hit his head on the very low door frame out of the staircase. He stepped into the kitchen and there was a chicken sleeping in the bread basket in the middle of the big wooden dining table. He frowned, walked to the table and picked the chicken up. It woke, flapped its wings furiously, cackled loudly. Illya kept his hold, tucked it under his arm, opened the door to the yard, and threw the chicken out. He brushed a few feathers off his shirt and started making his coffee.

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Fever {Makorra, one-shot}

Hi, so this is a one-shot based off of a headcannon from this post by the wonderful and amazingly talented vvivaa and makowl. Their list of Makorra headcannons were just so downright adorable, and I couldn’t get one of them out of my head so I had to write a fic about it!

This fic takes place between Book 1 and Book 2, during Mako and Korra’s six month relationship~

Headcannons (by vvivaa and makowl): 

  • First time Korra gets sick when they’re together Mako’s on mama mode and he uses all the remedies he knows from taking care of Bolin on her and one night Korra’s asleep in her bed and she wakes up to Mako reading beside her
  • 3 days later Mako gets sick and Korra just laughs at him and she lays in bed with him all day, and she calls Lin for him to tell her that Mako is sick and that he won’t be coming in on the Avatar’s orders. Mako can hear Lin yelling on the other side of the phone but Korra hangs up anyway and smiles. *LIN YELLING* *korra hangs up* “lin says feel better”

Hope everyone likes it!

Fever (Word count: 2,445)

“Bro, what’s up with you and Korra?”

Mako looked up from his case file to his brother, who was lounging on the couch beside him. Both were studying up before bed; Mako on a recent robbery a few blocks away from the police station, and Bolin on his probending plays for his next match.

“What do you mean, Bo?” Mako asked, closing his folder and tossing it onto the coffee table.

“Weeeell…” Bolin twiddled his thumbs. “You never see each other anymore. I was just wondering if you –”

“We’re still together,” Mako cut him off, easing the earthbender’s worries.

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