“Bad Way to Go” by Lydia Loveless

Tododeku dorm HCs

With @trash-and-trash

* todoroki grew up without friends and with little time for play

*He also knows a lot about all might and other heros, but not in a “OMG tHEY’Re sO CoOL I LOVE THEM WaY” but more in a “I need to know everything about you in order to dESTROY YOU” WAY.

*that’s kinda stressful my DUDES

*once He meets izuku tho, he becOMES a HuGE HERO NERD

*izuku gets him into the hero fandom and they analyze fights together and buy each other Merch and go to cons together

*todoroki also sneaks into izuku’s room and they have sleepovers and izuku shows him video games

*todorokis like “HOLY SHIT THIS is tHE shiT”

*they don’t sleep

*in the middle of the night they go down to the kitchen and hoard a bunch of mocrave meals. Todoroki heats them up.


*He cooks a meal for everyone to show them how it’s DONE

*when they’re not having a sleepover, they can go out on their balconies to see each other (because they’re on different floors but not directly below each other)

*bakugou is below todoroki, so he only sees deku waving around like a madman

*He gets upset again lmao

*KIRISHIMA rushes out onto his balcony to calm his friendo down.



pokey lafarge & the south city three ain’t the money

a sleepover show

burkhaurt  asked:

how do you feel about jackie and fez's romantic relationship

I don’t understand it. I don’t like it, either. 

While I do accept it could had made some kind of sense in the earlier seasons, when Fez wasn’t an asshole and sexist pig, but a sweet boy, it doesn’t mean I would had shipped it. They aren’t my kind of ship and they don’t have the chemistry Hyde and Jackie have (and Kelso and Jackie doesn’t have that, either).

And it’s a relationship that, knowing an in-character Jackie and an in-character Fez, wouldn’t had lastet much. Because Fez is too needy, and while Jackie likes feeling needed, Fez’s necessity of her it’s different to the kind of need she’s searching for.

He’s clingy and kind of co-depending. Not to mention, his sexual hunger is simlar and even more active than Kelso’s. If Jackie said yes to Kelso in order to shut him up and that he would stop pestering her about sex, I don’t see why she wouldn’t do the same with Fez. Which is abuse, and that’s in no way a good thing.

Fez’s sensibilities is almost too similar to Jackie’s but the way he gets hurt would only get them into arguments that will end with one of them, or both, crying. She probably out of desesperation. 

And while Fez likes to please his lady, we have actually see that Jackie has gotten into his nevers plenty of times. He won’t have the patient one needs with her, and he is not going to know how to tell her that she needs to stop, that she needs to let him breathe.

They would end up being just a couple of friends sharing a place, bitching about their lives and other people, and occasionally having sex. Which is not relationship goals, not in a romantic way.

sleepover time!




Bts kink list (M)

First to lose their virginity // explanation (M)

Bts dick sizes (M)

Bts dom/sub // explanation (M)

Most open to experiment with a boy (M)

Bts wall sex and table sex(M)

Bts dating younger than them and older than them

Bts most likely to yell back during a fight

Bts most likely to approach a girl

Bts most likely to be dating

Bts most likely to be attracted an exotic appearance

Bts most likely to be attracted to a brazilian girl

Bts most likely to date an italian girl

Bts most likely to date a latina girl

Bts most likely to date an Arab girl

Bts most likely to date a Swedish girl

Bts most likely to be into someone like Amber from f(x)

Bts most likely to date a dramatic girl

Bts most likely to date a curvy girl

Bts most likely to fall in love w/ their best friend

Bts most likely to date a funny girl

Bts spontaneous trip

Bts daddy kinnk

Bts most likely to stalk their crush

Bts most likely to get a tattoo and not tell the other members

Bts most likely to wear female panties under their clothes

Bts most likely to have a child before marriage

Bts most likely to plan their first time

Bts most likely to be good at fingering

Bts most likely to date a girl with a foul mouth



Surprise [Jin] (M)


When you speak Italian [Yoongi]

When you’re on your period but you’re dying to fuck [Yoongi]


Hoseok’s Kinks (M)


Play it Cool [Namjoon Fluff]

Rap Monster dating a foreign celebrity [Namjoon]


Need for Attention [Jimin] (M)

Jimin teasing you because you’re shorter than him [Jimin]


Intricate Love [Taehyung angst]


*Trigger Warning* Lost and Found 1 | 1.5 | 2 | 3 [Jungkook angst] (M)

Hopeless Love 1 | 2 [Jungkook Angst]

Love Game 1 | 2 [Jungkook] (M)

Stressed [Jungkook Angst]

Temptations [Jungkook] (M)

Ongoing Feelings 1 | 2 | 3 [Jungkook angst]

Remember Me? [Jungkook angst]

Promises [Jungkook Soulmate AU]

Skype Sex after MAMA


You playing an instrument

How would Bts catch their crush’s attention

Bts finding out you speak more than one language

How would bts say goodbye when leaving for a long tour

Bts finding out you’re younger than them

Bts reaction to you drinking often and coming home drunk

Bts finding out you speak 4 languages and wants to learn 7 more

Bts reaction to you being as tall/taller than them

Bts reaction to you reaching something from a high shelf

Bts reaction to you being too short to reach something but trying anyway

Bts reaction when they elbow your boob and you act dramatic

Bts reaction to you cheating on them

Bts reaction to you rolling around

When you’re a male crossdresser that looks amazing in female clothes

Making them a home cooked meal


Why is he like this? [Jungkook]

Squidward dabs to One Verse

Wait for it… [Rap Monster]

Everybody say NO

When I hear the high note in Run

When Cypther pt.3 comes on

Seagull got no chill [Jungkook]

Seagull got no chill pt.2 [Jungkook]


You getting lost somewhere

When you pretend to be mad [Jungkook]

When you sprain your ankles while they’re on tour

Sending them a revealing pic

When you get a new pet 

When you do their part in an MV 


First Date 

Amusement Park Date

Summer Date

Beach Date

Club Date


Awards Show



Working Out

Run inspired 

Blood, Sweat & Tears inspired 



Got7 kink list (M)

Got7 daddy kink

Got7 most likely to be attracted to an exotic appearance

Got7 most likely to wear female panties under their clothes


How would Got7 deal with a breakup



Finding out their idol crush will be doing a song with them 

I think about Oikawa being able to use and wear make up like, a lot. like when he was younger and grew up with his older sister, he’d always ask her to let him use it too. she would smile and let him put some on, and even though it’d look messy the first few times they’d both have fun with it. he even used to let her put it on him until he finally learned to apply it really well on himself.

he’d wear it when he goes out to the mall with his sister or to eat, or wherever, and he feels super pretty and good about himself.

when he meets Iwa for the first time he’s wearing his makeup and poor Iwa almost confused him for a really pretty girl. Oikawa wasn’t offended, but he found it hilarious because Iwa was so flustered as he kept apologizing.

eventually he invites Iwa over for a sleepover and Oikawa shows him his ever growing makeup kit his sister bought for him. Iwa is pretty impressed, then he shyly asks if he could wear some too. Oikawa is beaming.

they wear it occasionally in grade and middle school, but when they get to high school they both stop wearing it because they suddenly feel super self conscious. they don’t wanna get made fun of by their volleyball team senpais.

then they reach their third year and they go to a party. they debate about wearing makeup but in the end they decide screw it, we’re wearing makeup, we don’t care anymore. it’s been a couple years since they’ve worn any, and they feel so happy because they still look beautiful and they’ve missed it.

Iwa shows up wearing dark eye shadow and cat-eye eyeliner, while Oikawa’s wearing purple lipstick, some mascara and glittery eye shadow. they look amazing and they know it. Oikawa brought a bag with him to hide behind the couch filled with makeup products in case of an emergency.

through the night they eventually run into Mattsun and Makki, and they’re terrified. they’re best friends, but they haven’t told them their little secret that’s right on their faces.

but instead of laughing Makki and Mattsun are just… speechless? they’re not laughing? they tell Oikawa and Iwa that they look gorgeous, they ask where they got their makeup done, and Oikawa just.. wants to cry. he does, and it ruins the mascara. Iwa fixes it for him and Mattsun and Makki are impressed.

they ask if they could get them both to put on makeup for them because they wanna try it too. they happily do it for them; Oikawa is busy applying a pretty shade of pink on Makki’s lips while Iwa is putting cat eyes on Mattsun. they all look good af and they have a fun time at the party.

on monday, they all show up to volleyball practice showing off, and everyone is pretty much in awe because their senpais look really good.

they now wear it whenever they have sleepovers or when they finally start dating.

The Coffeenante

every ship deserves a coffee shop au so here we are [the rock voice] you’re welcome +ao3

Naomi is a creature of habits, you see. It keeps her grounded, after too many years as a reckless teenager with even more reckless thoughts. Many would find her daily routine boring, but she likes it that way, likes to know exactly where she is heading and what’s in the cards for her that day.

She wakes up at 7 every morning, gets breakfast ready and gets Filip out of bed, before school starts at 8. By 8.30 she’s at the shop, ready to start the day until 5. She doesn’t actually start before 9, though, so she always takes that half hour to go next door to the Coffeenante and order her coffee – one cream, five sugars. On a good day (read: on a day where her favourite barista gets the morning shift) she will stay at the coffee shop and chat. Any other day, she will just go back to the shop and read the news on her phone before her own shift starts.

Habits, you see. They are a wonderful thing.

Still, nothing prepares her for the giggle that escapes her lips the moment she steps into the Coffeenante that morning. The coffee shop is almost empty but for a couple of customers, and Holden is next to the espresso machine, dying. Head hiding in his folded arms, he groans pitifully at the way the bell chimes above her, not even looking up. Naomi can’t help but smirk – last night involved Drummer’s house and way too many bottles of vodka. Which Naomi loves on a daily basis, and was made even more entertaining by the fact that Bobbie was there, and ready to prove she could drink Holden under the table.

He’s never been really good at refusing a challenge.

Or at holding his alcohol.

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Archie was so good today! I haven’t ridden him in several days and just gave him a light lunge two days ago and got on in the wind/rain without lunging and he was such a quiet and good baby who did his little baby ground poles so well today and even started to drop his head and did a few strides of stretchy trot and really relaxed softly into the bridle at the canter! He usually jars against the bit at the canter and can get a little heavy for several laps around the arena before softening but he was such a good bean today! I really hope he can keep him cool off property tomorrow when we take him for a sleepover before the schooling show, if he does, he will literally be the wonder baby! 

those70scomics  asked:

Nina head!canon time: three to five (non-sexual) things Jackie and Hyde liked to do together without their friends around.

Besides what we know, that they went to theme parks and play chess, let me see…

- I like to think that they talk a lot. It starts with her talking about what she did while he wasn’t around and she always gets distracted in the conversation, and goes talking and talking about everything. Later, he follows the conversation until it’s an actual talk.

Sometimes they do other things as they talk, like they play chess or they do laundry, or she pretends to do homework.

- Crappy TV is also always a good option. She mutes/gets the volume to the minimun and starts doing her own dialogues and voices. Making him laugh is a big victory, but making him participate is everyting.

- He take it as his job and civil duty to teach her how to do usefull stuf, like laundry aka use Mrs. Forman’s machine. When she was alone, he would at first take her clothes and put it with his until he realized he was spoiling her, so after the first two times, he took her to do it herself. 

Now, she loves doing laundry. She has never told him why, but he thinks it’s adorable that she does.

(The reason is that he took the time of his day to teach her something so small like this, and he was patient and very into making her learn something that will help her in the future. She loves and appreciate every moment like that and she likes the normality of it)

- Hyde reads for her, and when he knows she is not putting attention, he makes her read. Most times, she ends up intrigued by what they are reading and taking the book home.

- They go for long hours of driving, especially in the El Camino. Most times they stop at Inspiration Point or near the lake, other times as far as they can from Point Place, just to be alone and look at the stars.

She likes quiet places, and he likes to tease her about it for how loud she can be and how much she likes the silence anyway. 


palizinhas  asked:

Top 5 animated movie ships, and top 5 cartoon ships. Because me and a animation are the Real OTP

Thanks for kicking this off! This should be fun! :D

Top 5 Animated Movie Ships

  1. Carl & Ellie (Up)
  2. Hiccup & Astrid (How to Train Your Dragon)
  3. Roger & Jessica Rabbit (especially with my headcanon that Jessica is asexual) (Who Framed Roger Rabbit)
  4. Buzz & Jesse (Toy Story Trilogy)
  5. Tulio & Chel (The Road to El Dorado)

Top 5 Cartoon (I’m Assuming Animated TV) Ships

  1. Aang and Katara (“Avatar The Last Airbender”)
  2. Danny and Sam (“Danny Phantom”)
  3. Batman and Wonder Woman (“Justice League”)
  4. Robin and Starfire (“Teen Titans”)
  5. Phineas and Isabella (“Phineas and Ferb”)

Sleepover Weekend

Imagine Wonho at a Sleepover

Originally posted by kihyonie

- Shows up whenever he feels like it

- “Why is your house so messy” hehe

- “It would’ve been clean if you showed up at the right time”

- “Now we get to spend more time together though!”

- Automatically takes off his shirt as he walks through the door

- “What the heck Hoseok”

- “Oh sorry, did you want to go first?” ;)

- Is the definition of “Make yourself at home”

- Is extremely intrusive

- In a cute way

- “What’s this? Why do you have that? Where are your toothpicks?”

- “Can you make me food?”

- Doesn’t help whatsoever and just compliments on you on how pretty you are

- Lets you pick the movie with his guidance

- “Are you sure you want to watch that?”

- Too busy sticking his tongue down you throat to watch the movie

- Cuddles and tickles

- Wants to talk about the future with you

 - “Can we get a dog? How many kids do you want?”

- Orders delivery and sends it to the dorm

- Forces someone to pay for it and eats the leftovers the next day

- Likes to play ‘Would You Rather’ a lot 

- “Would you rather kiss Shownu or Changkyun? I promise I won’t tell”


- You guys probably wouldn’t even sleep and pull an all nighter

~Admin F

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Lance feeling homesick and the others comforting him????? pls

Lance has always had a big family. Everyone was always laughing, talking, even fighting. It was never silent and there was always sound.

Space was silent.

It stretched out forever and endlessly with no end. Sometimes Lance felt too open and too vulnerable and he wished for the colorful rooms of his Mom’s house where twenty people would all cram together in order to watch a game.

It was late at night. He leaned his head against the side of the glass and looked out into space in an empty corner in this huge empty castle. Then out of the corner of his eye he saw Allura come towards him.

“You okay?” she asked.

Lance nodded and Allura sat down next to him, “It feels kind of empty in here doesn’t it?” She asked.

Lance looked over at her, “I know it may seem kind of selfish, I mean, Pidge is looking for her family and your whole race is gone, but I…I still feel homesick. I miss my family, my house and my home.”

Allura smiled gently at him, “We shouldn’t judge people by how much they’ve suffered, but simply help them because they have.”

Lance looked up at her and smiled, “Thanks.”

She laughed, “If you want,” she said as she got up, “I think now would be the perfect time for a bonding exercise.”

Lance looked at her in question, he remembered how all of her ‘bonding exercises’ normally went. Eventually he decided to go with her to the common room.

He heard Allura talk into the intercom so she woke up all the other Paladins. “Paladins!” She cried, “Come to the common room at once in your sleep clothes for an important exercise, and make sure to bring your pillows and blankets.”

Allura smiled knowingly and waited until everyone, including Coran was in the room before speaking, “I feel in order to get to know each other more we shall spend a night here together sharing stories and having fun.”

Pidge rubbed her sleepy eyes, which were slowly becoming more aware, “So…a sleepover,” she said.

Keith looked over to her, “A what?” He asked.

Lance gasped, “Dude you’ve never been to a sleepover?” He went over and hugged his ‘rival’ his homesickness receded. “Allura you are brilliant for having this idea. Now we must have a sleepover if only to show Keith the joys of sleep deprivation and gossip.”

Hunk laughed and said, “If I remember correctly me and Pidge would be playing video games while YOU tried to gossip.”

Lance shrugged, “Me, you, Pidge, what does it really matter WHO was gossiping? All that matters is that there was gossip.”

They group piled onto the floor and couches in the room and kept telling jokes and stories throughout the night.

As Lance looked around the room from Shiro to Coran to Hunk, Pidge, Allura and Keith he smiled. He may be homesick, but his team was also his family and he knew he could always trust them to have his back.


I feel like I never see enough Allura and Lance friendship stuff so I wrote a bit of it here. And I love the idea of team sleepovers, sorry there wasn’t much Shiro or Keith, but this was Lance’s time to shine.

Release Your Inhibitions

Summary: Derek is hit by a spell with an unusual effect.

Notes: A little celebratory fic, because I’ve written 50,000+ words in this fandom! Whoo!

(On AO3)

At first, they think the witch’s spell didn’t work.

But on their way out of the forest, Derek suggests they all go for burgers. Says it would be nice if they all ate together, like a pack should.

Everyone looks askance at each other, but no one actually says no.

It just gets weirder from there.

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Tsukki getting wind of Kags being home alone and either invites him to a sleepover or just shows up at his door. Tsukki trying to teach Kags how to make strawberry short cake. Tsukki just being there when Kags doesn't feel like talking at all and silence is something that is actually very comfortable with Tsukki. Just TsukkiKage in all ways possible, okay?

Being best friends with Carl would include...

  • sneaking out into the woods with him to explore
  • comforting him when he gets shot and loses his eye
  • looking after Judith when everyone else is busy
  • him always getting in front of you to protect you whenever your outside and walkers show up
  • having sleepovers while you’re staying in Alexandria
  • reading comics together
  • Carl teaching you how to shoot and handle a weapon
  • Rick always acting like a father to you as well, which you wouldn’t mind cause he’s only looking out for you
  • both of you often getting into trouble because you’ve done something stupid and reckless again
  • staying up late to talk
Imagine Hyungwon at a Sleepover

Originally posted by taehnwnho

- Shows up in the frog mask 

- Constant meme-ing

- Takes your phone and takes derp selfies while you’re in the bathroom

- Texts every guy in your contacts saying they’re cute

- You have a lot of explaining to do

- Raids your fridge every three minutes like something new will appear

- Makes you go on a grocery store run with him at midnight

- Him making you laugh until your stomach hurts

- Calls your mom just to say hi 

- Random inhuman noises 


- Buys unnecessary things at the store

- Like a retractable toilet cleaner

- “Merry christmas here’s your present”

- Never ending air guitar and solo concerts

- Butchering the dance moves to his own song

- Starts a vicious ugly dance battle

- Pranks you every chance he gets

- An epic dare game

- One of which includes surrounding your house in cat food

- Learning new things together

- Like how to handstand while juggling tomatoes 

- You guys fall asleep at 4am with sunglasses on and someone else’s cat

~Admin F

anonymous asked:

What are some of your all-time favorite LoVe chapter fics & one-shots?

Hi there! Thanks for the ask! A long whiles ago we received a similar ask and in response Kait and Suzanne put their Veronica Mars fic starter kit together. We’ve been meaning to update it for some time and this was a fantastic kick in the butt.


All of the fics below have already been recommended by us but they’re definitely our Logan x Veronica, “YOUR JOURNEY BEGINS HERE” kit. 

We’ve each picked one fic in a wide variety of timeline categories giving you thirteen different fics. Our individual all-time lists would be LONG, but this is a pretty good one for us merging our minds, we think. It will also likely be updated once Mr. Kiss and Tell is officially released as other fics are written which take into account both TDTL and MKAT canon details. 


A Trace of Meaning 
Author: ghostcat3000
Rating: T
Genre: Friendship/Humor
Setting: Pre-series
Spoilers: None
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 6, 833
Status: Complete
Summary: 13 year-old Logan Echolls and 14 year-old Veronica Mars wait at the Kane Estate for their held-up sleepover hosts to show up. Pre-series canon speculation.
Notes: Veronica is one part sweetness and two parts sass. And Logan is one part “I wanna snuggle you” and two parts “I want to smack you.” If thinking this fic is canon is wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

HIs Friend, Too
Author: arbailey
Rating: T
Genre: Angst/Romance (well mostly romance, tbh)
Setting: Pre-series AU
Spoilers: 1.22, “Leave It to Beaver”
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 42, 162
Status: Complete
Summary: When Veronica catches her best friend with an ageing action star, everything falls apart.
Notes: A “what-if” that changes the course of the series. Well-written. It’s nice to see how Veronica and Logan’s friendship develops past Lilly’s transgressions.


Sins of the Father
Author: Emiko74
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Setting: AU Season 3
Spoilers: 3.07, “Of Vice and Men”
Chapters: 13
Word Count: 44, 731
Status: Complete
Summary: As their freshman year at Hearst draws to a close, Logan and Veronica’s relationship begins to unravel. But a new mystery could bring them together again.
Notes: One of our all-time faves. Goes AU after 3.07 – so the rapist is revealed but it deviates from canon in terms of the identity. SO damn good. Better mystery than those we got in season three, in our opinion. Funny, and poignant, and super sexy too.

Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
Author: mysilverylining
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Setting: Season 1 AU
Spoilers: 1.03, “Meet John Smith”
Chapters: 26
Word Count: 249, 611 (so far)
Status: In progress
Summary: Silly Duncan stopped taking his meds. Now, one dead Fitzpatrick later, Logan and Veronica need to get him out of town. Too bad they hate each other.
Notes: Some parts are funny, some parts are angsty, and all will keep you on the edge of your seat. It has UST up the wazoo and you’ll keep reading until your eyes cross. Also has one of the hottest fakeout makeouts in the history of the trope.


Follow the MacGuffin
Author: happilyshanghaied
Rating: T, with some chapters rated M
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Setting: Future
Spoilers: All three seasons
Chapters: 40
Word Count: 204, 743
Status: Complete
Summary: After a botched FBI case sends Veronica scrambling back to Neptune, she decides to lick her wounds while working at Mars Investigations. What starts out as a simple cheating spouse case for one of the city’s most notorious residents, quickly goes awry and triggers a series of events that unravel a twisted plot leading her to the last person she’d expect to find.
Notes: Harkening back to ye olde days of seasons one and two, this fic is noir. You’ll be in awe at her wondrous exposition, and you’ll want to shake every character until all their secrets pop out. And there are a lot of secrets. BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. If you indeed manage to finish all 200, 000 and change words of this fic, there’s a sequel! Yes, that’s right, folks; this fic will leave you wanting more and you won’t be kept waiting – Red Herrings is in progress, and is currently 23 chapters and 235, 758 words so far.

Full Circle (on LJ. Link goes to epilogue; links to each chapter there.)
Author: gertinator
Rating: PG-13 to R, with some chapters rated NC-17
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Setting: Future AU
Spoilers2.22, “Not Pictured”
Chapters: 22, with an epilogue
Word Count: 134, 297 including epilogue
Status: Complete
Summary: Veronica and Logan find their way back to each other and solve a mystery, too.
Notes: Another perfect future fic. It’ll make you laugh, cry, and fall in love even more with the characters (especially one Logan Echolls). You just… you need to read this fic. Uses the addiction metaphor like the movie, but from Logan’s POV and makes it a little more clear.


“I Fell in Love Again” Series
Pairing: Logan/Veronica, Ensemble
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Mystery/Romance
Spoilers: The Veronica Mars Movie
Chapters: 7
Word Count:
 24, 389
Status: Complete
Summary: A series of one shots set in and around the Veronica Mars movie, all from Logan’s POV. These can be read independently. All of the titles are taken from song lyrics from the movie soundtrack.
Notes: What a fantastic movie-verse fic. Like the summary says, this is a series of one-shots that focus on Logan’s POV. And it’s done BRILLIANTLY. If you ever wanted to fall in love with LoVe again (see what I did there?), or if the movie’s focus on Veronica’s POV left you yearning for Logan’s take on things, this is the series for you! 

The Long Way Home
Author: absolutelyiris
Pairing: Logan/Veronica, Keith, Wallace
Rating: E
Genre: Romance/Drama
Setting: Movie through Post-TDTL
Spoilers: The Thousand Dollar Tan Line
Chapters: 3
Word Count: 18, 439
Status: Complete
Summary: “We should take the long way home.” Veronica’s POV. Snapshots that begin in the cab ride which we see in the movie through Logan’s return from deployment. 
Notes: This. Fic. THIS FIC!!!! Holy mackerel. This fic. Is that not a clear enough statement of our love for this fic? We feel like it is. First off, we’re not joking: this is close to perfection. The only reason we’re not giving it the full “perfect stamp” is because absolutelyiris is still writing and we have no doubt some of her future stories will knock us on our ass with feels. But…it’s poignant, and honest, and SEXY, and just damn good. Read it once. Take a break. Read it again, because DAMN.


Learning to Count on You” Series
Author: CaitlynMacKenzie (aka susanmichelin)
Pairing: Logan/Veronica
Rating: PG-13 through R
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Post-Movie AU
Spoilers: The Veronica Mars Movie
Chapters: 73 thus far
Word Count:
 255, 552
Status: In progress
Summary: The story picks up after the Veronica Mars movie. Logan is still on deployment and Veronica is working at Mars Investigations on a routine cheating spouse case, when Wallace walks into her office with terrible news. Now Veronica is drawn into a case that is very personal for her and the stakes to solve this one are extremely high. It continues with “A Closed Set” (complete) and “Espionage” (in progress) but there are other mid-story or prequel elements sprinkled throughout. 
Notes: Rich character interaction, exciting mysteries, and a pretty cute addition to the Echolls family, this series is 255,000+ words of a pretty compelling argument that a happy ending is not outside the realm of possibility for Logan x Veronica. Above all, this fic is SMART and is clearly written by an author who loves every individual character for what they bring to the Veronica Mars table. 

Waypoints” Series
Pairing: Logan/Veronica, Wallace, Dick
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Friendship/Drama/Romance
Future AU
Spoilers: 3.20, “The Bitch is Back”
Chapters: 4
Word Count:
 27, 673
Status: In progress
Summary: Based on a spoiler that was leaked prior to the movie, Wallace runs into Logan while they’re both on the job. They talk, Logan gives Wallace his number to pass on to Veronica.
Notes: What do we want? Part five of “Waypoints”!!! When do we want it? NOW!!! A series of fics (right now a quartet, but we are hoping and praying for a fifth fic) that has Logan in his movie profession, Veronica in her pre-Neptune movie profession, and the two of them being so freaking adorable and wonderful and grand that we just want to punch their faces.

BONUS FICS (aka, we were too stubborn to take them off our list):

Change Is All I Got
Author: wowsugarpuss
Characters: Veronica/Logan
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Angst
Setting: Season 3, AU
Spoilers: 2.22, “Not Pictured”
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 12, 941
Status: Complete
Summary: Logan comes home for the holidays to spend Christmas with Veronica and her family.
Notes: Veronica and Logan are in a long distance relationship, which makes the time they’re able to spend during Christmas seem incredibly crucial. The emotions and FEELINGS are just RIGHT THERE. Each person fighting to be normal, and it’s just sigh inducing to see Veronica completely in character be open about needing Logan. Also, SEXY. Sexy like, WOAH. And heartbreaking because IT’S CHRISTMAS and both Veronica and Logan want some things to be different than they are. Appearances by Wallace, Keith, and Alicia. 

Like A Rolling Stone
Rating: M
Genre: Romance/Drama
Setting: AU pre-series to future
Spoilers: 3.20, “The Bitch is Back”
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 16, 428
Status: Complete
Summary: Logan is a time traveller.
Notes: Not a crack!fic. Actually just an amazing fic tbh. Based on The Time Traveller’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger, though familiarity of the book isn’t necessary. Logan involuntary travels back and forth through time, visiting Veronica throughout her life. This fic manages to be sweet and angsty at the same time. It’s just perfection, honestly.

A Strange New Story Every Time
Rating: PG-13, with one NC-17 scene
Genre: Romance
Setting: Future
Spoilers: All three seasons
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 19, 295
Status: Complete
Summary: Ten years clean of Neptune living, Logan’s past finds him at an all night grocery store.
Notes: This is absolutely essential reading for the fandom. Probably one of the most popular and most recommended fics EVER, and for good reason. The characterization of Logan is perfect: he’s grown up and responsible but still witty and charming. (To quote Ryan Hansen, Veronica’s great, too.) Seriously, read this fic if you haven’t already. If you already have, read it again. It’s just that good. (We’ve probably read it twenty times between the two of us. You think we’re joking?)

Imagine V at a Sleepover

•Shows up right on time

•Rings your doorbell 4256381 times out of eagerness

•Holding a big plushie

•Brings what looks like, all of his belongings

•"Why did you bring your TV remote if your TV isn’t here"

•"Just incase you lost yours"

•Constant giggling

•A plethora of blankets and pillows on the floor

•Probably ends up building a kickass fort

•If it was your first sleepover he’d probably be extremely shy

•To show you his ‘real’ side

•No makeup and all

•Since he was already uncovering himself

•He’d want to have a deep conversation where you guys got to know each other more

•It probably lead to an all-nighter

•Movies playing in the background

•Endless tickle fights

•Persuading him into letting you do his toenails

•Getting ticklish when you touch his feet

•Therefore him ending up with pink nail polish all over his toes

•"Losing" the nail polish remover

•So he has to live with the mess on his feet

~Admin F

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