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vanessa and sonny are very close and have a lot of fun together,, okay that is all




Bts kink list (M)

First to lose their virginity // explanation (M)

Bts dick sizes (M)

Bts dom/sub // explanation (M)

Most open to experiment with a boy (M)

Bts wall sex and table sex (M)

Bts dating younger than them and older than them

Bts most likely to yell back during a fight

Bts most likely to approach a girl

Bts most likely to be dating

Bts most likely to be attracted an exotic appearance

Bts most likely to be attracted to a brazilian girl

Bts most likely to date an italian girl

Bts most likely to date a latina girl

Bts most likely to date an Arab girl

Bts most likely to date a Swedish girl

Bts most likely to be into someone like Amber from f(x)

Bts most likely to date a dramatic girl

Bts most likely to date a curvy girl

Bts most likely to fall in love w/ their best friend

Bts most likely to date a funny girl

Bts spontaneous trip

Bts daddy kink

Bts most likely to stalk their crush

Bts most likely to get a tattoo and not tell the other members

Bts most likely to wear female panties under their clothes

Bts most likely to have a child before marriage

Bts most likely to plan their first time

Bts most likely to be good at fingering

Bts most likely to date a girl with a foul mouth

Bts most likely to punish you for telling them no

Bts most likely to do the daddy/princess kink

Bts most likely to wait until marriage 

Bts most likely to date a younger girl

Bts most likely to be looking for fun vs looking for a relationship

Bts most likely to laugh at you for clogging the toilet 

Bts most likely to wear matching couple outfits

Bts most likely to want you to leave after a one night stand 

Bts most likely to try bdsm once 

Bts most likely to date a girl with tattoos/ piercings 

Bts most likely to date a short girl 



Surprise (M)


When you speak Italian 

When you’re on your period but you’re dying to fuck 


Hoseok’s Kinks (M)


Play it Cool [fluff]

Rap Monster dating a foreign celebrity


Need for Attention (M)

Jimin teasing you because you’re shorter than him 


Intricate Love [angst]


*Trigger Warning* Lost and Found 1 | 1.5 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 [Jungkook angst] (M)

Hopeless Love 1 | 2 | 3 [angst]

Love Game 1 | 2 (M)

Stressed [angst]

Temptations (M)

Ongoing Feelings 1 | 2 | 3 [angst]

Remember Me? [angst]

Promises [Soulmate AU]

Skype Sex after MAMA (M)

Unaligned Stars (M)


You playing an instrument

How would Bts catch their crush’s attention

Bts finding out you speak more than one language

How would bts say goodbye when leaving for a long tour

Bts finding out you’re younger than them

Bts reaction to you drinking often and coming home drunk

Bts finding out you speak 4 languages and wants to learn 7 more

Bts reaction to you being as tall/taller than them

Bts reaction to you reaching something from a high shelf

Bts reaction to you being too short to reach something but trying anyway

Bts reaction when they elbow your boob and you act dramatic

Bts reaction to you cheating on them

Bts reaction to you rolling around

When you’re a male crossdresser that looks amazing in female clothes

Making them a home cooked meal

Their s/o is a badass character on TWD

Their gf wants to work as a travel agent

Their s/o staring at them lovingly 

Their gf has a crush on another girl

You teasing them by wiggling on their lap (M)

Their gf is a vampire with a feeding problem

What gender we think their first child will be

Their gf has a social anxiety 

They accidentally order a penis cake for your kids first birthday 

Bts in the middle of a concert and they receive a text that your water broke

How you would make out with them 

You giving them a handjob in public 

Bts reaction to you in an oversized shirt and panties 


Why is he like this? [Jungkook]

Squidward dabs to One Verse

Wait for it… [Rap Monster]

Everybody say NO

When I hear the high note in Run

When Cypther pt.3 comes on

Seagull got no chill [Jungkook]

Seagull got no chill pt.2 [Jungkook]


You getting lost somewhere

When you pretend to be mad [Jungkook]

When you sprain your ankles while they’re on tour

Sending them a revealing pic

When you get a new pet 

When you do their part in an MV 

You make a shirt promoting them and they find it 


First Date 

Amusement Park Date

Summer Date

Beach Date

Club Date

Meeting Their Parents 

Date Night with Jimin


Awards Show


Lingerie (M)

Working Out

Run inspired 

Blood, Sweat & Tears inspired 



Got7 kink list (M)

Got7 daddy kink

Got7 most likely to be attracted to an exotic appearance

Got7 most likely to wear female panties under their clothes

Got7 most likely to date a girl with tattoos/ piercings 

Got7 most likely to date a short girl 


How would Got7 deal with a breakup



NCT wall sex or table sex (M)

NCT most likely to date a girl with tattoos/ piercings 

NCT most likely to date a short girl



Bad Decisions [angst] 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.5

Nervous [fluff]

Something’s Missing (M)


Toys (M)


Coffee Shop with NCT

Shopping with NCT

Date Night with Johnny 

Sneaking out with NCT

Art Museum with Winwin



Finding out their idol crush will be doing a song with them

those70scomics  asked:

Your headcanon/thoughts: What if Donna's sisters had kept in the show? College-age Valerie, and younger sister Tina? How would the characters interact with them?

We would had have various episodes with Valerie coming home. I can imagine she being ‘hot’ as Donna, so in season 1-2, the boys would had been all over her like when Penny visited. 

Kelso will always be trying to hit on her with no success. What if she turns out to be gay, chaaaaaaaan!

I have this idea that maybe Laurie and Valerie used to be good friends, but as they grow older and started to change, they go in their parted ways and Laurie is now jealous of Valerie’s sucess in collage without knowing Valerie is kinda jealous of Laurie’s success with her romantic/social life.

Eventually, an episode where both girls fix their relationship would be done and at some point, their appearences in the show could be at the same time, maybe.

Donna admires her older sister. She wants to go to college out town, too and be as good as her. She isn’t a nerd, but also not a too social girl; she isn’t into feminism as strong as Donna and Midge, her own feminism is more– let’s say, moderated. She agrees with the ideas but isn’t agressive about it and she would probably call out Donna on being selective with her own.

Since Donna would be the middle child, she’s always the one also in the middle of the fights. Bob and Midge would still use her during their fights, and Donna would call Valerie to tell her all about what’s going on. Valerie would be cool with her parents divorce, though.

Tina would had been taken by Midge to California, so we wouldn’t probably see much of her after season 4. A few episodes of her visiting, probably an appearence in ‘Going to California’. 

She is the only one we saw in the show, so I think we would see her fight with Donna as she grows up, for their parent’s attention. Maybe Donna seems to be like the favorite, and Tina would dislike her for that (kinda like the Laurie and Eric situation).

With this in mind, I can see her bonding with Eric and Donna would not like him giving Tina advice about how to get back at her sister. He would excuse himself saying he thought Tina was talking about Valerie. Tina would also be following the gang around some times, wanting to be like them or something, or because Midge and Bob asked Donna to babysit.

Maybe Jackie would take her under her wing to make her popular, which will raise issues between her and Donna again. Especially when Tina claims Jackie is a better older sister than Donna (which isn’t the case, she’s just trying to make Donna angry).

As she grows older, her relationship with Donna will get better. Maybe she’ll have a crush on one of the guys, I bet it would be Hyde and Donna would be like no, because she’s too young for any of her friends. Hyde would be ok with that as long as it doesn’t get annoying like Jackie’s. And Jackie will NOT stand by that. At all.

Season 3-4, 13-14 years old Tina has a crush on bad boy Hyde and Jackie, who just got back with Kelso, doesn’t like it AT ALL. Kelso is too stupid to notice but when he does, he questions her and Jackie gets even angrier. Hyde’s wondering what the fuck is her game, probably will end up angry, too. 

Eventually, Jackie will accept, at least to herself, why she’s so angry at the situation. Maybe Tina will talk to her and promise to keep her secret after an episode of blackmail, lol.

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Tododeku dorm HCs

With @trash-and-trash

* todoroki grew up without friends and with little time for play

*He also knows a lot about all might and other heros, but not in a “OMG tHEY’Re sO CoOL I LOVE THEM WaY” but more in a “I need to know everything about you in order to dESTROY YOU” WAY.

*that’s kinda stressful my DUDES

*once He meets izuku tho, he becOMES a HuGE HERO NERD

*izuku gets him into the hero fandom and they analyze fights together and buy each other Merch and go to cons together

*todoroki also sneaks into izuku’s room and they have sleepovers and izuku shows him video games

*todorokis like “HOLY SHIT THIS is tHE shiT”

*they don’t sleep

*in the middle of the night they go down to the kitchen and hoard a bunch of mocrave meals. Todoroki heats them up.


*He cooks a meal for everyone to show them how it’s DONE

*when they’re not having a sleepover, they can go out on their balconies to see each other (because they’re on different floors but not directly below each other)

*bakugou is below todoroki, so he only sees deku waving around like a madman

*He gets upset again lmao

*KIRISHIMA rushes out onto his balcony to calm his friendo down.



“Sausage theatre kid edition” with the cast of spelling bee (in order of appearance) Rona, Logainne, Marcy, Barfee, Leaf, Olive

burkhaurt  asked:

how do you feel about jackie and fez's romantic relationship

I don’t understand it. I don’t like it, either. 

While I do accept it could had made some kind of sense in the earlier seasons, when Fez wasn’t an asshole and sexist pig, but a sweet boy, it doesn’t mean I would had shipped it. They aren’t my kind of ship and they don’t have the chemistry Hyde and Jackie have (and Kelso and Jackie doesn’t have that, either).

And it’s a relationship that, knowing an in-character Jackie and an in-character Fez, wouldn’t had lastet much. Because Fez is too needy, and while Jackie likes feeling needed, Fez’s necessity of her it’s different to the kind of need she’s searching for.

He’s clingy and kind of co-depending. Not to mention, his sexual hunger is simlar and even more active than Kelso’s. If Jackie said yes to Kelso in order to shut him up and that he would stop pestering her about sex, I don’t see why she wouldn’t do the same with Fez. Which is abuse, and that’s in no way a good thing.

Fez’s sensibilities is almost too similar to Jackie’s but the way he gets hurt would only get them into arguments that will end with one of them, or both, crying. She probably out of desesperation. 

And while Fez likes to please his lady, we have actually see that Jackie has gotten into his nevers plenty of times. He won’t have the patient one needs with her, and he is not going to know how to tell her that she needs to stop, that she needs to let him breathe.

They would end up being just a couple of friends sharing a place, bitching about their lives and other people, and occasionally having sex. Which is not relationship goals, not in a romantic way.

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ID #13547

Name: Missy
Age: 18
Country: United States

Hi, I’m Melissa (but I prefer to be called Miss or Missy). As the location indicates, I am from the United States. I am looking for a thoughtful pen pal that is interested in having a long term friendship, as I don’t like short term friendships. If this matters in any way, but I wear a headscarf. I hope this doesn’t interfere with our friendship, because I am really nice (at least that’s what I’ve been told).

English is my first language. I took French in school, but I had a bad experience with it. I think I am going to take Spanish, instead? I left school a year early to take college classes. I don’t know what I would want to study though, mainly because I don’t know what my interests are. I am currently at community college taking prerequisite classes, but I don’t know what or where I am going to be doing/going to next.

Here is more info about me, if it helps:
-I am looking for a pen pal from England. I kind of want to go there someday. Maybe I’ll study, travel, or work there?? I really am not sure yet. I kind of want to learn about the culture and festivities there.

-I kind of come from a mean and judgmental family, but I can assure I am not that way. I sometimes use school as an escape from them, because they are just that overbearing lol.

-My favorite tv show is Stranger Things. I love the show and every character. My favorite celebrity is Millie Bobby Brown. I love her so much, and she is everything I aspire to be. I also kind of like Emma Watson. I haven’t watched anything featuring her, but she’s so smart and kind.

-Going back to my family, I come from a really disorganized family. I also was kind of abused as a child so sometimes I get slightly emotional. I really try not to live in the past, and I try to focus on the future. I struggle with anxiety and possibly PTSD, but I try to not let it take over my life.

-I also have a tendency to wanting to be younger than I am. I know I am 18, but I guess the highlight of my life was when I had my first friend when I was 12, and now I look back at it as the best time. I also was somewhat stronger than I was before?? *nostalgia feels* but yes, I am trying to accept the fact that I am no longer 12 lol.

Some of my interests include:
- watching new tv shows or movies (I really want to be able to meet with a friend and go and watch movies)
- sleepovers where we can paint our nails, tell scary stories, bake cookies, and tell jokes (because I’ve never done that before)
- go shopping together or go to little bakeries and just talk about anything and everything
- even though I struggle with self esteem issues, I really would love to take cute pictures with my new friend
- this is kind of a long shot, but be apart/close to my friend’s family. My family isn’t the best, but I really want to be included in familial activities (because I never had that growing up).

Preferences: Ages: 13-18
Gender: preferably a girl, because I find it easier to talk to girls (i relate easier to girls more than boys)


Summary: Y/N is about to get a whole lot more than what she bargained for when she goes undercover to spy on our little ‘spiderling’. 

Requested: No

Word Count: 1k+

Note: Y/n also has Superpowers in this set of imagines and is ‘’Unofficially’’ apart of the Avengers.

Warning(s)?: Anger issues (if that’s a warning) Cursing.

masterlist (x) requests (x)


Part 2  Part 3


“Why? Why highschool?” You ask annoyed with Steve. You folded your arms and let out an angry sigh. 

“Because someone needs to keep an eye on the kid and your the youngest and well… your you” Oh thanks Steve, you feel so much better. You were on Captain America’s side of this ‘supposedly’ war. You had never ever heard of a kid called Spider-man till 30 minutes ago when he decided to assign you him. Each member of the team had an assignment, and unfortunately yours was to keep an eye on the little spiderling. 

“What is that supposed to mean smartass?” You ask angrily, blue energy swirlling from the palm of your left hand as you held Steve above the ground, restricting air getting through to his lungs. He began to cough violently, trying to reach for his shield. You slowly decided to bring him down, letting him have his mini coughing feet while you rubbed over the red mark that has now appeared on your palm.

“Remember *cough* the more you use your *cough* powers *cough* the more worse *coughs* that’ll get” He says, gesturing towards your mark against your palm. You ignored his comment, pulling the sleeve of your cardigan to cover your hands. 

“I know” You stated angrily, though know you were angry with yourself instead of Steve. Unfortunately for some weird reason, the past two months you’ve used your powers you have had these nasty side effects. The whole team is confused as to what they are and what they mean. You were so focused on figuring out what was restricting you to fight at your best while Steve apparently had a heated argument with Stark which has lead to the fall out between the two teams. Thanks Steve. 

“Look I just don’t want you in harms way okay? So while your.. uhhh.. unwell you’ll be going back to school, while keeping an eye on the peter kid” Steve says, remaining calm, forgiving the fact that I choked him not ten minutes ago. You didn’t see the point in arguing with him. In fact this down time could give you more time to focus on what exactly was going on with you.

“But what about you guys, you need me. I need to be here to help and fight-” Well just because you said you didn't want to argue doesn’t mean you wouldn’t. 

“No, I won’t allow it Y/N” Steve says, this time giving a command. You shake your head, knowing there was no changing his mind once he started using his 'father’ tone on you. You glanced down to the ground and shake your head in agreement. 

'Okay… I’ll do it

~Next day

’'Y/n right?” You have finally made it to Midtown high, and now you were in the not so crowded hallway ten minutes before school was supposed to begin. You were currently on your way to the office to receive your timetable. You look up to the girl who was beside you with a confused stare, how did she know you? 

Seeming to pick up on your look she continued on. 

“Word travels fast when we get new students, hardly anyone ever comes here” All you did was nod in response. You weren’t shy at all but you weren’t really in the mood to make friends. 'Try to be normal okay? Go be a normal 16 year old and make some friends, get good grades just… behave’ You repeated Steve’s words through your mind what he said to you during the car trip to school. Wanda had made you lunch to take with you to school seeing you probably wouldn’t like the cafeteria food. Remember to thank her once you get out of this hell hole.

“Sorry how rude of me! Names Emily! I’m head student and I can see we are going to be fast friend!” Wow this girl was chirpy.

“Y/N” you reply with a soft smile.

“So… Your A Rogers?” The mysterious girl says besides me. Oh, that sly little-

“So what is it like? You know, having Captain America as your father?” Okay this girl was starting to seriously get on your nerves. Wait, did she just say father? You were going to kill him. Be a normal kid he said, make new friends he said. Well that’s kinda hard to do when your let the whole friggin school know Captain America is my father. 

“Normal as having a supehero father could be” Was your response. She dropped it thank god, sensing your discomfort towards the subject. Maybe she finds you rude and doesn’t wish to speak with you further. You couldn’t quite tell if this was a good or bad thing. Let’s just say trying to make friends is a very… recent skill of yours. 

“Ned! …No it isn’t like that! ….Look I have to go” You heard a male voice speak from down the hall. You halt and lift your head seeing who the mysterious boy was, Peter. Your lips began to curl up into a smirk. Suddenly your brained has formed a brilliant idea.

“How good are you at getting your nose into places it shouldn’t be?” You turn to ask the girl beside you. She glanced at you weirdly. Oh shit.

“What I mean is..” Think Y/N think!

“I’m sure I really am gonna need a friend here and maybe you could come over for a sleepover, you know, you show me around and stuff and ill invite you over to meet some of the gang?” You ask as nicely as you could. This immediately changes the girls attitude. She began to beam from left to right and nodded her head rapidly. 

“So” She begins, forming a little half smirk on her own face mimicking mine. 

“Who is that?” You ask, pointing down the hall to the only other person who was here. Peter Parker. Just noticing that he was not alone in the hallway he glanced and gave a tiny nod towards you and the girl. 

“That’s Peter Parker” she says. 

Good, tell me everything you know about him”.


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A/N: Hey this is another mini series! Tell me what ya think! Love you guys! 


The Chris Gethard Show - John Oliver’s X-Rated Sleepover

katennara  asked:

Top5 less favorite t70s episodes!


But in all seriousness…

  • Season 7, episode 11: Winter.
    FUCKING HATE THIS SHIT. It’s one of the most occ crap the writers gave to Hyde after season 1. I feel like this was our warning for what was to come in season 8, this was the episode when the new showruners said “this is it, this is the Hyde we are using! AN ASSHOLE!”. The damage they did to his character is just terrible.

    Not only he breaks a promise to Jackie but he also talks to her like if she was an idiot or like if he was some kind of kid. I can’t believe him, who the fuck was him? JESUS.
  • Season 4, episode 1: It’s A Wonderful Life.
    I know a lot of people loves this episode but I don’t. It’s awful. And Eric’s crap is selfish as fuck, even the Donna of his dream was kind of “happy”, so why on Earth would he take that away from her? Even if she ends up “bad” with her husband on jail (dude, she looked better with Hyde in jail, so honestly??? She passed of Eric’s selfishness and then got rid of that monstrosity of Hyde, honestly. That girl was about to live).

    Again, it’s supposed ot be like, all on Eric’s minid. But eveything went to shit becuase he and Donna weren’t together?????????? LMAO????? Keep dreaming, bitch.
  • Season 4, episode 4: Hyde Gets The Girl.
    Or Hyde gets super ooc for a girl who doesn’t respect him and who thinks she is some kind of supreme being and he acts like an even more stupid version of Eric himself.
  • Season 3, episode 18: The Trials of Michael Kelso.
    The ‘ewww’ factor was strong in this episode.

    Just the fact that Jackie would consider going back to this idiot is disgusting. Seriously, what the show needed was to let their female characters to find their worth for themselves, not be defined by their relationship to a man.

    I hate this fucking episode because it’s like– After this, Jackie gets Extra Stupid™ to be “funny” and be “cute” with her ugly ass relationship with Kelso. Like EEEEWWWWWW.
  • Every single episode in which Hyde had a ‘crush’ on Donna.
    DUDE. I know I talk a lot about this but I don’t care, I will never get tired to say it was the most disturbing shit ever to see this supposed best friend of both, Eric and Donna, stalking the shit out of Donna an foricing his “feelings” and himself to her like ew ew ew ew ewwww, take that away from me and Donna.

    This was one of the worst desicions ever made for Hyde’s character and I’m glad he got rescued form that quickly, because seriously. I hated him so much at that time…

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Play (Single Father!Jimin)

Plot: Meeting single father!Jimin

Word Count: 1028

A/N: so someone requested this a while ago and it sounded like so much fun and I had to write it, I’m thinking I’ll either do youtuber!BTS as fathers or BTS as Disney Princes for my next series so hopefully one of those will be coming out tomorrow, if not then it’ll be the next day most likely, this involves single father!Jimin (all of the father related posts are here)

No one was surprised when the youngest Park had taken an interest in ballet, in plays, in singing, in anything musical. Her father was an idol after all, an extremely talented idol with a passion for both dancing and singing. She had been raised around it, sat on a couch behind the camera that filmed her father and her uncles dancing to their latest song, a bag of pretzels in her lap. She had always seen him dance, always heard him sing and she wanted to do it too.

Keep reading

bambam as a boyfriend

✿ okay lets get onto this meme boy

✿ so no matter what,i feel like your relationship starts out as friends no matter what

✿ you guys are best friends from pre school

✿ he was your guardian angel or devil but you know

✿ ready to back you up whenever

✿ your parents love him sm

✿ and he comes over to mess around all the time

✿ but then someone thought you guys were dating and then you guys thought it was funny

✿ so you pretended to date

✿ and then you both kinda went “well fuck i think im in love”

✿ so bams was like “yo we should kiss for a photo itll be so funny”

✿ he mighta been joking but like he most likely wasnt

✿ and so you did and totally forgot about the photo

✿ and instead just made out until yugyeom got home

✿ but thats okay because now you guys were actually dating

✿ now hand holding is a ritual

✿ you guys are up to date on all the latest memes

✿ yugyeom is your second boyfriend

✿ dabbing 24/7

✿ making dirty jokes are your second nature

✿ making ugly faces is a profession with you three

✿ “look at my double chin”

✿ “you are so ugly”

✿ “dude look i can make three”

✿ skinship

✿ he is your shadow

✿ either has an arm wrapped around your waist or your shoulders

✿ 97% just screaming

✿ or him yelling “love me” at you

✿ dates at cafes

✿ group chats of just memes

✿ and probably a bunch of photos of you guys being memes

✿ playing video games together

✿ sleepovers

✿ shows off his long ass legs to you all the time

✿ “do you like my legs?”

✿ and probably calling them chicken legs

✿ tiny little chicken legs

✿ buys you expenisve things

✿ bc hes a fancy guy

✿ inside jokes and acting like 13 year olds

✿ cringe

✿ probably asks you to pet him

✿ not a soft man sjsj

nsfw i guess ??

✿ hshshihsxiuh

✿ hickeys

✿ probably a choking kink

✿ daddy kink oh my godd

✿ calls you baby girl/boy

✿ neck kisses

✿ oh my god the lip bites

✿ youre gonna get bruises

✿ and youre definitely not gonna walk tomorrow

✿ bites your lips

✿ passes tf out after

those70scomics  asked:

Nina head!canon time: three to five (non-sexual) things Jackie and Hyde liked to do together without their friends around.

Besides what we know, that they went to theme parks and play chess, let me see…

- I like to think that they talk a lot. It starts with her talking about what she did while he wasn’t around and she always gets distracted in the conversation, and goes talking and talking about everything. Later, he follows the conversation until it’s an actual talk.

Sometimes they do other things as they talk, like they play chess or they do laundry, or she pretends to do homework.

- Crappy TV is also always a good option. She mutes/gets the volume to the minimun and starts doing her own dialogues and voices. Making him laugh is a big victory, but making him participate is everyting.

- He take it as his job and civil duty to teach her how to do usefull stuf, like laundry aka use Mrs. Forman’s machine. When she was alone, he would at first take her clothes and put it with his until he realized he was spoiling her, so after the first two times, he took her to do it herself. 

Now, she loves doing laundry. She has never told him why, but he thinks it’s adorable that she does.

(The reason is that he took the time of his day to teach her something so small like this, and he was patient and very into making her learn something that will help her in the future. She loves and appreciate every moment like that and she likes the normality of it)

- Hyde reads for her, and when he knows she is not putting attention, he makes her read. Most times, she ends up intrigued by what they are reading and taking the book home.

- They go for long hours of driving, especially in the El Camino. Most times they stop at Inspiration Point or near the lake, other times as far as they can from Point Place, just to be alone and look at the stars.

She likes quiet places, and he likes to tease her about it for how loud she can be and how much she likes the silence anyway.