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quick give us a random cockles headcanon

fUCK okay omg omg uhhhhhh pls i just posted a cockles headcanon like 30 minutes ago gimme a break

ok uhm misha probably saves tons of photos of jensen on his phone like embarrassing ones so that he can use them as leverage against jensen so like when hes teasing jensen and jensens like “i hate you” he can be like “oh yeah???? well this photo op of us where you’re reaching over like 100 people to touch me says differently” or when he cracks a lame joke and jensens like “shut up you’re not funny” misha can send him a gif of jensen doing the full body laugh and “you thought i was pretty funny here” and jensens like “fUCK wehre do you find these?!” and sometimes misha sends him a random photo or gif at like 3am with the caption “remember this???” and jensens like “what the fuck is this it’s 3am what the fuck” and its because misha has finally found the cockles tag on tumblr

this sucked sorry

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#25 and Luke?

Besides harsh moans filling your apartment, the vinyl version of Badlands was on loop in the background. You were currently straddling Luke, grinding against his expanding erection. The only thing keeping his cock from slipping inside of your wetness were his jeans and your panties.

“Fuck Y/N.” Luke panted. “You’re gonna make me cum in my pants if you don’t stop.” 

Luke’s words obviously meant nothing to you, since you continued to move your hips in figure eights, only adding to his arousal. His fingers resting on your hips while you balanced yourself by pressing your hands to his bare chest.

“Oh god.”  Luke whimpered.

“That’s not my name, but I’ll take it.” You smirked.

“D-do something angel.” His strong voice rumbled, making his chest vibrate underneath your hands.

“Well, since you asked nicely.” You told him, unbuttoning his jeans and letting his hardness breathe.

His eyes fluttered up at you as you pumped his throbbing member, spreading the small load of precum releasing from the swollen tip.

“Shit. Don’t tease me, baby. I need your mouth.” He said, trying to sound demanding as if he was in control but his statement came out as more of a plea.

“Mmm, I don’t think you deserve it.” You said, pumping him in your hand.

“Please princess, I love your mouth so fucking much.” He whimpered.

You paused for a few seconds then proceeded to drop to your knees and give him what he wanted. 



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Some pictures from kumacorgi from their short weekend sleepover on Saturday/Sunday. Kuma definitely does not have as much energy as Apple and Kira. She’s tired in every picture lol where as Kira has energy all the time ALWAYS! She’s ready in every picture lol and Apple is kinda like “meh” hahah bff’s forever! :)

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What's your happiest, fluffiest headcanon/fic idea for your otps?

Destiel: I just idk I love the idea of Dean and Cas doing really fluffy things in secret like when Sam’s gone to bed they cuddle on the sofa and Dean shows Cas all his favourite movies even though Cas insists he knows the plot thanks to Metatron and Deans like ‘no but you haven’t seen them, it doesn’t count’. Or Dean casually slipping his arm around Cas’ shoulders when they’re sat in a booth in a diner and Castiel leans against his side as he sips his coffee. OR destiel just cuddling in bed and Castiel draws little enochian symbols on Dean’s chest with his fingertips, whispering enochian lullabies in the darkness and Dean’s fingers twirl in Castiel’s hair and “hey. tell me about it. being an angel. you must’ve seen some cool stuff…” and Castiel tells Dean all about the first sunset, the first steps of humanity, all the beautiful things he’s seen as he smiles against Dean’s skin and for the first time in so long, Dean can practically feel Castiel’s grace fizzle between their bodies, lighting up Dean’s bones

Cockles: omg im honestly trash for jensen singing to misha like singing misha his favourite song, or shyly showing him what he’s learnt on the guitar and he keeps blushing and “this probably sucks but uh….” but misha listens like it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard and jensen keeps his eyes on misha as he sings and jensens voice just kind of drifts around them both like its the most intimate thing ever omg or im a slut for jensen telling misha that he wishes he could be more like him because misha’s so charitable or jensen sitting with misha and asking him to teach him stuff because misha’s so smart about the world and ughughghghghuguguhug bye

JMDV: u can totally ignore this one if poly-amorous relationships aren’t your thing but like imagine the four of them going on a holiday and the receptionist at the hotel can see that they’re two married couples so they’re like “ok so two double rooms?” and there’s a long pause before misha awkwardly says “uhhh….do you have a room with two double beds….?” and the receptionist is like wtf ok…. and when the week is over the cleaner goes in to clean their hotel room and she turns to the receptionist like “how many people were in this room” and the receptionist is like “oh two married couples stayed here” and the cleaner is like “huh. only one of the beds has been used.” lmao OR imagine jmdv going on a double date and the waiters are all placing bets on who are the couples but they just can’t figure it out 

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omg but imagine misha sending jensen a gif of him almost kissing misha on stage (yall know the one) and mishas caption is like: i wanted to kiss you too :) and jensen sends him a picture of him covering his face. oh god i want them to have a snapchat, can you imagine the pictures they'll send each other then

oh mt god yes jensen and misha snapchatting would be the greatest thing because misha would take all of those selfies where he’s squinting and looks almost confused and jensen would send really dumb stuff because he doesn’t know how to use snapchat like he’d always hashtag in the text box when he sends them and mishas like “jensen you dont need to hashtag what are you doing” and jensen would probably always send so many snapchats of JJ like an unimaginable amount of videos and photos of her

and misha would send jensen like 5000000 snapchats and selfies a day and jensen would just bitch like an old man about how he doesn’t understand snapchat and he doesn’t get what the point of it is but when he sees mishas morning selfies with his hair all messy and his eyes all sleepy with the caption “good morning, I miss you” maybe jensen can see the appeal of snapchat after all

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Ok, but I love to think about Jensen getting confused over something with a social network or idk internet, and even though Jared's right there and a whole bunch of people too, he still goes across any room to find Mish and ask him to help him with it

ofmgmfmgfg yessss and i bet jensen would eventually work out social media but he pretends he doesn’t understand because he loves having an excuse to ask misha to help him omgh

and misha actually sucks at social media (like remember the time he tweeted the wrong link and it was actually the epic love story of Jensen and Misha) but he pretends he totally understands it because he doesn’t want jensen to stop asking him and he pretends he’s really tech smart because it impresses jensen but actually he’s got no fucking idea either

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how about we have a sleepover?

SLEEPOVER SUNDAY Y’ALL!! sorry I am an exited child

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