5x17 sneak peek: scott and kira’s shirtless sleepover

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what are you most excited about for civil war?

i’m definitely the most excited about t’challa because he’s always been a beloved comic book king of mine and i will weep at every sight of him in this movie

also i’m as equally maybe more bc i’m a slut for him excited about the vision and how russos perceive him bc i think we have similar look to more powerful, more evolved vision that is questioning himself and his existence and finding out where his new found loyalty truly lies i am sO DESPERATE FOR MORE VISION they could give me 2 seconds of vision flying and i would leave that cinema like i found god

Dating Liam would Include

* Cute couple moments

*The pack finding you guys adorable

*Being first everything’s (I’m ignoring what happened in the episode from last night)

*Surprise kisses

*Him being overprotective

*Being jealous a lot

*Lots of cuddling

*Mason being your best friend

*Being his anchor

*You using his body heat when you’re freezing cold

*Stealing basically all of his jackets

*Wearing his extra lacrosse T-shirt or jackets to his games

*Lot of sex

*His parents loving you

*Your parents loving him

*Going on night time walks

*Him giving you piggyback rides a lot

*Lots of kissing

*You knowing about the supernatural world

*You still being human

*Him worrying about you 24/7

*Having lots of sleepovers just because it calms you both down.

*Serious moments rarely ever happen

*You teach him to cook or you both fail at it

*Him trying to sneak pictures of you

*Him proving to you just how perfect he finds you

but what if kira was the one to cut malias hair?

like, they’re having a normal sleepover and kiras brushing through malias long hair, telling her how nice it is as she attempts a braid. and it makes malia think back to her little sister and how she’d do the same things with her; braid and comb her hair, soothe her through the tangles.

malias kind of quiet when she brings this up as kiras fingers separate her hair and kira takes a short pause to settle with what she’s hearing. kiras voice is so soft when she asks the casual questions… ‘was her hair like yours?’ and malias little amused huff as she responds 'softer, actually. it was hard to braid sometimes.’ and the conversation gets kind of quiet for a while before malia starts talking about wanting to wash away some of this guilt, try and better herself with the family and friends she has.

and that’s when kira brings up the hair cutting like 'y'know.. in a lot of asian cultures people believe that cutting your hair is a way of letting go of the past, starting anew’ and malia considers this for a moment and turns to kira a little to be like 'you think that’ll help?’ and kira gives her a soft shrug before she tells her how it could be a step in the right direction

and from there kira is the one to cut malias hair which seems to spark something because it’s also around the time malia starts to up her grades and focus on herself

the end

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Howdy! I'm Asriel dreemurr from undertale. Most of my memories are pregame, but I also have a few memories from pacifist and no mercy runs (mostly as flowey). I'd like to find pretty much everyone, but in particular I'm looking for monster kid, frisk, and chara who remember having a friend group that had sleepovers and such. Like/reblog this and I'll check out your blog!


Modest Medusa 610: Sleepover Sleepwalking

– Sorry this one is a bit late. Lots of non-work stuff happening this week. Plus, longer strips like this take a bit longer.

– Fanaticon, the small comic festival that I’m helping my students organize, is this Saturday at the East Portland Community Center. You can find all the info here. If you live in Portland please come and check it out!

– My new book, 24 Hour Modest Medusa, is now available for sale on my store. I know a lot of you weren’t able to get a copy of the book during the Kickstarter, so here it is now. I’ll be happy to sign any copy thats ordered through my store. Here’s the link. If you’re an international fan please contact me for shipping info.

Howl - Stiles Fanfiction

Summary: Samantha Cameron, Allison’s best friend back in San Francisco, has decided to come to Beacon Hills to live alongside her. Sam’s arrival in the small town has caused a lot of heads to turn … including Stiles’… Though, this girl is anything but ordinary, and because of her past, it will in fact cause many problems to occur in the crazy, supernatural town of Beacon Hills.


Read Chapter 26 here!

Chapter 27

A crisp blue sky along with some beautiful sunshine was the forecast for Beacon Hills today, though it was funny enough that this was the setting for the dreaded day which had finally come… the sleepover. Sam had been counting down the days until this event and with every day that passed she grew more and more nervous. It also didn’t help that she was seeing Marcus everywhere at school, like for instance, now, as he came out of the locker room, his shirt only half way on.

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((So I am veeerrrry late for #cheeruptheskeleton week, but oh well! I couldn’t miss out on a full week writing from Sans’ perspective, he’s SUCH a fun character to write as. So, there’ll be another three Sansy stories coming today because I’m late af.
Anyway, here’s my contribution for day 1. Enjoy!!))

Sans woke up to the feeling of something pulling at his wrist.
“*huh?” He looked down to see Frisk tugging his radius. “*oh, hey kid. you’re having a sleepover with papy?”
Frisk noddded, then tugged his bone again.
“*what is it kiddo, d'ya want me to get up?” They nodded again. “*go outside for two minutes buddy, i gotta get dressed.” Frisk frowned and walked outside.
Sans sighed, standing up and pulling his jacket on, before wriggling into his three quarter length shorts.
“*come back in.” Sans called to Frisk, with just the hint of a sigh.
Frisk ran back in, grabbing Sans’ jacket and tugging it.
“*alright, i’m coming.”
Frisk rolled their eyes as they dragged him downstairs.
“SANS, HURRY UP!!!” Papyrus yelled from outside the house. Sans glanced down at Frisk.
“*hey, frisk, what is he doing out there?” Sans asked. “*oh, forgot you don’t talk much for a second there, sorry kid.”
“SANS!” Papyrus yelled as he opened the door, sticking his head through. “WE’RE WATCHING THE SUN RISE!”
“*but there’s no sun in snowdin, paps.” Sans huffed. He loved his brother but he had a hell of an imagination.
“*we… did it, didn’t we? we got to the surface?” Sans looked down at Frisk again, who was nodding vigorously.
“*hey, c'mon then, bud. must’ve been too long since you’ve seen the sun rise.” Sans grinned wider at Frisk, winking. Sans stepped out of the door, sitting next to Papyrus, as Frisk scrambled onto his lap.
“*this sure is beautiful, huh, bro?”
“*let’s do this every year from now on.” Sans whispered in awe of the colours rippling across the sky, resting his head on his brother’s shoulder.

not aimed at anyone but based on the last reblog;

i personally like that ponies can be soft and enjoy making their friends dresses or be excited about sleepovers as well as be hard and fight when they need to - Twilight can go toe to toe with any goddamn monster you throw her way and at the end of the day be folded into a group hug. the new toy where her expression is hard delights me because it’s part of who she is - she’s a fighter when she needs to be even if she prefers to be a lover. the same goes for Celestia. even as a little girl, i loved the ponies when they offered an adversary their friendship and acceptance as much as i loved them when they decided to fight back with everything they had.

i’m not saying hasbro didn’t think “oh man we’re gonna make so much money off the bronies” because obviously, but i think the diversity is a good thing. i think it’s great that little girls can have the option of one pony with gritted teeth among all the smiling ones, can have one princess who looks like the kind of pony who can imprison someone for a thousand years among all the versions that look like the kind and loving mentor she also is. then again, i wasn’t even reflecting over what the bronies want or like until i read a couple of posts mentioning them being the potential target audience for some of these figures because they’re so irrelevant to me - my only thought was of all the girls who’ll love their ponies even more when they make them feel powerful as well as value kindness.


ALL NEW! Teen Wolf - 5x17 “A Credible Threat” Official Sneak Peek #1 - Scott and Kira’s Sleepover

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