I wanna maybe have a sleepover tonight?

Maybe share(submit) some drawings/colorings???
Maybe share some of our favorite pjs? Introduce some stuffed animals?? Maybe pictures of puppies and our favorite toys and just chit chat??

✨Would anyone be up for it?✨

(made 12/9/16- 5pm)

Sleepover Tonight!

Hello you precious babes! So as I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be hosting a sleepover over here for all of you guys tonight (I’m on EST if that can give you an idea of when)! 

What does that mean?

  • I’m bringing back the ships! I did them to celebrate 100 followers a few weeks ago, and it seemed pretty appreciated (here is an example). I am giving you guys the rest of the day to send me descriptions of yourselves, on or off anon. Focus on what you feel most defines you; don’t just stop at a physical description! Then, tonight, I’ll go through all of them and post who I’d ship you with. Please specify if you want a specific era, or if you want a male, female or both ship :)
  • Let’s talk characters! If you have any headcanons you want to get out there, or have me comment on for some reason, you know where my ask box is! 
  • Vent! Nearing the holidays, a lot can come up, so feel free to lay it all on me, no introductions needed. If you need to talk (I’m pretty experienced for tricky family situations ngl) I’m your girl.
  • Get nosy! You want to know something about me? Ask away! It doesn’t have to be personal or anything, you can literally just ask me “hey what do you think about _insert interest of yours/cool person_”. If you can’t think of a question but still want to know stuff, just ask me for a fun fact!
  • The traditional sleepover stuff, aka would you rather, fmk, tell me a story about you, and all that kinda stuff.

That’s what I can think of off the top of my head, but these are basically just suggestions to get interaction going, so just drop by my ask box and leave anything in it! Keep in mind, you can send stuff all day but I’ll only start posting them later when I officially kick off the sleepover.

If you don’t wanna see this stuff on your dash, blacklist #hogwartssleepover


Fan art of @skaylanphear ‘s Miraculous Ladybug fic, Serendipitous Fate (chapter 5).  I loved the idea of the matching pajamas in the story XD

This ended up a lot longer than I originally intended, but once I got started I just couldn’t stop.  XD

A Sleepover with the Signs
  • Aries: the one trying to convince everyone to sneak out to a house party
  • Taurus: is going through all the closets saying, "can I borrow this?"
  • Gemini and Libra: on the bed, painting each other's nails, doing facials and gossiping
  • Cancer and Pisces: in the kitchen making complicated recipes and cocktails
  • Leo: taking snapchat selfies and adding them all to their 200+ second story
  • Virgo and Scorpio: Scorpio is watching horror movies and laughing while Virgo is screaming and throwing popcorn
  • Sagittarius: the one drawing penises on the faces of everyone who's asleep
  • Aquarius: making everyone uncomfortable by walking around the entire house half naked
  • Capricorn: the anti-social one sitting in the corner on their phone who only speaks up to make the occasional sarcastic remark