a list of things that happened in last night’s episode:

1) fuckin FOOT ACTION. to the MAX. does this count as pda? eh i’ll take it

2) taylor definitely ships it. “let’s all get drunk and make out with each other” *suggestive eyebrows at jude and connor* you, my new favorite female character, are a master of tact and subtlety

3) even though it’ll never happen, this makes me really want daria and taylor to be in cahoots. the gay boyfriend shipping brigade. “let’s separately date them and force them to awkwardly hang out together and sit next to each other in dark theaters and pour booze down their throats because 13 year olds canNOT hold their liquor and then watch them drunkenly make out and fist bump behind their backs"    "then can we make out too?"    "god daria you’re such a slut"   "you like it”

4) connor make up yo fuckin mind

5) “we could hang out. you know, by ourselves” aaaAAAHHHHHHAHAHAHAHA

6) “I thought we were –”   “We’re not.” jude adams foster sass never gets old

7) taylor’s dad replaces connor as the dumbest person on this show. who shoots a gun randomly inside their own house without even looking who they’re shooting at? dude were you sleepwalking? sleepmurdering? is that a thing?

8) i literally have no idea what happened to any other characters in this episode and i will probably never find out