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Promo Winners:

Everyone had gr8 blogs honestly, sorry if you didn’t get picked. Maybe next time.

Promo Winners ^-^

This was really hard but they all have great blogs so follow them. c:


-Best URL(s): moshturbate sleepingwithmypenis

-Best posts: havoc-a , moshturbate effortless-deceiver sleepingwithmypenis

-Best theme: man-ovaboard   sleepingwithmypenis

-Most attractive girl(s): antisocialxprincess,  prestarium , faieryprincess

-Most attractive guy(s): sleeplvss , wearethecr0wn , moshturbate

-Personal favourite(s): antisocialxprincess , havoc-a lapisdute

Don’t be upset if I didn’t choose you, many good blogs reblogged this and I’ll do another promo soon ok?

(✿◠‿◠) promo winners (✿◠‿◠)

Most attractive males: Stephen , Derrick & Joel

Most attractive females: Anna , Laurane & True

Best url: Ed , Ruthie & True

Best theme: Bree , Julie & Holly

Best posts: Olivia , Paige & Anna

Best blogs overall: Ariel & Laurane 

My favourite: Jasmine  

Random promo: Diana

Sorry if I didn’t pick you

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Promo Winners c:

Follow these great blogs ^-^ I’m sorry if you didn’t get picked but I did follow a bunch of you back c: