I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it.

Madness // Sleeping with Sirens

If you feel like giving up, listen to this song and try to think why you held on for so long. We all have bad chapters in our lives, in these times we feel completely weak and down. But no matter how hard it is, we shouldn’t stay down. It does not mean that we need to be strong all the time, we just have to be brave and always believe that things will get better, maybe not today or tomorrow but one day.

Photo by: Mary Salomae Amoroso

add 'Mexicans' the name

All Time Mexicans
Mexicans! At the Disco
Twenty one Mexicans
Fall Out Mexicans
My Chemical Mexicans
Bring Me The Mexicans
Black Veil Mexicans
Sleeping with Mexicans
Green Mexicans
Pierce The Veil
Falling in Mexicans
Of Men and Mexicans
Asking Mexicans
Mexicans in White

Person: “How can you listen to that music it sounds so heavy?”
Me: “Becuase it’s not just one person complaining about their boyfriends or girlfriends like pop music, it’s about other things to, like stupid record labels, being pushed aside all your life, being beat and broken but getting up again, or being so low you don’t know where to go. Said through multiple songs, with a full band playing music, not just a singer and a guitar, that’s why”