My boy Yusaku is suffering from PTSD.

There are two types of PTSD: Complex PTSD and PTSD. C-PTSD results from multiple traumas or multiple forms of abuse. PTSD is typically centered around just one event. C-PTSD is an accumulation.  Yusaku has the Complex kind.

 I’ll bold some of the symptoms I know that he has shown so far;

  • problems sleeping
  • nightmares
  • hypervigilance (constantly checking surroundings for safety, looking for any possible threat)
  • being easily startled
  • being emotionally numb or not experiencing joy
  • seeing the world as a terrible place
  • memory loss
  • trouble relating to others
  • physiological or strong emotional reactions to reminders of trauma
  • intrusive thoughts about the trauma

One of the more prominent symptoms of PTSD is avoidance. He constantly tries avoiding people, aside from his friend the hot dog guy, whose name I forgot.  He constantly seems to be distracting himself with Hacking and the Knights of Hanoi, so he doesn’t have to dwell on very upsetting memories, hell, he may even be already developing some unhealthy symptoms.

All in all, Vrains has shown some amazing progress and only continues getting better and better with the new director. I hope it can keep up this kind of progressive curve.