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I got to meet Kellin Quinn and the boys in August 2014, on the day of the kick me music video shoot. I got down early and was then specifically chosen to do a different part in the music video (you can see me in the video miming lyrics) because I was chosen I had time to ask for a picture from Kellin and my first picture came out really blurry so I asked for a selfie after and he was so so kind about it. They complimented me about how I looked great and made me feel so much better :) they are incredible people and do a lot for their fans!


To those of you who may not know, I went out of town for two days and was able to attend the two day event of SWS and PTV world tour in Orlando. All though I had general admission tickets I still got amazing shots with my camera of the lovely men from PTV and SWS. I have many more photos (roughly 283) of both bands and their opening bands PVRIS and Mallory Knox. Please check out the bands and if you like the photos please let me know.

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