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okay so on February 4th I got the opportunity to meet pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens on their second leg of the world tour. I had been waiting to meet both bands for so long. they were the first band members/famous people I had ever met, and I was so nervous. When I got to the venue, I had been waiting for about an hour or so until it was my turn to meet them. I met sleeping with sirens first, they were all so nice! Justin gives awesome hugs. I wrote them a letter, which justin is holding. I told them their music had helped me a lot. I was shaking so badly I didn’t even know what to do with my hands in the photo. but when I got to pierce the veil, it was a different story. See, these guys have helped me with so much, it’s indescribable how much I love them. I tried so hard to keep myself from crying. I hugged all of them, gave vic their letter, which he’s holding in the photo, and then told them I had been clean for 2 years because of them. Vic high fived me and said “you’re such a champion.” I told them their music got me through so much, and they said it ment a lot to hear that. I took the photo, I was so close to crying. after I left the m&g area, and while my other friend was taking photos, I broke down sobbing. I was so in shock, it was crazy. But the concert was great, everyone performed amazingly! Almost all of the members of ptv saw me in the crowd, Tony tried to throw a pick at me, he missed, and mike tried to throw his drum stick at me as well. Justin also was looking at me throughout their set, and when I posted our meet and greet photo on instagram, he liked it. It was an amazing day, I made so many friends and got to meet 2 of the bands that changed my life. :-)