types of emos by which bands they like
  • The Used/My Chemical Romance emo:has seen all the classic horror movies. hangs out in cemeteries. gets in a lot of fights. smokes + drinks a lot. would burn down a church (alternatively: would burn a bible). probably runs a gore blog.
  • Emo Trinity (MCR/FOB/P!ATD) emo:genuinely thinks Panic! at the Disco is an emo band. Hot Topic. actually uses the term "Emo Trinity."
  • TOP emo #1:very mentally ill and uses TOP's music as a way to deal with this. knows Tyler and Josh are pretty problematic and calls them out on their behavior, but still listens to their music because they have a deep connection to it.
  • TOP emo #2:lowkey (or highkey) ableist. will defend Tyler and Josh no matter what they do or say.
  • Fall Out Boy/Cobra Starship/The Academy is... emo:has seriously called Cobra Starship an emo band. has an emotional attachment to William's long hair. they really only can consider themselves emo because they like Fall Out Boy.
  • The Front Bottoms emo:refuses to say they are emo. probably about ready to run away from their life and go on a year (or more) long road trip.
  • Halsey/Pvris emo:not /really/ emo. probably also likes TOP. runs an aesthetic/WLW blog. smokes a lot. would go on a long drive at night but doesn't own a car.
  • All Time Low/Fall Out Boy emo:not an emo??? actually just a pop punk fucker
  • The Cure/The Smiths/Depeche Mode emo:hates Morrissey. thinks they're cooler than the other emos because they like the "classic" emo bands, but really they're just as big of losers as the rest of us.
  • Sleeping With Sirens/Black Veil Brides emo:stuck in 2008. not relevant anymore even though the bands are still around. literally 12.
  • Paramore/Fall Out Boy emo:has literally liked these bands since they were an infant. will defend Pete Wentz to their grave. Converse.
  • American Football/La Dispute/Brand New emo:smokes a lot of cigarettes. probably in their twenties. tried to run away at least once when they were a teenager. has been depressed their entire life.
  • Underoath/Emery/Anberlin emo:wanted to listen to "secular" emo bands growing up but weren't allowed. thinks cursing is a hardcore rebellious act. Tooth and Nail records.
  • My Chemical Romance/Against Me! emo:the most trans of the emos. has never met a cis. very angry and punk but cries a lot. hasn't showered since 2009. probably owns a "down with cis" shirt.