Lullaby Tea

~a gentle, soothing sleep potion~


  • violet leaves and/or flowers - for peace
  • catnip - for sleep
  • vanilla extract - for love
  • honey - for gentle sweetness
  • milk - for soothing

Place in the teacup or mug of your choice a portion of of each herb, either fresh or dried. Amounts are up to your own judgement/preference (see note below). Pour freshly boiled water over the herbs, leaving a little room at the top. Allow them to steep for at least 5 minutes. Strain out the plant bits (or, if you’re lazy like me, you can leave them and then just pick them out as you go… or eat them, your choice). Add a drop of vanilla extract, then honey and milk to taste. 

Sip, relax, and enjoy~

(Note: Remember, when working with unfamiliar herbs, please be cautious of any potential allergy you may have, especially if you are prone to floral or plant allergies. Also, start out with just a little bit of the herb if you don’t know yet how strongly it will affect you. Always better to be cautions.)

Recommended Coming Of Age Movies for Girls

(my very favorites are marked with a *)

The Virgin Suicides (1999)*
Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (1970)*
Shadow of a Doubt (1943)*
Rusalochka (1976)
Palo Alto (2013)*
La Belle Personne (2008)
The Moth Diaries (2013)*
Prozac Nation (2001)
Picnic At Hanging Rock (1975)*
Clueless (1995)*
The Craft (1996)*
Stealing Beauty (1996)*
Barbe Bleue (2009)
Heathers (1988)
Labyrinth (1986)*
Sleeping Beauty (2011)
Violet and Daisy (2011)*
Hanna (2011)
Augustine (2012)
Girl, Interrupted (1999)*
Ginger Snaps (2000)*
Dirty Girl (2010)
Perfect Sisters (2014)
The Sisterhood of Night (2015)
Baby Doll (1956)
Girly (1970)
Somersault (2004)*
Foxfire (1996)
Electrick Children (2012)
Tanner Hall (2009)
But I’m A Cheerleader (1999)

Sweet Angel Mine (1996)
Sister, Sister (1987)
Wilderness Survival for Girls (2004)
Pinprick (2009)
We Are What We Are (2013)
Spring Breakers (2012)
Black Swan (2010)*
Ask Me Anything (2014)*
Elsewhere (2009)*
Triple Dog (2010)
Adult World (2014)
Stoker (2013)*
Ghost World (2001)*

Imagine if school was like this

English: Writing biography’s about the band

Math: How to multiply band members

Science: How to clone band members

Gym: How to get to the barrier at concerts

Art: How to make signs for concerts

Geography: How to find the band members houses

History: About the band members past years

TITLE: F#*king marry me already


AUTHOR: Valarie Ravenhearst2


Imagine Loki trying to propose to you, trying to make it the most perfect occasion. But every time that it comes to the big night, something happens, like you getting sick or have to work, so it keeps getting put off because he wants it to be perfect




A gas leak. A fucking gas leak! Literally two seconds away from asking her and fucking BOOM! What the actual fuck.
Loki leaves Violet sleeping in bed, the sun still not risen. He sneaks out into the cool early morning air, starting out at a sprint down the streets.

A fucking explosion. We should be engaged right now.

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While you were sleeping - thepurplewombat - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Six months after the last time they stood together in 221B, John brings Sherlock home. It’s not at all as he had imagined it. He had thought that he’d help Sherlock up the stairs, Sherlock bitching all the way. He thought Sherlock would lie on the couch and whinge for John to bring him tea and his phone and his laptop, and he would have to stop Sherlock from trying to do too much too soon, and he thought that maybe, finally, someday, they’d have the opportunity to say all the things they’ve never had the guts to say before.

Basically, he thought Sherlock would wake up.

But Sherlock hasn’t woken up, and every day he doesn’t wake up the odds of him ever doing so go down. Sherlock would have been able to tell John by exactly how much those odds fall every day, but Sherlock’s not here so John will just…carry on.

221B looks a bit different now. Mycroft’s people have been through, converting Sherlock’s bedroom into something suitable for the long-term care of coma patients. The bed is new; high enough that John won’t kill his back doing all the million and one things Sherlock will need done, and adjustable. With the alterations comes Miss Natasha, a stunning redhead with the faintest trace of a Russian accent, who will be acting as Sherlock’s carer when – if - John eventually goes back to the clinic. She moves into 221C and immediately charms Mrs Hudson, tells her to call her Nat, and chatters to her in Russian when they think John can’t hear them. Mycroft said she was ‘on loan’ but didn’t say where from, and John doesn’t ask. She moves like Mary did when she thought he wasn’t looking, so he thinks assassin, but she came from Mycroft, so…bodyguard?

Nat teaches John how to do Sherlock’s exercises. He has to be turned every few hours, and his muscles and joints have to be worked. Nat won’t let John do the more personal tasks for Sherlock, and when he argues she asks him if he really thinks Sherlock would want him to see him like this? John gives up, and lets her deal with the intimate details.

Mycroft comes by once a week and John leaves the two of them alone. John doesn’t know what Mycroft talks about to Sherlock, and doesn’t ask, but once as he leaves John can swear he sees the remains of tears on Mycroft’s face. Mummy and Father visit less often, Molly almost every day. Lestrade mainly comes around to bitch at Sherlock to wake up, because the Met’s solve rate is going down the cacky without him. Some nights John comes down and Mrs Hudson is asleep in the chair by Sherlock’s bed, her knitting limp in her hands.

John shaves Sherlock’s face every morning and his head once a week. He doesn’t like the way Sherlock looks naked without his curls, but John can’t keep the curls as clean as Sherlock did, and Sherlock absolutely despised having his hair dirty. He sets a reminder on his phone to have someone come by to do Sherlock’s nails, and phones Sherlock’s favourite place himself. The owner comes herself – owed him a favour, naturally. She doesn’t mention money and neither does John, and she cries as she files and clips and scours and massages and anoints Sherlock’s hands and feet. She leaves behind a bottle of hand lotion that smells like Sherlock, and John uses it when he massages Sherlock’s limbs to keep the blood flowing. She comes back two weeks later without John having phoned, and just like that it’s a routine.

John spends his days by Sherlock’s bedside, reading to him from technical manuals and women’s mags and – occasionally, and maybe in the hope that it will make him wake up if only to tell John to shut up – novels. He reads Austen to Sherlock with a sense of malicious glee, and secretly thinks that Darcy reminds him a bit of someone he knows. He tells Sherlock that, just to be annoying.


Three months later, Mycroft shows up at the door with a baby. John’s baby.

“My people tracked Mary down in Mexico,” he says as John stares in awe at the tiny person in his arms. “She’s yours. Had you thought about baby names?”

John blinks at him for a long time before the question really sinks in.

“Is Sherlock really a girl’s name?” he blurts, and Mycroft snorts in laughter. John’s never really seen Mycroft laugh like that before, and it piles another layer of surreality on top of…well, everything. The neatness of the flat, the faint beeping of the heart monitor from the open door to Sherlock’s room. Mycroft, undone enough to laugh.

“No, but Sherlock did once say that if he were a girl, he would want to be called Violet.”

And that’s how Violet Wilhelmina Watson gets her name.

Mycroft’s people arrive with nappies and bottles and clothes and a cot and all the million and one other things that John never thought to need, after Mary disappeared between Baker Street and Bart’s six months ago. Violet is six months old when she comes to Baker Street, with her mother’s big eyes and the Watson nose. Poor tyke.

John sits in his armchair next to Sherlock’s bed to feed her her first bottle, and tells Sherlock what she looks like.

“She’s so beautiful, Sherlock, you can’t even imagine how beautiful she is,” and John’s heart is so full that it spills over from his eyes, tears dripping on Violet’s sleeping face.

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anonymous asked:

Peggy or Maria please!

I can do both for ya love. 😘

1. Her favorite color isn’t yellow, she just knows she looks bomb as fuck in yellow. Her favorite color is actually violet.
2. Sleeps with stuffed animals still. It’s really cute. She has bears, totoro, Disney characters. It’s fucking cute man.
3. Doesn’t know when it’s an appropriate time not to sleep. This woman falls asleep everywhere and seriously has to give herself time for her to be lost in the streets of NY for how often she has fallen asleep on the train.
4. Is really strong and independent. Will hold her ground and stay there until her point is make. All the sisters are like this but it’s rare to see Peggy like this.
5. Doesn’t own a tv because she never used her old one and when she actually wants to watch something she pulls up Netflix on her computer.

1. Sleeps with exactly 12 blankets on her at all times and won’t let you take any off of her. She must be warm while she sleeps.
2. Eats crackers constantly. She prefers rits over everything.
3. Fucking fantastic at cooking and is really good a making Italian food.
4. Doesn’t stop wearing the color red. It’s so powerful and can mean so many different things, she just wears it constantly. She’s a force.
5. When really sleepy she just kind of hums to everything in response and its real cute.


So I decided to start my Rainbowcy… @berrysweetboutique was so kind and encouraging I couldn’t put it off any longer lol.  Short bios are below:

Mona Van Chrome: For the better part of her life, Mona was raised by Van Chrome Sr., an ellusive and enigmatic news paper magnate who was strict, unyeilding, and cold in his brief interactions with his daughter.  Primarily raised by Nannies and Governesses, Mona left her home at 19 with a photo and a last known address, in an attempt to find her mother.  What she finds instead is a web of lies and deceit hidden among the night time denizens of Forgotten Hollow.
Porto Flip: Charming, sociable, engaging; if a man could be boiled into three bullet points thus would go the story of Porto Flip.  A bar tender working his way through the police academy, Porto meets Mona early on in her journey to find her mother.  They get together, but their relationship is stormy at best; will his jealousy spell the doom of their relationship?  Will he ever learn to trust without strings attached?

Violet Tea-Cakes:  In a city that never sleeps, Violet is something of an eccentric; she loves the sun, craves the beach, and although paralyzed in her legs, finds joy in nature as a whole.  She works at the local library, is studious to a fault, and befriends Mona one afternoon while trying to help her trace the lineage of the illusive Ms. Van Chrome.  Violet brings out the best in Mona, and Mona brings temperance to Violet’s outgoing nature; but can this friendship blossom into something more if Porto will not let Mona go?

I’ll get to the actual story soon, I had a major interview today so I’m a little fried but I’ve got so many ideas; hopefully they’ll be as much fun to read as they were to create. :)


“Is Violet really sleeping?”

“Yeah, she kept complaining how exhausted she was all day.” Iris said in an annoyed tone.

“Anyways.., Ramona do you still want to go to that party tonight?” 

“Obviously Iris, when have I ever said no to a good party.”

“Wow, thanks for the invite guys…”

“C’mon Sage you hate parties-”

“Correction I hate the people that attend the parties, not the party itself… Anyways whose house is it at?”

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Magical Herbs A-Z
  • Acacia- protection, psychic powers,
  • Allspice- money, luck, healing
  • Aloe- protection. Luck
  • Angelica- protection, purification, youth
  • Lemon balm- love, calming, sleep
  • Basil- love, exorcism, wealth, protection
  • Bay leaf- protection, psychic powers, healing
  • Cactus- protection, chastity
  • Camellia- wealth, luxury
  • Camphor- health, divination
  • Catnip- cat magic, love, beauty, happiness
  • Cedar- healing, purification, money, protection
  • Chamomile- money, sleep, love, purification
  • Cinnamon- success, healing,  protection
  • Clove- protection, exorcism, love, money
  • Comfrey- healing, money spells
  • Cumin- protection, fidelity, exorcism
  • Dandelion- divination, wishes, calling spirits
  • Dill- protection, money, lust, luck
  • Dragon’s blood- love, protection, exorcism
  • Echinacea- strengthening spells
  • Eucalyptus- healing, protection
  • Fennel- protection, healing, purification
  • Frankincense- protection, exorcism, spirituality
  • Gardenia- love, peace, spirituality, healing
  • Garlic- protection, healing, exorcism, lust
  • Ginger- love, money, success, power
  • Jasmine- love, money, prophetic dreams
  • Lavender- love, protection, sleep,
  • Lotus- protection, lock-opening
  • Magnolia- fidelity, beauty
  • Mandrake- protection, money, fertility
  • Marigold- protection, prophetic dreams, psychic powers
  • Marjoram- protection, love, money
  • Mint- money, protection, healing, travel
  • Mistletoe- protection, exorcism, fertility
  • Mugwort- protection, exorcism, psychic powers
  • Mullein- courage, protection, divination
  • Myrrh- protection, exorcism, spirituality
  • Nettle- exorcism, healing, protection
  • Oak- protection, money, luck
  • Olive- healing, protection, peace
  • Orchid- love, beauty
  • Parsley- protection, purification
  • Passion flower- sleep, peace, relationship
  • Patchouli- money, love, lust
  • Pepper- protection, purification
  • Peppermint- psychic powers, healing, protection
  • Rose- love, psychic powers, luck
  • Rosemary- purification, protection, exorcism
  • Rue- exorcism, protection, health
  • Sage- wisdom, protection, purification
  • St, john’s wort- anti-depressive, strength, protection
  • Sandalwood- protection, spirituality
  • Sunflower- wisdom, love, health
  • Thyme- fairy attractive, psychic power, sleep, protection
  • Valerian- protection, purification, sleep
  • Vanilla- love, psychic powers, harmony
  • Vervain- protection, money, sleep
  • Violet- love, luck, protection
  • Yarrow- courage, exorcism, psychic power

Did anyone else catch this?  When Lisbon was looking at Jane after she put the blanket on him, she made this special smile that I’ve only seen her make since Jane came home in MBH.  And she only makes it for him.

When she first saw him, and in that soft, intimate voice said “Thank you for the letters!” she made the smile, and when they were alone at the end of GT, and here, while he sleeps in Violets.

It reminds me of how Jane used to always breathe heavy when he was near a Red John murder or if Lisbon was hurt.  It’s a beautiful bit of acting, and Robin is amazing for such nuance.  It’s like this special way of showing what Lisbon feels for Jane, and Jane only.

This is all music she listened to and music that I 100% believe would be in her itunes library 

1. Special death - mirah // 2. Blood bank - Bon iver // 3. Tainted love - Hannah Peel // 4. Teen Age Riot - Sonic youth // 5. Lavender moon - Haroula rose // 6. Creep - Radiohead // 7. Do you - Carnia round // 8. Damaged - No noise // 9. I, the sun - lights on // 10. Satellite Heart - Anya Marina // 11. Big mother - feeding people // 12. He war - Cat Power // 13. Lola - The kinks // 14. Hate my way - throwing muses // 15. Your Protector - Fleet foxes // 16. Sunny afternoon - the kinks // 17. Paradise circus - Massive attack // 18. Girl with one eye - Florence and the machine // 19. Harsh Realm - widowspeak // 20. Where is my mind? - the pixies // 21. Youth - Daughter // 22. Holocene - Daughter // 23. Title and registration - Death cab for cutie // 24. Hazard - Gosling // 25. Human fly - the cramps // 26. Video games - Lana del rey // 27. You’re so dark - Arctic monkeys // 28. All I see - Lydia // 29. Bigmouth Strikes Again - The smiths // 30. Landfill - Daughter // 31. Seven Nation Army - The white stripes // 32. Bones and skin - Mirah // 33. The garden - Mirah // 34. Had ten dollaz - Cherry glazerr // 35. In the room where you sleep - Dead mans bones // 


Shallot: You better go slow on that, it’s got alcohol in it.

Daisy: But, it’s soooo delicious!

Shallot:  That’s kind of the point.   He chuckled, quietly.

We were surrounded by people in that tiny diner, but in that moment, in that booth, it was only us.

Daisy:  Would you sleep over?  Violet is away on business and I don’t want to be alone.

Shallot smiled and nodded, never letting his gaze leave mine.

Herbs & Properties For Tea Blending

Tea brewed with specific intentions can draw in various energies one would wish to manifest. It is believed that herbs have different metaphysical properties and magical effects.

For Love

  • Jasmine - associated with goddesses, its attributes are seduction, physical and spiritual love.
  • Rose petals - traditionally associated with passion, lovers, and romance.
  • Lemon Balm - used in love charms to attract a partner.
  • Ginseng - has love, beauty, and lust properties.
  • Lovage - attracts one and is believed to make one more attractive.

For Peace

  • Lavender - promotes sleep, eases depression, and general harmony.
  • Chamomile - known to reduce stress, and to calm the mind.
  • Peppermint - ensures a peaceful sleep.
  • Violet - calms nerves and stimulates tranquility.
  • Passion Flower - promotes peace and fights stress.

For Psychic Stimulation

  • Thyme - used for psychic powers, spiritual growth, and divination.
  • Mugwort - for clairvoyance, and said to help induce lucid dreams.
  • Honeysuckle - strengthens psychic powers.
  • Lemongrass - clears psychic channels. 
  • Cinnamon - increases your vibrational frequency.

For Protection

  • Vervain - reputed to ward off vampires, as well as protection against enchantments. It reverses negative energy. Vervain was also traditionally used to ward off serpent and insect bites.
  • Blessed Thistle - hex-breaking, and removes malevolent influences.
  • Blackberry Leaf - powerful herb of protection.
  • Fennel Seed - Prevents curses, possession, and negativity.
  • Calendula - can be used for general protection.

Roses are Red, Violets are Adored (Viadore/Katlaska/group fic)

Sorry for the long time between posts. crushing depression + writer’s block = me

Chapter 163

Adore’s Point of view

I took one last look of Violet’s sleeping face before I rounded the corner, I really didn’t want to go but Matt promised he would check in on them regularly and I trusted that he would. Lucy would be back before long as well.

It seemed like a long time since I had been at group because it felt like it had been weeks since I had last gone. I was there a bit early but Selene was there too, she jumped up as soon as she saw me and pulled me into a tight hug, “Bonjour mon amour, how are you? I’ve missed you so! Oh mon dieu! Your hand!”

“Hiya Selene, I KNOW! It feels like it has been forever since we had last spoken to each other instead of it just being the past few meetings. My hand is ok! Don’t worry!” I reassured her, flailing my casted arm around.

"And how is Violet doing now?” a look of concern marring her perfect face.

“They’re much better. We even came to the games room, with Lucy and her new little friend, to play some video games yesterday which was great fun.”

“Oh good!!”

“And how is Luc?” Her son Luc has the same cancer as Lucy does.

“He is good, thank you for asking!!” She smiled brightly, “They are saying we may be able to take him home next week!

"That is AMAZING news!! I’m so very happy for him and you!”

She smiled and nodded, before we could chat any longer, Alexa walked in, holding the hand of a petite raven haired woman.

“Hi!! I am assuming you are Leslie?” I asked, closing the distance between her and I.

“Yes I am! I wanna say you are Danny?” I nodded and she pulled me into a hug. Then she got a quizzical look on her face, “has anyone ever told you that you could be the identical twin of one of my favourite drag queens Adore Delano? She was on a popular drag competition reality show if you haven’t heard of it.” Alexa was grinning behind her.

“I know her actually!”

“REALLY? I’d love to meet her sometime if she is around! If it’s not too much trouble.”

I laughed and stuck my hand out for her to shake it and she looked confused for a moment but finally shook it. “Hi I’m Adore Delano, nice to meet you!”

“Oh my gosh! REALLY??”

“Yep I really am and Violet Chachki is just down the hall.” I grinned, bemused at the shocked expression on her face.

“You gotta be shitting me!” she blurted and then covered her mouth, “Sorry, I saw they were being treated for cancer on youtube. Sorry about the swearing,” she looked around at everyone for a minute and then turned back to me. “I should know better seeing as I’m in a kid’s hospital. Hey wait…why are you guys at a children’s hospital?”

“Well it’s a bit of a long story. The Dr in New York that diagnosed them sent them to an oncologist here that deals with their rare type of cancer, but Dr Bailey only has rights to treat here so here is where we came.”

“Makes sense. I can’t believe I’m talking to you!”

I giggled, “Well believe it baby!”

Olive came in and introduced herself to Leslie. “Ok gang, why don’t we begin?”

“Wait,” I said. “What about Grayson?”

Olive’s face fell, “Grayson’s daughter has taken a turn for the worse and he said he would much rather spend that time with her. Which of course is understandable! Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.”

We all nodded slowly, all of us dreading the possibility that that could be us someday.

The meeting was subdued.At the end of it, I told Alex and Leslie I would call their son’s room if and when Vi was up to visitors as I didn’t want them to just come with me since Vi was having chemo again and I didn’t know how they would be feeling. I knew how sensitive Vi can be about their appearance sometimes.

Surprisingly, when I tiptoed into the room, Vi was sitting up chatting with Lucy, unhooked from chemo but not quite green yet. Ross bucket was lying on the bed near Vi’s crossed legs. They didn’t see me but I saw them, Lucy must have said something funny because they threw their head back in their characteristic laugh that made my stomach get butterflies like riding a rollercoaster. Their eyes flicked to me and they smiled, beckoning me forward with one finger and like a fish on a hook I followed with a goofy smile I couldn’t and wouldn’t shake.

Lucy is sitting and there is a boy sitting beside Lucy that wasn’t Frederick. He had ginger hair that was spiked up, he was wearing dark jeans, a loose diamond-patterned pale emerald short-sleeved button-up shirt and a silver bowtie. As soon as he saw me, he stood up and wiped his hands on his jeans.

“Hi! Nice to meet you! Do you prefer Danny or Adore?” He twanged.

“You forgot to tell him your name goof!” Lucy laughed, she looked radiant.

“Er…sorry! I’m Samuel, Lucy’s brother. Sorry I haven’t been here yet to meet you.” He was holding his breath, I wondered if it was because I knew he was trans. Like that even fucking mattered…well it mattered but it didn’t matter.

“Hey man.” I said, he put out his hand to shake and then switched when he saw my cast. He chuckled, the ice was broken as he sat back down beside Lucy who was beaming crazily up at her brother. It honestly made me wanna cry with how sweet it was.

Violet reached their hand out and pulled me to sit beside them

“You forgot to tell him your name goof!” Violet repeated Lucy’s earlier statement.

“Oh yeah!” I smacked my forehead, “sorry Samuel! Either is fine with me. Half the time Vi and I call each other by our drag names because we both answer to which ever! So you’re home!! Welcome back! Lucy has told us a lot about you.”

“All horrible stuff. I’ve told them nothing but horrible things.” Lucy deadpanned.

“I would expect anything less of you lil sister.” He chuckled, ruffling her hair like a big brother should.

She squirmed out of the way and smoothed down her bangs again. “Get away you!” She took a closer look at him, squinting up at him. “You doing ok? If you need to go, I understand hun. You should get some rest bro. I’m ok!”

Upon closer inspection, Samuel did look as green as his shirt.

“You ok man?” Vi asked, concern in their voice.

Samuel chuckled morosely. “I could ask you the same thing. Incoming!”

Violet groaned and grabbed up Ross, I rubbed their back and murmured the usual reassurances while Lucy and Samuel had a whispered conversation that I was probably not meant to hear.

“Sammy, you just got home, you need to rest. You KNOW that I understand.”

“Luce, it was bad enough I was away so much longer than I was supposed to be! I don’t want to leave already. I’m fine.”

“Samuel, we both know you are not fine! Do NOT even try it. You won’t heal if you don’t take care of yourself. You have to take your meds.”

“They make me tired.”

“I know, most pain meds make people sleepy. You can ask the doctor at your appointment for meds that aren’t as strong but right now you NEED them. Please?”

Vi must have heard the conversation because as soon as they surfaced from the bucket, they jabbed the nurse’s button fiercely with their thumb.

“Can I help you?” A nurse’s voice crackled from the speaker on the wall.

“Hi can I get my pain meds?”

“I’ll be right in with them Jason.”

“Thank you.” Vi looked straight at Samuel and smirked, “ok your turn.” They raised one spotty eyebrow at him. “Sorry not sorry, this room is not that big. Lucy knows what she is talking about. Listen to her. Please?”

“You too Danny?” Lucy said with her own raised ginger brow.

I put my hand up, “hey! Hey! Why you gotta bring me into this?”

“Because you are also in pain.” Violet said.

“God, aren’t we all a mess!!?” I exclaimed and we all burst out into laughter until we were holding our stomachs and Samuel was even greener.

10 minutes later we had all taken our meds, Samuel had winced when he leaned over to grab his meds from his backpack. Vi and I pretended not to notice as we were suddenly engrossed in our fingernails or the ceiling.

“You guys are so not fooling me. So I had…”

“No Samuel, you don’t have to tell us. It’s ok!”

“No, I don’t mind. I recently went to Mexico and had top surgery. I had to stay longer than intended due to complications outside of anyone’s control. It was a good facility, not one of those seedy places so it wasn’t because of that. Hopefully I can get the drains out tomorrow when I see my Dr here.” He said and then yawned.

“Hey why don’t you stretch out on the couch tonight Samuel? Vi will let me sleep with them, right hun?”

I saw a shadow of fear pass over Jason’s face, I think I could safely bet that they were worried about having a nightmare with Samuel in the room. I put my hand on their knee, and they looked at him and nodded with a queasy smile. “Yeah that would be great! Please stay Samuel, if you want to!”

“Are you sure you don’t mind? I am extremely tired.”

“Not at all! I have a spare set of pajamas if you wanna borrow them.” I offered, moving around the bed and plucking a pair of lounge pants and an oversized Tshirt from my suitcase and throwing them at Lucy since it would probably hurt him to raise his arms.

“Well the thing is, I might bleed on the shirt.” He said, looking around awkwardly.

“Meh, what’s a little blood between friends? But here, use this one and keep it.” I went to my suitcase and pulled out an extra large black Adore merch shirt, throwing that one to Lucy.”

“Really?” He exclaimed, looking like someone just gave him a million bucks.


“Thank you!” He said and yawned.

“Ok you go put those on young man and I’ll make up the couch with fresh linens since I know where to find them now.”

About 20 minutes later, Lucy tucked her big bro in and a nurse came in to give Lucy her sleep and pain meds. I curled up with Violet, holding their petite body up against mine. “I really actually love you Jason. Oh and I have to go to the Doctor tomorrow at 1 about my hand. Please don’t let me forget.”

“I’ll remind you.” Jason said sleepily, “I really actually love you too. Thanks for suggesting that Samuel stay for the night. You’re the best.”

Jason sighed and was asleep within minutes. I stayed awake for a bit thinking of all the things I had to do to pull off the surprise that was in my head. The pain meds were pulling me down to sleep and I was happy that my hand wasn’t throbbing with every beat of my heart.