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I’ve been thinking about what I wanted to say on this picture because there’s not a lot of words that will do justice for how I feel right now. It’s gonna sound so silly, ridiculous and a bit jumbled because we got home at 3AM and my body wants sleep.

Tonight was the best show I’ve ever been to so far in my whole life - perhaps not the extravagance or the level of effort that maybe 21p did with confetti raining from the sky - but they’re fucking killer performers, put on a phenomenal show that you don’t get to see very often these days, a show that doesn’t need an abundance of lights to convey the quality, and I already knew that long before this day.

I don’t talk about how much I love this man, The Last Shadow Puppets or the Arctic Monkeys because honestly I don’t know how to explain it without jokes or memes. Genuinely. Even saying “love” feels cheapened some how.
I’ll just say this music is a significant part of my life, and everything was so surreal for me. I never thought I’d get to see TLSP live and I couldn’t even grasp that I was seeing them live until I was actually SEEING them, like, 15-20 ft away from me. Miles was just right there, and I cracked jokes but I honestly couldn’t believe it? I thought I’d cry, but instead I just feel shaken and just… all this warmth and familiarity like, there they are. Wow. Maybe I’m just in shock and it hasn’t settled in yet, but either way my heart is full. (stop the sap)

It’s not quite right to say I “met” Alex Turner with this photo - it was moreso we snapped a quick picture when he was visiting fans and he immediately moved to the next person, then had to leave - but this is so weird to me. I can’t even look at this picture without wanting to laugh, and for once I don’t look awful in something I care about. I think I’m just embarassed?? But I feel so fucking happy and that’s all that matters. I spent the two hour drive home trying to finally really explain the why/what/when/how with my affection and admiration for this guy, and what I can come back with is that I’m so thankful I bought these tickets. This means so much to me.

#tlsp #saaap (at The Fillmore Detroit)

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Bed time story anon again: imagine Calum just like being exhausted and starfishing onto his bed, clothes and all, and falling asleep to the sound of rain on the window and you'd walk in from the bathroom after changing into your pjs and he'd just be there breathing softly and you'd curl up by his side and revel in his warmth and he'd sling an arm round your hips and pull you close close close and press his lips to your shoulder and sleep like that, warm and nice and good, a deep and soft sleep

pls,, :((( I wanna cuddle so bad this is the dream :(( this is all I think about

Just A Dream

I liked writing my earlier Bucky series, you all liked reading my earlier Bucky series, so in the wise words of DJ Khaled, “anotha one”

Summary: Wanda gives you Sokovian tree bark as an additive to your tea to help you sleep. Wild dreams ensue, and you unexpectedly find your true feelings about a coworker.

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 942

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

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guilt [jimin&you]

Summary: when the guilt eats you up inside, it makes you do and see a lot of things

a/n: omfg, back again trying to finish the last requests before going to the no more requests, and BRACE YOURSELVES. so here you go bullet, although this was back in january lol. i dont think the bullet is around anymore for the request they had made DD:

triggered warning: minor death

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It’s raining outside again. The sound of harsh rain drops hitting the roof of his house makes it hard to sleep, and Jimin quietly sighs as his head rests on the pillow. He feels a headache soaring through, and wants to blame the weather for he may fall sick, so the moment his weak body is able to act up, Jimin picks up his cellphone and calls his workplace—stating that he won’t make it in tonight.

The front pushes open and Jimin doesn’t bother looking up from the couch of where he sleeps. You’re home and you probably brought him some medicine. You always did take the greatest care of him.

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  • jonghyun:*turns on the electric fan*
  • electric fan:*does its thing*
  • jonghyun:I love the way the wind blows from the fan like the breeze I feel when it's cold outside and about to rain you know that pseudo calm feeling before a downpour It also reminds me of the sound of blowdryer of dressing rooms of the fun time with my members of my rehearsal for She Is oh yeah it's still available in record stores worldwide go grab a copy ㅋㅋㅋ

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god bless adhd lance, I relate so much because i also have adhd and trying to sleep SUCKS. I normally have to listen to a sound generator (rain or the ocean) to get to sleep and it has to be completely dark.

Holy SHIT I know that feel… My parents took my cell phone away, but it’s my alarm so I’m using this old alarm clock instead now and it TICKS and my god it is Hell on earth. My room has to be dead silent, completely dark, the curtains are pulled and the doors are closed, it’s effectively a cave.

But Lance has such a huge family… He probably has to share a room with a sibling/cousin, or maybe the walls are thin in his house and he can constantly hear someone else snoring… So in order to get some Goddamn Sleep he has to effectively block out his sense of sight and hearing- hence the eyemask and the music lol.

Purple Rain (klance fic)

There were lots of nights where Keith left his room because he couldn’t sleep. Sometimes he’d wander through the castle halls, shower, look out windows, whatever it took until he felt more calm and would return to his bed. This was not one of those nights. Keith had woken up and heard a sound he hadn’t heard since he lived alone in that cabin. Rain. And he knew that there was one of his teammates who missed that sound almost as much as they missed their family. Keith may want to shove Lance’s head through a wall after most of their interactions, but he knew how badly Lance would want to see the rain. 

After a few minutes of standing awkwardly outside his door, Keith finally knocked. He heard Lance groan and shuffle around. Lance opened the door and rubbed his eyes. His face was sleepy as he slowly looked down to see Keith.

“Oh no not you. What do you think making me lose sleep is gonna weaken me so you can-”

“Shut up.” Keith cut him off, not awake enough for their usual banter. Lance looked a little hurt at not getting to finish his comeback. Keith sighed and stuttered out, “I uh I- I need to show you something.” Lance was not given time to respond as Keith had already walked away, hoping Lance would follow.

Lance noticed a soft noise getting louder as they neared the doors of the castle. He was following Keith from a few feet behind, grumbling about beauty sleep, but once he realized what was going on outside Lance ran as fast as he could, suddenly wide awake.

He didn’t stop at the door to watch like Keith thought he would, like any sane person would do. Instead, Lance ran straight into the rain cheering and waving his arms around. He stopped and looked up at the sky with his arms open, getting completely soaked. This planet had four purple moons which meant that at night everything had a purple hue, and with the rain falling Keith had to admit the planet looked beautiful. He leaned against the doorway and watched his lanky teammate’s stupid grin grow bigger than Keith had ever seen before. Lance began dancing around and he looked like an idiot. Keith felt his scowl fade and a small smile formed.

After a few minutes, Lance walked towards Keith. Keith turned around, ready to go back inside, but Lance grabbed his arm and pulled him into the rain. Keith tried to break free but Lance’s grip was like iron on Keith’s wrist. “Stop! What are you doing I’m getting soaked?” Lance wasn’t sure if Keith was yelling over the rain or yelling out of anger.

“Come on its not fun to do this alone.” Lance pouted at Keith and tugged on his wrist, trying to pull him farther away from the warm, dry castle. Keith was already completely soaked so he sighed, gave Lance a dirty look, and let Lance pull him. Lance being Lance got excited and ran, dragging Keith behind him. Lance led him around the castle and stopped to sit down underneath a tree with a little dry spot beneath it. He patted the ground so Keith would sit down next to him. There wasn’t really enough room for both of them, so their legs and arms were squished against each other, which Lance didn’t even seem to notice. 

“Thanks.” Lance panted out. Keith looked up at Lance, surprised to hear something come out of that boys mouth that wasn’t an insult or a cocky remark. “I really missed this.” Lance’s gaze stayed straight ahead.

A few moments passed with them sitting side by side, Lance looking at the rain and Keith looking at the ground. Lance looked at the dark haired boy next to him and saw that his hair was plastered all over his forehead. Lance’s arm moved without him thinking and he wiped the hair out of Keith’s face. His eyes drifted from Keith’s forehead and Lance saw Keith’s eyes staring at him, wide and surprised.

“Sorry that was just bothering me.” Lance jerked his head to look straight forward, put his arms in his lap, and was suddenly very aware of how their legs and shoulders were touching in the small space. 

Keith silently cursed the moon on this alien planet, wishing it was pitch black so Lance wouldn’t see the blush that grew every time Keith thought about him. And it was very hard not to think about someone when they’re right next to you.

“Why rain?” Keith blurted out. Lance turned to look at Keith. “I mean like why would you miss rain? What’s so good about it?”

“It’s not just rain. It’s what we used to do in the rain. I’d come out with my siblings whenever it rained in the day. Everyone would be hiding in their houses trying to stay dry except for us and the other kids. We’d all be outside messing  in the puddles and dancing around. I mean how could you not love rain?” Lance made eye contact and Keith realized it wasn’t a rhetorical question, and Lance was patiently waiting for his response. 

“Rain just meant I was stuck in the cabin. I couldn’t do anything and it was,” Keith paused not wanting to admit the word he was thinking of.

“Lonely?” Lance finished for him.


Keith didn’t seem to have anything else to add and Lance regretted not letting Keith finish his sentence himself. Keith was opening up, and Lance didn’t want it to stop. So he did what he knew how to do best. he talked. “I guess it was easier to forget that you were out there alone when you kept yourself busy.”

Keith nodded. Usually he would hate himself for admitting something to anyone, but he actually felt better that he told Lance something about himself. Something about the way Lance was paying complete attention to him and not being his usual self centered self made Keith feel comfortable and safe. Lance awkwardly crawled out from under the rock and stood, stretching his arms. Keith already missed his presence sitting next to him so he got up and stood next to Lance.

“My dear lady may I have this dance?” Lance joked with the most exaggerated bow and held his hand out to Keith


“Come on Keith we need to make you some good rain memories. Like dancing with a handsome boy.”

Keith prayed his face wasn’t as red as he thought it was but he managed to keep his voice normal as he told Lance, “I’m definitely not a lady.”

“Really? Must be your hair that’s throwing me off.” Lance teased with a smirk, still holding his hand out.

Keith gave Lance an angry look at the mullet comment but Lance just grabbed one of his hands and put it on his shoulder. He then put his hand around Keith’s waist, pulling them close. Lance took Keith’s other hand and held it in his own. He raised their arms and Keith looked down, trying to not focus on how close he was to Lance’s chest and how even through the rain he could smell his teammate.

Lance stepped and used his hand on Keith’s waist to guide him through Lance’s movements. Keith stumbled a little, but after a few moments the two of them were dancing around in the rain. Keith glanced up and realized that Lance didn’t have the dopey smile he expected. Instead Lance was concentrating and bright red, blushing even more than Keith. Lance noticed him looking up and smiled a little. Lance let out a little yelp as Keith stepped on his toes. Keith stepped back so they were no longer touching and put his hand over his face, feeling like he would burst of embarrassment. “I’m so sorry ohmygod.”

“Its fine my sisters did that all the time.” Then Lance continued more softly, “We don’t have to stop. Unless of course you want to.” Keith shook his head no and looked at Lance from between his fingers. Lance stepped toward Keith to take his hand like before, but his confidence was gone. Keith was looking down so all Lance could see was the top of his stupid, mullet covered head. Lance was frozen, waiting for a reaction to tell him to stop or keep going.

Keith looked up, not at Lance but behind him, and he was scowling again. Lance decided it wasn’t angry, more just how Keith looked when he was deep in thought. Lance smiled a little. The rain had plastered his hair to his forehead again. Lance reached out and wiped it away, and Keith’s eyes jerked to look at him. Keith grabbed Lance’s wrist so his hand was stuck on Keith’s face. Keith put his other hand on Lances shirt and grabbed a fistful. He pulled Lance down towards him, until their lips met.

Maybe met isn’t the best word. Their lips more crashed together and it was pretty wet since they were in the rain. Lance’s eyes were still open wide with surprise and Keith decided if Lance hadn’t pulled away yet, he could do more than just stand there with their faces squished against one another. Keith moved his lips softly against Lance’s. Lance shut his eyes and responded, and the kiss picked up momentum. Keith let go of Lances wrist tightened his grip on Lance’s shirt. Lance put his arms around Keith and pulled him closer. Keith let out a little gasp as their bodies pressed together. Lance opened his eyes and broke the kiss, unsure of what that gasp meant. He saw Keith’s face and realized Keith did not want that kiss to have stopped. 

Keith opened his eyes and his body stiffened. Lance had broken the kiss and Keith decided he made a huge mistake by kissing his teammate. He let go of Lance’s shirt but couldn’t step away since Lance’s arms were still wrapped around his back. Keith pushed against his chest to try and give them space.

Lance could only think of one way to stop Keith from wanting to get away, which was the last thing he wanted Keith to do. Lance leaned down and kissed him again. With Lance leading a kiss there was no slow start. It was messy and hungry, and now that they both knew the other wanted it, the hesitancy was gone. Lance felt something against his lips and realized, oh god, it was Keith’s tongue. He opened his mouth in surprise and Keith began exploring the inside of his mouth. Keith’s body melted against Lance, and Lance’s hands were heading down his back when the rain stopped. It was immediate. The sky was clear and the rain was just completely gone. Keith and Lance both looked up and moved out of each others grasps. They could only see one of the four moons, meaning it would be morning in a few hours. “We should probably get some sleep.” Keith stated.

Lance sighed and reluctantly started walking towards the castle. Keith followed behind, both of their minds racing with ideas of what this night could mean.

The two of them reached Keith’s door. Keith thought it was cute that Lance walked him to his room, but they were there already and he wasn’t leaving so Keith was just confused. Keith opened the door and turned to say goodnight to Lance when Lance walked right in. Keith’s mouth hung open as the first person to ever come in his room looked around. “Well stop standing there you’re the one who said we needed sleep.”

 "There’s only one bed in here you idiot how are we supposed to both sleep.“ 

“We’re gonna cuddle and you’re the idiot." 

Keith grumbled and grabbed dry clothes and went to the bathroom to change. When he got back Lance was sprawled out on his bed, asleep, and only in his boxers. Keith shoved him to one side on the bed and laid down on his back in the empty space. Lance awkwardly tried to wrap his arms around Keith but they were both clearly uncomfortable. Keith sighed and turned so his back was towards Lance, and tried to shut his eyes. Keith felt long arms wrap around his torso. Lance pulled him so their bodies were against each other and, well, spooning. Keith relaxed with the feeling of Lance’s body all around him, and he fell asleep faster than he had in years.

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do you know any deaf or blind fics? like not temporary and maybe who ever is deaf/blind has been that way for a long time.

I couldn’t find all that many, but here you go!


Tactile by abbeyjewel

Spock just wants to take his hearing aids out and sleep.

To Hear A Hand by tsurai

James T. Kirk’s birth is a medical impossibility. Deafness was supposedly cured two centuries ago.

WIP. Incomplete since 2013.


You taste of sunshine and sound of rain, things I’ll never see again by Ladyboo

All Spock wanted to do was practice on the grand piano, he had a schedule after all. Dinner with Nyota every other day, so she could discuss how she and her Doctor friend were doing, and then practice at 6 every afternoon. Except, there was a man playing on his stage, during his time, and everything sort of went downhill from there.

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3 for Tipo

sorry it took me a while to get this done! hope you like it tho!!!

Kiss me on the sidewalk,

 take away the pain

Tigress opened her eyes as a small sounds entered her ears. Footsteps. She rolled on her bed so she was laying on her back. For a moment she thought about maybe ignoring the sound and going back to sleep. But she already knew the outcome of her own debate. She sighed and stood up, grabbing her qipao and rapidly putting it on.

She marched out her room, shaking her head once she realized that it was Po’s room the one that was empty. She followed the reverberating sounds until she was almost outside. 

Where are you going panda?’ She asked herself. It was pouring rain outside and kind of cold, which made her shiver. But this was her friend so nonetheless she persisted. 

She ended up seeing the panda sitting down on an empty sidewalk near the center of village. She couldn’t see if he was crying or if it was just the rain dripping down his face. She approached him and sat down next to him,  setting one of her paws on his shoulder.

He was crying, she stated to herself as he wiped off the tears in his face and turned to face her.

“Hey Tigress, whatcha doing here?” He said with a weak smile. 

“I could ask you the same Po,” she replied with a hint of curiosity on her tone. Po sighed and looked down.

“The other day I was talking with my dad-” he glanced at Tigress and smiled,

“My panda dad,” the feline nodded and motioned him to continue “he was telling me about my mom. And today it just…. hurt to remember." 

Tigress nodded as the panda sniffled.

"I’m sorry Po. I can assure you, her sacrifice is probably one of the bravest act of love I have ever seen.” Po shook his head.

“I’m scared that it will happen again, this time someone else doing it.” Tigress widened her eyes. So that’s what was bothering him. How could see console him though? She could give up her life if that meant Po was okay. And that wasn’t going to make the situation better. Not at all.

“Its okay to be scared, if you weren’t I’d be a little worried,” she said with a smile. Po chuckled.

“Thank you.” He rested his head on her shoulder, somehow appreciating how her words (even if they weren’t a lot) made him feel more… confident. 

“What are you scared of?” Tigress looked down at him, and shook her head.

“Me? I don’t know.” She was lying, they both knew it. The panda poked her sides, making the tiger emit a small squeak.

“Come on! Everyone has a fear, even if they are small!”  She sighed. 

“Well there is one thing-”

“Ooooh I knew it!”

“I’m scared of losing a certain panda.” Po tilted his head.

“I didn’t know you were getting along that well with Mei mei.” Tigress chuckled.

“I’m talking about you Po.”

The rain had stopped on falling but they didn’t even notice it. The silence between them started to accumulate, and it wasn’t until Tigress cleared her throat that Po realized he was staring. 

"We should get going, chances are we could get a cold at this point,” she muttered, then she stood up and lend her hand to help Po get up.
He grabbed it and got up on his feet, however he didn’t let go of her paw. Instead he met her eyes and with a gentle pull of her arm he planted his lips on hers.

Tigress felt the excitement rush through all of her. It was just then that she realized that Po was kissing her, and how good it felt, and how the rain apparently started pouring again. She closed her eyes just as Po pulled away.
“I don’t want to lose you either.”

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Do you have any tips for sleeping? cause I can't sleep at all and also your very cute

what I do is find nice piano music (some I recommend are by yiruma, ludovico einaudi and roberto cacciapaglia their music is v calming) or one of those rain videos (if you like the sound of rain, if not then some other ambient sound thats nice) and listen to it in bed until I fall asleep if I ever have trouble sleeping 

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11 jeffmads

Prompt 11: Bellybutton kiss

Thomas can’t sleep.

He’s tried every trick in the book; listening to the sound of rain on his phone, counting to one hundred in his head then moving onto counting sheep when that didn’t work. He’s tried everything. But his mind just won’t turn off, his thoughts are running too fast through his brain. So he rolls over onto his side and scoots closer to James, who is frustratingly fast asleep. 

Thomas only hesitates a moment before moving even closer to his boyfriend, pressing his lips to James’s shoulder as one of his hands slides under the covers to splay across James’s stomach, feeling the warm skin and muscles that are there. Thomas presses another kiss to his shoulder and smiles when James shifts and lets out a soft sigh.

“Thomas…” He murmurs, voice hoarse with sleep. “What are you doing?”

“I can’t sleep.” Thomas tells him, looking up James innocently through his eyelashes. Then he pushes himself up so he can climb over James, planting his knees on either side of him. 

“Mmm.” James trails his hands up Thomas’s thighs, coming to rest on his hips. “So you thought you’d wake me up so I can’t sleep either?”

Thomas purses his lips in a pout before leaning down and capturing James’s mouth with his. He kisses him slowly for a few moments, focusing on the feeling of soft lips moving against his own before pulling away and resting his forehead against James’s.

“I can’t sleep.” Thomas says again. “I’ve tried everything but I can’t fall asleep…” He trails off as James’s hands move to his back, and then he’s being maneuvered on the bed until James is the one leaning over him. 

“You think too much.” James whispers, his hands resting on Thomas’s shoulders, rubbing circles into the muscle. “You’re tense…you need to relax.” 

Thomas hums as James’s hands trail down his chest, and then he watches as James scoots further down his body, hands moving back onto the bed so he can lean down to press a kiss to Thomas’s stomach.  

When James presses a kiss to his bellybutton, Thomas inhales sharply and bites his lip, but fails to stop the small laugh that escapes him. James kisses the spot again, and Thomas moves his hands so they can rest on the back of James’s head.

“Tickles.” He says, and James lifts his head to smile at him. “Feels good though…”

Thomas sighs as James ducks his head back down, continuing to press soft kisses to his bellybutton and the area around it. He lets his eyes close, getting lost in the feeling of it all, and his mind starts to slow down, his thoughts coming less rapidly.

He trails a finger down James’s neck, his nails scratching over the skin, and the motion causes James to hum contentedly. Thomas feels the vibration of it on his stomach, and smiles at the sensation before letting out a happy hum of his own. 

Thomas can feel himself relaxing more and more as James continues to press his lips onto his skin in small kisses. He sighs again when he feels James’s tongue dip into his bellybutton before returning his lips to the spot, kissing the area over and over.

After a few more minutes, James’s lips move off of him, and Thomas opens his eyes and blinks slowly down at James, his eyelids suddenly feeling very heavy.

“How are you feeling now?” James asks him. “Do you think you could try to sleep?”

“If I tell you no, will you keep going?” Thomas asks, only half joking. It had felt so good. He trails a hand down James’s cheek as the other man looks at him with a self satisfied smirk. “Oh, shut up. You’re not that great.”

James scoots up the bed and presses a few quick kisses to Thomas’s lips before laying back down beside him. He opens his arms for Thomas to curl against him, which he does with a happy smile. 

Thomas rests his head on James’s chest, and the sound of his heartbeat is a calming noise, lulling Thomas further into a state of relaxation. 

“Thank you.” Thomas murmurs, letting his eyes close again as sleep begins to overtake him. He’s almost completely asleep when he feels James press a kiss to his forehead.

“Goodnight, Thomas.” 

This idea hit me and I felt compelled to write it. I haven’t written for Aomine in a while, and I kind of.. wanted to write him? Don’t ask.. This may be slight angsty, and I apologize in advance if I hurt anyone. 

Heavy rain littered barren streets, decorating the cement with its tears and presence. Everyone else was already tucked away in their beds, either sleeping or watching late night television, some even playing video games with their friends. All but one man, who had just finished working a late night shift, rubbing his sore neck with aching muscles and a heavy sigh,

It was then he heard the sound of thunder, making him halt his movements, navy blue hues dulled from the tiredness of his shift and the many stress-inducers in his life. Even then, he found the courage to leave his car, making sure it’s locked before heading into his apartment, only to be greeted with the darkness and low rumbling from the television he left on.

At first, he was a bit confused, he could’ve sworn he turned it off before leaving, but when he went into the living room, he was greeted with an empty room, the blanket from this morning draped messily on the couch, and his eyes dulled further. He’d locked the door, walking in and slumped into his chair, rubbing his face and sighing heavily. 

He didn’t even know why he bothered coming back here, to this place he can’t even call ‘home’. But every night, it’s the same thing, and he only feels the depression cling to him further. He was tired, exhausted, bones aching and screaming with exhaustion. His answering machine blinked rapidly with several unread messages from his friends, who were constantly worried about his well-being. 

He didn’t bother to check them, not even when it was completely filled.

He stood up, almost knocking the chair to the floor, trudging through his home with no recognition of where he really was, the windows rattling when a very loud thunderclap struck. He barely found the energy to strip, wearing nothing but his boxers, falling onto the mattress spread out.

He wasn’t sure how long he was staring at the ceiling for, or when he’d started crying, but he somehow found the strength to grab the teddy bear he’d won for you at the fair last year, clutching it to his chest. He grit his teeth, digging them into his lip harshly as he tried to ignore his surroundings, unable to come to terms with reality.

The storm knocked a picture frame off the wall, smashing it into tiny pieces as he’d drifted off to sleep, memories of comforting you during these times invading his mind, keeping him awake despite wanting nothing more than to get a few moments of sleep.

When he turned his head, he was greeted with your smiling face, and the teddy bear he now slept with every time it stormed. And his room was filled with a heartbreaking scream.

Jail Break

Sixth installment of the Jacob Black Home series (“Home” - “Familiarities” - “Reunion” - “Pitching Fits”- “Grand Gestures”) requested by a good handful of you. If you’d like to see another installment, send a continuation request my way. Hope you like it!

Sneaking out of Charlie’s house was little more than child’s play. The man slept like the dead; he’d slept through countless fire alarms, thunder (this as commonplace), and countless other wailing offenses. It would likely take a full-fledged wail of pain to wake him from his impossibly deep slumber, but you imagined he could learn to ignore even screaming. The rain was an excellent conditioner for deep sleep; the constant pattering of water against windowpanes trained the mind to ignore sounds as soft as footsteps on hardwood just as it did the whip of branches against the siding of his home. You tread carefully nonetheless, keeping in mind each faulty plank, though you knew the creak of the wood would never be enough to wake the humble giant sleeping upstairs. Your course was simple and direct; your bedroom on the ground-level of the house made for an easy escape. It was all but a waltz down the hallway and to your front door, and you were home free. You turned the knob cautiously, paranoid despite your knowledge of your relative safety, working the heavy door open, the sound of rain amplified tenfold as the outside world was invited in. You slipped your arms through the nylon sleeves of your world-worn raincoat, hiking your hood up over your hair before you ventured outside, closing the door behind you, quiet as the grave.

You turned to face the rain-slick night, your eyes falling first on the inky sky above, scarred by the strips of ashen clouds above, illuminated by the dim lights of the occasional streetlamp. Raindrops struck your cheeks as you lifted your face to the Heavens, allowing the water to pull you to alertness before your eyes fell on Jacob Black’s smiling face, his features brightened by the force of his happiness. You offered him a widened smile, your emotions heightened and fueled by the rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins at the very thought of slipping out of the house at such an hour. You crept along the lawn, throwing yourself into his waiting arms, his body warm through the layers of your protective outerwear, his hands smoothing along your back. Your hands, clenched behind his back, clung to him as if he were the final life preserver thrown to the masses of passengers who’d fallen into  the water after the Titanic ran out of lifeboats. You never knew how lonely you’d felt all this time until the darkness was banished, driven away by the light of Jacob’s presence. He chuckled in your ear, his beaming grin audible in his voice.

“It’s good to see you, stranger,” he giggled, holding you at an arm’s length, his eyes scanning over your body as if to identify what about you had changed since your last meeting so many days ago. He smirked, his eyes alight with mischief, his hand dropping to your wrist, tugging you lightheartedly across the soggy expanse of your front lawn, treading backwards, his eyes on your face. For a boy as clumsy as Jacob was, this stunt was a feat in itself, an act to rival his recent jailbreak. “Let’s get out of eyeshot, before your dad wakes up and arrests me for kidnapping,” he joked, his pearly teeth biting down on his lower lip to stifle his laughter, his body turning at the torso to guide you back to where he’d parked his car, your feet splashing against waterlogged grass as you raced for shelter.

“Wait, whose car are you driving?” you whispered, your brow knotted in confusion. If he’d been waiting to inherit Bella’s tank, and Billy certainly wasn’t driving, how had he managed to travel from La Push to free you from captivity? Jacob’s eyes glinted, his mouth pressed in a line just barely hinting at a smile, his dark hair dampened into congealed strands by the rain his hood had failed to repel.

“Quil’s mom’s been driving his dad’s truck around ever since he died, and Quil and I carpool to school. The thing’s as good as ours; Joy hates trucks. Too big, you know? But Quil was all for letting me borrow it tonight when he found out I was off to rescue you,” he grinned, raising his eyebrows, his head tilted in your direction. You rolled your eyes at the thought of your heroic “rescue,” recalling the valiant efforts Jake had made at breaking your bedroom window with the sheer force of determination supplied by his knuckles against the glass. Your pace slowed as you approached the forest’s treeline, rounding a corner onto the side of the road, your house hidden behind the thick curtain of greenery. A beaten and rusted white truck was nestled against the curb, the cabin light glowing within the interior of the car, revealing comfortable (and dry) leather seats. Jacob wound his way around to the passenger side, pulling your door open with exaggerated chivalry, his body bending at the waist in an uncoordinated bow. You slapped at his shoulder, climbing into the passenger seat, pulling the door closed beside you. Jacob joined you in the car a moment later, throwing his hood back, running his open palm over the hair at the crown of his head, his hand closing absentmindedly around the ponytail at the nape of his neck. He shook his head comically, the stray strands of hair framing his face flinging droplets against the window, just barely missing your face. He chuckled, settling into his seat as you, too, removed your hood, watching water pool against the aged brown leather of your seat. Rain coursed over the windshield in rivers, the serene pounding of water against the metal exterior calming the rush of energy through your body, your spine melting into the seat. “As much as I wish we didn’t have to sneak around over enemy lines, I’m kinda glad we got to do this,” Jacob noted, his voice soft in the hushed calm of the cabin. You nodded in agreement, sighing as you watched his hands fiddle with an extra hair elastic around his wrist.

“Charlie’s trying to make amends,” you breathed, your voice just above a whisper as you updated your friend on the status of the warring men. “Thing should be back to normal soon. All I’ll have to worry about is when Edward Cullen’s going to come back into town and stab my sister to death in Biology.” Jacob’s head tilted at the sound of Edward’s name, his brow furrowed as he thought, but he abandoned his process to address the more immediate situation.

“I’ll talk to my dad about calling around yours, see if we can have this settled by the next game,” he shifted in his seat, his weight on the armrest between you, his eyes dancing. “My place or yours?” he inquired, confident in the swift end to your fathers’ fighting, making plans for a meeting during the next major sporting event. You smiled,your eyes lifted as you thought. It’s be easier to monitor the men if they congregated at your house, but you wouldn’t have the privacy of Jacob’s garage to separate yourselves from the aggravated shouting of two old men who assumed the players could hear them through the television screen. Jacob, on track with your thoughts, nodded at your silent eye contact, understanding perfectly your unspoken language. “I’ll let Harry know we need extra bait to keep everything calm.” As if to accentuate his statement, Jacob’s hands twitches outward, motioning a stop as if the steering wheel was as volatile as your fathers could be. You snorted at his movement, leaning further into your seat, your feet kicking up onto the rough plastic of the dashboard, your hand absentmindedly rifling around the storage compartment within the cup holder between your two bodies, returning with half-melted hard candies, their sugared shells adhered to their wrappers form too long a stay near the heater. You offered one to Jacob, his fingertips brushing against you palm as he took the candy, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he retracted his hand. He fidgeted with the plastic twists at the ends of his butterscotch treat, your eyes hard on his hands as you unwrapped your candy, peeling stubborn strips of plastic from their holds on the shell before popping the sphere in your mouth, pushing it into your cheek so you could speak.

“You look like you witnessed a murder, Jake. Stop-” you began, placing a palm on his hands to slow their turning of the candy, his eyes on yours as your hand held his from producing any more crunching sounds. “Are you okay? Did I miss something drive by? Headless Horsemen, the Ghost of Christmas Past? What’s gotten into you? You were fine five minutes ago,” you spoke, your tone almost reprimanding, though you were more upset with yourself for not noticing Jake’s discomfort. He shook his head, his lips tugging into a forced smile, his eyes dropping to his hands. He was quiet for a moment, his and your breathing the only sounds within the truck to accompany the fall of rain around you, his chest expanding slowly before his hand twitched. He shifted beneath your hold, turning his palm until it was flush against your own, his fingers twining with yours slowly, as if each move had to be calculated so as not to detonate a bomb. Your face flushed at the action, not uncommon between you, but the atmosphere in itself was of a different flavour than you had experienced. You avoided his eye, your gaze glued to his fingers between yours, the russet silk of his skin contrasting sweetly with the complexion of yours. The heat from his hand spread throughout your entire body, warming the blood in your veins, the air within the cabin… you couldn’t imagine how the rain wasn’t turned to steam on the glass before you. You lifted your eyes to Jacob’s face, his cheeks flushed, his eyes lifting to meet yours, his expression one of fearful confidence. You had both noticed the shift, it seemed, and neither one of you knew how to stop or how to continue. Jacob cleared his throat suddenly, his hand clenching on yours. He inhaled deeply, his jaw tight, lips pursed around his exhale, his head nodding as if to encourage himself

“I was wondering…” he began, his voice quiet, but surprisingly smooth for the level of nervousness you could see physically flowing over his body. “You know, it’s kind of a funny story, but, uh, Quil only let me borrow the car if I…” he closed his mouth, swallowing somewhat labouredly. “He told me if I could… If I could ask you, maybe, you know, if you wanted to maybe go on a date? With me?” His eyes were open, honest on yours, impossible to break contact with, his face flushed with the embarrassment of having to put his emotions in the open. You inhaled slowly, struggling to digest what had just happened, your hand comfortably in Jacob’s, despite the heat and wavering comfort of your situation. In your silence, Jacob continued, his speech slow as a side effect of the strain on his brain under such emotional stress, gaining momentum and speed for the same reason. “I don’t want you to think I’m asking you out on a dare or anything, Quil just wanted me to step up, you know? Because it’s been… it’s been a while since I thought about it, about you… like that. And, you know, I guess I just thought we could try it out or somethi-”

“Yeah, Jake. That sounds nice,” you spoke, your voice mingling with his, his eyes going wide momentarily before the width of his enormous smile caused his eyes to wrinkle at the corners, his teeth biting once more on his lower lip in an attempt to conceal the extent of his enthusiasm.

“Cool, cool,” he whispered, smiling again to himself, his eyes on his hand in yours. His eyes fell on the dashboard’s clock, his sigh indicative of not wanting your time to be over, but understanding the consequences of keeping you too long. “You’d better get back in there before the Chief starts an Amber Alert,” He joked, inching towards his door, your hands untangling slowly. He raced around to meet you on the passenger side as you let yourself out of Joy’s truck, your hand closing your door behind you, falling to your side. Jacob reached behind your head to tug your hood up, covering your face from the fall of rain, his hand dropping once to occupy yours, this time much more casually than before, your joining more natural. He walked you back towards your home, his free hand hauling his hood up to cover his sleek hair from the generous pelting of water from above, your journey punctuated by comfortable silence. When you reached your door, Jacob’s hand still in yours, you turned to face him, his smile hinting at a happiness much greater than he let on. Your hand fell from his, not unkindly or abruptly, but naturally. You were close enough that you didn’t need a physical connection.

“Thanks, Jake. You managed a successful jailbreak.” Jacob grinned, offering a small bow. “I’ll call you, okay? We can… figure something out.” Jake chuckled, his head tipping back slightly, his smile growing.

“You sure Charlie won’t mind that I’m taking you out?” You rolled your eyes, feigning arrogant disdain.

“I think he minds that you haven’t asked his permission to marry me yet,” Jacob snorted, muffling his laughter with the backside of his hand, his feet carrying him backward, away from the door. “Night, Jake. Drive safe,” you whispered, your voice carrying to him despite your volume. He nodded, waving farewell.

“Night, Y/n. I’ll see you around.” You let yourself into the house, turning the lock slowly, your eyes on Jake’s back through the door’s raised window as he walked back to his borrowed transportation. You turned on your heel, creeping back towards your bedroom, your thoughts racing. Unbeknownst to you, Jacob’s mind was equally wired, his hands on his head, his body slumped back against the driver’s seat in disbelief at what he’d just accomplished. You sunk into your bed, your raincoat dripping quietly within your closet, your brain far too active to sleep. You’d suffer for it in the morning, but with daylight came a whole new round of stimulation to keep you occupied. You closed your eyes, daring to dream of Jacob Black.

48. Kisses

You and Seungkwan, huddled up in your warm sweaters, legs intertwined under the large blanket, continued to watch the movie as the rain poured on relentlessly, making small tapping sounds on your window imitating that of a woodpecker.  

Your head was tucked comfortably under his chin, arms slung over his waist snuggling closer. The audio of the film turning into mere inaudible blubber as he held you tighter, casting you to sleep and dozing right then and there on top of his warm chest.

Brushing your hair aside, Seungkwan admired how pouty your lips looked like as you continued to sleep. Your cheeks red and squished against his soft sweater, caressing it with the back of his palm, smiling softly to himself as you brought yourself closer to his touch, as if upon instinct.

He leaned forward and planted an innocent kiss on your forehead, silently scolding you of sleeping in the middle of your movie night, and to think his favorite movie was on. He gently lifted your head away from his chest and let you lean in on one of his arms, while using his free one to slip it under your knees, breathing deeply and ultimately carrying you up in a bridal manner.  

You lifted a lazy eye and muttered an apology as Seungkwan walked you towards the bedroom.

“…Sorry, I couldn’t stay up…”

Seungkwan snorted in reply and rolled his eyes “That’s pretty obvious, Y/N.” Staring at the wall clock that hung in the middle of the hall “It is getting pretty late, and knowing the butt load of work that you had to do, you must be really tired”

You whispered an inaudible reply and continued to snuggle closer, as he finally opened the bedroom door and gently laid you down on the soft mattress, placing another chaste kiss on your cheeks.

“Y/N…” He whispered in your ear “You have to change out of those clothes”

You scooted to the edge of the seat and raised your hands up, motioning him to lift the hem of your sweater and shirt in one go, to which he did albeit in a slow and bashful manner. You slipped in your button up pajamas and dove straight for the blankets, patting the side of the bed.

Seungkwan followed suit and slipped underneath the blankets with you, brushing the hair from your face once again, taking one good look at your tired face. Feeling his feather like touches across your forehead, you smiled and leaned closer, gesturing him to give you your goodnight kiss.

“Ah…Y/N, you’re so cheesy.”


He rolled his eyes and placed a sweet kiss on your lips before pulling you in closer, whispering one last goodnight, ultimately giving in to sleep.

“Goodnight, jagi”

I made your favourite.

100 Ways to Say I Love You: 15/100

Rain was pounding on the large glass window and so was your head; a stupid migraine again. You were spread out on the couch, arm slung over your eyes as you tried to ride out the pain, hoping sleep would come and take it away.

“Jagiya?” The sound of Jiyong’s soft footsteps reached your side. “Headache?”

“Mm”, you grunted in reply, unmoving.

He sighed and you felt his soft lips against your forehead. ’“I’ll be quiet then.”

“Thank you.”

Jiyong padded back off and you rolled over to face the couch cushions. Sometimes the only thing you could do was close your eyes and focus on each breath, in out, in out, in out…

Crash. “Shit!”

Your eyes snapped open.

“Sorry, Jagi,” Jiyong called from the kitchen. You readjusted and closed them again, going back to your meditation. If you did it long enough, eventually the pain would dull from a stabbing to a throb. You were almost there when there was the loud thump of a book falling to the floor. Jiyong was mumbling something to himself and you tried to ignore it. What happened to being quiet?

Breathe. In out. In out. In out.

Now this was better. Maybe, just maybe, you could fall asleep now.

“Ouch! Ahh…”

You rolled over and stood up, steadying yourself as the room spun, and then headed to the kitchen. “Jiyong, what the hell are you doing? I thought you were going to be qui-” You stopped midsentence when you saw him, covered in rice flour and hopping on one foot while he held the other.

“I dropped the bowl on my toe!” He let go and stepped back on it, flexing it against the floor. "Ow…”

“I’m trying to sleep, what are you doing in here?”

Jiyong was good at a lot of things, but cooking was definitely not one of them. He looked at you sheepishly as you stood there with arms crossed, then slid another bowl across the counter toward you. The smell was mildly familiar.

“I made your favourite so you would feel better. Or tried to anyway.” So that’s what he was up to. You went over to hug him. “Try it,” he said after you broke apart.

You picked up the spoon and took a sip. The taste assaulted your mouth. “Oh my god…” It took everything you had not to spit it out.


You looked up at him with a pained face and his ears turned red.

“I’ll go call in delivery….”
Rain Sounds | 12 HOURS High Quality | Relaxing Sounds Thunder, Sleeping, Studying, Meditation
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