sleeping with sirens t shirt

Neighbour! Michael

Requested: by classicbandgirll
Smut: No
Word Count: 389

Michael Clifford has been your neighbour since you guys were very small, you grew up together and your rooms have always been directly across from each other. He’s been in a band for a year now, and his band mates often use Michael’s garage to do rehearsals in. This day was just the same.

“Michael!” You yell out of the window. “It’s 4am why the ever loving fuck are you rehearsing now?”

“Sorry Y/N, we couldn’t sleep and my parents are out of town.” He shrugs from just below your window.

“You could always come down and watch us rehearse, now that you’re awake.” His friend Ashton grins.

You’ve always wanted to watch the guys perform, but you’ve been too scared to ask, now you had your chance.

“Sure, just let me put on some clothes.” You reply, closing your curtains.

“You don’t have to. Put on the clothes I mean.” Michael jokes and you can tell that he’s smirking.

You put on black skinny jeans, black and white converse and a sleeping with sirens t-shirt. When you get outside, you immediately regret not putting on a hoodie. 

“Hey, which song would you like us to perform for you?” Luke says, bowing down in from of me jokingly.

“Gotta Get Out!” You laugh.

After the guys had finished playing the song, you thanked them and started heading back to your front door. 

“Wait.” A voice called out behind you.

“Mikey, what’s up?” You ask concerned.

“Um. The song thing was the Luke’s idea, he thought it would make you fall in love with me, guess it didn’t work.” Michael shrugged.

“That’s not really how it works, but I admire your bravery.” 

“Well, how does it work?” Michael asks while looking down at the ground.

“Usually, you ask out the person that you like.”

“Will you, um, would you..oh for god sake, I don’t know what I’m doing.” Michael blushes.

“Michael, will you go out with me?” You say, trying to sound more confident than you are.

“Uh sure.” Michael nods, grinning a little. “So, what happens next?”

“I guess you’re about to find out.” You say as you gently kiss Michael on the lips and walk back to your house.

A/N: I hope you like it, and that it’s not too fluffy or anything!


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