sleeping whiskey

The One with the Giant Poking Device

Characters - Dean x Reader

Summary - An awkward moment while sharing a bed leads to an interesting morning.

Word Count - 5864

Warnings - Swearing (duh), injury (very slight),smut, oral sex/face riding (female), fingering, unsafe sex (remember irl to wrap it before you tap it)

A\N - This was written for mine and Jill’s Hubba Bubba Birthday writing challenge. Thank you to @sis-tafics for reading through and encouraging me. And a special thank you to @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog for betaing. You ladies are the absolute best!

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Long, calloused fingers grip you tightly, digging into your soft curves as his hands pull you flush against his body. The heat spreads, radiating from him to sink into your bones, flowing through you to settle heavily in your center. The strength in the arms wrapping around you, the firmness of his chest against your full breasts, the gentleness of his hands as they caress you, all of it makes your breath slow, your heart race. You can’t hold back the low whine in your throat when you feel his hardening length pressing against your lower belly. He dips his head to nuzzle into your neck, his warm breath fanning over you. He nudges your head back further, the scruff on his jaw a delicious burn on your skin. Soft sighs catch in your throat as his lips glide over you and you can feel his cock twitch against you in response.

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I See Forever

Eos and Apollo

Eos’s favorite tine of the year had always been the summer time. There was nothing sweeter than Greek summers, those hot evenings where the air was sticky and how Olympus always smelt of jasmine and longing. Underneath Olympus in the mortal world, the sea was a deep wine color, the same color wine Eos liked the get drunk on with Dionysus. The people were happy and the market places smelled of peach and honey and it took everything in Eos not to disguise herself and run to the mortal world just to enjoy the simplicity of life.

Eos, who was more commonly known as Y/N around the God’s palace, was a minor goddess of dawn, not needed nor prayed to as much as the other goddess were. She had no temples after her which meant no rules she had to follow or maintain, all she did was roam the marble halls freely, visiting the male deities at night and not leaving their chambers until the early mornings before dawn.

If there was one man she couldn’t stop herself from coming back to every night, it was Apollo. She often felt like a sunflower, tiny and small in the sun’s shadow but nonetheless looking up to him and his magnificence, wanting and being his. He was the god of the sun and she was the goddess of dawn, so it only made sense that they were one late at night when he filled her to the brim, his eyes alight with sunshine rays of pleasure.

She turned through the satin covers, feeling the weight of his strong arms wrapped around her tummy from behind; the exact way she woke up every time to him. The sun had not risen yet, as that was Apollo’s job each morning, so the room was filled with a milky kind of darkness that made her feel drowsy and hypnotized.

She breathed in heavily, looping her hands through his arms and tugging them apart, freeing herself from his embrace. Eos sat up, turning her head and watching Apollo sleep, his whiskey colored curls spread around his head like a halo.

“Don’t.” Came a voice, accompanied by a hand roughly tugging her back down in the covers.

“Apollo…” Y/N smiled, a breathy laugh escaping her mouth.

“‘S Harry to you.” He grumbled, throwing a leg around her and snuggling his face into the crook of her collarbone.

“You have to get up.“ She cooed, running her hands through his hair, wisps of them spiraling into curls. “The sun must rise each morning.”

Harry shook his head, ready to fall back to sleep against the steady heartbeat of Eos. “Not today. I never want to leave you or this bed,”

Y/N frowned, halting her strokes in his hair. “…But you must! The mortals depend on it. You can’t just… not raise the sun.”

Apollo smirked, popping his eyes open with glittering mischief. “You proper tired me out last night, sunshine. It’s going to take a little more convincing than that.”

But Y/N was too busy looking at his eyes, how even in the darkness how the color was so vibrant. They were green, which was fitting, as it was the color of life  — and by raising the sun across the horizon each day, that was exactly what he gave to the world.

Eos laughed, wrapping her arms around his neck and opening her legs up from underneath where he lay on top of her. “How will I ever convince the mighty sun god to do his job?”

Apollo sighed as he fitted his hips down between hers, lining his cock up to where she lay so open and inviting for him. With one thrust he was inside, feeling their hip bones knock together as she gasped underneath him.

He pumped into her and stole the moans from her mouth with kisses, one of his hands grasping her breast and rolling the nipple around under his thumb.

“There’s one thing you could do for me.” Harry breathed, leaning up on his elbows as he cupped her chin. He watched her scrunch her face in ecstasy as he moved, the tip of his cock just shy of stroking her favorite spot deep inside.

“I’ll do anything.” She pleaded, her nail digging moon crescents into the tan skin on his back. With every thrust she let out tiny uh’s, twirling and thrashing her legs as the pleasure over powered her in the best way. She was still sensitive from the night before as Harry had encouraged her to go all night, over and over until she was begging him to stop.

“Stay with me. Forever.” He cried out as she suddenly squeezed him, causing his eyes to roll back into his head at the feeling. His head was full of stars, the sincerity of his words catching Eos off guard.

“I — .” She groaned but it was cut off by his mouth, his kiss so hard and rough that it physically pushed her down further into the pillows, All she could feel, smell and see was Harry and it sent her orgasm over the top, her whole body blushing pink with nerves as his thrusting never slowed.

“Gonna let me fill you up, sunshine?” Harry teased with a smile. “If you let me then you’ll be mine. If you take it all, there’s no going back.” 

Eos nodded desperately, her hips snapping back from every single nerve being sensitive to the point of being on fire… but there was nothing more that she wanted than to be his and to finally see a forever.

Apollo leaned down and cupped her wrists in his hands, settling deeper into her as he filled her to the brim, watching her body twitch as his hot arousal took over her. He collapsed onto her sweaty body, confirming that she now not only smelled of him, but now tasted of him as well.

“You — .” Y/N swallowed, feeling consumed by him in the best way. “You still have to rise the sun.”

Harry nodded, leaving one last kiss to her mouth before he pulled away and held his hand out in invitation.

“You’ll come with me, won’t you? It’s only right that the goddess of dawn starts accompanying me each morning now.”


December 25th

“For the love of God!”

Remus Lupin kicked the tire of his car with all the rage that had been building up in him for the past half an hour. Granted it was his fault, he hadn’t listened to what they said on the news about snow but it was Christmas and he had to get to his family or his mother would break his legs like chopsticks. Hope Lupin was a small woman but a force to be reckoned with when it came to family dinners. However, Remus’ car wasn’t afraid of Hope’s wrath, it’s tires had given up long ago but Remus had only now pulled the car over. Remus checked his phone but it was dead, too, it was a Christmas miracle that everything went so wrong. He looked around at all the pretty houses around him, all of them lit up and adorned with red and gold, laughter audible from each one except for one that was a bit down the road. The house looked beautiful but it wasn’t festive at all, the lights were on but there wasn’t anyone inside celebrating Christmas.

Remus hated asking people for help and the fact that it was Christmas night made his decision even harder, so he took a deep breath before he bowed his head down a little to keep the snow from getting to his face, it was so cold that each snowflake burned his already fragile skin.

He stood in front of the house before he knocked twice, he started cleaning the snow off of his brown coat, as he was bend over cleaning the snow from his pants the door opened and Remus made the mistake of looking up, it was a mistake because he almost fell down when he saw the ethereal creature that opened it.


“I- I’m,” mumbled Remus as he straightened himself before opening his mouth again, he saw the corner of the lip of the creature curl up. “I was wondering if I could use your phone–” 

Remus showed the dead phone in his hand to the angel that was standing before him with sweatpants on and his hair in a bun. He had pale grey eyes and the blackest hair you can imagine, his cheekbones were like stairway to heaven. He was holding a whiskey glass in his pale hands and he raised his perfectly shaped brow before inviting Remus in with a nod..

“I’m terribly sorry to bother you on Christmas, I just–”

“Do I look like I’m celebrating, mate?” interrupted the sweatpants god, he tugged a loose lock of his hair back into his flawless messy bun. “I generally learn people’s names before I let them into my house.”

“I- yeah, sorry. I’m Remus,” he replied, as he took his scarf and coat of because it was really very hot inside. “So about that phone?”

“Aren’t you in a rush Remus? Just when I was getting happy that I won’t be spending another Christmas alone,” he smiled as he showed the phone standing on a marble stand just a few feet away. “Thanks for asking by the way, I’m Sirius.”  

How could he be so thick? He forgot to ask the Greek God his name which was partly his fault because Remus literally forgot how to breathe let alone talk every time he looked at Sirius. Now that Remus thought about it, with a name like that, this man could be an actual Greek God.

“I’m sorry, I was just in a rush I guess,” he said as he stared at the phone in his hands.

“Stop saying sorry for everything you do, please call who you must and tell them you are okay,” suggested Sirius as he went back to his couch right in front of a majestic chimney. “Don’t forget to tell them you will be staying with a friend because your car is not going anywhere tonight.”

Remus furrowed his eyebrows at this very brave statement but when he looked out the gigantic window right behind where Sirius was sitting, he knew he didn’t have much of a choice because it was impossible to see from the snow. It wasn’t snowing, it was like someone was cutting the clouds in half. He dialed the number with shaky hands, he knew just who would pick up.

“Hey!” he said almost crying.

REMUS JOHN LUPIN!” Sirius turned his head suddenly with a huge grin on his face that made Remus’ knees weak. “I told you months before if you missed this diner I would serve you for dinner on New Years Eve.”

Remus could feel his cheeks warm up as he was sure Sirius could hear everything his mother was saying at the moment. 

“Yeah,mum… I’m sorry… No I’m really sorry… I will be there tomorrow I promise… I’m not lying for the love of God… Yeah… Uh-huh… I got somewhere to stay I guess…”

“What do you mean I guess?” whispered Sirius from where he was sitting, he was hanging from the couch to make Remus hear him. 

“I’ll call you when I leave for home,” concluded Remus and he put the phone down with an embarrassed look on his face. He loved his mum to bits but she was sometimes a bit too much. “Can I have a charger, please?”

“Wait a second,” said Sirius as he hurriedly went to another room and came back with a charger and he placed it into Remus’ palm. His skin was almost as white as snow and he was just as cold. “We have a long night ahead Remus, do you want something to drink?”

“Tea would be gr–”

“Whiskey it is then, great choice,” teased Sirius as he went for his liquor cabinet. “This is Christmas and you are stuck here, you are not drinking tea.”

He plugged his phone in spent at least half an hour trying to get to all the messages and calls that he received while his phone was dead, he knew it was rude but it was Christmas and he had a huge family he had to call.

When Remus was finally done, he went to the couch to sit down as he took the fancy glass from Sirius. He didn’t want to about what the hell he was doing, staying at a stranger’s house was not something he would do. But this man with his hair and his cheekbones and his ridiculous smile and the way those sweatpants hang from his hips were very inviting, not that anything would happen but it was a good view at least.

“I like your mum,” said Sirius with a smirk as he took a sip from his new glass of high quality whiskey. “She’s quite something.”

“She’s worse than this snow storm on holidays,” laughed Remus. “She misses me that’s all but yeah, you heard her war cries.”

Sirius laughed and Remus heard summer in his laughter despite all the snow that was falling outside. He didn’t know why he was feeling what he was feeling but he hadn’t felt like this in forever and this was such an unnecessary thing, he really didn’t need this nor did he want this.

“So I you don’t mind me asking,” continued Remus as his throat burned from whiskey. “Why are you alone on Christmas?”

“I hate my family,” replied Sirius simply, he used that word so freely, it was a bit scary. “They are bigoted, idiotically conservative and mentally abusive. I made the mistake of coming out last Christmas, it was chaos. They invited me out of obligation this year, so why bother?”

With that he tipped whatever was left in his glass into his mouth and licked his lips slowly as he walked back to the liquor cabinet and brought the bottle with him this time.

“I’m sorry about that,” muttered Remus as he did the same. He didn’t know if he should feel bad for Sirius or feel happy for himself, not that he would ever look at him like that. 

“What did I tell you about saying sorry?” smiled Sirius as he poured them more liquor. “Also, you should probably warn me when you want to sleep because I rarely sleep before 3 am.”

“Why would you ever do that to yourself?” yelled Remus, that was a bit too much but Remus never had the strongest metabolism for whiskey. “Sleep is a beautiful thing.”

Not as beautiful as you are though.

Remus realised he should be careful about those thoughts because he was known to tell whatever was on his mind out loud.

“I can’t help it. I always work late at night and now my sleep schedule is fucked up,” he explained and cursing had never looked so good. “So Remus John Lupin, what do you do for a living?”

“I’m a TA at the university,” he replied as he ruffled his hair. “I know it’s kinda boring–”

“You are hellbent on selling yourself short,” interrupted Sirius, he loved doing that. “I bet you think you are not good looking.”

Remus felt like his tongue froze, what was he supposed to reply with to drunken flirting from a completely gorgeous stranger? So he did what he knows best, he changed the subject.

“So, umm, what do you do?”

“I’m an attorney, family business, but it happened so I roll with it,” he stated as he grinned. “You are very good at changing the subject.”

“You heard my mum, if I don’t change the subject we talk about my sex life during dinner,” said Remus and immediately regretted it, he looked at his glass guiltily and realised that he was actually on his third glass. “I didn’t mean–”

“Another way of saying sorry, you are incredible,” teased Sirius as he put his glass down on the coffee table in front of the couch and came a little closer, Remus never thought breathing was a hard thing to do before but he could still feel Sirius’ scent, strong and spellbinding. “So, I like to think that things happen for a reason.”

His bloody perfect eyebrow was raised again and Remus wasn’t thinking straight so he just nodded.

“Your car didn’t break down in this street without a reason, I think Mr. Lupin, we were meant to meet,” he continued, he used his hands a lot as he spoke and it was the most marvellous thing Remus had ever seen, the fact that he was already dreaming about his hands all over him was not a good sign though. “So, you are going to stay here tonight and you will leave with my number in that phone of yours, just in case you need an attorney someday.”

“Okay,” whispered Remus, because that was all he could manage. “I think I should sleep because I need to wake up early tomorrow.”

“We were just starting to have fun,” mumbled Sirius but he stood up nevertheless to show Remus to his room. “Don’t be scared I won’t bite.”

You could if you want to.

Remus followed him up the stairs trying so hard not to stare at his back but the damn sweatpants weren’t helping. Sirius showed him to a not so small guest room on the left and walked back out.

“If you feel like you can’t sleep, I’m downstairs,” he reminded with a lopsided smile and went away. 

Remus crawled into the extremely soft bed and was asleep in a matter of minutes thanks to the alcohol in his veins.

Sirius was flabbergasted by the luck he had this Christmas after everything that went down last year. A tall, lanky man with the warmest eyes was sleeping in his guest room and Sirius was still reeling from everything that happened in the past six hours since it was around 3 am at the moment. He slowly got up and turned the lights off. He climbed the stairs carefully scared that he would wake up the most beautiful man to ever enter this house besides him, when he reached the top he realised that Remus had slept with the door open. He was softly snoring and was drowning in the huge duvet over him. His clothes were on the dresser and it didn’t take long for Sirius to understand that he would kill to get in that bed at that moment. He slowly turned around to enter his own room as Remus hummed in his sleep. 

This is what I call a Christmas miracle.”

Sirius always believed things happened for a reason, he knew things would happen in the order they should, he had had troubles with his anger as far as he can remember and this new belief was helping him deal with it sometimes, it also helped him makes sense of things like this. Sirius firmly believed that Remus walked into his life for a reason and he was intended to find out why it took so long and what it was for.

He slipped into his own bed and shivered as the cold sheets touched his skin and undid his bun to sleep comfortably. When he closed his eyes, all he could see was honey eyes, long limbs and a shy smile. For the first time in a long time Sirius Black was excited to wake up.

💝 Your honeymoon with Jake McKenzie would include 💝

▪ the wedding was so so beautiful

▫ all your friends were there

▪ you’d both be so happy

▫ smiling like complete idiots the whole time

▪ and staring at your hands in wonder

▫ kissing eachother every single time you catch him looking at you

▪ but Jake would become more impatient by the second

▫ he was so freaking relieved when you were by yourselves again

▪ just the two of you

▫ in a cozy, new plane

▪ (he still misses Delilah)

▫ he’d take you somewhere familiar

▪ somewhere he knows his way around

▫ to impress you, tbh

▪ so you’re on the way to Costa Rica

▫ right to the beach to be more accurate


▫ you have a small cabin next to the water

▪ with a b i g hammock

▫ “We can sleep all day in that one.” - “Oh, come on, Jake. I thought we’d do something fun! Like sightseeing or-” - “You see, princess, the only things I intend to do in the next weeks are drinking some expensive whiskey, sleeping in that hammock and have lots of sex with you.”

▪ you totally roll your eyes after that little speech

▫ (what a lazy bastard???)

▪ okay, but seriously, you both fall into bed that night, totally exhausted and just sleepy

▫ a sloppy kiss on the mouth and you’re out

▪ sleeping in till noon the next day

▫ and you both don’t give a fuck???

▪ “Good morning Mrs McKenzie.”


▪ *melts*

▫ first breakfast as a married couple

▪ and you swear, you tried to think about the food


▪ and he loves to tease you

▫ “Jake! Stop it for a second, please. I have to-”

▪ you totally didn’t moan after he pressed your hips against his lower section

▫ nope, you didn’t

▪ and you totally did wear underwear, ofc

▫ and you totally didn’t forget about breakfast

▪ the kitchen counter wasn’t used for eating that day

▫ your whole neck and breasts were littered with hickeys and marks he left behind with his stubble

▪ taking a looooooong and very relaxing shower afterwards!

▫ (okay, but just imagine, washing his hair???)

▪ he’d look so cute with wet hair tho


▪ drinking under the stars + just talking

▫ you won’t leave your little hideout for the next week or so

▪ why would you, right???

▫ you already have everything you need

▪ Jake McKenzie, a hammock, lots of beer and food, Jake McKenzie, your husband, oh and of course a v v comfy bed

▫ you won’t leave the bed for hours

▪ “I want to fully enjoy this trip.” - “Which basically means for you to have sex on every available surface in this house.” - “You know me too well.”

▫ S K I N N Y D I P P I N G

▪ the stars would shine so bright in the sky

▫ inviting you both to take a small dip

▪ and jake is already undressing himself next to you

▫ with that cocky grin of his

▪ “You gonna move your cute butt into the water or what?”

▫ you can only shake your head with a fond smile on your lips

▪ jake obviously whistles when you’re unbuttoning your (his) shirt

▫ he begins to splash you with water after a few (i meant a lot) of kisses


▫ your laugh echos through the night as you’re trying to flee from the water he’s splashing you with

▪ to no avail



▫ “Ohh, don’t mess with my princess, huh?”

▪ his eyes would look so soft under the pale light of the moon, full of love and fondness as he laughs about something you did

▫ and your heart would feel so full of happiness, almost bursting because of the things you feel for this man

▪ you couldn’t quite believe how lucky you both are

▫ being here, all alone by yourself with a small ring on your finger that means so much to you, with the man you l o v e

▪ falling asleep on that night, with his arms around you and a whispered ‘i love you’

So this year is the first Christmas that neither of my sisters were around, for Eve or Day, they won’t be here. And I guess I’m realizing how much I’ve been deflecting scrutiny of my personal life to them.

Like, I can normally hide behind them, fade to the background, be present but not really have to “be present.”

And this year I can’t do that. It’s literally just me, my parents and the dog.

It’s funny how non-heteronormativity isn’t an issue until it’s a fucking issue. Like, being bi is fine until I want to date a guy over a girl. Idk.

I usually love Christmas and tonight it was all about surviving.

Don’t be upset that your dad chose the pink “female” spouse for you without even asking, during The Game of Life.

Don’t argue with your mother about a pink tricycle being “for girls” and the red “for boys.”

Don’t be upset that your parents are “fine” with your bisexuality as long as you end up with a woman and produce grandchildren.

I ended up drinking more whiskey than I thought I would just to be drunk, and I was counting the minutes till I could politely excuse myself to go to bed. Idk. I think im overthinking a lot of it, definitely need more time to reflect. Maybe tomorrow will be better, maybe I’ll just straight up talk to them about this shit instead of internalizing it all.

Ok, time for bed and to sleep in as long as possible.

Lie Detector

Dean Winchester x Reader

2300 Words

Story Summary: Friends with a man (Dean), you wake up one morning with the ability to tell that he had been lying to you the entire time.

Author’s Note: This was an anonymous request, and I hope it turned out okay! It was kind of challenging to write!

This morning seemed like every other morning to you. The sun shown brightly through your threadbare curtain, beating down on you, making you groan and roll over to the other side of the bed. Your clock on your nightstand showing it was only 8:00 in the morning. Way to early to be getting up when you didn’t get home until three in the morning. But that’s what usually happened. Go to bed late, wake up early. Your life exactly.

Slipping out of bed, you stumbled into your kitchen, pressing the on button of the coffee pot, needing the jolt it could provide. With your head throbbing, you stumbled around your kitchen, reaching for the aspirin you kept by the sink. Feeling like the alcoholics that visited the bar you tended, you thought back to last night, wondering if you had drank too much. Your friend, James was in town, stopping by the bar, and you had taken a couple of shots with him, but that was it. Nothing you couldn’t handle. So why were you feeling like you were hit by a truck this morning?

As your coffee percolated, you made your way into your bathroom, turning the water on as hot as you could manage, stepping under the scalding spray. Letting the water run over your shoulders, you pressed your head to the tile. Today you were feeling much like you had while growing up, and you didn’t like it at all. Your parents had died when you were young, passing you off to an aunt who used you more as a maid than as a relative. Living on hand me downs and hateful words, you had always felt off centered, and alone.

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Tipsy Love (1/2)

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Title : Tipsy Love

Genre : Drama / Angst-ish / Fluff

Author : Myself

Pairing : Jackson Wang x Reader

Summary : You have one bad addiction. Jackson is an instructor in a center for people with health problems and bad mental state. How will the addiction acts upon the two of them ? Will your forsaken self be able to change your mental state ?

It’s a One-shot. Part two will be up very soon ;)


The street was crowded. Clouds were everywhere, like a ticking bomb over the salarymen’s heads. Seoul is a huge city. Each person is only a tiny little part of the human presence in the island. One’s goal is the same as his neighbors’. There’s only one within four millions of men, women.

No wonder you felt so empty.

It was 4 A.M, and you were trying to walk down the alley leading to your house (you weren’t sure if it was the good street though). Your evening had been calm and filled with clouded memories of countless glasses scattered around the bar of your brother’s pub. The sound of glass, and the noisy people around you, telling it was just okay to drink too much, since tomorrow you wouldn’t even remember a thing, and gather the courage to speak to the beautiful man watching you with deep, dark envy. Like a vivid dream printed in your mind, you could only remember some parts of that big, insane moment of your life. Another one.

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SUMMARY: Dean mourns the loss of a loved one and the reader interferes with unexpected results

CHARACTERS/PAIRING: Dean x  Reader, Sam, Cas (mentioned)


WARNINGS: angst, character death, mention(s) of suicide, fluff - I hope that’s all…

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Oh my, I’m nervous. My first published fanfic. I hope you like it, and if you have time to drop a quick note, I’d appreciate the feedback. I’ll take a liberty to tag Mimi ( @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog ) ‘cause she was kind enough to give me tips - If you have time to check it out, I’d be doing cartwheels. :-) Oh yeah, almost forgot, this is in both Dean’s and Reader’s POV.


The flames rose high against the pitch black night, consuming both wood and flesh. I was numb - had no tears to shed, no punches or curses to throw at the one responsible for the hollowness inside me. My family was torn to pieces and I wondered if I had a reason to fight anymore. Wood cracked and the pyre collapsed, sending sparks up to the sky, and I let my eyes follow them, reminiscing the hundreds of times we had watched the stars together. There would be none of that from now on.

The flames subsided slowly as the hours ticked by and I stood still, thinking about our time together and the things I left unsaid. All those missed chances, missed moments. Oh God, I wished I had just come clean! Now there was no one to say it to, and I could never apologize for not saying it sooner. I had waited too long and there would be no new chances. It was entirely my fault.

I stood there alone until the fire had died and dawn was breaking. A new day, when all I wanted was to get yesterday back. The sunrise was stunning, but I didn’t really see it as I drove back home. I had lost the most important thing in my life and nothing could move me anymore.

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@ my followers tell your pets I love them for christmas pls and then pet them in their fave way

it’s my important headcanon that whiskey and toby share a room on the fortune’s favor, because they’re Boys and orendi & shayne want a room to themselves. usually toby makes a little blanket nest in his mech suit, but sometimes when whiskey’s exothermic self is chilly, toby will sleep in whiskey’s bed and get cuddled like a teddy bear.

sometimes they wake up to pendles coiled around them both and they scream