sleeping turtles

so tonight im working super late at an adults-only event at the zoo where it’s basically endless beer and wine tasting and then wandering around the zoo at night. Keepers mainly sit around then we just take turns going up for a circuit through our areas and let me tell you as the night has gone on things have gotten more entertaining. So far I have seen:

-A group of drunk girls legit crying in front of the puffin exhibit because they’re Too Cute

-A dude pointed at a vacant eyed, open mouthed, coldwater fish and, completely deadpan, turned to his friend and went “it’s you”

-overheard a very serious debate on whether or not sea turtles sleep (”Ted you fucking moron everything fuckin sleeps jesus christ”

-A girl stroking her hand back and forth on the glass in front of a chillin Amazon cichlid (idk what part ok freshwater exhibits aint my thing) cooing “It’s just so pretty I want to be it’s friend”

-A man enthusiastically singing a ballad in front of the aquarium with some grand drunk improv like one standout line was “What we doin at the zoOOOoooOOooo? We drinkin a breeEWWWwwwwwwwww!”

TMNT x Reader (Part One).

Imagine your favorite turtle cuddling with you. It’s late and it’s cold and he’s had a stressful day. All he wants right now is to hold you and kiss you and fall asleep. The best part about being in a relationship is that all of those things can happen.

Leonardo is exhausted.
Today has been an exhausting, difficult day. And it seemed like those days were coming along more often.
Sometimes, the line between brother and leader can be confusing and tiring. There are some days when he just wants to hang out and not do anything…but that can’t happen.
He has a job to do.
A job that his family counts on.
So after training and patrol and meditation and butting heads with his brothers, all he wants to do is to crawl in bed. He slowly walks through the dark hallway, his brother’s voices and laughter slowly vanishing from his ears. He approaches the final circular door.
His door. His bedroom. His sanctuary.
He shuts the door behind him and leans against it, pressing his head to worn out wood, lost in thought. He thinks about everything he had to do today and how he will do it again tomorrow and he wonders if it will ever get any easier. He had been the Leader for five years, since he was fifteen, and as he got older his job only seemed to get harder.
Leo sighs and turns around, acting to get into bed, when he notices a small figure underneath his sheets. He stiffens but relaxes when the figure mumbles something. He would know that voice anywhere.
He strides over, quietly, and pulls his blue comforter away, revealing Y/N’s peaceful face. He notices the book tucked away next to her, a copy of Cinder that has her finger tucked between the pages.
He laughed softly at the sight before him.
“Did you fall asleep waiting for me?” He whispers.
Leonardo carefully takes the book, making sure to mark the page, and places it on the nightstand. For a moment, he simply watches her breathe softly.
She looks so content and he wonders what she might be dreaming about. A little part of Leonardo hopes that she’s dreaming about him…Eventually, he decideds to join her in her dreams.
Moving away, he removes his armor piece by piece, putting it away. He looks in the mirror. He tools older. Tired. He examines his green skin, littered with scars and a few tattoos. His eyes linger in his left forearm, where he had the kanji symbol for “love” tattooed.
He had gotten that for her and she had held his hand the entire time. He hadn’t really needed her to but he certainly had enjoyed it.
He looks up and he can see her reflection in the mirror. Y/N has rolled over and is now facing him, her arm reaching out towards him as though to say
“Come to bed.”
Love. His fingers run over the inked skin before he turns away and goes to join her. Carefully, so very carefully, he slides in bed next to her. Leonardo is always surprised about how small she seems next to him. How delicate, almost doll like.
She suddenly stirs, her eyes just barely opening.
“Leo?” She asks, her voice thick with sleep.
“Hey. Sorry for keeping you waiting.” he whispers.
Y/N smiled sleepily and says
“No trouble.”
She’s drifting off to sleep once more and Leonardo gives her a quick kiss before she resumes her peaceful breathing.
It has been a difficult day for the turtles but being able to hold her like this…made it all worthwhile.
Within moments, Leo had joined her in her slumber, still holding her in his arms.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm going to start learning Korean (I already started learning to write Hangul) and I was wondering if you have any tips for a begginer Korean learner? Thanks in advance!

I’M A WALKING LANGUAGEPEDIA! Jk, i’m good when it comes to tips and resources, otherwise i might be clumsy. ^^” 

Step 1, Hangul

You started to learn their writing system, that’s great! It’s amazing actually, try to master it. (You’ll thank me for this) I mean, you don’t have to master it if you don’t want but if you master it your korean journey won’t be a living hell. I remember when i started to learn hangul how frustrating it was because i kept reading with the speed of a sleeping turtle. So master it ^^ read everything, everywhere, don’t think that you have no idea what you’re reading, just read.

Step 2, Choose your ways

So, Korean for beginners. Here you got books for culture, language, dictionaries etc. Choose one and stick with it until you’ve worked with everything from it. And also, have a notebook with all your stuff. ^^

Step 3, More ways

Beside a book you need to decide what site(s) you’re going to use on a daily basis. Here are some of my favourite sites:

Learn with Oliver (i love this one xd)

Koreaboo (this is the link for their ebooks but the site itself is pretty cool) (now, if you change the language to eng, you can make an account and they have courses just like ttmk, however, ttmk is made with volunteers and so on, but this site is from a university) 

Study Korean
Korean Notebook (a big list with resources xd in case you already didn’t have enough)
Loving Korean (this is more like some pieces of advice) 
An amazing memrise course for beginners  
grammar app
vocab app
app for talking to people
kpop lyrics in hangul

Choose what works best for you and use that. I hope my suggestions from here help. Usually duolingo and memrise are the base but duolingo doesn’t have a korean course yet. 

p.s. Also, Forvo is amazing for pronunciation.

Step 4, Ask questions

When you don’t know something, ask. Even if you think it’s a bad question, just ask.

p.s. HiNative is a good app/site for asking questions. They don’t know you, you don’t know them.

Step 5, Don’t give up

Korean is a challenge so even if you feel like it’s hard or you don’t improve at all, keep working, it will be better.

Step 6, Don’t study only with books and apps!

Watch a movie or listen to a song and try to translate the lyrics, play a game with another learner. Learning a language should be fun, not only “serious working”. And i bet you know some korean songs and k-dramas, if not, come to me and you will have a schedule with k-dramas for the rest of the year. 

p.s. watch Master/God of study if you want motivation!

Step 7, Use your skills!

Don’t make the same mistake as me 3 years ago when i was experiencing with languages. Use what you learn. (you’ll thank me one day for this tip)

Step 8, Blackmailing is the key!

Find someone who can study with you. (or blackmail one of your friends x) ) Studying is better in 2, and watching movies too.

Step 9 (and the last one) Relaxing is good

You will study a long period of time so at some point you will need to take a break or you will lose your motivation. That’s okay, just take a few days off.

I hope these help you somehow. ^^ Good luck with your studies anon~ If you need anything, feel free to ask.

Morning Loving

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Quick sexy NSFW poly turtle loving 


Hope you all enjoy

She had been in a deep sleep when somebody climbed into her bed pulling the covers off of her body so slowly she shouldn’t have felt it but the movement had made her flip over onto her stomach groaning knowing it was almost time to get up for the day but was so tired she didn’t move feeing a pair of rough yet gentle hands caressing her sides

She had gone to bed after patrol since each of the guys had been too busy to notice her

Leonardo had gone straight to the dojo to meditate asking for the others to leave him alone; Raphael had been in a mood the whole night arguing with all of them over different crap bugging him lately but had gotten in a quick sex session in the showers with her before going to his weight room to work out his still building frustrations, Donatello of course had gone off to his lab locking the rest of his family out for the night, and Michelangelo had taken over the TV area for his all night game-a-thon

It was unusually for the men to ignore the teen but she let it go

She sighed peaking one eye open seeing it was close to three in the morning completely confused as to why somebody was trying to wake her up but as she shifted the person over her fell still waiting to see if she was awake but the moment her body went still again his hands resumed what they were doing slowly removing her pants

The moment they were off and her ass was propped up something thick and solid slipped between her already wet neither region getting a soft needy moan from – Leo?

Raphael was usually the one who would sneak into her room in the dead of the night for a quickie so hearing her older brother panting as he stroked his rock hard erection over her soaked entrance was not only confusing it was exciting

She went still making her body as relaxed as possible feeling the change in his touches upon thinking the woman had gone back to sleep before he pulled back lining up his tip with her opening pushing into her slowly until he was fully sheathed inside her body churring at the feeling of her tight body accepting him so easily

Then he started to move and it took everything not to scream out then

She whimpered as his hips moved faster filling her over and over mumbling to himself as he tried not to wake his sleeping mate panting from how great her body felt, her hands had slipped under her pillow at the beginning as she clutched it trying with all her might not to make a sound in case he would think she was awake and leave

The longer he was moving inside her the wetter she was getting him finally rewarding him with a soft needy moan that seemed to make him do more than stop grabbing her hips steadying her as he finally lost his control pounding into her so deep he was brushing over her sweet spot grunting as she tightened around him

Two hard thrust later he slipped deeper and was holding her against his plastron as his seed spilled deep into her womb panting tiredly but still managed to lower her to the bed carefully pulling free even though he was still hard “Danm-!” his words cut off as she shifted spreading her legs further like she was getting comfortable humming when he pushed his fingers inside her letting his cum cover his hand before it was being worked around her back entrance as one finger slid in

She bit her pillow as he stretched her body quickly still trying his damndest to not wake the woman but he was rushing at this point spreading her ass open to him as he pushed forward a little too fast making her thankful for all the extra lubricant he had worked up

She cried out with his first thrust but at that point he seemed to not be going for stealth as he fucked her hard and fast starting to act like Raphael when he was in heat

She hummed as he rocked her body under his nipping down her neck and shoulders as his ploughed her roughly growling over her when she wasn’t making much noise flipping her over fast spreading her legs until he was plunging in freely getting a moan or grunt from the young woman who kept her eyes shut still somehow keeping up the sleeping act until he was shaking excitedly over her pressing his lips to hers panting between forced words as she returned his affections from her sex drunk daze

He stiffened pumping his load into her still holding her long after he had pulled free now completely satisfied kissing and snuggling the teen back to sleep for a while until he got up kissing her lips one last time before leaving her room silently as she rolled back over onto her stomach

It was almost thirty minutes later her door opened again before a more energetic presence was over her yet as charged as he was the turtle was being oddly quiet as he closed her door sneaking over to her bed pressing his lips to her neck licking over her skin in hopes she was awake “Baby girl?” she didn’t move a muscle as he climbed over her nudging her legs apart gently chuckling before his hands were on her hips lifting them just enough for her to feel his arousal as he pressed against her nuzzling against her trying to stir her “Whoo! Leo wasn’t kidding when he came to check on her… my girls really out of it tonight – let’s see just how out of it you really are baby”

He didn’t try to tease her or mess around which for Michelangelo was way unusual for the normally playful turtle catching how his voice held the smallest tone of a dark chuckle thinking she was gone to the world “Donnie must have slipped her something so she’d sleep tonight”

He took great pride in knowing she needed him and usually he wanted to hear her scream his name before he made love to her so when he thrust into her quickly pulling a moan from her and kept going not worrying like Leonardo had about waking her she knew he wasn’t playing around

“Get ready to scream for Daddy sweetcakes”

He fucked her – there was no presence of her lovable little Mikey as he plunging deeper riding her just as hard as Leo had giving her a sense that this was the side of him he didn’t give into a lot but she was loving it “Fuck baby that pussy’s so danm tight tonight”

Her moans were given in lazy sighs as he pounded her for what felt like hours making her cum four times talking to her the entire time before he was churring above her shooting his seed deep inside her seeming to collapse beside her breathing franticly until he moved closer pressing the sweetest kisses to her mouth and neck chuckling as she nuzzled against him still playing asleep

The teen curled up on him sighing as they both found a comfortable spot laying there for a while until he had her locked in a deep kiss that for the most part was one sided with him petting and worshiping her body with his hands making sure she was okay even if he thought she was unconscious “Sleep tight my baby – I’ll make you chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast”

She didn’t move until he was gone hearing his voice just outside her door as he talked to somebody before the door opened slowly “Mikey I didn’t drug her… she’s probably just tired from today’s training and don’t get me started on patrol” the genius turtle moved closer looking her over slowly before shooing the youngest turtle back out closing the door behind them “Let her rest I’ll check on her in the morning”

She sighed cuddling up on the pillows feeling so relaxed after the orgasms the two turtles had given her she didn’t think it could get any better wondering why they were so insistent on her staying asleep when they mated her tonight or what had gotten into them

The woman had just dosed off when her door opened again listening as someone moved towards her almost too silently before a slight tap on her nightstand clued her in as a timid hand brushed the hair out of her face before a pair of lips were over hers waiting to see if she would respond to him but when she didn’t move he pulled away

Donatello must have just finished in the lab with whatever it was that was holding his attention lately and was keeping his promise to check on her even though it was sooner then she had expected

His hands softly brushed over her skin checking her pulse and feeling her head making sure she wasn’t sick as his hands dipped lower over her body trailing his gentle touches over her body “T-This is so wrong… I can’t just- Mikey couldn’t have really…” she shifted feeling him jump away as she rolled over groaning as her breast jiggled from her movements knowing just how big of a boob man the genius was and just what it did to him when she let him have a glimpse of them when she bent over

He shifted back to her side as she writhed on the sheets making soft noises to cox him closer before his hands were over her chest pulling a gasp from the teen as he kneeled between her legs gently lifting them until he was pressed against her massaging over the twin mounds as her body grinded against his growing arousal

She could tell he was watching her every move, out of all the guys he would be the one too know if she was awake churring as her hips grinded over his filling bulge before his mouth was around one pink nipple suckling at it as if to gage her reaction before continuing across the pale flesh that was open to him marking her body with his teeth until he was groaning rutting against her as he worshiped her body being ever so careful not to disturb the wet dream he thought she was having

He had no clue just how much she was enjoying being awake as he pushed his shorts down lifted her hips pressing close as he slipped inside her humming as she took every inch of his long cock working up some of her essence onto his member slipping out to line up with her ass thrusting forward making her body lift in his grasp as he hit her prostate

He jumped at the involuntary reaction watching as she grinned biting her lower lip at the sheer pleasure of his length buried deep inside her that only got better as he started moving being sure to brush right over the bundle of nerves at just the right angle as his thrust increased in force letting him control everything

She came faster than he thought but it didn’t stop him from continuing moaning every time her body seemed to tighten up around him as he leaned over her framing her with his arms pressing several long kisses to her neck moaning her name between frantic breaths

She felt him cum convulsing above her as his hips shook panting as he slowly pulled free chuckling lightly before something huge was shoved into place to keep his seed inside her ass before it started vibrating sending her into a second orgasm as he pushed it in further “Now – let’s see if my little invention works” he pushed into her pussy growling at how tight she got moving slowly placing his fist next to her head as he let go thrusting roughly into her body

His lips crushed over hers hard making her return the kiss moaning as he elevated her hips more slipping even deeper as the vibrating object struck her core increasing the pure ecstasy he had her in “Oh god – mmm Darling” she almost smiled just hearing the neediness in his voice biting down on her neck as he climaxed pumping everything deep inside her body but kept moving pounding away inside her just wanting to feel every moment of that tight coil around his throbbing member “Ohh yeah – oh you feel so good love”

His arms wrapped around her body holding on tight as his next orgasm crashed through his system moaning at just how danm good she felt around him as he kept fucking her until he was unable to move churring as he filled her for the fourth time before finally pulling free turning off the toy as he carefully removed it chuckling as the cum dripped onto her bed cleaning up his mess with his tongue pulling a soft purr from the woman before he was kissing her again being sure to tuck her back in as he laid down cuddling his mate “Thanks for the stress relief sweetie”

He had stayed until her breathing was slow kissing her lips when she curled into him, when she stirred a while later the genius was gone without a sound leaving her to rest still clinging to the high he had provided as she passed out again not even realizing until the bed shifted that she had fallen asleep right after feeling so rested but still tired peeking at the clock on her table seeing it was almost nine in the morning “Time to wake up babe”

She groaned flipping over groaning but hid the small grin on her face as he moved to straddle her ass chuckling seeing she was going to be difficult this morning but as she buried her face into the pillow her hips shifted over the massive turtle’s plastron getting a low growl as he grabbed her hips leaning over her

“Kid – I ain’t in the mood for yer shit this morning it’s time to get up”

She lifted her hips a little more grinding her ass over his pants as he groaned clutching her hips harder thrusting forward with a low moan before her blankets were thrown off her body hearing him churr when he found her naked and dripping wet before the ruffle of his shorts being pulled down made her realize she had him

He growled as she continued to act oblivious humming as he popped her across the ass leaving a hand print on her pale skin getting a soft gasp when he did it a second time before he was plunging deep into her body as she fisted the sheets crying out “That what ya wanted – were ya caving that huge cock…” he filled her giving her a few nice deep thrust before he flipped her over catching her lips groaning as she pulled him down on top of her “Ya awake yet?”


“Nope – guess I’ll just have to fuck the kid a little better” his words were no let down as he pinned her fast biting at her tender neck snarling as she held tight to his hands moaning as he slammed into her over and over until she wrenched her hands away from him pull him closer as a grin lit up his face seeing her tear filled gems glaring up at him “Oh good yer up – Mikey told me to come wake ya… something about he owes ya pancakes?”

She blushed as he lifted her leg opening her up more chuckling as her eyes rolled back as he struck a sore spot inside her making her lock up around him as he finally exploded filling her womb with what felt like gallons of his cum leaving her in a drunken state underneath him

“So – ya gonna get up kid? Or do ya want more”

She flipped over lifting her ass pulling him closer as she lined him up with her back hole pushing her body to take him panting as she stretched around him crying out for him to move as she clawed at the bedding “M-More…” he looked so confused as she moved under him going slow for the longest time until she threw her hips back taking every inch of his organ inside her already so close to orgasm

“What’s gotten into ya this morning baby? So needy and fuck yer wet” he thrust forward getting the sweetest sound from his mate before his fingers were playing with the wet need soaking his thighs slipping a finger into her while his thumb circled around her clit teasing her into a frenzy making her climax as he moved in even motions rocking her hard

“R-Raph… yes – oh fuck yes Raphie just like that”

“Danm ya gonna make me cum ya keep screaming like that… Oh fuck – kid ‘m gonna”

She threw her hips back into him the moment he seized up holding her in place pulsing deep inside her keeping her from moving watching as she laid there spent on the mattress “Kid – I don’t know what the hell just happened but I fucken love ya for it” she giggled still not moving until he pulled free as soon as her body relaxed

He couldn’t help laughing seeing how content she looked picking her up in his arms covering her with the soaked sheet carrying her down the stairs as his brothers exited the kitchen seeing her in their brother’s arms “Raph! Hey what’s wrong with her?”

Leonardo was at her side before Donnie caressing her cheek as he looked her over his icy sapphire blue eyes holding a slight panic as she dosed off against the warm turtle hearing his deep chuckle as he started kissing her softly giving her sensitive side a tickle making her giggle for him “Kid was just a little pent up this morning so she fucked her brains out on me”

The look on the other’s faces were priceless as she giggled more wildly nuzzling up against Mikey when he leaned in to kissing her cheek as Donatello checked her over again his glasses drooping as his mouth dropped open “S-She what?”

“Yeah it was crazy she was almost acting like she was in heat”

The deep blush went over the three turtles faces as she shot them a flirtatious smirk over her shoulder nuzzling against Raphael’s chest “Dude I had so many good dreams last night can you blame me for needing a major fucking session with one of my men”

Leo chuckled ruffling her hair his eyes drifting over the sheet as if he could see she was naked under them “You might have to fill us in on those dreams once you get a shower” he winked before she pulled him closer her green eye shining brightly

“I don’t think I do big brother” she leaned in pressing a sweet kiss to his mouth nipping at his lip getting a low churr from him as she stroked him under his chin with one finger going right for his weak spot eyeing Donnie and Mikey with a seductive smile “In fact I think you three know what I’m talking about”

Their faces dropped as she giggled nestling closer to the massive turtle winking as he carried her to the bathroom obviously not seeing his brother’s panicked looks as they quickly separated to do their own things upon realizing they had been caught