sleeping pills!

so hours will mean something to me and I can feel alright.

Somehow (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Warnings/Triggers: Depression, angst, suicide attempt, really bad writing

AUs: None

Time Period: Modern

Notes: Part 2? IDK let me know!

Tags: @because-katiedid (Here you go! I should have some more soon too!)

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You felt useless. It seemed like you could never do anything right. He stared up into the mirror. It seemed like there were no words for how you felt. Nothing you could say, nothing anyone could say would help now.

Sighed, looking back down at Alex’s bottle of pills. They were sleep pills, always full. Alex never slept.

You unscrewed the cap, thankful that the boys were all at work that Wednesday. Until you heard the door open.

“Mon amour? I’m back! I got off a bit early!” It had to be Lafayette. You focused all your energy on unlocking the pills, you seemed to forget about locking the door.

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(170504) 수면제 (lullaby) official music video

Insomnia isn’t a pretty girl with a messy bun and a cup of coffee in her hand.
Insomnia is being awake at 5 am because your head won’t shut up.
Insomnia is being so tired it feels like passing out, but not being able to close your eyes and fucking sleep.
It’s your head screaming and finding tiny little things to fixate on.
It’s having to take medicine every single night just to get a few hours of sleep.
Insomnia is people not understanding that when you say that you’re tired, you don’t mean “I am so tired, I only got like 6 hours of sleep”, it’s meaning “I am so tired because my head kept me awake, again.”
Insomnia is counting the hours you’ve slept, and being so obsessed with them.
It is feeling your entire body wanting to shut off, but your mind is screaming “Oh but you can’t sleep now, I’m having so much fun tormenting you.“
—  By me