sleeping otter


Sea otters spend much of their time alone, but when resting they form all-female or all-male groups called “rafts”.  These rafts can be as small as ten animals or as large as a hundred, but the largest raft ever recorded contained over two thousand otters!  While sleeping, otters in a raft or alone may wrap their bodies in kelp to keep themselves from floating out to sea.


In case you are feeling sad today, here are four otters snuggling in a hammock.

You’re welcome. :)

Rocket and Lylla having a perfectly platonic sleep-together in a round padded bed Peter bought Rocket (which totally isn’t a pet bed monogrammed with Rocket’s name).  Groot ships it and Rocket will probably be pissed when he sees the note, but then Rocket is pissed so often everyone’s used to it.

I am mostly a fetish artist and don’t plan to post that stuff here, but I may post the occasional non-fetishy pic like this one, just as I do with my non-fetish Rocket stories.