sleeping or what



This episode was so underwhelming btw. Good, but underwhelming.

I was expecting too much after 506. I guess we won’t top that. If they didn’t focus on ian’s pov during the most important episode of his storyline, I doubt they’ll do it in the 5 episodes that are left.

We’ve reached our s5 climax

i do not understand how it is already march. i do not like how it is already march. please excuse me while i go and die in a hole of my responsibilities that all happen in march. 

What I wish people would understand is that when I say “Izaya is my favorite” I don’t mean to say “he’s a good person” or “i condone everything he ever did” or even just “he’s right”

Izaya is a damn asshole. An horrible person, has done so many wrong and terrible things in his life that I can’t even begin to count them - I know he’s an ass, and I get angry at how badly he handles things a lot

What I mean when I say that he’s my favorite is that I understand him, I know what he went through and how his mind works and I understand why he would do what he does, for however wrong he is - but mostly, the reason why I say that I love him and there’s no one better than him in Durarara is that his mind works in ways that give me chills

His way of thinking, the speeches he makes, his ideas about life and death and the world and the people inhabiting it, everything about Izaya’s mind is pure and utter perfection for me - he talks and gold falls from his mouth, I’m in love with his damn brain

So what I wanted to say with all of this is, stop telling me that I can’t dislike Aoba because he’s “just like a young version of Izaya”. He isn’t. They’re both manipulative assholes, and that’s where the similarities end - he’s not a little Izaya. He isn’t even close to owning the qualities I love about Izaya, tbh