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With Ave’s return, Frei pursued dancing more diligently into adulthood, enough to be considered his sister’s protege, if not her peer.

I don’t think I ever did a proper shoot of my posing times with the tall ones ( I once did a little dance photostory with the two kids), and after this one, I now know why. It’s so stressful to pose them, then back away a meter or so to get a decent shot. I tried to balance them in a way that, should they fall, they fall forward so I will be able to catch them with my foot (and I did, for Ave a few times DX). I’m practically soaked in sweat after the shoot, as if I just danced myself!

I’m also a little disappointed the LoongSoul body won’t hold a one-leg stand anymore. Maybe I should get around to sueding it…


The Ball (Part 3)

“Today I am Cinderella.”

The Madame actually had a Prom date, alekidoll‘s Lyon. She simply brought the Prof. along as escort.

The Professor was having a dreadful time fending for himself, when a certain lady in white arrived.

Guhhhhh, shooting a photostory during meets is soooo hard~! DDDDX. I think I pretty much destroyed the illusion of scale with this set, but oh well. Still had fun doing it. ~_~

See The Ball (Part 1) here, and The Ball (Part 2) here.


The Ball (Part 1)

“Oh dear, what a very awkward situation.”

For some reason only two invitations arrived at the 5th Atelier. Naturally, the Madame claims one for her and her husband. 

Who will Frei choose? :O

Haaaaaa, haven’t done a photostory in a while~!! ♥ ManikaManila’s upcoming themed doll meet entitled “Prom” suddenly gave me an idea, and it’s going to be a multi-part series spanning from today up until the 28th. So stay tuned, guys~!!


The 5th Atelier Cast Themes

Haaa, I almost forgot to post the crew’s individual shots! Also, as a little extra, I handpicked some favorite instrumentals in my playlist which I feel best represents each character’s personality. Please do give them a listen! ^_^

  1. Sleeping At Last - Arctic
  2. Maksim Mrvica - Croatian Rhapsody
  3. 30 Seconds to Mars - L490
  4. Nightwish - Arabesque
  5. Yasunori Mitsuda - Prisoners of Fate

5th Atelier: No-Sew Halter Dress

Heh. Turns out, I didn’t actually need to sew (because heaven forbid I operate the sewing machine while half-asleep). Just make something. And thank god for stretchy shirt cotton fabrics with lovely lovely drapes and very minimal fraying. I made sure it’s perfectly wearable (no unfortunate bum flashing accidents haha!), so I guess this is what Ave will be wearing for the rest of the holidays.♥