sleeping in your car

It’s hard to convince myself I don’t need someone by my side anymore.
For 5 months of my life I had you, to talk to, to love, to be loved by.
You consumed so much of me, took over so much of my life and without you so much was taken.
Your words were taken. Your body. Car rides curled into your side. Sleeping in your arms. Talking until late at night. Seeing each other in the morning. Getting into trouble together. Summer nights with all of our friends. Loving together.
The absence of you in a sense was the absence of me. You took pieces of my life that I thought had been set in stone.
But it was all temporary, you were temporary.
—  v.m
Ok so I had a great idea! (Living out of my car)

Maybe this isn’t that great.

But yeah my trunk in my car is normally filled with shit.

I’ve been trying to find a way to get back on my feet for a few months and save money, not pay rent/etc… since I’m getting kicked out, and my housemate is moving to colorado.

I also don’t want to bother my Aunt and Uncle, or my Grandma. So I think I could live out of my car. Plus I wouldn’t wanna hear it from my Aunt or Uncle about how I need to get a fulltime job, etc…

But the back seat in my Mercury Sable folds down, I think I could comfortably fit my legs/head in the truck and stick my feet/head out of the back seat. I am 6 feet tall, and sleeping in the backseat alone would be very uncomfortable.

I could get a sleeping bag, and just live out of my car for the summer/fall.

Save a shit load of money. Shower every couple of days.

It does run the possibility of getting old pretty quickly though.

Regional At Best Songs that fit with what you’re feeling/thinking

Haven thoughts of suicide?

Listen to “Guns For Hands”

Depression taking over?

Listen to “Holding On To You”

Mind flooding with ‘darkness’?

Listen to “Ode To Sleep”

Feeling nostalgic? 

Listen to “Slowtown”

No distraction from your thoughts?

Listen to “Car Radio”

conquering inner demons?

Listen to “Forest”

Holding onto your depression and/or sadness?

Listen to “Glowing Eyes”

Losing purpose?

Listen to “Kitchen Sink”

Your head drowning with your thoughts?

Listen to “Anathema”

Giving up?

Listen to “Lovely”

Feeling uninspired? 

Listen to “Ruby

Doubting you faith and/or hope?

Listen to “Trees”

Afraid of your choices you will make?

Listen to “Be Concerned

Hiding your true self?

Listen to “Clear

((Self titled

regional at best



Seventeen Hip Hop unit reaction to you asking to lean your head on their shoulder and sleep during a long car ride

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S.Coups: “Uh yeah sure, go ahead.” then he would sit their kind of stiff because he didn’t want you to be uncomfortable 

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Wonwoo “Uhhhhhhhhhh okaaayyyy” he would say blushing 

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Mingyu: “Of course you can, just don’t get drool on me” He would say with a wink (I had to use this gif I love it so much)

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Vernon:  “I think” what do you mean you think vernon wyd??

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Coffee Run // Yoongi Scenario

Genre: Fluff
Yoongi x reader
Length: 2.6k words
After a long day you stopped off at a small coffee shop so you could get some caffeine before the trip home. A new customer peaks your interest…

You finished work late, as usual. It was way past midnight again. You wanted to get home and jump straight into bed, but you knew you had a long drive ahead of you. You would’ve killed for a pair of wings to fly you home as fast as possible, but obviously you didn’t exactly have any. Your sleepy brain thought of all the things you could do instead of taking that massive journey. A hotel was out of the question since your pockets were near empty. Maybe you could call one of your friends that lived around here. You even considered sleeping in your car for the night. It was pretty tempting actually, because that meant you didn’t need to drive back here in the morning. But obviously, that was stupid, and you had no choice but to make that drive.

But first, you were getting coffee. There was no way in hell you were getting in a car as exhausted as you were, and caffeine was the only way you could think of getting home safe. It was the only help you could afford tonight. So you started to drive, searching for the nearest place that sold coffee. You rubbed away the condensation on your side window, squinting through it to read the dimly illuminated signs on the shop windows. For a place like Seoul, there was a surprisingly low number of places open this late that sold what you needed. Eventually you found one, the blue flashing of the words spelled out in front of your eyes almost giving you a headache. You parked and stepped out of the car, pulling your coat around you tightly to protect you from the icy fingers of the bitter cold air surrounding you.

The bright lights of the little shop stunned you a little as you opened the door, but your senses welcomed the warmth they gave. You made your way to the counter, smiling reflexively at the nice-looking older woman there. She smiled back, her eyes crinkling kindly at the corners, reminding you of your mother. You asked for a coffee, but she shook her head regretfully.

“Sorry, but we’re struggling with our coffee machine at the moment.”

Shit. She turned to speak to someone hurriedly out back, returning back to you with a kind smile. “If you’d still like a coffee, you’ll just have to wait a little while. But I can get you something else if you’d prefer it.”

There was no way you could last the drive home the way you felt. Even now you felt dizzy with fatigue.

“Um, I’ll wait, thanks,” you told the woman, moving to the front of the shop, locating a seat. The place was empty apart from you. It was quite a cute little place, actually, clearly a small business. Even though the paint was cracked and worn, everything in the room was sparkling clean. The tables were packed closely together, with chairs splaying out from under them at random. Some tables had three while others had a very crowded seven. It was somehow comforting that it wasn’t too neat and organised, and raised your mood just a little. You thought to yourself that you should come back here at some point, just for the immense feeling of comfort it gave you. It’d suck if the coffee was horrible. That would just ruin everything.

Your thoughts were interrupted by the ring of the shop door opening, indicating there was another customer. The lady quickly hurried over to the counter, smoothing down her apron in preparation. A smile plastered on her face, she welcomed the new customer warmly.

“Hello there!” she said, and the new customer gave a response, his face mask muffling his voice and you couldn’t hear what he said. The older lady clearly did though, as her smile immediately grew wider.

“Always so kind! If you’re after your usual coffee then I’m afraid you’re in for a wait. I’ve just told this young lady the same.” She gestured to you and the guy followed her line of sight, making eye contact with you. You gave a small wave, surprised that you were brought into their conversation so suddenly. He nodded to you quickly before turning back to the woman. There was more muffling from him and then another warm smile from her before he left the counter and took a seat a table away from you.

You busied yourself fiddling with your keys randomly, kind of wanting to look at him but not wanting to at the same time. However, not having anything else to do with your eyes, you eventually gave in to the temptation.

His black face mask hid his lower facial features, but you could see enough to know he was a good-looking guy. His eyes were dark and turned down at the sides in a way that was surprisingly cute. His hair was jet black and ruffled by the cold wind outside. In fact, he was now brushing through it with his slender fingers, trying to fix it up a little. It wasn’t really working, and he eventually left it alone, not seeming to care. Even though all of him attracted your attention, his unique shaped eyes were what held your focus, and you watched them intently. The way they looked lazily around the room, stopping occasionally to focus on the things that caught his attention on the wall. He seemed sleepy, gazing as if there was a hazy cloud of thoughts hiding his vision.

You seemed to be doing the same, staring at him so intently that you didn’t even realise when his dark eyes lost interest in the wall and turned onto you.

“You okay there?” he asked you, his deep voice still muffled by the mask. You averted your gaze immediately, but he’d obviously already noticed the way you had focussed on him. You felt your cheeks start to grow hot and you actually wished you were back out in the cold so the blush would be forced to disappear.

You nodded hurriedly, not sure how you were supposed to respond to being caught.

“Good,” he turned his attention back to the apparently fascinating paintwork. “You looked a little bit scary just then. Very focussed.” His eyes slid back to yours slyly, and you could tell that under the face mask he was smirking.

You bunched up the hem of your coat into your fist under the table, feeling so embarrassed you could die. “I’m fine,” you said softly, your cheeks on fire. “I was just, um… wondering why exactly you were so focussed on the paint cracks.”

“I don’t know. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to focus on anything else.” He turned his head fully to you again, and you caught his meaning right away. You said nothing.

“So am I allowed to…?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

You nodded slowly. “Yes…?”

He got up from his seat. Your heart jumped up to your throat as he started to move towards you, pulling out a chair at the table you were sitting at and sitting down in it casually.

“There. Does that make it easier for you to stare at me?” His left eyebrow was still up, and you wondered vaguely if it had stayed that way or whether he just did that a lot.

“Not really. You’re still wearing the face mask,” you said, the words slipping out before your brain could figure out what they meant. Now the other eyebrow shot up, as if you’d surprised him with your comment. You felt a little satisfied.

He slowly unhooked the mask from behind his ears and pulled it down to the table. You watched as you were slowly given the ability to see the lower half of his face. You hid your interest this time though, your eyes only flitting to his soft-looking lips for a millisecond.

“Is this better?” he asked questioningly, eyebrows still raised. You could hear him properly now when he spoke, his deep voice sending shivers down your spine. There was a slight trace of a lisp when he said the ‘s sound’ in ‘this’, but it was so faint that you were sure it was unnoticeable when you weren’t paying as close attention as you were now.

You nodded, letting the corners of your lips move upwards into a contented smile. He sensed that you were slowly loosening up, and he grinned along with you, flashing an adorable gummy smile.

It was funny, but you hadn’t been in many situations like this before. You were flustered by all that he’d done, but you still felt strangely comfortable at the same time. He was actually quite easy to talk to. He wasn’t judging you like his carefree attitude seemed to imply – he had quickly accepted you and was being friendly even though he caught you out staring at him so obviously. You wondered if he had girls stare at him often. Maybe that was why he wasn’t so surprised when you did it. This thought saddened you a little, but the way he was smiling at you now encouraged you to stay confident.

“So what are you doing out so late in a coffee shop like this one?” he questioned, watching you carefully. His slim fingers were now drumming a soft beat on the table casually. You admired how comfortable he was even though he was talking to someone he’d only met five minutes ago.

“I just finished work,” you replied, resting your elbows on the table and resting your face on your hand to reciprocate his nonchalant-ness. He nodded slowly, his brow furrowed.

“Why didn’t you just go home?” he asked, confused.

“Because I live nearly two hours away from here. I’m getting a coffee so I don’t fall asleep on the way back,” you chuckled.

He looked a little surprised. “You’re driving back for two hours as late as this? That’s dangerous.”

You waved away his concerns, feeling a little bit touched by his interest. “It’s okay, I do this every time. And it isn’t dangerous if I’ve had the coffee.”

He looked a little unsure, but didn’t press it further as the nice lady from behind the counter now brought out steaming cream-coloured mugs of coffee. Mugs. She placed one down on the table in front of the guy, who gave a small reply along with that cute smile. When she gave you yours you spoke up.

“Um, I ordered this as a take-away…?” you said slowly, trailing off when you saw the guy look up abruptly from his drink.

“Yah, you want to leave me that bad? I thought you wanted to sit with me?” he said, pretending to be annoyed. You stared at him, surprised. You had wanted to sit with him but… you needed to get home. You looked at him apologetically before looking up at the kind woman. “I’m sorry, but could you put this in a take-away cup? I have to be somewhere.”

“Sorry, love,” she said, picking up the mug, a small smile still decorating her face. “I just thought you might like it this way since you two were having such a nice chat.” She gave you a knowing wink as she started to leave for the kitchens again. You felt a blush climb onto your face immediately, hoping the guy didn’t see the wink.

But he didn’t miss a beat.

“Excuse me? Can I also have mine in a take-away cup? I have to go too,” he looked back at you, and you found you couldn’t really decipher the look on his face. What was he doing?

You decided to ask him as the lady took his drink and disappeared back through the ‘staff-only’ door. He rolled his eyes as if you were the stupidest thing in the world for not understanding. “I’m driving you home.”

Your eyes widened in shock and then slitted in confusion. Was he serious? “What?”

“I. Am. Driving. You. Home,” he said slowly, putting actions with the words as if you were from a foreign country. Or maybe a foreign planet. A small smirk was on his lips as he watched you frown in puzzlement.

“Um. Why would you do that?”

“Because it’s dangerous,” he replied calmly, watching your face.

“I’ll be fine,” you insisted, your cheeks already hot from the sudden offer.

“You might not be. You seem pretty out of it, to be honest.” He looked up at the ceiling vaguely, watching a small moth fluttering around the light bulb

“And why would you think that?” you asked incredulously.

“When you were staring at me before your eyes were all hazy. I saw it.” The moth bumped into the bulb with a small clink, and the light flickered.

You nearly choked. How had he noticed how deep in thought you were? “Yeah, well, so were yours. So I don’t think you should be driving anyone home tonight.”

“So you saw how I was intently gazing at those paint cracks because I was trying really hard not to look at you?” You blushed furiously, blown away by this confident response. But he was staring at you so casually he could’ve just been asking for you to pass the sugar.

“Well, yeah. You told me that before.” Not so directly though, you thought. You struggled not to stammer under the pressure of those beautiful eyes. The pressure only increased when his face split into another gummy smile and you felt like you would die.

“Did I? Dammit, that was a good line.” He changed tactic. “What’s your name?” he asked, and you realised you hadn’t even found out his identity yet.

“Y/N,” you answered carefully, looking at him almost suspiciously. “You?”

“Min Yoongi,” he said, and the fact that he’d shared this information with you relaxed you a little. “And I will be driving you home tonight.”

“In whose car? I need mine for the morning,” you fought back to his confident demand. You actually weren’t sure why you were arguing with him about this because it wasn’t like you didn’t want him to. You just weren’t sure why he would suddenly decide to do something like that for you.

“We’ll go in yours then,” he said, unruffled.

“But then how will you get home?” you asked slyly, knowing you had him now.

“I’ll find somewhere to stay for the night and then you can drop me off here when you come back tomorrow morning.” He said it as if he knew you would do it already.

“How do you even know that I’m coming back tomorrow though? I could have a day off work,” you said competitively.

“But you don’t, do you?” he said, almost teasingly. He knew he’d won. This was clearly too easy for him, and you couldn’t think of another excuse. Your lips stayed firmly shut and he grinned in satisfaction.

“I win,” he hummed, holding out a hand. “Give me your keys.”

You reluctantly rummaged in your coat pocket, defeated. You couldn’t believe what you were doing. You handed them over regretfully, and he looked as satisfied as if he’d just won the lottery.

The kindly lady gave you both your coffees and warm goodbyes. Yoongi opened the café door for you and you stepped out and back into the cold. Shivering all over again, you hugged your coat closer to your body, watching as Yoongi’s breath turned silver in the icy cold air, the dim light of the shop window shining through it.

“Come on,” you told him, grinning as you led him to your car. For some reason, you were happy you were doing this. Maybe you’d even be able to sleep on the way. Although, if you were honest, you weren’t sure you were that tired anymore.

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Daisy Oracle

She’ll sleep on your lap across the backseat of the car when you’re travelling the distance far too far between each other’s hometowns

She won’t always sleep well but you’ll find out that you’re like monster spray and the beat of your heart can keep terrors away

She’ll love coffee and strawberries and making pancakes at midday cause you laid in too late to catch breakfast at 8

She’ll never ask you to make her that coffee however she’s delicately perched on independence even together with you so just ask, read her eyes and then make it for two

She’ll love you in a way you never thought was real, like you fell asleep in the middle of watching a rom com and dreamt up a girl with a heart made of song on infinite crescendo

She won’t hurt you she can’t bear to hear you have hurt at all, when she sees your scars she will kiss them all she will hold you and cry for the blood red brick walls you built out of pain and then installed her a door.

She’ll be everything to you

She’ll never be nothing to you

Neighbours 9

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Part Eight            Masterlist (All Parts & Other Imagines)

Note: So I didn’t want to go into too much detail about whats actually happening to y/n, but pretty much what those men did to Gemma.

Trigger warning: Mentions of abuse and rape.

Thank you for your patience, I know its taken me a while with this one. I love you all 💓


One week, two days, fourteen hours and twenty three seconds.
That’s how long it had been since he had seen you last, standing in the light of the moon on the roof of the clubhouse, your hair ruffled from making love beneath the stars.
He couldn’t sleep, not since he had found your abandoned car on the side of the road that night. Every time he closed his eyes memories of you haunted his mind, your eyes burning through him and the guilt weighed heavy on his heart.
Juice had never been religious, but ever since he had met you he had been convinced that maybe angels really did exist. You treated him differently than everyone else did. You made him feel.. special.
But now he had lost you. And he couldn’t find you.
The club had tried everything, burnt through every resource they had, and still nothing.
Happy had been working alongside Juice nonstop, both of them desperate to find some kind of trace of you.
But every time they hit a dead end.
They knew it was retaliation from Zobelles crew. But all their efforts in tracking you down had failed, and Juice wasn’t sure what else he could do.
And so he threw himself into the club, burying himself in the guilt that was swallowing him. Because deep down he knew, it was his fault.
He couldn’t protect you.

The throbbing in your head was getting worse with every hour that passed and you had lost all sense of time.
You weren’t sure how long you’d been here, days were blurring into nights and you weren’t sure if you would ever see the sunlight again.
The white masks haunted you and could barely sleep, not that they let you try often.
They never left you alone for long and your body was growing more fragile with each ‘visit’ or ‘lesson’ as they called it.
It had taken you a while to realise who these men were, and what they wanted from you.
But it had soon become obvious when they told you over and over to pass on their message.
The Sons will stop dealing with colour.
You were just a part of their sick twisted game and you knew these men didn’t care what happened to you.
You could be dead within days and they wouldn’t blink an eye.
They didn’t need you.
You couldn’t bring yourself to think of Abbey, or Juice.
Every time thoughts of them popped into your head you quickly pushed them out, too afraid of the ache in your heart.
Juice wasn’t to blame of what was happening to you. You knew he would be sick with guilt and worry, unsure of what was being done to you.
And you knew he would come for you, eventually, so you prayed that he would come in time.
Because you weren’t sure how much longer you could hold onto this life.
You faintly heard a door open and your heart sunk. They were back.
You didn’t have the strength to lift your head and you didn’t want to. You knew there was no point. It was always the same, haunting white masks staring back at you as they threw your limp body onto the floor and forced themselves onto you.
Their heavy footsteps surrounded you and dread filled your bones as you stared at the boots circling you.
Three. This time there was three of them, and you clutched your eyes shut as your body began to shake and one of them reached out.
His hand clutched at your hair and he yanked your head to look at him.
“The Sons will stop dealing with colour.”
He ripped your body from the chair and tossed you to the ground, and a faint sob shook came over you as the sound of his belt hitting the floor echoed through you.

The roar of the motorcycles filled the air and Abbey leapt off the couch and ran to the door of the clubhouse.
Everyday began the same, she’d watch the boys ride out, all of them growing more desperate to find you.
But everyday was ending the same.
They would file into the lot, one after the other, their faces grim and Abbeys heart would sink.
She knew they would find you though.
It was what she clung to, the thought of you on the back of one of those bikes and her heart filled with hope as she crossed the clubhouse.
The door opened and she eyed the bikes, and with every single rider she saw her wary sunk a little more.
Just like every other day, they hadn’t found you.
Yet, she told herself. They hadn’t found you yet.
Kozik couldn’t help but notice the sadness on Abbey’s face and he exchanged a glance with Happy.
This was unlike any other abduction the club had dealt with before.
They always wanted something, and it would only be a few days at least before the club would get a phone call, and the scumbags would make their demands.
But it had been over a week since they’d taken you and they had heard nothing.
No phonecalls, no messages, no demands.
It was Juice who was dealing with it the worst. He blamed himself, and he hadn’t slept since they’d found your car and he was acting wild, practically throwing himself in front of bullets.
The club had never seen him like this and they were all worried, not only for the missing girl, but for their lost brother.
Abbey crossed her arms over her chest as she watched the men get off their bikes and walk towards her, their faces full of guilt and worry.
Juice hung his head and walked straight past her, letting the door slam loudly behind him.
Kozik smiled knowingly and wrapped his arms around her.
“We’ll find her, Abbey.” Kozik said.
Abbey nodded her head against his chest and closed her eyes.
The words she’d yelled at you that night in this very lot echoed in her ears and she squeezed her eyes shut.
We’ll find her.

You lifted the cup of water to your swollen lips as let the liquid flow into your mouth, dry from your screams and crying.
They’d be back soon, you knew.
It had been a while since their last 'visit’ and they never left you long.
Your body ached all over and you prayed silently that this would be over soon.
And as if on cue, the door behind you opened.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath.
This time, you wouldn’t cry.
You didn’t want them to know the pain this was causing you, mentally and physically.
Heavy footsteps closed in and you stood shakily before lifting your head and turning towards him.
At least this time there was only one.
You couldn’t see beneath the white mask but you could feel his dark eyes burning into your skin and you gulped.
A shudder ran over your body and he stepped closer, before pulling his jacket off and tossing it to the floor.
You stepped back and your back pressed against the cool wall. There was no where left to run.
“The Sons will stop dealing with colour.” The man said, his voice low and gruff and the sound sent shivers up your spine.
It had been almost an hour since he had left the room and you were still lying in the same position,curled up on the dirty mattress.
You hugged your knees to your chest and closed your eyes, trying to block out the image of the masks that abused you so regularly now.
Hunger was taking over you but you weren’t sure if you could even stomach food if you wanted to. At least they gave you water.
You pulled your body up shakily and reached across for the glass of water.
The glass was mid air in your hand and you frowned slightly at the sound.
You hadn’t heard that before.
It was probably your imagination, playing tricks on you in your sleep deprived state.
But as you took a long gulp of water you heard it again.
Slowly you lowered the glass to the floor and glanced around the dim room.
He had left his jacket on the floor.
You glanced nervously towards the door before you hurriedly crawled across the room.
You rummaged through the pockets and your heart was beating through your chest as you pulled out the mans cell phone.
With shaky fingers you dialled the only number you could think of.

The clubhouse was crowded but it was missing its usual atmosphere.
Instead most of the members sat around in near silence, staring glumly at the bottles of beer in their hands.
Juice sat in the corner of the clubhouse, his eyes glued to the screen of his laptop and he searched maps of Charming once again, looking for something he had missed.
But overtime he looked it was the same, and he had no idea on how to find you.
Juice stood and took a swig of his beer before he began to cross the room, heading to the bar.
His pocket began to vibrate and he pulled his phone out of his pocket, not bothering to look at the screen as he lifted it to his ear.
“Yeah?” His voice was cold.
He froze in his tracks and the bottle slipped out of his hands, smashing into pieces own the hard floor.
“(Y/n)?! (Y/n?)” Juice practically yelled into the phone, his eyes growing wild.
All heads in the room snapped towards him and Happy and Abbey leapt to their feet.
He could hear you begin to sob on the other end of the line and he swallowed painfully.
“Are you okay?” Juice asked quickly.
He spun on his heels and marched back to his laptop, ignoring the expectant looks from your sister.
“Y-yeah. I don’t k-know where I am.” Your voice was cracking and you spoke in a hushed voice.
Juices fingers moved rapidly over his keyboard as he opened the cellphone tracker app on his laptop.
“I know baby, its okay, I’ll find you.” Juice spoke lowly, not wanting the others to hear his words to you.
Another sob ripped through your body and Juice slammed his fist on the bar, his eyes staring at the screen.
And just like that, your location began to blink on the map.
“I found you baby, I’m coming for you.”
“Juice!” You sobbed into the phone and he rubbed his eyes.
Hearing your voice so broken and fragile after all this time was both a blessing and a heartbreak and he promised himself he would never let you go ever again.
“We’ll be there soon, (y/n).” Juice told you urgently.
“Hurry.” You whispered back and Juice nodded before hanging up the phone and sliding it back into his pocket.
“I found her!” He yelled and turned towards his brothers.

Less than half an hour later the roar of more than a dozen motorcycles echoed through the walls and you smiled through swollen lips.
The bikes died down as they pulled to a stop and almost instantly heavy footsteps ran through the house and the door slammed open.
This time, the men weren’t wearing masks and you stared each of these men in the face as they glared at your limp body.
One of them stepped forwards and reached for you.
His eyes were dark, almost black and you glared into them, fire burning inside you.
He pulled tape out of his pockets and ripped some of before covering your mouth and suddenly the room went dark as he pulled some sort of sack over your head.
He yanked your body off the floor and you staggered to your feet before he pushed his gun into your back, ordering you forwards.
They moved you through the house and you stumbled your way outside, feeling the dry grass beneath your bare and bloodied feet.
Your heart was beating heavy and you blinked rapidly, desperate to see what was going on beneath this sack.
Suddenly the man walking you stopped you and he grabbed your arm roughly to steady you.
“Take off the bag!” A voice yelled. Was it Jax?
“Took you boys long enough to find us.” A voice behind you called and you shuddered slightly.
“Give her to us. Now!” Jax yelled and the men behind you snickered.
The bag over your head was ripped away and you blinked rapidly as your eyes adjusted to the brightness.
Eventually they focused and you saw the Sons standing in a line in front of you, guns raised.
“Son of a bitch!” Juice yelled once saw your face, swollen and bruised.
He leapt forward, raising his gun to the man holding you.
“Juice!” Jax yelled.
The man beside you lifted his gun and pressed it against your temple.
Juice stopped but his body was seething with rage.
“We hope that this has taught you boys a lesson.” A man behind you called, and almost in sync all of the men that had been beating you stepped forwards.
“The Sons will stop dealing with colour!” They yelled, like some kind of trance.
Juice aimed his gun at the man next to you andJax shook his head.
Suddenly men came out from behind trees and six vans pulled up, and Mayans and Niners surrounded the house, guns in all of their hands.
“Drop your guns. Now!” Jax yelled.
The men around you exchanged glances and slowly lowered their guns.
Juice ran towards you and you practically fell into his arms.
Gently he ripped the tape from your mouth and his hand caressed your swollen face.
“Im so sorry baby, I’m so sorry.”
You stared into his eyes, so full of worry and guilt as he looked over your beaten body and you smiled softly.
“Take me home, Juicy.”
He nodded and pressed his lips against your forehead gently before lifting your body into his arms and carrying you to the back of a van.
He laid you gently down and wrapped a blanket around you.
“You okay?” He asked.
You nodded and pulled the blanket around you.
“I’ll take you home, just give me a minute.”
He kissed your forehead once more and closed the door behind him.
Almost instantly you heard rapid gunshots, hundreds of bullets fly8ing through the air and you shivered.
A few moments later the door opened again and Juice stood in the sunlight, his white shirt now splattered with blood and he ran a hand over his face before climbing into the back of the van beside you and closing the door.
He wrapped his arms around you and held your body close to his and the van began to move.
“We’re going home, (y/n), Your safe now.”
You turned your aching body and buried your face into his chest.
“I got your baby, Ive got you.” He cooed to you quietly.
And both of you shook as tears streamed down your cheeks, clutched in each others arms.

25 Days of Drabbles Day 12: Steve Rogers

A/N: Just some fluff

Word Count: 627

“Lady Y/N! You made it!” you heard the loud voice of Thor shout as you walked out of the elevator. You adjusted the baby bag on your shoulder careful not to wake your sleeping son, James, whose cheeks were smushed against your chest.“

“Yes Thor, I made it. But please be quiet, I just got him to sleep in the car.” You said quietly careful not to wake your baby boy.

Smiling as you saw a small crib in the corner, reminding yourself to thank whoever brought the crib down to the common room you set James down softly and walked over to the couches, plopping down with a sigh.

“Everything okay Y/N?” Wanda asked you as she shifted around on the couch to face you, leaning forward and folded her hands.

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Nerf Guns

Pairing: Anthony X Reader
Word Count: 972 (shorter than usual, sorry)
Warnings: None that I can think of other than one cuss word.
A/N: I simply hope you had a good day and that you enjoy my story.

You fell into your car and groaned. Your boss just yelled at your assistant, who blamed it on you and was an asshole the rest of the day. Basically, today was not your day. You started the engine and headed home.

Walking up to the door of the home you shared with your boyfriend, Anthony, you noticed a note on the door and a nerf gun at your feet.

Here’s your weapon, you’re not the only one who has one. See ya soon. –Love, Anthony.

P.S. the loser has to sleep on the couch.

You grinned, you threw your bag into your car again and picked up the nerf gun. Climbing over your fence you moved into the backyard and sneaked around the corner. Clear. You moved and slid the glass doors open, quietly.

You noticed the back door was unlocked, he expected you to come through here. You smiled.

“Clever boy,” you whispered.

You aimed towards the kitchen and kept watch on the couch in the living room. You moved forward slowly, you looked around, taking in your surroundings. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, suddenly a spurt of movement set off an alarm in your brain.

You pointed the plastic gun at the movement. You relaxed when you saw the small tan and black Cairn Terrier, Smoky. His ears were perked up, he laid on the couch and looked at you. You walked over to him and pet his head. Click, mistake.

You ducked and crawled around the couch as a foam bullet flew past your head. “Ah-ha!” You shouted at you saw Anthony walk out of the kitchen. You began to fire at Anthony who fired back. He ran out from behind the counter and stood in front of the couch.

You rolled back and stood on your feet. You both had your guns pointed at each other. Glancing at his barrel you noticed he didn’t have any more bullets. You smiled at him.

“What?” He asked.

“You don’t have any ammunition, my good sir.”

He looked at his barrel and his smile turned to shock. He looked back at you and you smiled ever more.

He put his hands up, “okay, how about we put the gun down and we talk about this?”

“Nope.” You said. You shot him square in the chest, he fell back in mock death. Placing his hand over his heart.

“How could you do this to me,” he whispered.

You laughed at him. He stood up and looked at you dead in the eye. “Don’t you dare,” you said knowing what he was planning.

He smirked and lunged towards you. You took off running, he followed you and caught you by your waist. Picking you up he dropped you on the bed and tickled you.

“No! Stop!” You screamed as he continued tickling your stomach. “Stop it!”

You pushed against him and shoved him off of you. He plopped down next to you and laughed. You shoved him and he rolled off the bed.

“What?” He asked.

You smiled innocently. “You lost.”

He groaned and walked into the living room. You followed him, “Will you at least watch a movie with me?”

You nodded and walked into the kitchen to get some popcorn. Anthony put in ‘Star Wars: the force awakens’. After the popcorn popped you poured it into a bowl and curled up to Anthony on the couch.

Soon enough the credits rolled and the bowl was empty. You pat Anthony’s knee and stood up. “Goodnight!” You said.

He groaned, “do I at least get a good night kiss?”

You turned towards him and leaned down and planted a kiss on his lips. You backed away, “good night, love you.” You began your journey back to the bedroom.

He looked after you. “Love you too!” He called.

You laid down on the bed and got on your phone. You scrolled endlessly through social media sites. Eventually, you grabbed your laptop and began to watch Netflix. Maybe an hour or two later you noticed it was 11:45. You sighed and put your laptop away.

You laid on your back and stretched yourself out over the queen sized bed. It didn’t feel natural, you groaned and rolled over to Anthony’s side hoping his scent would put you to sleep. You grumbled when you discovered it didn’t work. You sat up, you couldn’t fall asleep without Anthony.

You got up and groggily walked into the living room. You saw Anthony laying sideways on the couch, staring blankly at the ceiling while petting Smoky who sat the foot of the couch. You walked over to him and he looked up at you. You fell on top of him, he grunted in surprise as you curled up on him.

“Couldn’t sleep huh?” He said as he played with your hair.

You nodded and yawned, he wrapped his arm around your waist and rubbed your hip with his thumb. “Okay if we’re gonna sleep together can we sleep in our bed? This couch is uncomfortable,” he said.

You laughed softly and nodded. You slowly got up and grabbed Smoky. Anthony followed you into the bedroom. You set the small terrier at the end of the bed and tucked yourself into the sheets. Anthony slid in next to you.

He kissed your head and pulled you close. You moved his hair out of his face and settled into his arms. You sighed in contentment and fell into a state of calm. Your eyes shut and your mind got lost in a dreamland.

When you have an eating disorder, a grain of rice in your mouth can feel like a mountain under your feet.
An addict of the scales. no pipes between your lips or snow flurries blowing through your nose.
You’ll never love a high the way you love the lowering numbers on your gym’s scales.
Two, four, six, twenty pounds down and your spine hits the wall, your body is collapsing under it’s dwindling weight.
Compliments become comments of concern.
Painted nails chip and crack from the pressure you’ve placed on your fragile hands, hammers on a porcelain doll.
Sleeping car tires driving over the pot holes you once used to look at the healthy stranger that’s moved away.
Handfuls of the hair your mother put into two braids on your first day of kindergarten.
Don’t kiss the cracking lips, the craving lips, the never caving lips of a food fearing body.
Carry your weapons close.
Release your bullets into the air that’s barely lighter than the skin and bones you call your shelter.
You’ll know war your entire life.
You’ll fight your entire life.
—  When You Have An Eating Disorder - tcm
Cute Underwear

Trying to write something short again.  Came up with something cute and fluffy for Bucky X Reader.

Word Count: 703 words

Warnings: None really.  I don’t even curse in this.  I’m a bit shocked

You stumble into your room sometime after 1 in the morning.  You’ve been on a mission for a week, trailing Hydra agents through so many countries you’ve lost count.  You haven’t slept in a bed in 3 days, and that was just a shitty cot in a cabin you had broken into after getting tired of sleeping in the car.  You kicked off your boots and wriggled out of your tactical jumpsuit.  Part of your mind was screaming for a shower, but when you entered your room, all you could see was your bed.  Your fluffy bed covered in pillows that was beckoning you with its siren call.  You crawled into it and barely managed to drape a sheet over your body before falling asleep.

You’re woken suddenly by the sound of your door clicking shut.  It’s still dark and you can barely make out the shape of the person who entered your room.  

“Bucky?” you groan sleepily, stretching to make yourself more comfortable.  You look up again when he doesn’t move.  

“You can get in bed if you want, I’m going back to sleep.” You roll over on your back and sink back into the pillows.  Your last thought before drifting off to sleep is wondering why you’re so cold.

Bucky stops in shock as he enters Y/N’s room.  The team is used to him wandering around the grounds at night.  Sometimes he would end up in Steve’s room to talk.  Other times they would find him on the couch in the morning. And occasionally he would make his way to Y/N’s room when he needed to sleep with someone nearby.  Bucky heard her and Steve return from their mission and paced his room until he couldn’t resist any longer.  He had missed her and he wanted nothing more than to fall asleep next to her.  But now that he was here, he could barely bring himself to move.  

She had apparently fallen asleep immediately after getting back and was in bed in nothing more than underwear and a sports bra with her sheet wrapped around one leg.  Before he could run from the room, she had looked at him and told him to get in bed.  Bucky tried to swallow the lump in his throat as she stretched and rolled over.  He was still unsure of what to do, but he listened and crawled into bed beside her.  

You awoke slowly the next morning, snuggling deeper into the relaxing warmth of your bed.  You gripped your body pillow closer to you, and nuzzled your face into it trying to stay asleep for just a little while longer. Unfortunately you’re pulled from sleep when you realize your pillow is breathing.  You slowly look up into the face of a very surprised Bucky.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry.” You scramble to sit up and try to gracefully unwrap yourself from around Bucky.  You shiver at the loss of warmth and look down.  You groan, finally realizing your state of undress.  You wrap yourself in a sheet and lay back down, hiding your face in a pillow.

“It’s ok.  I think you were cold.” Bucky said quietly.  

“I can’t imagine why I would be cold with no clothes on,” you say into your pillow. You can feel your cheeks burning with embarrassment.  

“I’ve woken up in worse situations.” You can hear a hint of amusement in his voice and you lift your head to peek at him.  He had rolled onto his side to face you.  Your eyes slowly grazed up his body.  He’s right, you’ve woken up next to worse. Much worse.  You smile when you meet his eyes, emboldened by the small smile on his face.  

“I don’t know.  These aren’t even my cute underwear.”

Bucky looks at you, puzzled. “Cute underwear?”

“Yeah, the perks of being a girl.  This stuff is functional and comfortable.  It doesn’t go anywhere in a fight. The cute stuff is for when I need a boost,” you pause nervously. “Or even better, if I expect someone to see it.”

Bucky’s eyebrows raise in surprise before a big smile breaks across his face.  “I might not mind seeing this cute underwear of yours.”

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Dating Luke would Include...

•"Where the fuck is my hair gel"
•singing you to sleep (omg yes pls)
•his legs hitting your dashboard in the car
•"will you get a bigger car, my legs fell asleep"
•complimenting his legs 24/7
•him trying to teach you how to play the guitar
•"Luke why the fuck is this guitar so long"
•him being longer than your bed
•his legs dangling off your bed
•"can we just fucking cuddle on the floor"
•when you try to steal his sweatpants but they’re too long
•Late night food runs
•You trying to make him go to the mall
•"I’m just going to sit on a bench for 10 hours while you shop"
•you telling him you’ll buy him food
•"sign me the fuck up, let’s go"
•"where’s the food? You promised me food"
•him whining 24/7 at each store you walk in
•him finally shutting up when you buy him food
•"gotta show these people you’re mine babe"

MONSTA X REACTION: When you fake sleeping in the car and then they have to carry you to your bedroom

Shownu: He’d easily carry you taking so much care so you won’t wake up, but when he finds out that you’re awake would be “mad” and drop you off the bed (but after would pull back to bed)

Wonho: another one who would easily carry you, but unlike shownu, when realize that you’re awake would brag about his strength.

“oh jagi, did you see your boyfriend? he’s amazing right?”

Minhyuk: “ahh jagiyaaa wake up~~ I can’t carry you right now”

Kihyun: He’d take so long to think about what to do that you would just wake up and goes to bed by yourself.

“ohh so you were awake… I’m watching you”

Hyungwon: First of all, he’d spend a long time thinking about what to do, carry you to your bedroom or wake you up. He’d try carry you, but wouldn’t have the strength to it, which made you crack.

Jooheon: He’d carry you to your bed, but probably would be a long way since he doesn’t look like a strong guy.

I.M: “okay… so let’s just sleep here baby”

~ADM Cherry~

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Requested by: @crazyfangirl345

You walked into the bunker, still fuming from last night’s argument with Sam. After a fight like that, you weren’t planning on coming back home for at least another day, but in your fit of rage you had forgotten a few essential items. Your wallet being one of them. 

Your back ached from sleeping in your car, not that you were able to get much rest. Your angry tears kept you awake, the events of the fight flashing behind your eyelids every time you tried to close them. 

It was bad, worse than it had ever been. You couldn’t even remember the last time you had screamed with such ferocity, and you could still feel the boom of Sam’s deep yell rattling your bones. Thankfully, neither of you were the type to break things, though you had felt the temptation to whip a half-full bear bottle at his head.

Your steps down the metal stairs seemed to echo throughout the bunker. Was Sam still here, or had he left this place as well, haunted by the sounds of your voices bouncing off the walls even when you weren’t here?

You wouldn’t stay long, just enough time to pack a few sets of clothes and find your wallet. You weren’t sure how long exactly you’d be gone, or if the next time you came back here it would be to pack your things for good.

The thought sent a chill into you that sunk to your bones, so you shoved it away and focused instead on shoving clothes into your knapsack.

Sam’s voice was light and quiet, but the sound of your name still made you jump. When you turned around he was halfway across the room and then his rough hands were cupping your cheeks, his lips pressed in desperation to your own. 

He broke away abruptly, taking a step back. He didn’t seem to know what to do with his hands. You were still shocked, frozen into place with wide eyes.

“I’m sorry,” he said quickly. “I shouldn’t have done that. I know you’re still mad at me and you have a right to be. I just need you to know that I love you so much. For God’s sake I can’t even breath without you here-”

Then it was you who surprised him this time, interrupting him with an insistent and rushed kiss that replaced every cold doubt that gnawed at you with renewed warmth.

 “I’m sorry too.”

anonymous asked:

May I request scenario with Aizawa's s/o saying to him "Why do you say mean things?! How can you sleep in your car at night?!"

I wasn’t exactly sure what you wanted with this scenario, so I hope I could write it somewhat well enough and that you’ll like it =)

Aizawa’s partner angrily straightens, papers in their left hand crinkling as they ball them into fists.

“Why do you say mean things?!” They raise their words, their voice cracking around the emotion. “How can you sleep in your car at night?!”

Aizawa glances down at the papers in his hand and waves his free one in the direction of his partner.

“How? It is very easy. I don’t need to listen to your snores that way.” He reads the lines of the script and then looks up. “Also, I say mean things? You started this whole argument!”

His partner huffs out angry breaths and draw their brows together. They don’t even pause, seamlessly continuing and remembering everything they memorized for the play tonight.

“So this is it again, you just keep blaming me. You need two to argue, so don’t give me this crap!”

They stop then, exhaling and their angry stance melts away, before they give him a small, nervous smile.

“How was I?” They ask, lifting the papers up and quickly smooth out the crinkles they caused.

“Very good.” Aizawa gives them a reassuring grin. “You don’t have to worry about a thing.” He steps forward to press a kiss to their cheek. “I’m sure you’ll perform wonderfully tonight.”

“Thank you for practicing with me.” They murmur. Aizawa hums quietly and pulls them closer, before he wraps them up in a hug and they tilt their head to meet him in a kiss.