sleeping in the same bed


If Finland was the one who was in love with Sweden.

→ Finland would have enjoyed Sweden’s hug when they were running away from Denmark. He would totally blushed and wouldn’t believe what was happening.

→ He would look for excuses to hang out with Sweden.

→ He wouldn’t care being called the wife. He would just laugh but secretly enjoy it. Or maybe he would joke around and would call Sweden his husband.

→ He would try to sleep in the same bed with Sweden with the  excuse of being cold, even though the cold doesn’t bother him.

→ he would be happy wearing Sweden’s clothes.


“Where’s my bed?”

Connor, confused, turned around to find Elijah staring at the queen-size bed in one of the upstairs bedroom, as though only just realising that there was only one of them in the room.

“Your bed?” Connor asked. “I thought we were sleeping in the same bed?”

He didn’t miss the slight flicker of unease that passed over Elijah’s expression, though. By now he knew that Elijah wasn’t used to being this close to other people - physically - and that a lot of things still made him antsy. So he cleared his throat, backtracking.

“Only if you want, to, though. I can go find another bed if you like.”

“No -,” Elijah blurted out quickly, his voice leaving him faster than his lips could keep up with. “No, it’s fine. I don’t mind.” He clenched his fists, then released them, nodding to reaffirm himself. Connor smiled, drawing in close to press a dry, warm kiss to Elijah’s cheek.

Random hoe tips
  • Avoid caffeine before bed. 
  • Try to go to sleep around the same time every night. 
  • Avoid using electronic devices before bed. 
  • When choosing an outfit, stick to solid colors like black, olive, khaki, white, gray, nude, etc. They’ll go with anything. 
  • Drink!!! Your!!! Water!!! 
  • Using a toner for oily skin helps a lot. 
  • Find a moisturizer that doesn’t make your skin oily throughout the day. 
  • Exfoliate once or twice a week. 
  • Use castor oil or Vaseline to moisturize your eyelashes because they do need to be conditioned, just like your hair. 
  • If you don’t have time to wax, shaving with Neosporin leaves your kitty stubble-free. 
  • Kat Von D lipstick is blowjob proof. 
  • Estee Lauder’s Double-Wear foundation is smear-proof. 
  • Fantasia Smoothing Serum keeps your hair from flattening and tangling during sexy time. 
  • Switch to men’s deodorant and razors. You’ll see why. 
  • Use tea tree oil to moisturize where you usually shave. 
  • Shaving with baby oil also gives a stubble-free, smooth shave. 
  • Pat a bit of foundation on your lips before applying lipstick to make it last longer when making out and giving blowjobs. 
  • Matte finish foundations stick to your skin better and don’t rub off. 
  • Cranberries will make your kitty’s scent a little sweeter. 
  • Use coconut oil and Vaseline on your thighs nightly to eliminate stretch marks. 
  • Put garlic on your nail beds and coconut oil on your cuticles for longer nails. 
  • If you have marks from ingrown hairs on your kitty, rub on aloe vera for the itching and coconut oil to fade the marks. 
  • Threading your eyebrows lasts longer than waxing them. 
  • If you know you’re doing the dirty, don’t wear cotton panties because they can trap lint in the crevices of your thighs. 
  • When brushing your teeth, brush your tongue too to eliminate bad breath. 
  • Use a pumice stone to get dead skin cells off your feet and focus on your heels. 
  • Chloraseptic throat numbing medication helps incredibly with deepthroating. 
  • Lemon juice and baking soda removes cum stains. 
  • Yoni oil makes your kitty extremely soft. 
  • Peeing after sex decreases your risk of UTIs and STDs. 
  • Change the condom if you’re going from anal to vaginal sex so you’re more protected against bacteria. 
  • Applying a homemade body and face scrub made of brown sugar and honey can work wonders. 
  • For dry or peeling lips, use water and a toothbrush to exfoliate them. 
  • Floss daily. 
  • Olive oil repairs nails broken from acrylics. 
  • Add moisturizer to a foundation that’s a little too dark for you to lighten it up. 
  • Even if you’re on birth control, wearing condoms can help prevent against STDs. 
  • Don’t let your number of partners affect you; to each their own. 
  • Don’t use soap in, near, or around your kitty. 
  • Coffee and salty foods will make your kitty taste bitter, so stick to water, tea, or juice. 
  • Don’t constantly use bath bombs or take bubble baths as they can give your kitty an infection. Keep it to a minimum. 
  • Never spray perfume in or on your kitty. This is a no-brainer. 
  • Don’t lie to your doctors about being sexually active. 
Sharing A Bed Starters
  • "Did you have a nightmare?"
  • "I had a nightmare."
  • "There's plenty of room for the both of us."
  • "There is not enough room here for both of us."
  • "It's cold. We should try to conserve body heat."
  • "You're not even going to notice because you'll be asleep!"
  • "We've only got the one bed between the two of us."
  • "Quit stealing the covers."
  • "Quit kicking me."
  • "It's better than sleeping on the floor."
  • "It's either this or you sleep in the tub."
  • "Alright. Get up here."
  • "We're sleeping in the same bed, not together!"
  • "Please go to bed."
  • "Sleep is for the weak."
  • "Do you have any idea what time it is?"
  • "Dutch oven!"
  • "You sleep on top of the sheets."
  • "I'll sleep on top of the sheets."
  • "I'm scared. Can I sleep with you?"
  • "You're scared? You can come sleep with me, I guess."
  • "I have to sleep closer to the door."
  • "I can't sleep this close to the door."
  • "Stop getting up so early. You always wake me up."
  • "Stop staying up so late. I can never fall asleep."
  • "We can cuddle."
  • "Just don't try cuddling me or anything."

Back to staying up till 2 am
facing the same window every night
Listening to the same song over and over because it just hurts it digs into my heart
in a way that’s too familiar

Back to putting my pillows on the opposite side of the bed
so that I don’t sleep the same way I did
when you slept in the same bed

And sometimes I lay down dead sober
And you’re all I fucking see
when all I’m trying to do is sleep
but sometimes I’m so drunk
that the car lights that pass by my house
look like they’re spinning
and when I close my eyes sometimes
I’m still dizzy but at least its not blurry visions of you and me or worse
you and her

I get drunk because it reminds me of being with you or maybe just being left by you or maybe it just makes my heart hurt in a different way

Cause when I wake up in the morning
All I have is a painful reminder
And isn’t it ironic that you remind me
of something so fucking toxic

But I’m always dying for another taste

I still always want you in the morning

—  Hungover


we’re all wrong…

it’s not that now that Jungkook has his own room, Jimin visits his room often…

it’s now that Jungkook has his own room, he still goes to HopeMin’s room to sleep…

I’m good… I’m done…

Ah, happy birthday, our sunshine Hobi Hobi~ ♥

2016 is such a dramatic year✨👏🏻👏🏻 Here we have a third season of volleyball anime that consists TEN episodes of a school playing against another school, a korean dating sim app game that contains 4 guys and a girl that friendzones u and contains such a tearjerking plot behind the truth(DONT FORGET THE RESET THEORY) and an ice-skating anime that should be similar to every other out there but turns out the amount of gayness in there can literally kick out Free! and Haikyuu!! because its so gay that rainbows are ready to burst out at any minute and im betting my money that they’re going to sleep on the same bed by the end of the last episode :“’)

ok but yuuri teasing viktor because he’s really attached
‘viktor, what does this gold band around my finger represent?’
'viktor, why do you have every single item of my merchandise?’
'viktor, why is there a folder on your phone labeled 'my love yuuri?“
'viktor, why are we sleeping in the same bed? isn’t this platonic?’
and viktor would get all !!! and flustered and just kiss yuuri and tell him how much he loved him

date a boy who you dont have to do anything with. who will call you at midnight just so you can sleep in the same bed. who you can read books with and listen to music with. who doesnt have to talk to you when theyre with you.

Ronald Gasser shot and killed former NFL player Joe McKnight yesterday. Joe was unarmed, shot several times and died on the scene. Police released him from custody last night. Not bail. He was RELEASED. With NO CHARGES against him. HOW DO YOU KILL SOMEONE AND GET TO GO AND SLEEP IN YOUR BED THAT SAME NIGHT?! How the fuck!!!!

I remember i watched a video where hoseok (most likely) asked jungkook who he wanted to room with and jungkook replied that he wanted his own room. which he now has. 

then WHY does he keep going to jimin and hoseok’s room and going so far as to ask hoseok to keep it available for him…?? ?  like ??? ?

also where is hoseok sleeping then???  i cant see hoseok sharing a bed when there is another bed available in the dorm. its not like they are pressed for space anymore. OuO

jk, just say you want to be roommates with jimin and be done with it instead of all this moving around. you aren’t fooling anyone.