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APPREHENSION | Park Jinyoung & Mark Tuan


Pairing: Park Jinyoung X Mark Tuan

Genre: Fluff/Angst

Word Count: 2,369

A/N: I love you all. Maia and I are working on getting all the requests out.


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Imagine though Prussia gives a list to Germany’s date mate. And it’s a list of things as if Prussia was giving his brother up to a babysitter. Things like:

- He needs a hug at the end of every day
- Do not make him German food please. Just let him do it himself. You would probably suck anyway.
- When he wants to walk his dogs and doesn’t want you to come along, don’t take it personally. He just needs alone time.
- Please make sure he takes breaks from paperwork to eat, drink, and sleep. He will sometimes forget.
- Do not let him skip breakfast.
- I’m sorry but you will now be the designated driver on drinking nights.
- I better not hear about you drinking and driving with my baby brother.
- Do not hit Ludwig. For any reason.
- He gets allergies during Spring season so make sure you have plenty of tissues and medicine.
- Just beware that when he sleeps he tends to cling to whoever or whatever is in the bed with him.
- If you have any questions call me.

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im curious what do you think about the vernon thing on twitter today?

Um all I know about the situation is that someone was upset and called Vernon out for tweeting while the situation in Dallas was going on. 

Firstly, that’s a bit hypocritical since…she was on twitter tweeting at the same time. If she had a problem with Vernon tweeting while the shooting was going on…why….was she tweeting too…

Secondly, not to defend Vernon, but the reason why we know about these things is because we spend time on our social media. I mean I didn’t even know that such a thing was happening at the same time until this came up? And Vernon and the rest of Seventeen spend so much time practicing and training and forsaking sleep and probably eating just going through their music and dance, I honestly don’t think they have time to spare hours going through the internet to really know what’s going on. If you weren’t online/on social media so much, do you really think you’d know about what’s going on around the world? Additionally, they live in skorea and I don’t know how many people in skorea would know about this news? Especially since most of the coverage and tweets/updates going around are probably in English. It’s really not fair that Vernon was called out for not addressing it(?) or tweeting while it was going on because I think he simply came on to just spend some time with carats. The boys had Music Bank today and Ms Korea, their schedule today was really intense and heavy. And Vernon probably had to come on twitter bc I think they’re going to be doing mempas in age order, and for him to come online to just fulfil this responsibility and to get attacked like that was really unnecessary and unfair. Also, remember that pledis_17 is an official twitter platform that’s meant to promote seventeen, the boys probably can’t simply tweet their own thoughts or whatever they want on a platform like that. 

(Just because Vernon is part American doesn’t mean he’s going to know about everything that happens in America…)

If she wanted Vernon to know about what was going on, he could have been told about it nicely, not attacked like that. He doesn’t deserve it, not when he already is working so hard just for us. 


1) There are all kinds of things I want to say about work and how that whole thing is going right now, but that’s how people get fired. Just … remember the poop emoji I used a while ago?

2) Men are such interesting little snowflakes, aren’t they?

3) Stress has me falling down on the eating/sleeping/exercising/self-care front, which is funny since that’s when you really need those things.

4) I’m afraid ghostbusters will be out of the theater by the time I’m kid free and can go see it. I thought briefly about taking Adelaide, but it’s PG13. I can’t take her to a PG13 movie without screening it myself first. Ugh. Stupid responsible adult bullshit.

5) I can’t decide if I want a bowl of cereal or to go to bed. The second is probably the smarter idea.

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When I start watching a new show or reading a new book I research on it and keep watching it until my eyes are completely covered in dark circles. is obsessing bad?

Is eating too much ice cream bad? Is laying on the couch all day bad? Is talking back at your parents bad? Is waiting till you are home to shit bad? Is stalking a celebrity bad? Is gossiping bad? Is complaining about the little things in life whilst others are dying bad? Is craving followers more than good content bad? Is sleeping all day bad?

Yes probably but it feels so damn good.

Pros of having Sans as a friend: 
• Invites you out to eat p much every time he sees you 
• Meme lord 
• Helps you out with stuff 
• Probably won’t tell anyone about that super embarrassing thing he caught you doing in your living room at 3:39 PM 
• Is actually kinda funny 
Cons of having Sans as a friend:
• Puns
• Puns
• Puns
• Puns
• Puns
• Crippling depression and nihilistic thoughts on a daily basis
• Puns 

 Pros of having Papyrus as a friend:
• Will give you his clothes if you need them
• Will give you his garage if you need it
• Will give you his bed to sleep on
• Will give you Sans
• Please take him
 Cons of having Papyrus as a friend:
• (Bad) spaghetti for dinner every night
• Loud
• p much nothing else tho, he’s a precious sinnamon cinnamon roll

i do this list shit when i need a damn break oops. filling out this stuff is FUN

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Nicknames: kella, kellogs, coco

Gender: female

If you had a cat what would you name it: depends on the looks/personality but probably binky or tubby or pookie or some awful shit.

Height: 5′1′’ im fucking tiny help

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff PUFF

Favorite color: i like green its alright

Time right now: 5:08p

Average hours of sleep: 6-7 on weekdays, 12-14 when i dope myself up w my cocktail of gin, melatonin, weed, and honey (honey is good for u in general i encourage everyone to eat a tiny bit a day)

Lucky number: never had one fuck that

Last thing I googled: Bellingham trailer parks (whelp)

Fictional character you want as your younger sibling: ive been trying to think of an answer for this for the past like 5 minutes and all my fave fictional characters are huge fucking assholes so none

Blankets you sleep with: ugly brown sheet, fleece blanket my sis made me w our DnD characters on it that reads ‘friends’ at the bottom in elvish or dwarvish or some shit DONT JUDGE ME. and an ikea comforter thats just sorta been chillin at the foot of my bed bc its hot now.

Favorite bands/artists: nicki minaj, major lazer/diplo, hollywood undead, greenday, nightwish, fall out boy, MSI 

Dream Trip: quiet lakehouse somewhere where i can just chill n relax n draw n swim n  SLEEP

What I’m wearing right now: cargo shorts/black tank top/hoodie/mismatched socks

When I made this blog: fuckin….late 2010?? i think? or 2011. i know i made it freshman year of college so i could have a place to post my homestuck art. that was literally the most embarrassing sentence i’ve ever typed in my life. 

What do I post about: funny shit, fandom shit (lord of the rings right now, bit of breaking bad still), art that inspires me, stuff i draw.

Pick a word that starts with the first letter of your real name and ends with the first letter of your tumblr name: mackinac is all im thinking of GOD IM A MICHIGANFAG 

Do you get asks on a daily basis: like every other day ish

Why did you choose you URL: 2 of my fave pet rats from when i was like 12 were named coconut and milkyway. i fused them to create my url. the more u kno.

that was fun back to furry commissions and watching the ring

A week in the life of Strixa.

Tomorrow, much, much too early in the morning, I’m heading out to the Bay City area to take a Suhaila Level 2 workshop (that’s a belly dance certification, for those not in the know). 

For about a week, all I’ll be doing is dancing, when I’m not sleeping, eating, showering, or researching 20th century Middle Eastern music history. 

I’ll also test to advance to the next level of certification– something I’m honestly freaking out about.  So be aware that I’ll be checking in on everyone, even if I don’t have time to post.  If you want to talk, messaging is probably the best way to get an actual response from me.

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“I hope all of you are enjoying the food here! Why, because I made it special, just for you!” 

Normally, most would be happy to here something was made ‘special for them’ but in the case here, it was probably more unnerving then anything.

“Why is it so special? Well, I’ll tell ya! It’s a special ingredient, which has some major effects, one making the taste even better. However…it has a bad side effect..”

Despite sounding somber, the former bear merely grinned as he spoke.

“This effect will make it, so you can’t sleep! You’ll still feel the side effects of not sleeping, but you can’t do a thing about it! Really unfortunate.”

“Oh, and if you want to try and not eat the food, know that you’ll probably starve, cause it’s the only place in here with food. Have fun~!”

With his signature laugh echoing in the room, he left the people to now come up with a plan to combat the ‘special ingredient’

daisycandy1025  asked:

Hey there guys! Seeing as it is summer, I was wondering what all of you plan to do for vacations and/or plans?

Haruhi- I’m going to be working a bit at Mizusu’s pension, but I’ll also probably be dragged to random places by the idiots in this club.

Hikaru- Well, other than bothering Haruhi…

Kaoru- … And forcing her to dress up…

Both- … We’ll be taking a trip to the Bahamas, to work on our tan!

Tamaki- I’ll be spending as much time as I can with my dearest daughter, as this is the best time for her to show me new commoner things, like summer festivals!

Kyoya- I will be sleeping and working. Unless someone *eyes Tamaki* drags me to different places.

Honey- I’m gonna be eating sweets like ice cream and more cake of course! Plus Takashi and I will be taking a trip to Sweden I think!

Mori- I’ll be doing a lot of training, plus the trip.

Tamaki- We are all going to get together, because I want to experience camping! It will be the perfect bonding experience!

In case no one’s reminding you.
I hope that you’re taking care of yourself, you’re eating on time, you don’t skip classes, you get enough sleep, you smile more often and have all of the things that makes you happy. It’s been a while ayt? Most probably you’re reading this. Always remember to eat on time and take an extra ounce of care. Don’t let negativity take over. :)

Love, YM.

nuisance part 2

the day after was awkward. sure, michael was being serious when he said he wanted to be friends, but he had no idea what he was doing.

“so, what are you doing after school?” he asked as he joined your side. it took a second for the two of you to fall into step down the long hallway but eventually you found a good pace to match his long legs.

you two had lunch together and it all felt sort of staged. you both sat in silence and picked at whatever the lunch ladies had created. very little words were exchanged but there were a few funny faces here and there.

“probably going home… taking a nap… eating. i love to eat,” you said, giggling. “what about you?”

“the same thing,” he said, laughing. “we could eat and sleep together? unless you don’t want to, that’s totally fine,” he finished in a rush.

“no, that’s cool. totally,” you reassured him as you opened the front doors of the school and stepped into the cool autumn air. “my house is only like a mile away if you want to go there? my parents don’t get off work for another hour or so.” you sort of trailed off towards the end, not wanting to make it sound like a date thing.

his eyes lit up in a way as an idea popped into his head. “i don’t know where your house is but i’m gonna race you to the netflix!!!”

he sprinted ahead of you which made you laugh almost as much as him running in the opposite direction of your house. you could tell he wasn’t very athletic by the way his arms flopped around and his legs struggled to run more than the twenty yards in which he had gone.

instead of telling him about his mistake, you took off running the other way. still laughing to yourself, you could hear his pounding footsteps slow and then stop completely. it only took him a second to realize what had happened and a few more for him to catch up. and then he pounced… literally.

“oW MICHAEL GET OFF,” you wailed as he struggled to jump onto your back. you flailed around, trying to knock him off, and ending up falling on top of him.

you ended up getting a free piggyback ride all the way to your house due to michael being so rambunctious and hurting your ankle. you opened the door for him and plopped down on the couch.

he took a glance at your house and immediately found the fifa game case lying on your floor. “score!” he shouted and started asking questions left and right about where everything was.

you rolled your eyes and gathered snacks and game controllers while michael rocked back and forth on the couch, totally ecstatic. after kicking your ass the first three times, you finally won a game and jumped up, cheering and bowing and congratulating yourself.

“don’t be such a sore winner,” michael pouted. he feigned being upset but you could see the amusement in his eyes.

you jumped onto the couch and hopped up and down chanting, “i won, you lost, i won!” you fell and landed on top of him in a ball of laughter.

finally, the awkwardness of it all fell away and everything else came together.

Bedtime 15 Jul 16

A high pain day, well over baseline, and a so-so day with the brain space. Some good, perhaps a bit too much “why can’t I throw flaming rocks from low Earth orbit again?”

Did eat, if probably not as much as I should have. Located my leather gloves so I can wrestle with the cat if she wants to.

My neighbors appear to have stopped making noise since I griped about them, and hopefully that will hold through getting to sleep.

Hugs for everyone, and I hope you sleep well!

the-spoonie-witch-blog  asked:

Bat, Cauldron, Eerie :)

Bat: If you could transform into any kind of animal, what animal would you be?
Probably a cat.  Sleep all day? Eat whenever? Never have to leave the house? Yeah, a cat.

Cauldron: What is your favorite thing to cook?
Crock pot rosemary lamb roast.

Eerie: One thing that always creeps you out?
When you start picking up the traits of your friends and vice versa. Then suddenly, one day, you both laugh at the exact same time in the exact same way and NOPE.

aikuros  asked:

Post 10 facts about yourself, then pass on to 10 of your faves, only if you want to! ^^

aah thank you so much!! you’re one of my fave mutuals too (o´▽`o)

1. i love coffee and i often need it in the school year because i get very little sleep ;v;
2. my mbti type is apparently istj
3. i would die for a cat but my parents say no
4. i have a big sweet tooth i love sweets so much even if i don’t get to eat them very often
5 . i also love making sweets especially baking c:
6. i almost never lose my temper
7.  i love pokemon and i’ve been really into it since i was like 5, it’s that one thing i’ll probably never get over
8. i’m actually pretty bad at playing smash (running out of facts here)
9. my ears are pierced?
10. i collect nail polish i have like 150 or something now? i haven’t counted in a while >.<

Ah so I was supposed to be part of a research study that would put me on new meds for my anxiety/depression but I totally bailed because I’m super sick of life feeling like the static channel on televisions and I’m ready to feel things again, even if it’s being sad 99% of the time. It’s like day 4 or 5 of no meds and I’ve socialized more this week than I probably have since December and it’s Thursday. I get tired and sleep most of the way through the night and that’s pretty cool. I totally forgot how much I like to eat though, jfc, but hey, I’m actually interested in things like food and books and spending my day off baking pie so that’s cool too. My few friends are really amazing and v supportive and who knows if this was the best decision in the long run but things are actually kinda okay now so I’m gonna celebrate by ordering indian food and watching the craft. 

shsllego  asked:

☾☼ ♪ ✓ go GO GO

☾- Are they prone to nightmares or dreamless sleep?

nightmares, yes! but i doubt he’s had much of those like, adrenaline-racing ones that make you wake up immediately in the middle of the night - more overall disturbing ones that make u wake up in mild discomfort. don’t ask me why. it’s gut feel for me

dreamless sleep sure why not, but he dreams quite a bit bc when he’s asleep he tends to be Deeply Asleep

☼ - Something that/Someone who makes them happy.

yutaka finds happiness in very simple things - laughing at a joke, eating nice food, goin out somewhere with friends! there’s many small things in life u look 4 happiness in yknow?? that’s what’s happiness is about! ☆ ~(‘▽^人)

but if it’s a person. u know he would never tell u but it Is his gpa whos like, the most consistent with making him happy, probably, but. his lips are sealed

♪ - Are they musically inclined?

he’s the definition of mediocre. he can kinda sing, but he’s only Alright and always cracks at high notes and can’t go very low. he’s alright with rhythm, but hasn’t had the dedication to learn how to dance. he could learn to play an instrument, but he doesn’t have much interest in playing or performing music. or even singing at all.

so he’s just there. he enjoys karaoke but that’s the furthest extent of his singing career

✓ - How do they react to praise?

[yutaka voice] haha! yeah, i know i’m so good, right?! HAHAHAHA!!

yeah, that’s the usual kind of smug joke-y response you’ll get from him if you drop him a compliment. it’s obnoxious and it seems like he doesn’t appreciate ur compliment at all. that’s when he’s in his usual chipper mood tho, if u catch him when he’s being weirdly broody, he might a. not take u serious and scoff u off b. say thanks like eh.. thanks on the rare chance he thinks ur being serious