sleeping days on days away

I think about you sometimes. I wonder who’s comfort do you seek for when you’re having a bad day. I wonder if you got that promotion you had been aiming for. I wonder if you’ve been to that place where we last kissed. I wonder what do you say when people ask about me. I wonder if you’re doing okay without me.
—  Things I realized when I couldn’t sleep, part X

5x12 || 7x11

This is you breaking up with me. Yeah.

Voltron season 2: *releases on January 20th*


TLC Shipweeks 2017- Week One Day One- Home.

tbh wolflet is as cozy as you can get honestly it was all i could think of when i thought of the theme. I wanted to make this look better but i haven;t slept in like,,,,a long time,,,and idk lmso. anyway yeah they went out dancing at the bar last night and she stole his shirt but Ze’ev was wearing those pants when they went out. idk how to draw him lol. i will probably go back and redraw this someday.


the meanie couple is my ultimate weakness

Alright guys I'ma try to take a break from drawing and tumblr today because my Idiotic self stayed up to PROBABLY 3am passing out in a discord vc COMPLETELY disregarding that I get sick if I stay up to certain amounts SO YEA I MIGHT BE AROUND LIKING THINGS HERE AND THERE BUT MAIN PURPOSE IS JUST TO RELAX XD

my brain has been whirring with stress and it’s doubly frustrating because they’re either things I cannot yet take care of, or things that need other things done first /before/ I can take care of them and it’s building up and it kept me up last night and I cannot make it be quiet

Austin Carlile!!!

carey pietsch has the most beautiful art style and everyone ought to read marceline gone adrift