sleeping days on days away

I think about you sometimes. I wonder who’s comfort do you seek for when you’re having a bad day. I wonder if you got that promotion you had been aiming for. I wonder if you’ve been to that place where we last kissed. I wonder what do you say when people ask about me. I wonder if you’re doing okay without me.
—  Things I realized when I couldn’t sleep, part X

the reason why hoseok is the most DONE with jikook is probably because he shares room with jimin and he has to third wheel those two ALL THE DAMN TIME my poor baby :(((

can u imagine him getting ready for bed??? you know its been a tiring day, he just bought this sleeping mask and hes gonna sleep so damn peacefully but jikook are like two feet away from him and jungkook keep giving jimin little kisses underneath that fucking blanket and jimin’s gross giggles can still be heard and hoseok just wants to sleep???

and when he thought the coast is clear and those idios finally pass out too, he heard some weird sound coming muffled from the bed beside him- and the fuck did jiMIN JUST MOAN????

“jiminnie, be quiet, hoseok hyung gonna hear us”

oh my god. thats jungkook, he always drops the honorifics with jimin everytime he wants to get weird, WHY DOES HE WANT TO GET WEIRD AT THIS FUCK SAKES HOUR????


and like… he slept, he still managed to fall asleep alright, hes a professional, those brats being so disgustingly gross would never affect the stronger bond he has with sleep-

and its a new day, theyre gonna have an interview, hoseoks gonna have fun~ he will play with yoongi hyung, tease jin hyung with tae and maybe talk about this new song with namjoon-

“jimin hyuuuung~ i told you i dont need sugar for my tea, its already sweet enough if youre the one who makes it”


not this shit again no, NO.



PSA regarding S3

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Also if you wanna unfollow me for a few days until you’ve had chance to watch it feel free, I’m not gonna be offended if you do bc I know there are various reasons as to why people won’t be able to watch it straight away.

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This is you breaking up with me. Yeah.


i was making new home screens for my phone and i figured i’d share?

and the transparent .png of the tiny universe things:


the meanie couple is my ultimate weakness