sleeping cp is just too cute


MODie: FINALLY I FINISHED THIS!!!!! Oh my gosh, this is my very first finger drawn comic! Yay!!! I made Skype super too creepy but I can deal with it ^_^“”“. I feel so proud of myself, but I need to learn how to manage a whole story using only ten pictures. This was kinda fun to do, with the glowing coat and eyes and I actually did backgrounds so yay! Also, meet CP a character that was suppose to be introduced somewhere else but I was too impatient with myself.. *claps* Question by Anon: “Hey Skype could we see you do more friendly pranks to your friends for the week?” Skype: Sure! I mean, this prank wasn’t as friendly as I thought it should be. CP: What do you expect? It was Wingnut’s idea after all. Wingnut: Since when pranks are considered friendly!? Question By Anon: “Oh Skype you live with Shaula and Chili??? Is it easy to sleep at night with those two shearing a bed tougher?” Skype: Not really because those two keep me up ALL night! Just look at how cute they are when they’re asleep. I always take pictures because they’re so adorable! MODie: I’ve been meaning to answer this for a long time, especially with a small twist using the grammar the Anon had and change it into a joke about those two actually “shearing” so it could be “tougher” but I say they waited long enough ^_^ One Prank Out of Seven. (1/7) Featuring: ask-shaula and askchilimod Who will be the next victim of prank? Skype: I got my eyes on you, askbloodsugar you better watch out. ;)