sleeping cow


Why did this moment happen and why did i decide to gif it


This is my baby Meeka but I call her “Cow” because she’s hefty, she is my 5 year old chubby little baby. She is super cuddly and loves people. She loves to sleep on my stomach and snores while she sleeps! Baby cow is the sweetest little fur ball who basically sleeps her life away because she’s so lazy and does nothing but bug me when I’m busy but I can’t refuse her love!


Aaaaaand Lightgazer Apprentices. A masculine familiar to round out the fam.

Okay last of the Pastwalkers for now. I gotta drop off the map for the weekend anyways. I’m totally not hiding from how many notes their lore post got, noooo not at all. lol but yeah enjoy the 4th to those who celebrate it~

FLIPPITY FLOPPITY FLOO WHY DOES THE COW SAY MOO Is Moo english? or is it like universal and moo is a part of all langueges? So if aliens visited and didn’t speak any of our languegues would they also say cows go “moo”?

All gathers in incredible joy. I cannot stop writing poems! They come better and better. They come from the vocabulary of woods and animals and earth that Ted [Hughes] is teaching me. We walked 15 miles yesterday through woods, field, and fen, and came home through moonlit Granchester and fields of sleeping cows.
I cook steaks, trout on my gas ring, and we eat well. We drink sherry in the garden and read poems; we quote on and on: he says a line of Thomas or Shakespeare and says “Finish!” We romp through words. I learn new words and use them in poems.
—  Sylvia Plath to her mother (April 21, 1956)