sleeping cow

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If cows sleep standing up and they sit down when it's raining, what do they do if it's raining while they're sleeping?

this is a mindfuck and im not even drunk anymore

things i love in blue lily, lily blue

–ronan showing up unexpectedly to adam’s court hearing with his tie tied correctly for once, and his shirt tucked in.

–greenmantle telling his girlfriend that he would always love himself first and she’d always come in second, and her reply: “samesies”

–gansey coughing or some shit in the cave to cover the sound of his hairs standing up on his neck and his testicles retreating

–adam and blue and noah driving along having a fight – when blue turns on the radio to lighten the mood and the murder squash song comes on, and that is how we find out that ronan lynch has made a mixtape for adam

–all of ronan and adam’s private adventures:
-to the barns, where adam learns that ronan is also lonesome (a surprise), attentive to detail (surprise), passionate about making the impossible possible (at this point adam is like “i don’t even know him, but WOW!!1!”) and then they sit really close to each other against a sleeping cow and adam knows ronan is looking at him. and he is simultaneously ready to BRAG ABOUT IT/convinced it’s not real.
-to get toiletries for gwenllian, just casually strolling through the store together with adam pushing a cart like a regular human – ronan trying desperately to look cool/make adam laugh, and adam essentially ignoring the shit out of him
-the shopping cart scene where it’s just obvious that this is a common occurrence, and adam doesn’t even hesitate to get in the cart, probably because he knows in a few moments he’ll get to see pure happiness on ronan’s face when they crash
-the scene in the church when they decide to dream up a web to trap greenmantle in, and adam is just laying on a pew thinking about how gloriously ronan fits this church, and then they simultaneously realize they’re staring at each other.
-like two minutes later in the church when ronan lays down on a pew with his eyes closed, adam starts staring again, and ronan instinctively knows this and tells him to stop looking at him without even opening his eyes.

–when blue looks for tea to serve to the gray man and spends a few minutes searching for one that is more likely to promote sanguinity than loose stools.

–henry cheng’s top priority of having incredibly tall spiked hair even while standing for hours in the misty morning.

–gansey’s immediate recognition of/admiration for henry’s priorities being in the right order.


Why did this moment happen and why did i decide to gif it

What’s it like to dream?, Blue asks, fareaway from the others. Cabeswater’s warm air is all around them, trees whispering in mild summer breezes and Ronan stops in his tracks, momentarily lost in the moment.
Like falling in love, Ronan whispers finally and watches Adam from afar.

What’s it like to dream?, Matthew asks one day after they leave the church. Suits rumpled from sitting too long, the bells still chiming in the background. His keys feel unnaturally hot and heavy in his hand.
Like being God, Ronan smiles, razor-sharp and drives away.

What’s it like to dream?, Kavinsky cackles over the brutal sound of his roaring engine. The air reeks of gasoline and sulfur and Ronan feels like something’s burning on a leash, a graveyard of wasted dreams between them.
Like destroying the world, Ronan says and leaves without a second glance.

What’s it like to dream?, Gansey asks full of excitement, eyes glistening in the dark night. They’re sitting side by side and Ronan watches in silence as Gansey builds his miniature Henrietta anew. There’s the faint sound of a buzzing insect somewhere in the manufacture that keeps him alerted.
Like waking up, Ronan murmurs and closes his eyes against the cold air.

What’s it like to dream?, Declan snarls with something like disappointment on his tongue. They’re fighting, they always are and Ronan throws as much punches as Declan does - perhaps even more so.
I don’t dream, Ronan bristles and puts his guard up again, shoulders square, face blank when Declan’s fist hits him.

What’s it like to dream?, Noah whispers, voice thick of grief and fear. An old chimney clock is ticking somewhere inside Monmouth, remind them that their time is running out. Ronan reaches out but Noah is cold, frozen skin over frozen bones.
Like cheating death, Ronan answers, voice painfully aware of Noah’s fading presence.

What’s it like to dream?, Adam asks carefully and looks at Ronan with a small smile. The smell of fresh air is all around them, cows sleeping peaceful in wide green fields, the Barns towering in the background like a reassuring presence.
Like coming home, Ronan says and places kisses along Adam’s fingers one by one.

Holy frick I just remembered by rereading the series that Wicked Lovely literally has everything that YA readers have been complaining about not seeing:

- Sex positivity
- Bisexual representation
- Strong diverse female characters
- Polyamory
- Gay relationships
- Subtle rejections of heteronormativity
- And a frickin beautiful and complex storyline about fairies, magic, politics, war, tattoos and love that spans over five books and a bunch of short stories/novellas

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