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How They Sleep and Wake You Up

Although Fillip can come off a serious when he’s with you, he’s anything but that. After a long day of biking and dealing guns he loves to just come home to you and relax. You both start off on your own side of the bed, but as the night goes on you sort of gravitate towards each other. Thirty minutes after you both go to sleep Chibs will have most likely moved his body as close to yours as possible, burying his head into you shoulder and wrapping an arm around your waist. He will usually stay like this for the entire night and wake you in in the morning by leaving light kisses on your bare shoulder.

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He loves your body, every single inch of it and you love his. When you both sleep you only ever use one side of the bed because you are either laying on top of him or he is laying onto of you. As you both sleep his hands are constantly touching your bare skin, tracing circles and patterns as he does. Alex will usually wake you up by kissing you, not stopping until you kiss back.  

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Just like your everyday life the way you and Juice sleep is all over the place. During the night you both move around so much that more often than not one of you will wake up on the floor. You are both never able to get comfortable and it takes a lot of tossing and turning to get the right spot. In the morning he usually wakes you up by leaving kisses all over your face.

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He’s not a huge fan of sleeping. He tends to stay up into early hours of the morning and doesn’t join you until you have been sleeping for hours. However when he does go to bed at the same time as you he will hold you close to him and place gentle kissing on your forehead. Since Hap doesn’t sleep very much you are usually up before him but instead of waking him up you watch him sleep. It’s one of the only times you get to witness his face free from any worry.


When you and Opie sleep it is very intimate. Since Donna, you are the first woman that he gets close and opens up too. You sleep facing each other with your bodies close together. Opie will wake you up by playing with your hair which always makes you smile.

Okay well these are just little shorts that I hope you’ll all like, please let me know if you do and if you would like more:):)

The shamans of ancient Mexico, according to don Juan, described intent as a perennial force that permeates the entire universe-a force that is aware of itself to the point of responding to the beckoning or to the command of shamans. By means of intent, those shamans were capable of unleashing not only all the human possibilities of perceiving, but all the human possibilities of action. Through intent, they realized the most far-fetched formulations.
—  Carlos Castenada - Magical Passes; The Practical Wisdom of the Shamans of Ancient Mexico

Sometimes, Carlos wakes up just by the tingles racing down his spine when Jay’s strong arms wrap around him and pull him closer.

Sometimes, since Jay’s so much taller, he can rest his head on top of Carlos’ head while sleeping, which makes Carlos feel really safe.

Sometimes, Carlos would have nightmares, and he’d murmur things, tears rolling down his cheeks when he didn’t even open his eyes yet. Jay would blink and look at his boyfriend’s vulnerable figure, quickly wrapping him into a hug. He’d press kisses to Carlos’ forehead, and Carlos’ loud mutters suddenly go as soft as a whisper.

Sometimes, Jay would wake up early to watch Carlos sleep. He’d stare at the little crease between the boy’s eyebrows and that little upturned smile Carlos would have on his face.

Sometimes, the two would go on dates, and Jay would always use public affection to fluster Carlos. He’d grab Carlos’ hand and smirk at him, or he’d tug at Carlos’ collar and kiss him hard. Either way, Carlos would get incredibly red, even though he couldn’t complain.

Sometimes, they’d do really cheesy things together. Like stargazing, saying dramatic stuff all the time (mostly, that’s just Jay), and holding huge celebrations for every single one of their anniversaries.

Sometimes, Carlos would get extremely jealous when Jay smiles at other people, in which Jay would laugh and kiss him on his really poofy hair. “You’re cute when you’re jealous.”

Sometimes, Jay would get jealous too.

Sometimes, the two would get in a fight and Carlos is the one in the end who wins the fight because there’s always this one expression Carlos would wear when he’s extremely upset that literally kills Jay because he made Carlos feel so bad about himself.

All the time, Jay and Carlos are basically the cutest couple in all of Auradon, Mal and Ben as a close tie.

Carlos and Cecil’s average “Saturday” morning (possibly cameo from the faceless old woman)?

• Cecil is definitely NOT a morning person so he just likes to sleep until noon
• Carlos on the other hand is up at the ass-crack of dawn and it’s a common theory that he actually doesn’t sleep
• But like on Saturdays, Carlos still wakes up, it’s a habit by now, but he will usually just snuggle up to Cecil for a few more hours
• And Cecil talks in his sleep too so it’s just really adorable
• They usually stay like this until the Faceless Old Woman drags Carlos out of bed to show him a pair of nunchucks she made out of butter-free butter
• And then Carlos is already up so he’ll usually start making breakfast and maybe tidy up a little bit
• And within 30 minutes, Cecil is up
• There’s a cute little forehead kiss somewhere in there while the coffee is brewing
• And then they’ll sit down to eat
• (Unaware of the Faceless Old Woman crawling on the ceiling above them)
• And it’s something really simple, but Cecil loves it.
• Before they were together, Cecil would usually just kinda forget to eat on Saturdays, but since he and Carlos moved in together, he’s been a lot healthier.

Uh Oh...Mal
  • *Its past midnight and Ben and Carlos are curled up in the sheets after a nice round know what*
  • Ben: Good Boy.
  • *Mal busts through the door*
  • *Ben remembers his room is right over Evie's and Mal's room.
  • Ben: Uh oh...
  • Earl: You can't just take him away. Night Vale needs Cecil
  • Carlos: And how do you know what's best for him?
  • Earl: Cecil and I grew up together. We were best friends.
  • Carlos: Well, he's my boyfriend. Besides, we've soul-merged.
  • Earl: Hey, I've soul-merged with him too.
  • Carlos: Oh really? When?
  • Earl: Oh, we used to all the time. Sometimes seven or eight times a night. Cecil has a lot of stamina.
  • Carlos: You're bluffing.
  • Earl: Scout's honor.
  • Carlos: Well, Cecil and I have had sex.
  • Earl: Okay, you've got me there.

Since Carlos can sleep through anything Cecil comes up with increasingly creative ways to wake him up in the morning. It started with something traditional like good morning kisses and tickling but escalated to the likes of Cecil orchestrating 4 parrots to give their rendition of classic children songs such as “we follow the leader and drown,” at this point Carlos is awake but pretends to sleep to find out what new wacky idea Cecil will come up with next

Absolutely useless, cute Cecilos headcanons

Carlos kisses the corners of Cecil’s eyes all the time to block out the flickering for a moment.

He also tried a few times early on to go for forehead kisses and THAT WENT HORRIBLY because of the eye there.

Cecil learned to dance because he assumed Carlos already knew, but Carlos didn’t so Cecil had the pleasure of teaching him.

Cecil often falls asleep listening to Carlos’s heartbeat. It’s his favorite sound.

Cecil talks in his sleep. A lot. Carlos sometimes falls asleep to it.

Sometimes Cecil finds Carlos asleep at his desk, and carries him to bed.

Sometimes Cecil, who doesn’t always sleep at night, goes missing mid-day and Carlos finds him asleep in really unexpected places.

Cecil’s movie night picks are westerns and classic horror. Carlos’s are documentaries and Jurrasic Park.

Carlos constantly helps Cecil remember things. Cecil constantly helps Carlos calm down.

Cecil cuddles Carlos in a protective way, wrapping himself defensively around his precious boyfriend.

Carlos takes lots of pictures every time they do something together, even though it’s dangerous. He’s careful to back them up so neither of them can forget the moments they shared.

  • Carlos sleeps like a starfish, all stretched out. Cecil sleeps like a koala, wrapped entirely around the person he’s with, or a pillow when he’s alone
  • Cecil can’t swim, and as much as Carlos wants to teach him, he is very skeptical of swimming as a thing that happens (”ooh you just sort of lay in the water and wiggle around, and then you actually get somewhere? suuuuure you do”)
  • Carlos isn’t allergic to cats. He is allergic specifically to Khoshekh, who intentionally creates more dander because he is disproportionately protective of Cecil
  • Cecil, when really sick or injured, is very stiff-upper-lip about it. But a papercut or a headcold? He is the most miserable and requires much nurturing.
  • Carlos is a chronic nicknamer. We haven’t heard the HALF of what he calls Cecil
  • Cecil is ticklish. Carlos will routinely attack him with pokes and prods while saying things like “What’s so funny, Ceec?” and “Come on, let me in on the joke” and then acting very affronted with Cecil finally chokes out “YOU’RE TICKLING ME.” (”What? Oh my sweet Cecil, I am positively wounded, I would never do such a thing, I mean, me tickle you? That is outrageous”)
Disney’s Descendants

I’m spoiling this movie like CRAZY so if you haven’t seen it, don’t read this.
This blog is because I feel REALLY strongly about this movie (and the book that comes before it) and I needed to write about it. 

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