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Sormik week day 6! Woohoo! I’m back.
No baby Sormiks this time, but have all the more fluff. This one is for @amarietie/ @tmariea for Storms in Our Blood. Today’s theme is “Lastonbell—Promises/Acceptance”, and although this scene indeed takes place in Elysia and has nothing to do with the Lastonbell promise, I figured the prompt was as good as any to do a marriage proposal.
I… I went over the top with the cheesiness, didn’t I? *hides*
The layers have fancy names to distract from the ridiculous romance going on here. Like “background panels”, background background”, “fucking rain”, “fucking lightning”, “rainy bits” and “rainy muchs”.

Anyway, I’m sorry this is so rushed, but I hope it gets the idea across just fine! I really really hope you like it, Mari! :,)
This is my little thanks for your kind words and deeds for me, and for your Earth Armatus Rose occasionally saving my ass in ToLink, hoho. HAPPY SEVERAL MONTHS LATE BIRTHDAY OR SOMETHING

For everyone else: go read the story, it includes more artistic use of seraphic artes, and more kisses in the rain, if that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what to tell you

Road Rage//Scott McCall Imagine

Originally posted by fytwolf

Author: @celestial-writing

Warnings: Angst (what is new), some gory stuff if you don’t like that, fluff (mostly angst)

Paring: Scott McCall/Reader

Words: 3,185 (It’s long because I love angst)

Request: No

A/N: Hey guys! I’m so so so so so sorry that I haven’t posted! Life happened but here is the Scott fic I promised! It’s real and not a fake promise and sorry for posting so late but it was really the only time I could post! Just thank you to @dumbass-stilinski as always for supporting me and helping through a lot of shit! Also thank you @mf-despair-queen for helping me edit! This wouldn't be anywhere without you! 

Summary: Being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister sucks when your brother is the most overprotective person you kow who has sworn off all dating for you. How is he going to react if he finds out about you and his best friend, Scott McCall’s four month relationship?




The sound of little pebbles being pelted against your window woke you up slowly. You opened your eyes to see your phone lighting up in a message from Scott, which caused you to smile.

Scott ~ Hey babygirl, I’m here.

Scott~ Did you forget i’m coming over?

Scott ~ Hey, I may be pelting pebbles at your window

You opened the window to see a pebble flying towards. You dodged it before it could hit its unintentional target.

“Scott!” You whispered yelled.

“Sorry, (Y/N)!” He gave a sheepish smile and climbed up the tree like he always did when we met on nights like this.

“Hi baby.” He whispered and kissed you softly, his arms wrapping around your waist as you threaded your hand into his hair.

“Hi Scott…since you already woke me up from my beauty sleep, are you going to make up for it?” You smirked, pulling away slightly and he let out a soft laugh.

“You bet, princess.” He smirked, his hands slowly traveling down your back and grabbing your ass, squeezing it to make you let out a small moan. You grabbed the back of his neck and pressed your lips to his feverishly. You traced the seam of his lips with your tongue and he gladly opened. Your tongues battled for dominance as you slowly walked backwards, but you hit the back of your desk, causing the lamp sitting on the edge to fall off it.

You pulled away to see Scott’s shifted yellow eyes and took a breath of fear. You knew Stiles heard. It was a heavy ass lamp and it must’ve sounded like a broken window.

“He’s up..” Scott mumbled, his eyes slowly turning back into the beautiful chocolate brown you were accustomed to.

“Into my closet. Now..” You demanded, pushing your boyfriend into the closet and shut the door quickly behind him.

Stiles opened the door quickly with his bat in hand, wearing only his small Star Wars boxer briefs, ready to attack the non-existent intruders. He looked down to see the broken lamp and gave a sigh of relief, dropping his bat.

“Oh thank god. I thought someone broke in and you got kidnapped or something. I was ready to call Dad and Scott.” He said quickly and jumped over the bed to give you a hug.

“Yeah. It’s fine Stiles… I just woke up and I accidently hit the table and the damn lamp fell.” You lied to him, thanking to god he couldn’t see through your lies.

“You’re lucky dad isn’t here or the whole police squadron would have been here. Let me get a broom so we can clean this up.” He let go, giving a smile and went back to get a broom but a noise came out of the closet and Stiles poked his head back into the room, his whiskey colored eyes matching yours.

“What was that?” He asked suspicious, grabbing his bat for protection again.

You looked at him and gave him a cheeky smile. “Nothing Stiles, probably just Landon messing around in there.”

“O-okay.” He said questionably and left to get a broom. You opened the door to see a smirking Scott holding your black cat, cocking his head slightly.

“Scott! You almost got us caught again!” You whispered yelled at him.

“Maybe I want that to happen.” He looked at you, his gaze unwavering from your own.

“Do you remember what happened freshman year with-” You whispered, your arms crossing over each other until you got cut off.

“Yes. I remember…” He mumbled, his eyes downcasting to the floor.

“Just stay in here a little longer please…then we can cuddle and talk about lacrosse.” You pleaded, giving him your signature puppy dog eyes.

“Okay…” You gave him a kiss on the nose and shut the door before Stiles came in with a broom and dustpan.

“Cat?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, he was messing with my shoes again.” You smiled and helped him the big pieces, throwing them away in the trash.

You finished after fifteen minutes of cleaning up. Stiles constantly looked at the closet door and you bit your lip, hoping Stiles didn’t think anything about it.

“Night (Y/N). Turn the light on when your going around your room next time.” He smiled, the comment joking and heading back to his room.

You loved Stiles. He was your twin brother and was always the person that was there for you but, some of the negatives of being Stiles Stilinski’s twin sister is that he is the most overprotective person you know. You don’t take it a bad way, but when you’re trying to have a good night with your boyfriend, it ruins the mood.

Fifteen minutes passed and you let Scott out of the closet. He let out a long sigh, giving you a longing look.

“Why don’t you want to tell him about us?” Scott whispered.

“We have been over this Scott.” You mumbled, getting into your bed.

“(Y/N), we have been dating for over four months. I’m done hiding from your brother. He’s my best friend, (Y/N).” He didn’t crawl in the bed and you looked at him with a pout.

“But you know what ha-”

“With Jackson at homecoming and then with the “date”. Yeah. That happened two years ago, freshman year and Stiles hit his Porsche with a cruiser. I know. He told me. He told me that no boy is allowed to date you until you’re 90 but I’m in love with you, (Y/N). I don’t care if Stiles gets mad at me and doesn’t want to talk to me…I want to be with you…” He looked like a lost puppy and slowly walked towards you.

“Scott…I’m not ready to tell him. Okay…just maybe soon…” You mumbled. “Can we just cuddle…?”


“Scott, he will run you over with Roscoe. C-can we please just drop it, okay?” You let out a shaky breath and he took your hand, rubbing his thumb on the back of your hand.

“Fine…let’s just go to sleep..” he pressed a soft kiss to your hair and your body relished in the feeling and he finally crawled into the bed, wrapping his hands around your waist and pulling your body flush against his back.

“I love you so much, (Y/N).” He whispered in your ear and nestled his face into your neck.

“I love you too, Scott. I always will.” You mumbled back and fell into a dreamless sleep, the deep sounds coming from Scott’s chest lulling you into sleep.

The bed was cold and empty in the morning, void of him. He always left before Stiles got up, but of course that meant Scott left when you were asleep and it was awful. You hated hiding away but it was needed. Anytime you mentioned a boy you liked, Stiles would shut you down about it, investigate the kid and make some crazy theory that he was out to kill us.

Stiles never let you go out to parties unless it was Lydia’s and even then, he always made sure either he or Scott was by your side. No miniskirts, no crop tops, nothing revealing to get boys to hit on his baby sister (it was by two minutes, by the way). The only good thing was that you were always with Scott because Stiles trusted him. Lucky enough, you had the biggest crush on Scott and he had the same for you. It started with secret kisses in janitor closets, to hiding away for hours at Lydia’s parties, and now spending the night at your house. You wanted to tell Stiles. You wanted to be open, be able to hold hands, and call him your boyfriend, but you were just scared of the repercussions.

Your phone went off. You grabbed it to see the handsome face of Scott McCall holding a puppy at the shelter.

Scott ~ Morning baby, sorry I left earlier than normal. I heard your dad come in so I left.

Scott ~ Hey, I got something for you at school I need to tell you about.

Scott ~ I love you.

There was a small knock on your door so you couldn’t respond to Scott like you wanted to. Opening the door, there stood your dad, holding a small coffee in his hand with his kind smile.

“Hey kiddo. Stiles told me you broke your lamp last night.” He let out a low chuckle.

“He’s up already?” You rubbed your eyes, taking the coffee from his hand.

“No. Texted me last night.” You nodded and took a sip of the burning hot liquid that, just by the smell, woke you up.

“Yeah…sorry dad. I heard a bird hit my window and I accidently hit the lamp.” You mumbled, leaving the door open and putting down the coffee to find a shirt in your closet.

“Could that bird be named Scott McCall?” Your mouth dropped open and dropped the shirt in your hand. You looked back at him and shook your head sputtering.

“I-I don’t know what you mean dad…” you sputtered, your skin starting to turn hot.

“It’s okay…I won’t tell Stiles. I promise. Just be careful next time.” He shook his head, giving you a small smile.

“You knew?” You asked in bewilderment.

“Sweetheart, I am the sheriff. I know almost everything that goes around here.” He opened the door and was about to shut it until he pointed to the XL condoms he left on the desk.

“Also, don’t forget, there will be no little Stilinski’s and McCall’s running around.” Your dad shut the door and you grabbed the condoms, quickly hiding them away before letting out a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

Stiles knocked on the bathroom so loudly and profusely that you dropped the curling iron in your hand but luckily, you didn’t burn yourself.

“Stiles! What the hell do you need!” Grabbing the curling iron and putting it back on the counter and opening the door to see your brother with a pissed off look.

“It’s my time for the shower, (Y/N)! Y-what the fuck are you wearing?” He said, looking you up and down with disgust and you rolled your eyes. You’re wearing your shortest shorts that didn’t leave much to the imagination and a tight top with a low neckline.

“I’m wearing clothes, Stiles.” You shook your head and walked back to brush out your hair.

“No. You’re not walking out of the house like that. Go change.” He demanded, crossing his arms as he glared at my outfit.

“Stiles, you’re not dad, and he likes the outfit.” You pushed past him and sashayed to your room, grabbing the stuff you needed for school and left the house without a word from you. You knew Stiles was mad and that was exactly what you needed now.

Scott’s POV

Scott waited at your locker before school everyday. It kind of looked like he was waiting for Stiles, since your lockers were next to each other, so your cover was kept.

It was your idea to keep the relationship a secret and Scott, of course, went with it. He loved you so much and he never wanted you to feel uncomfortable doing anything. It was just awful when he could hear other guys talk about you, like you weren’t his…which technically, in their eyes, you weren’t. It hurt that he couldn’t hold your hand in public, and kiss you before class, and see you in the stands wearing his lacrosse jersey.

It was all Jackson’s fault for hurting you. It was Jackson’s fault for tricking you into a “date” and leaving you in the pouring rain, crying your eyes out. Stiles and him picked you up that night, and he remembered holding you in his arms and he never thought you looked more beautiful than at that moment in time. That was also the time Stiles swore off any guy ever being with his baby sister, and Stiles never forgot that promise.

Scott heard the small sounds of footsteps behind him, shaking him away from the small memory. He grinned slightly knowing it was you, hearing your steady heart beat that always calmed him. He looked behind him, but frowned seeing your sour expression.

“Hey (Y/N), what’s wrong?” He asked softly.

“I don’t know. How about you tell me how my dad knows we are dating?”As you opened up your locker angrily.  

He took a double take, shaking his head. “(Y/N), I-I have no idea. I have always been careful-”

“Well you clearly haven’t, Scott!” You looked at him and his head was staring at the ground.

“You know what? I try, but it’s goddamn hard when your own girlfriend doesn’t even want your own best friend knowing they are together. Or anyone for that matter!” He yelled at you and that made you step back from him. Turning, you slammed your locker and walked away, shaking your head and heading to class.

Scott was pissed at you. All he wanted was you and now he was going to get what he wanted and of course, he thought without thinking and ran right to the baby blue jeep owned by Stiles Stilinski.

“Stiles!” Scott yelled and a head popped out of the hood the jeep, hitting it in the process, which was also followed by a string of curses.

“Yeah, Scotty. What do you need?” Stiles asked, closing the hood and walking over to his best friend, who kept fidgeting with his hands. Scott shuffled in place, staring directly into his best friend’s eyes.

“I’m dating your sister. I have been for a while. I sneak through her window at night, we make out under the bleachers. Hell, I’ve fucked her into oblivion a few times! But she wanted to keep it a secret, which isn’t fair to me. To us. I want everyone to know I’m fucking your sister and that I’m so in love with her, it hurts!“ He stopped as quickly as he started, knowing what he did was a mistake. He closed his mouth and looked for Stiles expression but saw nothing but heard his heartbeat rise.

“I-I’ll talk to you later Scott…” Stiles grumbled and walked away into the school. He let out a frustrated groan and hit the car next to Stiles’, which put a large crater into it. The first bell rang and Scott reluctantly went to class, overthinking what he did. Stiles could be fine with it, he didn’t look that upset but, also, Stiles could just be waiting to get off school grounds to get enough wolfsbane to kill him.


You looked for Scott during lunch, your anger subsiding from earlier and the feeling of guilt hitting you. You couldn’t find him anywhere and you kept sending him texts.

Baby ~ Scott? Where are you?

Baby ~ Scott? I’m sorry.

Baby ~ Please talk to me.

You went outside but to only be confronted by Scott sitting on the benches, staring at his bike. His knee was bouncing wildly as he was lost in thought.

“Scott? Hey, you okay?” You asked softly and he jumped as your touched his arm and he relaxed under your touch.

“Y-yeah…i’m fine.” He mumbled looking down like puppy who got yelled at.

“Hey, what happened?” You sat next to him, hooking your fingers under his chin and pulling it up to make him look into your eyes.

“I told him, (Y/N). I don’t know what got into me but I told him.” He looked down ashamed and felt my heart dropped.

“You told Stiles…what the fuck, Scott! You promised this would be a secret.” You got up slowly, hurt filling you that he went against your own wishes.

“I didn’t know what go into me, I was just so mad that you are so scared to be with me, scared of Stiles-” he rambled but you cut him off.

“I’m not scared of Stiles.” You said, crossing your arms.

“Yes you are! You hid our relationship for months, you even hid it from Lydia for a while because you were scared Stiles was going to find out from her! Your own best friend.” He looked at you and just felt so frustrated.

“That didn’t give you the right to go behind my back and tell him Scott.” You let out a breath to calm yourself from breaking down right there.

Scott didn’t say anything back to you as he just bouncing his knee and that made you even more mad. You got up from your spot and looked down at him, glaring at the boy who had just broke your heart.

“I can’t do this, Scott.” You mumbled. “I can’t be with someone I can’t trust.”

“(Y/N), no. Please don’t walk away. Don’t fucking walk away from me.” He said as you started to head towards your car.

The one thing you didn’t hear was the old Jeep start up and roll towards Scott as he entered the road.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry…please I lov-”

The blue jeep hit Scott at quite a fast pace, causing Scott to be thrown against the pavement and the Jeep to come to a stuttering halt. Scott let out a howl of pain, causing people around you to notice the scene of your brother running over your boyfriend. Scott started to bleed profusely, his skin turning red but also healing at the same time. You tried to move towards him but the pure shock took over you and it felt like your feet were stuck in cement. You finally felt like you were free and ran over to him quickly, grabbing his hand. Tears falling freely from your cheeks as you whimpered, seeing the damage.

“S-Scott…” you said frantically and he didn’t say anything back.

“Scott…wake up…please..” You heard the car door open and Stiles stepping out, walking up slowly behind you.

“(Y/N)..” he whispered softly, looking away from you and Scott.

“Call Dad, Stiles.” You looked at him brokenly, your heart breaking as your didn’t see your brother but more of a monster, as you slowly felt Scott wake up in your arms. You wiped your tears and caressed his hair.

“(Y-Y/N), you don’t know what he s-”

“I don’t give a fuck Stiles! You ran over you’re fucking best friend! Call dad…” you yelled and saw the pack come out of the high school.

“I-I’m sorry, I didn’t know what was happening.” He whispered.

“Don’t talk to me Stiles…I hate you.” You looked at him numbly as Isaac quickly ran over to gently  grab Scott and help you get him in your car and race him to the hospital. You left Stiles in that parking lot, wallowing in the guilt that he had potentially just lost his best friend and little sister and wondering if he was not better than the Nogitsune that had possessed him months before.

Only 6 Months (CEO!Jungkook x Barista!OC) Part 18

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

But I’m finally back with the newest part! It took so long to finish because I had to rewrite it and it was hard to motivate myself to ^^; plus work got in the way and blah blah excuses excuses xD
But anyway, sorry for any errors! I didn’t try and proof this!

Summary: Who knew that pretending to be in love could create such chaos?

Words: 5,200+
Genre: dramaaa and fluff. some angst o:

Part 1 - Part 17 - Part 19

> Masterlist <

Chaerin got up from her chair as her eyes locked onto her brother’s. His eyes widened at the sight of his sister, to which he looked back at Jongin with rage. Not only was he touching a girl who didn’t want to be touched, but that girl was his sister.

Jaemin grabbed Jongin by his collar as Jongin’s eyes widened. Without any kind of warning, Jaemin’s fist pounded Jongin’s face as hard as he could. Jongin let out a long stream of curses as he fell on the floor. Blood quickly began to flow from his nose as he looked up at Jaemin in disbelief.

“What the h*** man?!” Jongin yelled as Jaemin turned away from the guy on the floor and rushed up to his sister. She was standing still in shock as tears were still flowing from her eyes.

“Chae,” he whispered to her as he took her into his arms gently. Her now bruised arms wrapped around his torso as more tears flowed from her eyes.

“O-Oppa… what are you doing here?” she spoke into his shirt as Jaemin softly laughed, but it was a slightly pained laugh.

“I think you need to head back to your room before you ask me any questions. It’s getting late and your friends might be worried about you.” he spoke into her hair before he slightly let her go. He spotted her stuff around the table and picked it all up for her. “I’ll walk you up to your room, Chae.”

She just nodded in response as she grabbed his hand and held onto it for dear life. The two headed off to her room while ignoring the curses from the bleeding Jongin behind them.

Once they got to her room, Chaerin stopped short. She was terrified that Jungkook would be behind the door in a completely drunk state… Or worse… with a girl.

She shook her head at those thoughts as she handed Jaemin her key to open the door for her. He nodded as he took it and placed the key card in the slot.

Seconds later, he slowly opened the door to the room to reveal that only Nari and Jungkook were in the room at the moment. To Chaerin’s relief, Jungkook was perfectly sober, and more importantly, he didn’t bring some random girl back to the hotel.

“Who…” Nari started to ask a question, but when she saw Chaerin’s tear stained face, her eyes widened, “Chaerin, are you alright?”

Jungkook’s eyes slightly narrowed at the guy she was with before opening his mouth, “Who are you?”

Jaemin took a deep breath and let got of Chaerin’s hand to not make it look as bad as it seemed, “I’m just here to drop off my sister. I would appreciate it if you kept her away from Jongin. He left bruises on her arms.”

Jungkook’s eyes immediately moved to Chaerin’s arms as his eyes widened. He quickly moved over to Chaerin and began to wipe her cheeks of her tears, “Omo… Chae…”

She fell apart in his arms as she wrapped her arms around her neck. More tears began flowing from her eyes, “Please hold me… I need you right now.”

Jungkook nodded into her as Jaemin waved at Jungkook and began to walk off. Jungkook was about to call out to him, but Jaemin beat him to it.

“Take good care of my sister, Jeon. I’ll be back to check on her in the morning.”

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At last, here’s my entry! I just wanted an excuse to kiss Tokiya

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Bella On Beauty

On skincare

I’m not even just saying this – I know I’m a walking Dior commercial – but I love the Dior Hydra Life Lotion-To-Foam Fresh Cleanser, it’s the green one. It’s the perfect foamy face wash. So I use that and then I’ll moisturise with the Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème because it’s really light – it feels like you have nothing on. My face is always so dry, so it sucks up all the moisture. Then if I’m doing proper hair and make-up I’ll use the Glow Better Fresh Jelly Mask first. It just kind of plumps your skin up and makes it super moist and sort of tightens it… I don’t know what it does or how, but it’s something incredible.

On her beauty sins

I do sleep in my make-up sometimes but I always wake up at 2am, freaking out and feeling completely guilty about it. My body knows! So I’ll get up, wash my face, moisturise and go back to sleep because I hate waking up in the morning with make-up on – it’s the most horrible feeling. But I’m usually a good girl about taking my make-up off at night.

On make-up

I usually do concealer under the eyes, on my chin and around the nose, and then always a good bronzer and a good brow. That’s my top three for everyday. I love my natural freckles and just keeping a natural look. And I love mascara. What’s so amazing about the Dior Pump’n’Volume Mascara is that it looks like you’re wearing false lashes. It’s a perfect mascara. I always do a top lash, but I rarely put mascara on my bottom lashes. But with this mascara I’ve started doing my bottom lashes and it really opens up your eyes. And I always use a curler. With or without mascara, you always gotta curl.

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magnus bane snuggling his boyfriend and nuzzling him with his nose, whispering, “good morning, darling” and alec lightwood sighs, almost dreamily, burying his face into his pillow and relishing in the warmth and the security of magnus’ arms, the sunlight streaming through the window and casting a glow on the covers. “alexander, you have to get up” magnus continues, not harshly, but in a sing-song voice, every vowel, every consonant musical and alive, the tone in magnus’ voice soft and sweet and reserved only for alec as he presses kisses to his skin. alec mumbles something incoherent as magnus pecks him on his cheek, his jaw, his neck. “you have a meeting, dear. a very important meeting that, as head of the new york institute, you need to attend” magnus adds, tracing the runes on alec’s arms. “you radiate heat” alec mumuers, almost deliriously, his voice muffled by his pillow. “you make me feel so safe, so loved. can we just stay here forever? i could stay here forever” “that’s very lovely, alexander, but forever can start after your meeting” magnus says, attempting to pull alec up and trying not to let him see the smile and blush on his face from his comment. with one quick motion, alec pulls magnus back down so that he’s curled up at his side and alec is flat on his back. “only a true love’s kiss can wake me from my slumber” alec hums, eyes closed and his hands on his stomach and magnus scoffs playfully. “are you serious?” “absolutely. you know how it works: person who is asleep receives a kiss from their true love and wakes up.” “if you keep calling me your true love, i’m going to have heart palpitations “ magnus breathes and buries his face in the crook of alec’s neck. “i promise i’ll wake up this time” alec says and magnus’ stomach drops, remembering that awful night, clammy hands and hot tears, cold lips pressed against his own for a few fleeting seconds, his whole world crumbling. he suddenly leans over and places a tender and sweet kiss on alec’s lips and alec laughs into the kiss, wrapping his arms around magnus’ waist and shifting so now that they are both on their sides, magnus’ fingers on alec’s face and tracing his jawline, alec’s cool hands under magnus’ shirt and resting on his hipbones. magnus pulls away, pecking alec once more for good measure, and he laughs at alec’s swollen lips, his messy hair, his wide eyes (knowing that he looks exactly the same) and when alec pulls him in again for another kiss, magnus places his hands on his chest. “i am not going to make you late for your meeting, and you’re clearly awake now, so get up, sleeping beauty” he giggles and alec makes a face at him again, settling for kissing his nose and clambering out of the bed. “i’ll make some coffee, okay?” alec asks over his shoulder and magnus nods, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and grinning to himself as he hears alec humming “once upon a dream” as he goes to the kitchen

Disney Princess Hairstyle Masterpost

Transparent Princesses in the Banner

Sleeping Beauty: Aurora
Snow White
The Chitters

Originally posted by selfless-sam

Pairing: Amara, Lucifer!Cas x Reader
Word count: 1,054
Warnings: Usual SPN stuff

Episode 19 of  Season 11

“Cas?” Dean called out, shifting her hardened gaze to him. With a wave of her hand, you knew that Lucifer’s hold was gone. Trying to move your feet, you panicked, looking down. You were still stuck in place.

There was a bright light that was surrounding you, and when it was gone, you weren’t at the church. Shaking, you looked around, finally able to move. “Sit.” She ordered you, and you dropped in place. “I’d like to ask my dear nephew why, and how, he brought you along.” Her eyes were on him, her tone almost threatening.

He looked over his shoulder at you for a moment, then back to her. “She has her uses.” He told her, toying with her. “For one, she’s in love with this vessel.” Lucifer shrugged. “She won’t go against me, and the Winchesters won’t go against her.”

She quirked her perfectly formed eyebrow, her eyes moving to you. “That says nothing about me.” Amara told him cooly, moving closer to where you sat. “What’s so special about you?” She wondered, tilting her head to the side. “Lucifer is far too selfish to care about a human, or anyone for that matter. Why you?” It was her thinking out loud, and you knew that.

Lucifer sighed. “Stop playing with my pet!” He snapped. “It was me you wanted to talk to. Not her.”

A smirk formed on her lips, unnerving you as she crouched. “So, he’s protective of you. That’s…interesting.” Her thin fingers trailed over your jaw, as if studying you. “I think I’ll let him keep you. For now.” Her voice was barely loud enough for you to hear. “Don’t get too attached to him, he won’t keep you.” She warned, tapping your nose with her finger before standing.

You watched her, fearful that if he angered her, you would feel her wrath along with him. And when did you become his pet? And why? You patted your pockets, hoping you could sneakily text Sam or Dean, and then you closed your eyes. Your phone was back at the church. Where you wished you could be.

Your eyes were getting heavy, despite the adrenaline coursing through your veins. Hitting the ground, you were in a deep sleep, completely unaware to the things around you.

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50 Things That Make You More Beautiful Than Makeup Ever Will
  • 1. A true, genuine smile, that you wear as often as you can.
  • 2. The warm glow you get from being generous and helping people around you.
  • 3. Drinking water, constantly. All day. Every day.
  • 4. Treating yourself with care, love, and respect. Whatever that means to you.
  • 5. Putting good food in your body (at least, for the majority of the time.)
  • 6. Getting enough sleep every night. Not because people are telling you how much sleep to get, but because you know that you deserve it.
  • 7. Spending time with the right people. People who care about you. People who make you feel good about yourself. People who make you remember what’s really important. People who challenge you to be better. People who love you no matter what.
  • 8. A good book that ignites something within you. Something that awakens you and opens your eyes and makes you think.
  • 9. A nice, lengthy, hot shower after a long day’s work.
  • 10. When you bare your soul to someone you really care about.
  • 11. The happiness you feel from treating yourself to something you’ve worked hard for, whether that’s a bottle of wine after work or a weeklong vacation to a beautiful location.
  • 12. Putting your phone away when you’re having a conversation with someone.
  • 13. The natural glow or freckles or tan you get from spending a beautiful day out in the sun.
  • 14. When you make the effort to tell yourself you’re beautiful every day, even when you don’t believe it.
  • 15. Leaving the house without makeup on and refusing to apologize for it.
  • 16. Spending your time on things that truly make you happy, instead of things that you think you’re expected to do.
  • 17. Giving an unexpected compliment to a stranger.
  • 18. Putting the window down when you’re driving in the car and allowing your hair to get messed up.
  • 19. Dressing in what makes you feel comfortable, instead of what you feel obligated to wear.
  • 20. Laughing so hard that you cry.
  • 21. Wearing a Snuggie because it feels awesome… this is (probably) not sarcasm.
  • 22. Believing that you have just as much of a right to voice your opinion as everyone else does.
  • 23. A night spent out without worrying about how you look in the pictures.
  • 24. Smiling at someone who looks like they’re having a bad day.
  • 25. Being genuinely happy for friends when good things happen to them.
  • 26. Exercising. Not in an attempt to punish yourself or reach an unrealistic size. But to keep you healthy and make you feel good.
  • 27. Treating yourself to delicious food when you want it, instead of permanently swearing off all things fattening.
  • 28. Looking at someone in the eye when they speak to you.
  • 29. Dressing warmly when you go out in the winter, instead of feeling pressured to wear a tiny dress to the bar.
  • 30. Standing up for yourself when you know someone is treating you unfairly.
  • 31. Giving unexpected gifts to people you care about. Something as small as a sweet note or as big as a surprise birthday party.
  • 32. Making a consistent effort to be as honest as you possibly can.
  • 33. Really, actually paying attention to the world around you.
  • 34. Admitting when you’re wrong, and apologizing for it.
  • 35. Taking the time to appreciate the small things, like the pretty tree outside your window or the cup of coffee you drink while chatting with a funny coworker.
  • 36. Listening to a song that truly makes you happy.
  • 37. Throwing your hair up in the messiest bun you can make and not giving a f*ck how it looks.
  • 38. Refusing to ask for anyone’s permission to feel good about yourself.
  • 39. Learning how to differentiate between good, loyal friends versus those that don’t add any positivity to your life.
  • 40. …and having the strength to choose between the two.
  • 41. Sticking by someone’s side even during periods where things are tough and difficult.
  • 42. Being open to those giving constructive criticism, and closed to people who are just trying to tear you down.
  • 43. Accepting that some people are set on being miserable and you can’t change them.
  • 44. Cultivating a style that’s truly unique to you, and presenting yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable, proud, and excited.
  • 45. Making a sincere effort to not compare yourself to others.
  • 46. Telling people when you admire something about them.
  • 47. Putting as much good out into the world that you can, without asking for anything in return.
  • 48. Remembering to say thank you, even for the smallest things.
  • 49. Forcing yourself to remember that everyone has a backstory you don’t know about, and avoiding the temptation of judging someone the instant that you meet them.
  • 50. Loving yourself for who you are, while still challenging yourself to get better every day.
  • source:

god bless me while writing this

• ten would be clingy aF
• boyfriend material all over
• minus his nightmares tho
• would be your partner in crime
• “i love you fatass”
• loves to bug you so much
• dances for you a LOT
• “very hot”
• him speaking in thai just to annoy the hell out of you
• crinkles his nose when he wants something
• kisses you infront of the members
• hugs you whenever he gets home
• “im practicing late today. please don’t worry about me and enjoy your beauty sleep~”
• offends you then makes up for it
• you sometimes doubt if you are the girlfriend or is the girlfriend ten
• gets your stuff without asking
• “baby~” *hugs you from behind*
• you scaring him is your routine
• he would probably use a lot of puns and movie references
• “get in loser, we’re going shopping!”
• “stop pulling a taeil”
• “taeil isn’t here…?”
• “i mean he cries a lot so–” *gets slapped by a pillow
• him crying tears of joy to you when he won hit the stage
• him teaching you how to dance is also a must
• ruining the kitchen is normal
• he’s just a perfect scaredy cat boyfriend💕
so yeah, i died