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Pairing: Park Jimin x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: fluff and smutsmutsmut
Word count: 4,312

A/N: For anon, I hope you like it 💕 I think I’m getting better at writing smut?? Maybe??

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Your yawn drowns out the faint sounds of the TV, head lolling to the side as you stare blankly at the screen. It was well past eleven thirty – well past your bedtime – and you’re struggling to keep yourself upright and alert.

Jimin texted you around ten, letting you know that his shift at the convenience store was going to drag on a bit longer than expected, and that he wasn’t totally sure when he’d be headed home. He advised you not to wait up but of course, when did you ever really listen.

Both you and Jimin were full time students, juggling dead end jobs, homework and nearly non-existent social lives. Busy was an understatement for both of your lives and as a result you two rarely got to spend much time together. The only time you two really got was when you both settled down to sleep at night. No matter how dead tired either (or both) of you were, when you were curled up in each other’s arms at the end of a long day, you would quietly talk about the events that had happened or catch each other up on the episode of a drama the other had missed that week.

Which was why you were being so stubborn about going to bed without him; not feeling quite right about sliding under those blankets without his cold feet there to press against your calves.

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please help

I’m so sorry, I don’t really know what to do right now and I’m worried so this will be rambly possibly but I’m at a loss.

I’ve decided to do something I never thought I’d do, open a paypal account for help.

Just hours ago my dog Buddy ate a bag of cinnamon raisin bagel that was sitting on the counter. I feel horrible, I should have pushed them further back or set them on top of the fridge but he managed to jump onto the counter and I went to wash my hands and when I came back he’d eaten 4 and a half of them. I took him to the emergency vet immediately and they were able to get a bagel and a half out of him but he still had two in his system. He has to stay overnight so they can monitor him and he’s getting an IV drip/flush the whole night to clear his system of the raisins and the charcoal tablet they gave him. I’m on mobl eight now so I don’t know how to attach the receipts but it’ll upload them asap.

My paypal link is

Please, a dollar or anything you have to spare if you can donate. If you cannot I fully understand.

I’m so sorry to be bothering y'all with this but tomorrow he has to go back to the clinic for a possible 24 hour surveillance and I don’t know what to do. I’ve cleaned out my savings account to do pay for this first 12 hours and there’s a good chance that he’ll need to go back into a 24 hour clinic tomorrow morning. I was not able to take him tonight as its an extra 40 minutes away and he needed his stomach flushed as soon as possible. I’ve had him for 4 years and he was almost completely dead when the shelter found him, I’m hoping he still has some fight in him to make it through this.

EDIT: the reason why I cleaned out my savings is because I currently have no income as a full time college student and I have ptsd, severe anxiety, and bipolar disorder so it makes working and going to school impossible
hidden pictures

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a sketchbook is an artist’s lifeline.

genre: fluff

warnings: none

word count: 1366

a/n: well i finally finished something! enjoy artstudent!joon.

Please God, if you’re up there, let it still be there, you thought as you frantically speed-walked down the sidewalk. Only on five cups of coffee, zero sleep, and half a bagel would you have forgotten your sketchbook behind in your studio class. Finals were fast approaching and just when you had stepped across the threshold of your apartment, desperate for packet ramen and a nap, did you have that peculiar sinking feeling in your stomach– you were forgetting something.

After rifling through your bag to discover with chagrin that yes, you had left your sketchbook in that solitary corner room in the art building, you resignedly trekked back across campus. You tried not to think about everything else you could be doing with the wasted time as you tried not to look so frantic walking. You couldn’t imagine why someone would take it, but you absolutely could not lose that book. It was pretty much your livelihood; It had all your final project plans and some sketches that you were fiercely proud of, but would honestly never see the light of day.

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Things I need from Lolirock:
  • for Iris not to be the most powerful person in existance bcuz its cliche af (seriously the royal family of xeris is said to be extremely powerful and gramorr is legit scurd of izira; more so than iris it seems, and auriana whips out rly unique spells that surprise even talia; plus morgaine or whatevs her name is is rly powerful too; i hate this cliche in magical girl stuff)

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  • a whole episode of Gramorr’s daily life (this is important)
  • Gramorr monologuing and having convos with his cat (also important)
  • Banes.  
  • Iris talking and getting along with Banes and Gramorr yelling “DONT TALK TO HER” bcuz jealous pet owners
  • More dorky twins in disguises
  • Mephisto trying out his new hairdo on the ‘ladies’ and they actually like it
  • PraxinaxLeather Jackets. Its canon. Fight me.
  • I wanna see how batshit crazy Volta is i bet they party hard
  • where are the evil bbys coming from is gramorr a mommy???
  • MORE BANES. Why is he named Banes? does gramorr watch Downton Abbey when he’s not going ramsey on the dark bbys and killing sparkly teens? 
  • For the newbies to be like the Outer Senshi and teach the trio magic bcuz why is Talia the only one teaching the considered “savior”? “This girl is gonna go all Fa Mulan and save us all but fuck it send the newly orphaned blue nerd with resting bitch face from Xeris thats not a planet but talked about as if it were a planet and that chick with the 38 sisters. They wont even notice she gone, we’ll lure her away with snacks. - good plan (this is when the high counsel or whoever came up with this high fives and one asks whats a xeris)”
  • more of mephisto’s dance moves
  • talisto trash prbly
  • iris and auriana taking prax shopping 
  • Praxina listening to heavy metal with a straight face
  • Zeinos and Deinos or whatever tf they’re called gimme more dark bbys

I won’t get any of this…

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Um... Would it be possible for a holiday request to do with exchanging gifts with V or Unknown? //

Why not both? :^))


  • He put a lot of thought into his gift for you, so he’s positive that you’ll like it
  • Upon unwrapping his gift, you gasped and teared up
  • It was a framed photograph of the sun
  • ‘You are my sun’ was written on the back
  • On the first Christmas you shared with him, he gave you a photo album
  • So you took the idea of giving him one that you made
  • Unlike his album that was filled with professional looking photos, your simply contained all the random candids of him and selfies
  • V sleeping, V eating a bagel, V watching the sunset, the selfie you took with him at the town’s fountain…
  • He absolutely cherishes it
  • “Merry Christmas, Jihyun.”
  • “Merry Christmas, my sun.”


  • Saeran was really worried about his gift to you
  • He really wanted a memorable gift for your first shared Christmas with him; one to thank you and show his love
  • Thank god your eyes lit up upon opening his gift
  • A beautiful, silver circle locket sat inside the box, and your favorite picture of the two of you sat inside
  • You immediately bounced on him with a hug, “I love it, Saeran, thank you!”
  • When it was time for his gift, we swore he saw the box move
  • ‘I wonder what she got me–oh my god it’s a kitten’
  • If he thought your eyes lit up when you opened your gift, his eyes could light up the whole world
  • He’s like a child, protect him
  • “Thank you. I promise to not let Saeyoung touch our baby.”
Before the Sun Is in the Sky - Part 2

Pairing: Lin Manuel Miranda x Reader


Summary: Breakfast. Like that’s all it is.

Warnings: I think there’s light cursing in there. Barely. Which is weird because I curse like a sailor.

Word Count: 3,206. (Yay, rambling.)

A/N: YOU GUYS ARE ALL SO FANTASTIC. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KIND WORDS AND ALL THE LOVE. Tbh, I expected like, eight notes on the first one, but y'all exceeded my expectations. If I had the money, I would buy all of you puppies and kittens and chocolate and food and the works. Thank you so much!! I present to you an entire load of trash.

SIDE NOTE: Also again, thanks to @ourforgottenboleros for being my second pair of eyes and editing and proofreading. GO READ HER STUFF. I AM HER NUMBER ONE FAN. JOIN MY FANCLUB.

“I’m thinking bagels,” Lin suggested as you both journeyed south 165th Street. “Are you thinking bagels, Doc?”

“You read my mind,” you replied with a grin. “I’ve been dying for a bagel since yesterday morning. And please, Y/N works just fine.”

It was around 5:15 in the morning, the sun already piercing the night’s veil of darkness, cueing the pigeons to rise and harass the inhabitants of the Big Apple.

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Sentance Starters as things my friends/i have said

“nothing’s weirder than eating a cooked bagel amidst sleeping teenagers, half of whom are snoring.”

“If i give you five dollars, will you run me over with your car?”

“Listen buddy, i have no gender and i will fight.”

“ I HAVE NO MONEY. I. AM. BROKE. Also I have asthma.”

 "My life is like a badly written sitcom"

“ holy fuck balls dude! IM GAY!”

 “Wish I could help you, but I’m tired.“

 “also this one pharaoh looks really dumbfounded, in like all of his statuary.”

 “Someone take me to the bara maid café.”

 “What’s a nonbeliever to someone with a baseball bat?”

 “Swag is for boys; Imperium is for men.”

 “I had a dream you, me and _______ were living in one part of this one quadplex by the library; and we had the back upstairs and we were a mess.”

 “We are gonna be hella rad adults.”

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Can you do a Jungkook angst scenario based on Adele's Hello? Thank you!!

Hello, It’s Me – Jungkook

Characters: Jungkook X Reader
Rated: S for sad shit sad shit sad shit

The telephone rang, one, two, three times. Jungkook’s fatigued mind listened to the tune, commanded him to close his eyes and to ignore the call; but the melody started all over again. He had had a twenty-four hours shift and his body ached, his body asked, no, his body demanded him to rest and sleep. Rain, a cozy bed and a free morning sounded too perfect, so he fought to open his eyes. He extended his arm to grab the devilish device and the phone stopped his gentle melody.

Before he asked who called, a yawn interrupted him. “Hello. It’s me.” The familiar voice coming from the other side struck him with the force of a sledgehammer cracking an egg.

His body reacted beyond his will; mild shock, increasing hearth beat, full consciousness, and quiescent memories overloaded his senses. He opened his eyes as a reflex, fully awake and regaining his concentration, questioning if this was a dream; or maybe a nightmare. Not in a million years would he expect this call or any call from her. Since when did ghosts use phones?

Jungkook sat on the edge of the bed and he stretched his legs out. After a brief pause, the voice on the phone spoke again. “Hello, can you hear me?”

“Yeah, I can hear you.” Jungkook’s voice came fast enough, calm enough and without a trace of hesitation.

“I must’ve called a thousand times. But when I call, you never seem to be home.”

“I’m never at home, with the studio and stuff.” He got missed calls; but he changed her’s contact details to “do not answer” and he obeyed the screen every time; after, he had some “unknown number” missed calls. But he didn’t lie either.

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12 Days of Sabriel – Day 6

Title: 12 Days of Sabriel – Day 6
‘Showing up late to class with a Starbucks’ is not Sam’s style at all. Not showing up to class at all because the guy working at Starbucks is confusingly handsome is totally Sam’s style.
Underage Drinking (< 21 years)

Sabriel || Fluff || Height Difference || Coffee Shop AU || College AU || Sam is a Starbucks virgin || OC: Bagel || Advent Calendar Fic

Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5

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Olicity meme ➳ heartbreaking scenes (1/6)

“Why her? I mean, besides the obvious leggy model reason." 
"It just kind of happened. It didn’t mean anything.”