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But This Love's Not Material, (Klaine, 1/1)

summary: There are a lot of ways to meet someone in New York; for Kurt and Blaine, it starts with a popped button on a shirt cuff and a helpful stranger. Read on A03.
notes: Inspired by suspenduedansmabulle’s encounter, and coincidentally written as a somewhat-belated birthday gift for her. Happy Birthday! :)


Blaine was having a fashion emergency.

A minor one, sure. The buttons on his right sleeve refused to close. But as he rushed his way through the New York streets while trying to single-handedly close them, he decided it was an omen for a worse day ahead. He was verging on late for his callback audition and now he’d probably get there and fall off the stage and be blacklisted from performing forever on the planet of Earth and have to move to Mars to become an alien fugitive.

(Maybe last night’s Midnight Madness alien-themed movie marathon down in Greenwich with Sam hadn’t been the best idea.)

He turned a corner, the button slipped through his fingers again, and he gave up. Violating all New Yorker etiquette, he stopped in front of the first person he saw and said, “Please, could you help me out? My button, I’m in a rush …”

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