sleeping at last next to me lyrics


characters: Kihyun x y/n

genre/warnings: angst

word count: 972

description: You know that it is his dream to become a singer, yet you can’t seem to let him go. You spend your last day together in his embrace, wishing the daylight would not come and pull him away from you.

song: Daylight- Maroon 5 (click for song)

a/n: First mxwriters’ lyrical writing piece. This is my first complete writing that is not my series. Didn’t plan for this to be the first, but I couldn’t find inspirations for the other writing pieces. This one is kinda short but hope you guys enjoy and give me some feedback. Gif is not mine, so credit to the owner.

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This is our last night but it’s late

And I’m trying not to sleep

Cause I know, when I wake, 

I will have to slip away

The bed had a warmth that you knew you’d miss. Kihyun laid next to you, one arm around your waist, the other under his pillow. His soft black hair fell on his face, splitting just a bit at the forehead. It was late, but both of you couldn’t bear to fall asleep. The tiredness in his eyes was evident, but he continues to stare deep into your eyes, taking in all the beauty of your face, brushing away the few strands of hair that fell in in your face to admire all your features. “Kihyun, go to sleep, tomorrow is an important day,” you looked over to your alarm clock to see that is was already 3:37. “I’m trying not to sleep because I know that when the morning comes, I’ll have to slip away.

I’ll have to leave soon

Why am I holding on?

We knew this day would come

We knew it all along 

 How did it come so fast ?

“Why are you like this?” you knew you didn’t really want to say this, “You’ll finally have a chance to debut. I’m just holding you back.” Debuting had always been Kihyun’s dream. He met you in high school, and you knew that one day, this would be your reality…without him. “Why are you holding on? You can go pursue your dreams, be famous, sing and perform in front of thousands of fans.” He was quiet for a moment, taking into consideration all that you had said. It was true, he knew that he couldn’t have both. A relationship would either ruin his career or bring problems into your life. “We both knew this day would come, it just came so fast. We knew it was going to happen all along, yet we risked it. I never wanted to be away from you y/n, never will. And here I am staring at your perfection, in my arms, so beautiful

I never want it to stop

Because I don’t wanna start all over

I was afraid of the dark

But now it’s all that I want

You felt selfish, to keep this perfect man to yourself; you felt like you were keeping him from his dreams and goal, that you were the weight pulling him down. “I knew this would happen. I love you Kihyun, but I never wanted to start this because I knew we’d have to part ways. And if by the rare chance that we meet again, we would have to start all over. Who knows if we’ll still be in love.” Tears threatened to fall as Kihyun lightly caressed your cheek and planted a soft kiss on your forehead, pulling you in closer to his warm and loving embrace. “Shh, y/n, don’t think about it like that,” you dug your head into his chest, sniffling on his shirt as he continued. “I had a great time with you. You taught me how to love. You inspired me to sing. You helped me overcome my fear of rejection. I owe all my success to you,” he patted you head lovingly as he heard your muffled cries, “Tonight I’m gonna hold you so close. I don’t want to leave you y/n.” He hummed a lullaby to sooth you, rocking you back and forth in his arms, calming you in and instant. Sleep was not your intention, but his hushed, sweet voice put you in a relaxed, peaceful nap.

The sky is getting bright, 

the stars are burning out

Somebody slow it down 

Before you knew it, you woke up at 6:23, staring out your window to see the sunrise at the brink of the horizon. Your loving boyfriend rest next to you, his eyes close and his breathing calm and even. “The skies are getting brighter. The stars are burning out,” you quietly whispered, sadness traced your voice. “Someone go slow it down,” Kihyun replied, eyes opening slowly to meet your gaze, “I don’t want this to end.” You sat up in bed, avoiding his gaze and holding back tears. He let out a sigh before pulling himself out of bed, grabbing his t-shirt from the closet before walking back and standing in front of you. You got up and embraced him, head buried in the crook of his neck, arms around his waist. He wrapped his arms around you and caressed your head, allowing you to spill whatever tears were left. You both stood there in silence, not wanting to leave from each other’s embrace. Finally, Kihyun let go of your waist, holding you by your arms and stared at your standing figure. He was going to miss all this: your beautiful smile, the way you laugh, the tantrums you have, those night where you’d spend watching movies, those days that you both needed to cry, the secrets you’d spill randomly as you fell asleep, the random hugs and kisses you’d bring him. He would miss going out on dates with you, all those study sessions and late-night snacks, the way you’d be shy to hold his arm or cling to him whenever you went to the amusement parks. 

When the sun comes up, I will leave

This is my last glance that will soon be memory 

“This is my last glance that will soon become a memory. I love you, y/n, don’t ever forget that. You will always be in my heart on those tough days that I have. Thank you for everything you’ve given me. I love you.” He leaned in and placed a soft but passionate kiss on your lips. You wanted more, but his lips left yours before he took one last glance at you, and walked out the door, not looking back, leaving you with one last kiss. The tears that you tried so hard to hold back came in a rush, spilling from your eyes as you collapse to the floor. Your heart ached to see him leave. All the memories that you guys had built up were let go with a single kiss. You clutched your shirt, you heart pounding, knowing that was the last time you’d get to see Yoo Kihyun that you knew and had to yourself.

Cause in the daylight we’ll be on our own



Member: Namjoon 

Genre: Angst/Fluff/Implied Smut (?) 

Word Count: 3154

Summary: “I know it will soon be our last, but I can’t let you go. Don’t talk, don’t leave, just quietly hold me girl.” - BTS, Hold Me Tight 잡아줘

A/N: Here is the second and last part (hahaha see what i did there? 😅) to this mini series thing. Just a few disclaimers, I have no experience with any interactions towards the opposite gender so if the first part is a little awkward, I apologize. Second, there’s a little part where I wrote fake lyrics for a song. Once again, I have no experience with writing any lyrics so if it’s 10000% cringe, I’m sorry. Regardless, I hope you enjoy this! Xx 

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“Hey jagiya, I’m home.” You feel Namjoon’s arms wrap around your waste while you’re preparing dinner for the two of you.

“Namjoon, How was your day at the studio?” You finish what you were doing and turn around to face Namjoon while placing your arms on top of his shoulders.

“It was alright. I wasn’t getting much inspiration from that cramped room so I decided to come home early.” He nuzzles his face into your neck. “I thought maybe you,” his lips brush your neck as he speaks and a shiver travels up your spine. “could give me some inspiration.” This time, Namjoon creates a trail of kisses up your neck to your jaw.

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Hugging Him Tight

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“Justin can we sleep now ?” You whined while rubbing your eyes trying your best to keep ‘em open .

“Babe .. I said you can go and rest . I’ll finish up this song and come to you ” A bed without Justin ? No no . I love the way Justin wraps his arms around me until we sleep and i love waking up to his cute snores and hair in every way .

And the fact that Justin will be on tour is totally bad . 6 months without Justin is like living in hell . He asked me to be on tour with him but i had a lot of studies to be finished .

I went back to bed feeling really uncomfortable. The bed was really cold and Justin wasn’t there to make it warm . I stretched myself on the bed turning around and struggling to get comfy .

At last i gathered up my pillows and the blanket and went down to the studio , knocked and entered . Justin was on the couch scratching his neck while reading some lyrics . I went next to him and put my pillow and covered myself in the blanket.


“Justin i will sleep here next to you here until you finished . ” i laid my head and started slowly to drift to sleep while he was playing some melodies of his guitar.

I woke up around 3 am and found Justin hugging me tightly and his face buried deep down in my neck . Papers were thrown on the floor meaning he got tired . I smiled to myself and turned around , snuggling my head deep in his chest …

Hugging Him Tight

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I've just caught up with the past few chapters of "Read all about it" and wow it just keeps getting better and better,I can't wait to see what happens next. The songs lyrics you wrote for the last chapter were beautiful btw xx

Yay! Thank you so much, it makes me so happy to know you’re enjoying it! Last night I wrote the lyrics, because I couldn’t sleep, and I’m actually quite fond of this one! 

aintnobodyfresherthanmygays  asked:

Okay I have to tell you your Magnus gifset with 'darkness exists to make light truly count' made my heart skip a beat I LOVE sleeping at last and that lyric is incredible. I have the lyric 'we're tethered to the story we must tell' from Turning Page by Sleeping at Last tattooed down my arm and I've been thinking about how that's such a Magnus line 😍😍

I love Sleeping At Last as well! So many good songs and I agree, I love that lyric so much. :D You’ve also given me inspiration for my next edit, so thanks! <333

to this particular person i shared a special bond with,


I don’t know why, maybe something somewhere reminded you of me, that I woke up today to a particular nonchalant message from you. It’s been so long, so I must say, I was a little surprised you still remember to remember me.

Your little “what’s up” disarrayed my thoughts, and I found myself constantly writing and deleting replies, and I discerned how little you know about my life now. I remember there was a time, when you had knowledge of everything in my life, every little detail was paused and replayed a hundred times in our conversations. It still seems like yesterday, when you’d console me with your witty perspectives; cheer me up with a plethora of bad puns; and we’d have heart to hearts at night, sleep being the last thing on our minds because you were the only person who could understand me, and somehow, you always knew what I needed at that moment.

I don’t know where and when we embarked on different roads, but one day we were laughing at the hilarious lyrics you wrote and the next, you just left. No text, no call, just plain black emptiness. You abandoned me like I meant nothing to you, and you know the worst part? I still don’t know why.

It’s probably because I never received an answer or consolation, that I never got closure either. It’s always going to haunt me, being a constant subject of my midnight thoughts, the reason behind the tears you were never here to wipe, a perennial unlatched box of memories at the back of my mind.

Maybe the next time you message, it wouldn’t be a mere “what’s up”. Maybe you’d message me and tell me why we didn’t work out, and what went wrong. Maybe I’d finally get my closure, and maybe, just maybe, I’d be able to move on like you did.

the girl who’s still waiting

—  letters to someone i thought i knew // letters i’ll never send

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It was amazing to me sleeping with sirens for the second time last February they mean a lot to me! I First discovered sleeping with sirens three years ago after my mom passed away they have helped me through everything! I have their lyrics tattooed sometimes you gotta fall before you fly it was amazing to show them that when I met them! Words cannot describe how much their music means to me! They have helped me through depression, heartache and so much more! I love them so much!! Me (next to kellin) and my friend Meagan (next to jack) got to meet them on the world tour it was amazing the show was awesome!!

5sos Song Imagine-Close As Strangers☺️

“Every day gets harder to stay away from you…”

Three weeks. 21 days. 504 hours. 4,320 minutes. 259,200 seconds.

That’s how long you and Luke had been away from each other. And each day had gotten progressively harder. Both of you were new to Luke’s newfound fame. Neither one of you knew how to handle the fame and distance properly. You and Luke were inseparable until tour decided to screw everything up.

With Luke gone, there really wasn’t much you could do. You did everything together, and even showering felt different now that he wasn’t with you. His absence tugged at your heart.

But what you didn’t know was that he had it worse. Ten times worse. Luke was a complete mess without you. You were his entire world, after all. Ever since he met you, you were the one thing that occupied his mind. You were Luke’s happiness, and being away from him caused him such great pain, he barely knew how to cope with it.

Luke would return in August. It was April second. Your exams were a week away, so you figured instead of bothering Luke with a bunch of voicemails, you’d be better off spending your time wisely.

You were about halfway through your Calculus notes when your phone went off beside you. You jumped at first, and then quickly grabbed it, scrunching your eyebrows at the name flashing on the screen.

“Ashton?” You asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, it’s me, darling,” Ashton’s usual chirpy voice was replaced with a foreign emptiness. You knew instantly something wasn’t right.

“Is everything alright?”

Ashton didn’t answer right away. It seemed as if he was contemplating whether or not he should tell you. “No…not really. Would you like me to stall or tell you straight up?”

“Straight up, please.”

“It’s Luke,” Ashton finally said. “He misses you, Y/N.”

Your heart squeezed tightly in your chest. “I miss him too, Ash-…”

“No, Y/N,” Ash cut you off. “He’s shattered without you. Completely broken. He won’t eat, he probably gets merely about four hours of sleep every night, he’s forgetting lyrics which never happens, he cries himself to sleep, and he refuses to meet fans. You’ve got to talk to him, please. The lads and I are begging you. If he won’t listen to us, he might listen to you.”

You never would have expected Luke to be in so much pain. What hurt you the most was the fact the he was in a completely different country and all you could do was talk to him on the phone.

“Put him on, Ashton. And if he refuses, tell him I’m not getting off this damn device until he talks to me.”

“Trust me,” Ashton huffed. “As soon as I tell him you’re on the phone, he’ll rip it from my hand.” You chuckled slightly and waited patiently for Ashton to get Luke on the phone. You heard Ashton’s muffled voice on the other line. “Luke? Buddy, someone’s on the phone for you.”

“I don’t wanna talk to anyone.” Luke growled. Stubborn boy, you thought.

“Not even Y/N?” Ashton taunted.

You waited. There was rustling on the end of the line and your heart sped up. “Y/N?” Luke’s voice was incredibly hoarse.

“Yeah, I’m here,” you assured him. You heard him sigh. “Baby, what’s going on?”

“I m-miss you,” Luke whimpered. “I want to c-come h-o-home.”

“I miss you too, Luke. A lot. But you can’t do this to yourself. You’ve got to eat and sleep, please. That’s not healthy, baby. You know that.”

“I can’t even think about *hiccup* food when seeing your face again is the only think that’s on my *hiccup* mind. I’m not sleeping because you’re not next to me. I’m forgetting lyrics because every time I look out into the crowd, all I see is you. *hiccup* I’ve had three nightmares this week and cried myself back to sleep. Everything’s harder when you’re n-not here. I n-need you, baby, please.”

And what were you supposed to do? Luke was so important to you, but so were your exams. Luke was breaking your heart and you knew if you didn’t do something, he wouldn’t last. And that scared you.

“Luke, take a deep breath for me and listen carefully to what I’m about to say. My exams are in exactly one week. Once they’re finished, it’s Spring Break. Maybe, just maybe, I can ask my parents to lend me money so I can fly over for a few weeks…”

“I’ll pay for everything,” Luke replied quickly. “I’ll pay for you to come here. In fact, I’m gonna book you a flight right now.”

“Luke, calm down,” you laughed, glad that he was somewhat back to his normal self. “One step at a time, okay? Just please, promise me you’ll eat and try to sleep. Your health is so extremely important.”

“For you, baby, anything.” You heard the smile in his voice. “And make sure you pass your exams!”

“I will. It’s getting pretty late so I’m going to get a bit of rest before I get up for work tomorrow. Luke, I’ll be with you soon, okay?”

“Not soon enough,” he whispered. “I love you, Y/N. Sweet dreams, darling.”

“I love you, Lucas.”

Disconnecting the line was one of the most painful things ever, but knowing in just a few more days you’d be lying in bed with Luke was enough to form a huge smile on your face as you drifted off into a slumber for the night.