sleeping at last homesick


AU where Aoba is a Japanese transfer student in Germany. He ends up taking care of one of Noiz’s bunnies cause Noiz saw a cute pair at the pet shop but he can only keep one rabbit and he simply refuses to leave the other. So they usually meet up somewhere to let the bunnies play together. And somehow as he watches the bunnies play, Aoba is reminded of Granny and Koujaku and everyone he left behind in Midorijima. He’s homesick and he wants to cry but they’re in public and goddamn it, he can’t cry in front of Noiz. But Noiz notices the tremble in his voice and the change in his mood. He pieces two and two together and shoves his hat over Aoba’s head so that the boy can let out his pent up feelings.

Aoba keeps the hat on for the rest of the time because he’s too embarrassed to take it off. Noiz secretly thinks it looks cute on him.

“You were right to want to quit! You were right to want to leave me! You should get as far away from me as you can!” a mix for fox mulder, a man who can’t see his own goodness, even while it shines brighter than the UFOs he seeks. [listen here]

01. I’ll Be Good- Jaymes Young// 02. Sleeping Sickness- City & Colour// 03. In The Embers- Sleeping at Last// 04. 3 A.M.- Gregory Alan Isakov// 05. Fear of Fear- Passenger// 06. Feelings- London Grammar// 07. Broken- Jake Bugg// 08. Homesick- Sleeping at Last// 09. Animal- Racing Glaciers// 10. Icarus- Bastille// 11. Unsteady- X Ambassadors// 12. The Stable Song- Gregory Alan Isakov