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1. Age?

2. Where are you from?

3. Which fictional world do you actually want to live in?
Oh boy…this is a tough one. All the fictional worlds I like are either really corrupt or scary…or wouldn’t take kindly to a person of color lmao

4. If you were an NPC, what kind of character would you be?
Easy to romance, shy, silly, awkward

5. Favourite genre videogame?

6. When you are in character creation mode, do you want to create one that looks like you or someone that you would like to be?
Someone I would like to be

7. Sam Drake or Cullen Rutherford? (Dragon Age fans will know ;-)
Sam Drake :)

8. Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal?

I’m not sure

10. Guilty pleasure videogame?
Too many to list lol

11. Aaaand finally; Troy Baker or Nolan North?
Troy Baker <3

I’m supposed to tag people and list my own questions but I’m too lazy and don’t feel like bothering anyone lol..