sleephy hollow

Sleepy Hollow - Heartless

Catching up on Sleepy Hollow - Heartless

1. Why they gotta kill the pining nerd? That’s just rude.

2. “Ah, macking. He was macking on a lady. Amber said the same thing about Marco.” *dies* You’re adorable, Tom Mison.

3. Katrina’s accent is getting weird. Maybe because she’s tired of alternately being a victim and an exposition vessel.

4. Succubus using Abbie’s voice - creeps ahoy.

5. Hawley is into Abbie, but I am not into him.

6. I’m with Abbie on Henry. Also, how come Ichabod and Katrina insist they have this absolute faith in his salvation but aren’t doing anything about it? Why aren’t they looking into what they can do to bring him back to their side, instead of sitting around waiting for him to launch the next monster of the week?

7. “What? Maggots can’t run.” Abbs…you’re the best!

8. I miss Andy.