sleepers on the train

I want to talk about this whole “punching nazis” thing, which I have been thinking about for some days.

To start, let me clarify that I have no moral or ethical qualms with Richard Spencer getting punched in the face on tv. I’d be happy to see it happen again.

But I do have a couple issues with much of the dialogue that has emerged in the wake of this event.

A lot of the people suddenly talking about nazis right now are people who didn’t seem to even realize they existed in this country prior to this election.

A lot of people seem to have gotten some strange ideas about how and where nazis are typically encountered, or who they actually are.

So, I’d like to talk about some of the times in my life when I’ve encountered nazis.

Before I do that, let’s try to establish a definition. There are a lot of different stripes of fascists and white supremacists out there, with varying agendas and varying degrees of organization. In the US we’ve got many types, ranging from the KKK and Aryan Nation to various unorganized skinhead rabble to the newish group calling itself the Alt Right. It seems easiest, at least for the sake of this argument, to lump those all together under one general “nazi” category. But does that really make sense? I’ll come back to that. But for now, in most of the examples I will describe below, these were people who openly called themselves such.

Also, I want to establish a bit about who I am. I don’t like to discuss any of these things publicly, but I also feel like I kind of have to, to explain where I am coming from. So: I am Jewish, I am bi, I am neurodivergent. Due to this last thing, I have certain issues navigating the physical world. I am physically fit but not athletic. I have very little self defense training. By occupation I am a musician.

And lastly I want to point out that these examples are from 15-20 years ago and describe some of my earliest encounters with these forces to provide context. And I’m going to start with some clear cut cases:

I first became aware of the existence of modern nazis my first year in high school. This was in the suburbs of San Francisco. I had a few friends who were into punk music and culture. I heard about “white power punks” and nazi skinheads who would sometimes show up at shows. When I started going out I would see them every once in a while. When I started going up to the city, at that time there were places that were absolutely notorious for nazi skinheads. I never interacted with them, I always steered clear of them, and never really fell in with the punk scene anyway. But that’s when I first became aware that there were people in modern America who called themselves nazis and directly advocated for white supremacy.

To be honest I did not think of myself as their “target” because (in my mind, at that time) Jewish culture in the SF Bay Area was practically invisible and unlikely to be on their radar. In fact I didn’t think too deeply about who their target was. I mostly thought they were crazy people who loved violence and called themselves “nazis” because it was the meanest thing they could think of, that they were in favor of “white power” because it was so obviously wrong. At this time, there was fair amount of tension in the state around the issue of immigration from Mexico. But it did not occur to me then that there could have been any relationship between the xenophobia I saw expressed by mainstream circles in conversations about Proposition 187 and the blatant, violent white supremacy expressed by the skinheads on the periphery of local punk scenes. (also please note that I am aware that not all skinheads are nazis and that there is an anti-racist element within skinhead culture as well)

In college, in Pittsburgh, I lived on a store with a convenience store on one end. One of the people who worked in this store was a skinhead who wore a jacket covered in various white power/“rock against communism” band logos. He had a group of similar buddies that often hung around nearby, a couple of whom had aryan nation tattoos. On several occasions when I woke up in the morning I would find leaflets distributed up and down the block decrying the Holocaust as a “Jewish scam to make money”. These flyers were attributed to Church of the Creator, one of the more active neo-nazi groups in Pennsylvania at that time. Every once in a while I would cautiously engage in arguments with some people on the fringes of that crew of guys who hung out in the area. Things were sometimes tense but never got physical. Soon after 9/11 most of them disappeared. I don’t know why or where to.

While traveling alone in Slovenia, I nearly ran into a parade of about 40 skinheads chanting and marching in the street while I was on the way back to where I was staying. I do not know what specific group they were affiliated with but wore patches with the common “celtic cross” symbol used by far right/white nationalist groups all over the world. At that time, fascist graffiti covered Ljubljana.

Those are just a few of the more blatant examples from that time. These experiences were not rare. The KKK and various neo-nazi groups held public parades and rallies all throughout this period, and sometimes showed up as counter protestors or forces of violence at protests for progressive causes. They marched through downtown Pittsburgh - with the local government’s blessing - and many other cities in that region.

There were protestors at those marches, and there were people who fought the nazis directly, but the general consensus in mainstream liberal circles at that time seemed to be that nazis had the right to march just like anyone else, that any violence against them would be bad. It certainly wasn’t at all common to hear college educated, NY Times-reading liberals talking about the glories of “punching nazis”. This is a problematic but very complicated phenomenon: they were to be tolerated up until the point at which they’ve come into power.

But let me explain why _I_ didn’t go around punching the nazis I saw, during those times when I encountered them personally. To some extent, part of me did follow that logic mentioned above, but that’s not the real reason. The real reason is pretty simple: most nazis are a lot better at fighting than I am, they do it more frequently, they usually travel in numbers, they are often armed, and in almost every circumstance when I’ve encountered them the odds would not have been remotely in my favor had things gotten physical.

Richard Spencer was alone and unarmed standing in front of a video camera busily talking about an internet meme while he was sucker punched. This occurred in broad daylight in a very crowded, open area with a ton of media and police present. While I applaud the anonymous puncher for seizing upon that opportunity, that’s not really a typical situation in which one encounters nazis.

Recently, Richard Spencer posted a video in reaction to this incident. In this video he mentions that the Alt Right will not succeed if they are unable to be who they are in public. I’ve seen a lot of people pointing to this video as a sign of victory over the Alt Right, a sign that they are scared. I think the latter half is true but not the former. What Spencer is saying is that they are going to ramp up security. And I would anticipate that these people will begin to receive even more protection from the current administration.

So, this is one conclusion I’d like to leave here - in most cases “punching nazis” means getting involved in serious physical violence in which your life will be at risk. And that risk is only going to increase in the future. Fantasizing about punching some idiot talking about a frog on tv is fun, but I think it ignores the realities that many have faced and many more are about to face. And while many of us have disabilities that hinder us in this department, I think it would behoove anyone who is serious about getting physical with fascists to study and learn how to do so before getting involved in a situation you are unprepared for. I would also think long and hard before making that demand of anyone else. But that’s not the most important point.

I’d like to circle back to talking about definitions. The examples I gave above are obvious. These were people who, in almost all cases, were openly wearing the actual logos of white supremacist organizations. So let me bring up a different example:

About one year after 9/11 I was in Budapest, taking an overnight train to Amsterdam. I had a spot in a sleeper compartment on a train. I got on and a couple other passengers came in. One of them was a young guy, a little older than me (I was in my early 20’s at this time). He spoke English very well and we got to talking. It turned out he was an Austrian who worked in finance. Middle management at a major bank. He bought us a couple of beers and we were getting along. Inevitably, the topic of 9/11 came up. Seemingly out of nowhere, he explains to me how “there were no Jews in the building that day”. He then goes on to explain how 9/11 and the entire War on Terror that was then unfolding was all a Jewish plot to direct money to Israel’s armed forces. And hinted that the Holocaust was a similar plot. I tried to argue with him for a bit (without letting on that I was Jewish) but it was nearly impossible to get through to him, and he soon became surly and then passed out. I tried to do the same. But what caught my attention was that this man was well spoken, dressed conservatively, he looked every bit the upper middle class finance professional. It was difficult to imagine him in a street fight. No one would have described this person as being on the fringes of his society.

Up until a year ago, if I told this story to a European, or to an American person of color, they were unsurprised. But if I told it to a white American their reaction would usually be “yeah, well, that’s Europe for you”.

But that’s never been the case.

One common narrative is that many of the groups of fascists have figured out that they aren’t going to get very far if they are seen just thugs who march around on the street wearing in leather jackets getting in scraps. many of them have figured this out some time ago, and have been infiltrating mainstream education and corporate life. And yes, that is happening.

But there is a big problem with that narrative: it ignores the fact that many of America’s institutions and businesses are, themselves, organizations that promote white supremacy. Many of our banks, many of our police departments, our prison system, much of our media. Does these mean they are all “nazis”? Not really. But what it does mean is that white supremacy is not some outside force that just suddenly popped out of Steve Bannon’s suitcase. It’s been here for a long time. It is deeply engrained in our society. Fascism is not some new danger that we suddenly need to prevent from being “normalized” - for much of America, fascism has been the norm for a very long time.

Here’s my point with all of this: sooner or later, Trump will be defeated. This regime is monstrous, but I have seen the power and anger and sheer volume of opposition to it, and I do not think that this regime will last. My worry is, once this most obvious of enemies is defeated, the liberal establishment will go right back to completely forgetting that white supremacy and fascism are a major problem in this country. The sad fact is, even when Democrats in power, even when the POTUS is the most progressive sounding person electable, the nazis are still here, white supremacy is still here, fascism is still here. And not always on “the other side”. We need to remember that, we need to keep pointing to them and ostracizing them and speaking out against white supremacy and fascism even when it looks like things are more comfortable, because that comfort is a trap.

Bed Time Routine

As a light sleeper, I have been subjected to quite a few of my friends night time shenanigans and I thought, what would the guys be?


You had trained yourself to be a light sleeper, it came with the territory. A soldier must be ready to protect those that they serve, and with you being one the four that was escorting the Prince to his wedding, you were determined to make certain he wouldn’t be eaten by a daemon in the middle of the night, considering that he slept like a rock, it was bound to happen. Yet still, that did not prepare you for the first night.

Being the only lady in the tent, you’d often turn in later so the guys didn’t feel uncomfortable with you changing before them, you had opted to sleep in the dead center of the tent, between Prompto and Noctis, figuring that you were the fastest and lightest sleeper, you’d be the first to strike should anything happen. You had possibly been asleep for about 2 hours when you felt a weight on your chest, and then a soft snoring in your ear along with a hold around your shoulders. You blinked awake softly, only to notice that Noctis had stretched across you and Ignis, who was on the other side of the Prince and he was now using you as a pillow. While the snoring within your ear was a Prompto who had decided to cuddle you something fierce and tight. You knew Prompto was had some muscle in his arms, but he was determine to hold on tight to you.

It wasn’t so bad if anything you were actually a little more comfortable. You went to cuddle back into your pillow to return to sleep, only for your eyes to snap open at the roar that echoed through the tent. Was that Courel?! Or an Iron Giant! Holy Hell, please don’t let it be a Tonberry! You shot up, knocking Noctis to your lap, who didn’t even seem to care that he was moved in the slightest and Prompto off you with a whine from the blonde. Your fingers twisted, ready to summon a weapon only to realize it was in the tent and coming from behind Prompto.

Only to be greeted by Gladiolus, laying on his back and snoring heavily. Sweet Astrals! He sounded like a behemoth with a hernia! Leaning over Prompto and somehow having Noctis remain comfortably within your lap, you jabbed at the man in ribs before he finally rolled over, and the snore stopped.

For about a moment, before it was directed to the tent wall!

You flopped back down to your cushion and blanket, closing your eyes to try and get some sleep. Only to nearly jump from your skin as Ignis set up like a man possessed. His green eyes staring at you with a soft glare.


“Quiet! They’ll hear you!”

You panicked softly, at the moment you were alone, “Who?”

“The custards you, twat.” He hissed before laying back and was out like a light.

You could only stare in confusion, Ignis had never referred to anyone as a twat, let alone you, he was so gentlemanly. So it was really something that threw you for a loop.  So you laid wide awake, staring at the ceiling of the tent trying to figure how you were going to get any sleep on this trip if something like this continued.

“Y/N, are you feeling okay?” Ignis inquired, as you had managed to wiggle out from underneath Noctis to step outside to greet him and Gladiolus.

At most you had maybe gotten about 2 hours of sleep, and that was after Gladiolus stopped snoring and Ignis had left. Yet before Noctis had decided that all blankets were his domain and he deserved them now! 

“Yeah didn’t sleep well is all.” You yawned softly, taking a cup of ebony that was offered to you, quickly downing it in hopes that it would keep you awake for the day. Not normally a coffee drinker, but maybe this would work.

Yet instead all it did was made your heart race, and you wanted to sleep more than anything, and you were jittery. No wonder Ignis spoke in his sleep.

You had eventually trained the boys to mind their Ps and Qs while sleep. To start with Gladiolus!

It was a hard job, yet eventually, enough poking and prodding at the big guy, he’d eventually start rolling to his side after a quick poke to the side. You’d also slap a few breath right strips across the bridge of his nose, and you’d get a soft snore, still loud, but now more of a background noise.

Next was Ignis, you were worried that he would hurt himself if not careful, yet found he only sat up and blurted stuff when he was on his back and if he drank an Ebony after 6 pm, so you got him decaf and would maneuver Noctis so that Ignis was also forced to his side.

Yet Noctis and Prompto had to be the hardest, considering that Prompto just wanted to cuddle, yet Prompto’s idea of cuddling his latching on like a baby Koala and never releasing. While Noctis need to use everyone as a mattress and become the King of said blankets by the following morning. The only thing you could do was wait for them to doze off and then you swaddled them, like two infants. Sometimes you’d have to use two blankets on Noctis, but swaddling them was the only way you didn’t wake up to a Prince laying on you, and a Photographer trying to climb you like a tree. Besides, they both made rather adorable burritos when it came down to it.

Your sleep schedule had dropped from 8 to about 7 or 6 but it was better than those first few weeks at 2.

“Hey, Y/N.” Prompto called one morning after breakfast. “Did you know you pur in your sleep?”

You blinked confused, “Really, is it annoying?”

“Not really,” Noctis muttered.

Ignis chuckled softly, “I’d say it rather soothing.”

“Yeah like a white noise machine,” Gladiolus added.

You blinked in confusion, having to wonder if you were the reason the boys all slept so well around you.
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russian association

ok so I’ve been thinking a lot about how andreil learn Russian together and how it is something that brings them closer together and reminds them of the other. It then got me thinking about Russian terms of endearment (and I saw a post about this the other day that just further fueled me) and how they would use Russian terms for each other because no one else would know what they’re saying. BUT THEN I was thinking about what would happen if they started using those terms to wake the other up from nightmares and this is what happened:  

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5x07 Care Under Fire

Okay, so that episode was fucking nuts. I may have already re-watched it for the purpose of trying to figure Jay Halstead out. I’ve waited 5 seasons along with you for this episode, and in my opinion, they delivered quite well, especially Jesse. Sure there were a few other things I would’ve liked to learn about Jay, but I don’t think it was appropriate for him to talk about that while he was undercover. Anyways, here’s my analysis, feel free to input your own opinions/thoughts/questions. :) 

(Bear with me, the images were taken from my phone in the dark. I will be so pissed if this post fucks up somehow because I’ve been writing about it for an hour now)

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Headcanon: Dating Arkham!Jason

Anonymous requested: I know I am late, but could I have a headcanon for dating arkham!jason? Thank you so much

Thank you @batfamily-imagines and @tim-help for helping me with this!



  • You need to be in contact with him at all times
  • Because he has a fear of losing people
  • And he can’t imagine what would happen if he lost you
  • You becoming friends with all of his men
  • And treating his and their wounds when needed
  • But they don’t dare flirt or even stare at you for too long or there will be consequences
  • You have a habit of tracing the “J” on his left cheek and he doesn’t know how he feels about that
  • You ended up training yourself to be a light sleeper because nightmares are very frequent
  • And whenever that happens, you’re always there to help him and comfort him
  • He teaches you how to throw knives
  • So you can join him in throwing them at pictures of his so-called family
  • Him teaching you how to shoot and use a gun and how to protect yourself
  • And you kick all his men’s ass in training
  • Really, just being there by his side and supporting him through thick and thin
  • Him wondering how an angel like you could ever love someone like him
  • And you remind him every single day why you love him

broke: trump fell asleep, made a typo, and hit send too early

woke: trump intentionally tweeted something absurd to distract from his decision to pull out of the paris accords

wired: the CIA has access to @realDonaldTrump and it’s occasionally used as a sort of numbers station because trump doesn’t remember what he tweets anyway and if he does it’ll serve as a subtle gaslight to keep him under their thumb. “covfefe” just activated multiple sleeper cells of trained agents that will carry out a series of false-flag attacks across america in the next few months that will be pinned on muslim immigrants and serve as justification for the declaration of martial law and the total shutdown of borders to non-citizens

Skeleton sleep headcanons

Well this kind of got out of hand??? Just got a sudden urge to write down how the UT US UF and SF skele bro’s sleep for some fricking reason :D and it pretty much ran away from me so…

Enjoy I guess!

UT Sans:

Belly sleeper, prefers to sleep on his stomach, can sleep anywhere, can easily make himself fall asleep anytime and anywhere, like he can just close his eyes and he’s asleep, except after waking up from a nightmare, habit of falling asleep in the strangest of places, like inside cupboards, sinks, the laundry basket to name a few, whether he does it on purpose or not is anyone’s guess, pretty deep sleeper, usually doesn’t move around much while sleeping, except if he has nightmares, some nights he is unable to sleep at all, when he wakes up after a nightmare it is pretty much impossible for him to fall asleep again, when unable to sleep he usually take a walk through Snowdin/Waterfall, it calms him down, always checks up on Papyrus before he leaves though, or he goes to his hidden lab to try to do science stuff even though he is exhausted, at times after a really bad one he often crawls into his brothers bed, have had night terrors since he was a baby bones, always pretends to still be asleep if trying to wake him just to mess with the person who tries to wake him, especially his brother, is a little spoon, though also a big one it varies, prefers to be the little spoon though as he likes having his sleeping partners chin on his head and his face buried in their chest with his arms fully around them, snores slightly when fully asleep, sleeps for about 7-9 hours a night if he doesn’t have nightmares and depending when he goes to bed, not a morning person like he is still half asleep for at least an hour or two until he finally wakes up fully, coffee usually helps to speed it up, nothing wakes him up quicker than completely black coffee, which he dislikes but needs to wake up.  

UT Paps:

Sleeps on his back most of the time, does not move from the position he falls asleep in at all, his legs and arms moves and flail around like crazy while he sleeps though, like if you sleep next to him he will accidently slap and kick you, he usually wakes up immediately if he do and  apologize, though if he holds something or someone then he doesn’t move an inch, often kick his blanket onto the floor, pretty light sleeper, awakes instantly if trying to wake him, has this inner clock which allows him to wake up at any time he decides, so no need for alarm clocks, needs to have a bedtime story told to him before he falls asleep, can still fall asleep but then he doesn’t get that good of a rest, like he wakes up every once in a while if not read to most of the time, ultimate big spoon, is ok with been a little spoon but prefers to be the big one, as he likes to hold the person he spoons with, he snores sometimes and when he do so do he do it pretty damn loud, his snores sounds like nyeehs, sleeps for 3 rarely 5 hours a night, ultimate morning person, he always wakes up at the most ungodly hour of the morning, no coffee for him he drinks some milk to start of his day.

US Sans/Berry:

Usually sleeps in a fetal position, literally makes a cocoon around himself with his blanket, often end up getting completely tangled up in his blanket, he has to fight his own blanket to get free when he wakes up, rolls around a couple of times but then stays still for the rest of the night, sleeps the best when holding something, super clingy when sleeping with someone, he will latch onto you and never let you go throughout the night, pretty light sleeper, easily wakes up when hearing a weird noise etc, always wakes up with a start when his alarm clock rings, like he literally jumps out of bed startled every time, prefers to be a big spoon but is ok with been a little spoon, does not snore at all, sleeps for 6-8 hours a night depends when he goes to bed, forces himself to be a morning person even though he is truly not, is easily irritated by the slightest things in the morning, do actually drink coffee though not that much of an amount, like a really tiny teacup, lots of milk in it and some sugar though as he just can’t drink it black, sometimes he drinks juice though it at times gives him a bad after taste, though only if he drinks it in the morning weirdly enough.

US Paps/Papy:

He constantly moves while sleeping, is like a cat when he sleeps so he ends up in a bunch of weird ass positions while sleeping which cannot be comfortable or good for his spine, never stays long in one position, if sleeping in the same bed then he will eventually end up on top of you, accidently kick and slap you, even head-butt you, he’s the worst sleeping partner ever, though if someone is holding him or he is holding someone then he can end up sleeping pretty calmly, though if he holds you then you might end up been dragged around all over the bed too, though if cuddling and sleeping on the couch with someone then he usually stays still, alone on the couch though then he will move all over it eventually ending up with his lower body still on the couch and the rest of him on the floor, is a very, very deep sleeper, nothing can wake him unless you jump on top of him, shake him or scream in his ear, even then he might not wake up, suggest a bucket of water, barely sleeps most nights, because of nightmares which is pretty much the only thing which can instantly wake him up, often gasping for air when he do, but he usually fall back asleep after one after staying awake for a couple of hours, usually stays in his room when unable to sleep, sometimes read a book, smoke a cigarette or two looking out his window, usually he just sit leaned against a wall with a blanket draped over him and a cigarette in hand with his thoughts running amok, at times the nightmares does not wake him up, so if someone wakes him up while he has a nightmare he just might lash out though it’s not that common that he do, Berry has some sort of ability to wake up himself when his brother is stuck in a nightmare so he usually go to Papy’s room and crawl under the blanket with him to sooth him, probably have night terrors, Papy also have the ability to sleep anywhere, he often ends up nodding off and doze awhile standing up, though if he does it for too long he usually falls down onto the ground, still asleep, might have a slight case of narcolepsy, big spoon as he is so damn tall though he really likes to be the little spoon, snores very silently, sleeps for 7-10 hours depends when he goes to bed at night or if he stays up due for nightmares, not a morning person at all, often nods off while eating breakfast, happens that he face plants into his breakfast if Berry isn’t fast enough, drinks tea with lots and lots of honey, or a glass of milk mixed with chocolate powder, needs his sugar to wake up.

UF Sans/Red:

Usually on his stomach, extremely light sleeper unless completely exhausted or drunk, wakes up to any noise he hears, positions himself on his stomach with his head towards the door, just in case some monster decide to come and try to dust him, even though it isn’t very likely but still, usually have his blanket over his head with just his face showing, moves around a couple of times during the night, wakes up instantly by his brothers voice, can also sleep anywhere but is always half awake, can sleep with one eye open, when plagued by nightmares he usually stays still in the position he woke up in, his thoughts running amok until he either falls asleep or he stays awake in his bed until his brother comes to wake him, time to time he experiences sleep paralysis which freaks him out, when he feels completely safe and secure he becomes a pretty deep sleeper, prefers to be the big spoon as he does not like to feel trapped, though if he feels completely safe with the person he spoons with then he can go along with it, actually loves been the little spoon even though it still makes him slightly anxious, snores loudly, sleeps for about 4-6 hours a night it varies, so not a morning person, do not talk to him unless he have gotten his coffee or all hell will break out, drinks two cups of coffee to wake him up fully, sometimes 3 if truly exhausted, might mix his coffee with some kind of energy drink if he needs that extra kick, or alcohol.    

UF Paps/Edge:

Sleeps on his back, no matter what, has trained himself to sleep on his back and completely still and stiff by pure willpower, sleeps like a frikking vampire or something, because he did not like how messy his bed became when morning came and that he have a need to be in control even asleep etc, though when completely exhausted his discipline might slip a bit and he ends up kicking and tossing, also a light sleeper, not as light as his brother as he has trained himself to filter out the random sounds that occurs at night, while he instantly awakes at any noise that are different than the usual, wakes up every 2 hours to walk around the house, checking for intruders etc, also have an inner clock though he trained himself to have it, if sleeping with someone he automatically clings to them while sleeping, extreme cuddler, which he will deny to his dying breath that he is, big spoon and that’s final no way he will let himself be the little spoon, though he might try it out sometime if persuaded, which he then finds out he actually like it though there is no way he will admit it, used to snore quiet loudly but have somehow trained himself to not snore at all, don’t question how he is just that disciplined, sleeps for about 5 hours in total with him waking up every two hours to check the house though it varies, morning person, though he is slightly sluggish and a bit easier to irritate until he have had his coffee, usually drinks it before waking his brother up, also wakes up at a ungodly hour of the morning, he also make one of those vegetable mixed drinks because he is healthy.       

SF Sans/Scratch:

Usually sleeps on his side, constantly rolls around while asleep, kicks allot, extremely clingy if sleeping with someone, clings so hard that he might give you bruises, when he have latched onto something or someone he never lets  go, pretty much impossible to pry yourself or anything from him when he have gotten a hold, ultimate blanket stealer, he will take all the blankets and pillows, usually becomes some sort of blanket burrito when he do, will most certainly kick you if not completely covered in blankets and pillows, is a pretty deep sleeper, easily wakes up when he hears something unusual though, if someone tries to wake him up that person will be meet with a punch to the face and even some bone attacks sometimes, have a habit of shooting bone attacks at his alarm clock, it needs to get fixed or replaced at least once every second day, insists to be the big spoon even though he is so damn short, will fight you if you try to insist that it would be better if he was the little spoon, don’t push him, ultimate snorer, his snores are so loud it will be a miracle if anyone who sleeps in the same room as him succeeds in sleeping, I suggest earplugs, sleeps for about 6-9 hours a night it varies,  not a morning person at all, he tries to be but he just can’t wake up properly in the mornings, usually falls asleep again when he have turned off his alarm, unless his brother comes and wakes him up, which he hates because he wants to be able to wake himself up without anyone’s help god damnit, usually have to be carried down for breakfast as he just refuses to get up, because he is a spoiled brat and we all know it, is pretty sluggish and barely awake until he have eaten something, insists on drinking completely black coffee even though he in reality hates coffee, because that is what grownups and “cool” people drink and he is a grownup and super cool, got a complex just because he looks like a damn 12 year old.    

SF Paps/Rus:

Sleeps sitting up, this guy is so damn paranoid that he usually settles himself in the corner of his bed, his back against the wall with his arms around himself and knees up, looking around his room warily until he falls asleep in pure exhaustion, a very restless sleep that barely lasts for more than an hour or two before he wakes up with a start, extreme light sleeper, any sounds can wake him up, constantly plagued by nightmares, have night terrors, he might be kind of an ass but at night when there’s not really anything to distract him from his own mind he becomes pretty vulnerable if he is alone, usually keep the clothes he wore during the day on when going to bed, can’t be bothered to change, after sleeping for barely an hour he usually gets up and starts to walk around his room, then the rest of the house, just walking, thinking, smoking by one of the windows, also checking for intruders, he does not leave the house, after all someone might try to get in and dust his brother, checks up on his brother time to time, often ends up on the couch trying to watch some sort of show while eating some canned ravioli with bbq sauce or any other kind of food he can find to pass the time, he might sit down and tinker with something if he isn’t too restless, have taken apart most of the machines in the kitchen hundreds of times, due for him not sleeping much at all it happens that he ends up fainting due for pure exhaustion, can suddenly nod of at times due for been so damn tired even though he fights it with every fibre of his being, usually wakes up instantly after about 5-10 minutes when it happens, if truly exhausted while sleeping sitting up in his bed he usually starts to slide, which he usually instantly wakes up when his chin hits his chest or shoulder or until he hits the mattress, which he then instantly wakes up, his brother have a habit of drugging him time to time just so that Rus can finally sleep for more than two hours, needs quiet a high dose for it to work on him, when drugged with the right dosage he usually falls asleep in a matter of minutes, he hates taking them and especially dislikes it when his brother sneaks them into his meals, hates to be knocked out for too long, when drugged he usually ends up sleeping for about 10 hours, he srs need to sleep, big spoon, feels way too trapped with been a little spoon, not that big of a cuddler until he feels completely safe and secure and when he do then boy does he love to cuddle, if sleeping with someone he usually ends up watching them throughout the whole night, creepy, likes to hold the persons hand while they sleep, does not snore at all, is actually a morning person, always wakes up his brother and makes breakfast for him, does not eat breakfast himself, instead he gulps down an energy drink or two maybe even five unless he is stopped, literally lives on them, often adds some alcohol.  

And that’s it! this will probably not happen that often, though it was fun to do <: will not make a imagines blog if anyone is wondering, already have too much to do

Here’s some sketches of UT Sans sleeping in weird places

tea time for @mang-o. prompt: elemental affection

the difficulty of levi is his sharpness. it’s in his face, baked into his eyelashes and peaked at his cheekbones. the corners of his lips dimpled in deep shadows that repeat in all the hard angles of his body.

but he moves like liquid in a gaseous space, spins and lands on his feet like a cat, his thin hair catching inertia and snapping back against his brow. he catches erwin’s eyes on the training ground, all angles reconstructing and freezing him into place, and nods once before shooting into the air again.

he gets closer, sniffs around erwin like a stray cat looking for scraps. he huddles against walls when he’s noticed, looks out windows or at his fingernails when erwin happens a glance. and even though he’s heavy with muscle, he’s still light on his feet, startles erwin when he comes up behind him to demand his paperwork to be signed.


erwin jumps slightly, but composes himself, turns on his heels to face the smaller man. “oh, levi. how are you this evening?”

“here.” levi shoves a bundle of papers into his hand, rests his fingers on top of his and lets them linger for two seconds too long. they both notice. “the expense reports.”

erwin doesn’t move his hand, looks down at levi and nods once, and levi is the one that breaks their contact.

levi appears in the light more often. comes into his office unannounced and takes a seat on his sofa to read over reports and formations without saying a word. erwin doesn’t say anything about this man that is both solid and liquid, a heated element that can both poison and heal. he finds he enjoys the company, the quick quips of words that always seem to bring perspective. the occasional joke that reminds erwin what it’s like to laugh. he’s a welcome addition to his office, one he misses when he is not around.

the first time levi brings him tea, he pushes a stray piece of hair from erwin’s brow back into place. he doesn’t look at him, looks at himself in the dark tea as he tries to remember everything about the feeling of callous fingers scrapping across his forehead. he wonders if there’s something hidden in the touch, like the instinctual affection of a mother’s, or something as outrageous as the consideration from a soulmate. he sips a small amount into his mouth and swallows it down with his thoughts.

Keep reading

Las Vegas: The Mandalay Bay Shooting - Real Tragedy & Real Distraction

My heart aches for all the victims of this horrible massacre…. Which is why it’s so important to be open minded and wary while discerning the truth behind this shooting. To honor the victims we can’t become swept up in the initial sensationalized media around the event and instead investigate all the motives and reasons for this event to transpire.

Acknowledging the horror

Last night concert goers at the Route 91 Country Music Festival Were fired upon by automatic rifles by Atleast one individual killing 59 and wounding 527 others… no one deserved to die last night, no one deserved the trauma forever imprinted on them by the nightmare that unfolded, and what occurred in Mandalay Bay should never be forgotten. I am committed as so many others are to learning from this incident so that we don’t have to witness more tragedies of this nature.

The Un-Usual Suspects.

Steven Paddock Hardly fits the profile of a spree killer. If you look into the backgrounds of many various American spree killers a similar story begins to follow. Family and friends are utterly shocked by their close loved ones behaviors, often times unable to conceive them as being capable of plotting out, and acquiring the means to perform these atrocities. The media comes out over the course of weeks with a story either of brief “terrorist” relations or in the case of white people(like Stephen paddock ~ which I’m sure we’ll hear a tale about) a history of mental illness and medication spanning several years to several months in vague detail. No one will ever know what the real motive was, the media will never go beyond speculation. And we all sit with the confusion of the massacre we beheld. This has to stop.

There’s a conspiracy and it’s Not gun control.

As I’ve watched the past several shootings unfold I’ve noticed a pattern in the response. One portion of the population accepts the event hook line and sinker, listening to the story told by the media, captivated by the REAL horror and loss of life that has occurred. Another sect of the population knows theirs something amiss with the stories given by the mainstream sources, and seeks to understand why. The immediate go to we’ve all been programmed to think(and reject because it can’t possibly work) is gun control. Immediately a divide is created and the two traumatized sect of the public fight over both illusions. The Gun Control debate is part of the distraction to disguise the actual motives behind this attack, it’s a dead end.

2017: One Catastrophe After Another, And A Court Jester For President.

Why now? Why Like this? Doesn’t it seem odd that in the nexus of the past several months so many disasters of both the natural and human caliber have struck the American people? That the “face” the “figurehead” the “spokesperson” of the United States is apparently a clown? It seems almost like a circus? A show? It’s no secret that if you’re receiving your information on political events from the news and this circus administration that you are entirely mis/uninformed.

If you’ve taken an aside from the mainstream vomit to undertake your own investigation you’ve probably discovered that 2017 has been an extremely eventful year Geopolitically; With thousands of arrests around international networks of elites in the worlds of entertainment, politics, and finances for pedophilia and human trafficking. The enacting of even more global trade pacts and internet neutrality bills. The release of cures for diseases like hepatitis C. Trillions of dollars discovered in over spending at the pentagon. Multiple Whistleblowers claiming to be from special access unacknowledged space programs and mk ultra programs coming out with their testimony. And as of the past 24 hours THE SECESSION OF CATALONIA FROM SPAIN.

Home Made Spree Killers

Testimonies have come out such as that of Mathew Polly of an ongoing MK-ultra program that was Atleast operating in the post 2000 era. Mathew claims to have been part of a Canadian branch of MK-ultra used for research and development on creating techniques to program and train sleeper assassins for shootings and massacres in the U.S.

From the San Bernardino Shooters, to the Boston Bombers, all of their stories are filled with holes and inconsistencies, and if captured have the same dead unoccupied look as if drugged or are unaware of their actions. A characteristic of scopolamine(a mind altering substance used in inducing dissociative states).

I don’t know the truth, You don’t know the truth, no one does.

I am not attempting to convince you of one particular story. But I am cautioning spaciousness and caution while discerning the events of Mandalay Bay. I am wanting to bring to your awareness that less than 24 hours before this tragedy hundreds of people were injured with several deaths by the hand federal authorities attempting to prevent Catalonians from voting themselves free of their government and establishing their own sovereignty. Those people fought hard and won their independence, a story that could have global repercussions. A mass shooting typically follows victories of the people in this nature, to draw away attention and place our focus on a nightmare.

Be compassionate for those who lost their lives last night, and honor them by not taking the bait of their deaths by becoming blinded in the ensuing emotion. I give my heart out to those who are suffering, and remain spacious as the details unfold on this story.

#Mandalay #Bay #Mandalaybay #Shooting #Route91 #Awareness

VMHQ’s Holiday Fic Grab Bag - PROMPT LIST!!

Ho, Ho, Ho! Our list of Holiday Fic Prompts was delivered by reindeer mail this morning, and we’re ready to share them with all the Veronica Mars fanfic writers, GIFmakers, artists, and… well, anyone who wants to create something for them. 

Remember, post all of your offerings to the A03 collection by December 23rd. The collection will open for your reading and enjoyment (anonymously) on the morning of December 24th and then authors/creators will be revealed on January 1st!

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, THE LIST:

  1. Logan and Veronica and a secret santa!
  2. Logan and Veronica snowbound strangers who have to keep each other warm. Bonus points if they don’t like each other much at first and then find out how they are so much more than first impressions (and then hook up).
  3. During An Echolls Family Christmas - Logan and Veronica and accidental kissing.
  4. College AU. Logan and Veronica - Logan meets Keith for the first time during the holidays. There’s nervousness, making out, and Keith trying to accept his little girl isn’t so little anymore.
  5. During S2, Logan is feeling down after watching the tapes of Lilly, and Veronica is feeling down with Wallace gone and everything sucking. They somehow meet and spend the Holidays together and things get better.
  6. Logan and Veronica fall in love during a (crazy) Holiday party. This one can be AU.
  7. Mac is tired of her family asking about her love life so she brings Dick to Christmas dinner as her pretend boyfriend.
  8. LoVe and Holiday horror (As in Krampus and other Holiday horror movies, but no killer snowmen because come on). Just want to see if anyone can come up with something for this one.
  9. Logan and Veronica meet at a Christmas party and hook up for the first time.
  10. LoVe as an established couple (can include other pairings) and they spend the holidays with the parents. Can be AU if they are meeting the parents for the first time. Comedy if possible (as plenty of Holiday movies do - Ex. Meet the parents).
  11. LoVe’s first Christmas together (after reuniting in the film), including the run up to the actual day.
  12. Weevil is desperate to find a sold out doll for his daughter –the only item on Valentina’s Christmas list– and he enlists Logan’s help to track down this important present. 
  13. Lilly gives Logan to Veronica as a Christmas present.
  14. LoVe during S3 - they don’t break up so they spend their first Holidays together!
  15. Veronica is a waitress in a New York diner, trying to pay her way through law school. She has to work Christmas Eve - it’s just her and the cook and no customers until Logan walks in to spend a lonely, glum holiday. 
  16. LoVe find themselves stranded in the airport and can’t make it to their holiday celebrations. They find each other instead. Romance ensues :)
  17. In An Echolls Family Christmas, Weevil calls Veronica when the money first goes missing, and she shows up to find all the boys in their underwear. “When did Logan get so ripped?”
  18. It’s the season of countless movies about saving Xmas! So what if the Vmars characters have to do the same? Can you combine the noir of Neptune with the silly Xmas shenanigans that are required to save the holiday? Maybe it can be a fantasy story (does SC needs help?) or based in reality (or ambiguous fantasy if you like). As many characters as can be involved from canon. And preferably with LoVe either as friends, or enemies to friends, or even as a couple.
  19. AU or alternate ending of an Echoll’s Family Christmas. Logan/Veronica
  20. Veronica, Mac and Meg baking cookies for Christmas
  21. Veronica and Logan’s first kiss happens under the mistletoe. Someone else (Duncan, Lilly, or another person) tried to put it up to catch either Logan or Veronica, but it backfires when it gets Logan and Veronica together instead.
  22. Snowbound Fab Four, pre-series, LoVe the Fab Four but maybe before everyone pairs off(?) can be happy and fluffy or with a dose of pining/angsty
  23. Set during S2 “One Angry Veronica” - Logan feeling down about everything, stealing the sex tapes, etc. does something sweet and possibly(?) anonymous for Weevil’s Grandma (since he currently owns their house at that point). Maybe a little bit of BrOTP w/Logan & Weevil?
  24. S2 Christmas Break - Veronica goes to Logan for comfort after discovering the truth about Meg’s pregnancy
  25. S4 Imagined AU - Veronica never went to Stanford, but she did come back from the FBI internship with a new commitment to normalcy.  She’s still dating Piz, but the semester is nearing an end and she knows it’s not what she wants. It’s Christmas, and at Christmas you tell the truth. Eventually LoVe (maybe a little Love Actually inspired w/out the creepiness). Maybe Logan has someone else in his life at this point too(?)
  26. Those 9 years, two Neptune survivors bump into each other unexpectedly at an airport in Aspen when their flights are delayed. Who are they? What happens? What do they talk about? (Not a LoVe pairing)
  27. Ghost of Christmas’ past. You pick the ghost and who they visit. Also, the living don’t have to know they’re being watched, or you can have interactions between the living and the ghost.
  28. Madison’s perspective of how the events unfolded in Aspen (can be her POV) would love a somewhat sympathetic/compassionate approach to a character that never received much dimension from the writers.
  29. Logan and Veronica’s kid “Home Alone” during Christmas.
  30. S3 AU, Logan, Veronica, Keith, and whoever else the writer wants (the whole gang or no one else) meet in Aspen. Can LoVe reconnect during the holidays? Or will things remain the same?
  31. LoVe trying to find the perfect gift for each other in a mall or some big store because they forgot (don’t know why, maybe they just got recently back together, perhaps this is a S3 AU :O) days (hours?) before Xmas. There’s waaaay too many people, madness and fighting ensues :).
  32. Logan and Veronica attend an office holiday party. Dialogue: “I told you we shouldn’t have brought the fruit cake.”
  33. Logan, Veronica, Wallace, Mac, and Dick go tobogganing. Dialogue: “That is a really bad idea.”
  34. Meg and baby Lilly both lived and they celebrate the baby’s first Christmas with Duncan. Veronica and Logan are involved in some capacity.
  35. Work holiday party hookup, Logan/anyone.
  36. Sophomore year of college. Logan moved out of the Neptune Grand into a new home and while unpacking he finds a Christmas present he got for Veronica, but they had broken up before he gave it to her. He finds her (either at Keith’s or he goes to Stanford) to give her the present now.
  37. Logan and Veronica sing Christmas carols… in front of an audience… for a case.
  38. AU Veronica investigates the case of Santa Claus and Logan tags along.
  39. Either Logan or Veronica try to make some big Christmas dinner and absolutely everything goes wrong. They end up eating pizza/KFC/or something like that on a very messy kitchen floor and making out. The writer can decide if guests arrive and find them like that.
  40. Logan and Veronica. It’s New Year’s Eve and person A got dumped. Person B tries to cheer up person A, and they end up kissing as the countdown reaches 0.
  41. Logan and Veronica just broke up. Dick throws a big Christmas party. Wallace and Mac convince Veronica to go. Logan and Veronica meet there and reconcile.
  42. Logan and Veronica are neighbors and they get into a fierce Christmas decorating contest –way over the top. Veronica eventually learns that Logan wasn’t interested in the competition, he just likes firing her up.
  43. Pre-series New Year’s Eve celebration with the fabulous four at the Kane House where they are having a party as well. Celeste makes Duncan and Lilly come inside, but doesn’t allow Logan and Veronica who end up kissing each other at midnight.
  44. Veronica and Logan discover how much Pony loves the Christmas tree, especially knocking off ornaments and knocking the whole thing over.
  45. Angsty with a hopeful or happy ending. Veronica comes back from Stanford for Christmas after not seeing Logan for more than a year and goes to see him at the Neptune Grand. Dick’s dialogue “He’s in his room, but you’re not going to like what you find." 
  46. Logan and Veronica meet after high school away from Neptune. One or the other needs a pretend date to take home for the holidays either because of lies they told their family, or to compete with an ex’s new relationship.
  47. Logan and Veronica are dorm/class acquaintances at Stanford, who end up getting stuck in a snow storm while carpooling to a mutual friends holiday party in Tahoe.
  48. Logan and Veronica are best friends that end up next to each other for the New Years kiss at midnight.
  49. Veronica brings a special Christmas present to Logan at the office.
  50. Logan and Veronica are work frenemies that get picked to be each other’s secret Santa.
  51. Remake of movie Love Actually - use all VM characters. Special request: Logan as the Prime Minister and V as his assistant.
  52. Matching Reindeer Boxers – how did Duncan and Logan end up with them? What made each of them decide to wear them that night? What did they think about one another when they realized they’d both selected the same pair (esp. if the author decides Veronica gifted them and it reveals that they’re both being nostalgic and missing her this time of year)
  53. Sibling closeness over the holidays - adult Veronica and Logan planning for or celebrating a holiday with Hunter. Or really anything where Hunter is included in family togetherness. 
  54. "Let’s import a Christmas tree from Canada.”  
  55. Logan and Veronica are hosting thanksgiving dinner. They have a LOT to be thankful for (a little surprise for their family and friends - they are expecting).
  56. Accidentally matching holiday underwear! 
  57. WeeVer! Set in college, at a point where her Dad doesn’t completely dislike Eli and she’s finally fed up with Logan and/or she loves Eli regardless of all the outside influences.
  58. VMars and Logie Bear accidentally double-booked a train sleeper compartment on the day before Christmas Eve. Five minutes after meeting, they already piss each other off. But with a train this packed and no other way to get to their destination in time…what are they to do? (I have no clue; snark and shenanigans, I assume.)
  59. A Christmas body swap!
  60. Remake the movie Serendipity with Logan and Veronica. It may not be a movie about Christmas but it takes place around Christmas time.
  61. New Year’s Eve is always a disappointment. Keith knows this. Everybody knows this. So why not use the day to start working on his resolution for a healthy year? To make a long story short, Keith conscripts some victims to help him replace his pointless crop of lawn grass with kale. Some find it amusing, fewer find it hot, and others are just done.
  62. “I got you for secret santa and I got you this really expensive but sentimental gift that you’ve always wanted, hoping you’ll never find out it’s from me and I’ve been in love with you since forever”
  63. “You got me an amazing present and I didn’t get you anything because I didn’t know we were doing presents because you are just a close friend (and oh, this is supposed to be a declaration of love, well in that case, come to the bed, I’ve got great last minute gift idea)”
  64. Veronica finds her old water bed in the attic while looking for Christmas decorations.
  65. Van Clemmons has always kept himself out of the trenches in his little kingdom of learning and hormones…until he finds a camera in his stapler and Vincent Van Lowe in the waiting room, carrying a tray of Christmas cookies.  
  66. A Christmas Carol (the Scrooge one,  not the singing kind (though that could be another prompt,  where a bunch of carollers show up at LoVe’s door)
  67. Logan and Veronica AU - “We went through a really bad break up a month ago, but I already bought you a Christmas gift. it’s too late to return it now and I know you’d really like it so I show up to your house on Christmas Eve and give you the present I bought for you and I swear I see tears in your eyes”
  68. Logan and Veronica drew each other’s name out of the Santa Hat for secret Santa (with mutual friends or at work) and “I really had no clue what to get you, we don’t know each other too well so…” 
  69. Logan and Veronica, “let’s dress up our dog as a reindeer” AU
  70. Veronica and Logan both volunteer at the holiday charity and somehow they’ve managed to turn donations for the less fortunate into a competition to see who could get the most donations. AU 
  71. Logan and Veronica, sworn enemies, are chosen to prepare the company Christmas Party.
  72. LoVe family buying or decorating the Christmas tree or baking holiday treats or making snowmen.
  73. Logan and Veronica - they broke up, but now they meet at a Christmas party.
  74. Logan and Veronica meet in the E/R on Christmas Eve.
  75. LoVe are co-workers, but they barely know each other. They both have to work through the holidays.
  76. Veronica can’t travel to see her family on Christmas, so she invites Logan, her grumpy loner neighbor.
  77. Veronica or Logan’s ex will be at the Christmas Party. They pose as each other’s fiance or significant other.
  78. “You’ve had too much eggnog and rum and now you’re drunk and doing a strip tease for everyone at this Christmas party; it isn’t sexy in the slightest because you’re giggling and your sweater is caught over your head but I’m still falling in love with you” -Logan & Veronica AU
  79. “I get caught with one of my friends under the mistletoe and you literally sprint from across the room to shove them out of the way and take their spot” AU Veronica and Logan
  80. Logan and Veronica: “It’s hella snowing outside and the power went out in our apartment building. You come up to my door, asking for blankets because you’re freezing but I just pull you inside and oh wait when did we start cuddling?”
  81. Logan & Veronica: “We’re co-workers who hate each other but you had too much to drink at the staff Christmas party and admitted your love for me - I don’t know how to act around you now”
  82. “I was having a snowball fight outside and you were casually walking by and oh my god I’m so sorry I accidentally nailed you in the face” Veronica & Logan AU.  
  83. On Christmas Eve, Logan and Veronica are stuck together because of blizzard, they have to share a bed.
  84. LoVe- since the first time they met, every Christmas Eve, one letter appears on their skin, it’s the name of their soulmate (can complicate with two names written on their body, their nemesis and their soulmate)
  85. At Christmas Eve, the heater broke and I’m freezing get over here" 
  86. Right before Christmas break, Logan & Veronica: ‘We’re stuck in a log cabin overnight during a snowstorm because of some stupid school team building exercise and it’s freezing and I can’t sleep and you can hear me shivering in the next bed so you pick me up and dump in your bed and good grief you are hot in every sense of the word’
  87. Logan and Veronica - ‘It’s Christmas, I’m visiting my family, you’re pretending to be my significant other so my mum gets off my case only she’s assuming we’re going to be sleeping in the same bed together’
  88. Can be set during S3 or around the movie - Keith and Logan interact while Veronica watches (holiday of your choosing). Inspiration these B&W photos taken by Chris Lowell: 

Happy creating, and happy holidays! 

anonymous asked:

new anon please hit me over the head with dad might as hard as you can

I took that as a challenge, went and wrote probably the fluffiest and chessiest Dad Might I’ve ever written. I hope your in for it, dear anon! =D (Also, no hitting, sorry, I’m a pacifist.)

Here we go:

Living at the dorms, Toshinori had discovered, had quite a few perks to it, apart from practical reasons like being close to his students should anything happen, or being safe from harassing reporters.  

Most importantly, there were three times a day the former hero had come to enjoy very much. The evenings spent together with everyone, where they cooked together, before they proceeded to laze around the living room. The afternoons after training, where they usually played, trained some more, or he helped the kids doing their homework.

And, his most favorite, the early mornings.

Those early mornings where he went to wake up each of his students where the times Toshinori had come to love. It gave him the opportunity to see his student for what they really were – still children, innocent and young, even though they had already faced quite some hardships. It made the growing feelings of affection and protectiveness towards them even stronger.

There was Shouto, sleepily blinking up at him when he shook him awake gently. Bakugou, already awake when Toshinori entered his room, yawning and mumbling that he would be right there (no swears at all, since those mornings made even Bakugou calmer and more relaxed). Uraraka with gloves on which made sure that she didn’t float away in her sleep, humming softly in her throat when he called her quietly. Mina, instantly awake as soon as Toshinori stepped up next to her bed, waiting for a chance to hug him tightly and press a wet kiss to his cheek in greeting. Tsuyu, smiling softly at him and asking him if he had slept well before he could even ask her the same.

Each and every one of those little habits and details where already deeply ingrained in Toshinori’s memory, tucked away safely and close to heart, but every morning, he would beam in joy when they repeated themselves. Little gems that he intended to keep as long as he could.

But his absolute highlight, the one thing he saved up for last, was waking Izuku up.

The reason for that was not how peaceful Izuku looked in his sleep – even if he probably was the most calming sight Toshinori had ever seen in his life.

No, what really made this worth-while was the fact that Izuku sleep-talked.

Toshinori had discovered this approximately a few weeks prior, when he had first taken up the job of waking up the kids. Somehow, he had expected that Izuku, with his strict training regime, would be a light sleeper, would perhaps even be awake before someone could come and wake him up.

But the exact opposite was true, honestly. Izuku in the early mornings would be conscious enough to register being spoken to, even conscious enough to mumble and whisper something, but he could not be waken up that easily.

And in this state between sleep and waking, Izuku was quite talkative. Sometimes, it had sounded as if he was trying to solve a riddle even in sleep, or as if he was still dreaming.

But there had been this one time, when Toshinori had pulled the blanket off the boy in a fell swoop to wake him up, that Izuku had called out quite clearly, “Noooo, five more minutes, dad!” and curled back into himself.

That had been the moment where Toshinori had spat blood in surprise, blanket slipping out of his grip as he muffled his startled coughs behind one hand and used to other to steady himself as his knees turned to jelly all of sudden.


Holy shit, it had been a good thing that Izuku had still been asleep, elsewise Toshinori would probably have suffocated upon their shared surprise and embarrassment.

Not that he minded, truly, he didn’t he… he had felt like floating after that, weightless and good upon hearing that the boy – his boy – thought that much of him. But still… facing Izuku after such a surprise was different. Probably the boy would even deny that he had said that, and that would hurt way too much.

So Toshinori settled for these early mornings, looking forward to each of them, eager to see what sleepy Izuku had to tell him this time.

Perhaps he was being childish about this, but he really had come to enjoy those quiet, peaceful minutes where he didn’t have to worry about not playing favorites with his student. Where he could just spend some quality time with Izuku.

So once he had made sure that nineteen of his students were up and ready to go, in no danger of falling asleep again once he left them, Toshinori made his way towards Izuku’s room.

Entering it, closing the door behind himself, Toshinori instantly heard the soft breathing that indicated that Izuku was still dead asleep, and a smile made its way onto his face.

Checking his watch, he noted that he still was almost fifteen minutes too early.


Slinking over to the bed, Toshinori took a quick look, smile only widening at the sight.

Izuku was facing him, laying on his side. The boy’s mouth was standing open ever so slightly, breath coming deep and slow. At some point, Izuku had kicked his blanket off the bed, like he had done so often already.

Chuckling quietly, Toshinori crouched down next to the bed, taking a closer look. There were no wrinkles between Izuku’s brows, his whole expression relaxed and peaceful in sleep, not worried or thoughtful as it was so often.

So young, Toshinori mused, reaching out to push a lock of green hair out of Izuku’s face. So young and yet such a hero already.

Izuku sniffled in his sleep, twitching as the gentle touch tickled him. Humming, the boy shifted, brows crinkling slightly as his consciousness resurfaced.

Pausing to make sure that he had not startled his student awake, Toshinori waited until Izuku had settled again before he sighed. Nothing for it. He had to wake the boy up at some point, anyway.

“Izuku,” he called softly, reaching over to stroke the boy’s freckled cheek. “Time to wake up, my boy.”

A confused sound left Izuku. Stirring, the boy blinked one eye open, then the other, blearily focusing on his mentor right in front of him. “Hmmmm?”

“Good morning,” Toshinori whispered gently, unable to keep the soft smile from his face.

“Mo’ning,” slurred Izuku, eyes falling closed already as he added something in a quiet mumble.

Chuckling, Toshinori shook his head at his student. Obviously not really awake yet. Cupping the boy’s face again, he said, a bit louder. “Izuku. Come on, no falling asleep on me here.”

There was a muffled sound, before Izuku’s left hand latched onto Toshinori’s, keeping the bigger hand trapped.

After a pause, Izuku tugged.

The pull was surprisingly strong for someone still asleep, and Toshinori actually had to steady himself before he fell flat on the bed in front of him. Choking out a laugh, the retired hero noted the impatient tug at his still trapped wrist.

Izuku was trying to pull him down onto the mattress.

“Oh no,” Toshinori snorted, tugging his hand back, “This is about getting you out of the bed, not about getting me into it.”

Izuku scrunched up his nose slightly, wrinkles appearing between his brows when he was denied. Apparently he was conscious enough to notice and get impatient, since he tugged at Toshinori’s wrist again, a bit stronger than before, mumbling something.

“Izuku…” Toshinori tried again, fighting to keep the laughter out of his voice as he put up some resistance.

And then, there it was, gentle and soft and yet like a punch to the stomach – Izuku mumbled, tugged, and finally, let out an impatient, drawn-out, “Dad!”

It was the second time the boy had called him that – and while half-asleep, too – but it still felt as if someone had pulled out the rug from under Toshinori. He took a sharp breath, shock, surprise and pure, unaltered affection rushing through him.

Izuku whined again, softer this time, frown deepening. Any longer like this, and the boy would probably wake up.

That shook Toshinori from his stupor, and he relented, “Okay, it’s okay, shhhh… scoot over, come on…”

It didn’t take much convincing anymore. Izuku let himself be pushed aside slightly, grip around his mentor’s wrist loosening as he subconsciously got aware that his will was being granted.

Toshinori had to be careful, getting his tall frame into the too small bed without waking Izuku up completely, but finally, he managed.

As soon as he lay down on the mattress, Izuku pushed into his personal space again, mumbling all the while, eyes still closed. Like a cat, the boy snuggled against Toshinori’s chest, twisting and turning until he managed to hide his face in the crook of the man’s neck, arms wrapped around him tightly.

Obviously content with this, Izuku sighed and relaxed again, making a content sound in the back of his throat.

Chuckling softly, Toshinori tested the waters by carding on hand through the green mop of hair. As Izuku let out a sound resembling a purr and snuggled even closer, the chuckle turned into a soft laugh, and the former hero dared to wrap his arms around the boy.

“Good thing you’re not awake right now,” he whispered to Izuku, getting a drawn-out hum in answer. “You would probably die of embarrassment.”

Another hum, and Izuku mumbled sleepily, “Five more minutes…”

Biting back a loud laugh, Toshinori agreed, “At least five more.”

Maybe even ten minutes, the former hero thought as he watched his boy with fond amusement. Twelve minutes top.

Oh yes. Toshinori really liked those early mornings.