sleeper speaks

Imagine the squad….

Waking up to snow.

Captain Boomerang.

You’d been up long before Digger, just sitting and watching out the window as thick white blankets wrapped the surrounding view in their cold embrace.

A few times, Digger almost woke up but he was a very heavy sleeper.

Bless, he was speaking in his sleep.

He’d usually mutter things to you as he slumbered about heists and robberies and every so often you’d get little snippets of dream.

The snow got heavier and heavier the longer Digger slept and you contemplated waking him up so he could see.

You nudged his shoulder, trying to shake him awake.

“ Digger… Digger wake up! ” you whispered.

“ Sshh! Sleep… ” he slurred, grabbing your waist and pulling you close.

“ But Digger! It’s snowing! Just take a look out the window! ” you said.

He groaned sleepily about how you could just watch it online instead but he didn’t mention how the sight of you so giddy and excited made him feel so lucky that he got to wake up to you every morning.

Rick Flag.

Being the soldier boy he was, Rick was never really one for playing games.

Early in the morning, you woke up to see freshly fallen snow blanketing everywhere you could possibly see.

Suddenly, a mischievous thought came to mind.

Rick would obviously appreciate a load of refreshing snow in his bed.

You snuck outside and filled a cup with snow and took it back up to bed before gently pulling back the duvet and letting a few cold drops run across his neck.

He shivered in his sleep before rolling over to face you.


Slowly, gently pulling his t-shirt away from his neck you dumped the cup of snow down his back and hi-tailed it out of the room.

The shout that followed mere seconds after you’d ducked behind the door frame would echo through your memory forever.


You couldn’t help but laugh as he finally found you, in fits of giggles on the floor.

El Diablo

Snow wasn’t really an option for Chato since it basically cancelled out his power but he still liked to see you enjoy yourself.

Nonetheless, he still liked seeing the snow fall from the sky late at night or on Christmas day.

Harley Quinn

Harley would squeal in delight and run and jump around excitedly shouting: “Snow, snow, snow!!! ”

She’d eagerly persuade you to get dressed and come outside to build a snowman or an igloo or something. Snow in all it’s forms, wet, powder, thick, light, heavy or mild, made Harley happy. And that was all you could wish for.

Killer Croc

Waylon had never really seen snow before but he enjoyed listening to you as you described your childhood Christmases. 


Two words. Snow sculpting. Katana would take the craft very seriously and make a gigantic seven-foot tall Chinese dragon whereas (A/N- I’d probably try and make a seven-foot tall dick) you’d try and copy her to begin with and she’d see you were struggling and decide to make one big combination sculpture.


Floyd would often be woken by Zoe jumping on his bed as she shook him awake so they could eat breakfast and go out to build snowmen. Obvioulsy, he’d invite you since Zoe absolutely adored your creative skills.

You’d end up burying Floyd up to his chin in snow while Zoe helped then you’d have to dig him out all while laughing as Floyd pelted you both with snowballs..

+   open.

       EYES ARE LIKE GLASSY BEADS  in the skull of the somnambulist ,   lights of the circus  do not reach into the tent where the coffin lies.    the crowds have flittered out ,    &    promise of mysticism or horrors pulling a few still into caligari’s domain.     as though enchanted  ,     they find their way to the strange fortune teller ,     &    the promise of fear shall always be found upon their features if they dare come to watch the sleeper SPEAK PROPHECY.   

              ❛       it ‘  s    coming  ,     for you    -     it ‘  s   promised .    something wicked ,    –    it  whispers ,   whispers    ;      ‘    it comes at night .  ’     ❜         —–        beware    !       beware     !   



“Oh, Guardian! May this prayer keep him asleep forever. He keeps us safe and protects the Covenant. The Domain can not be opened as long as he stays sleeping. Oh, Guardian, magnificent sleeper!

Speak not to the holy Guardian of Sunaion. Pray only that it remains still. Let it not stir, lest it tear our world asunder.”

The Destiel fic nobody asked for. I haven’t written a fic in ages and forget how much fun that is. So here it is. Have fun with it. If you find a mistake let me know. If you liked the story let me also know.

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean/Cas

Words: 8472

Warnings: Season 10 compliant, Season 10 spoilers (up to 10x23), mature content, case fic

This goes to Jenny (remember how I told you I’m writing a fic? Here it is) and Lizzy, who was my awesome beta reader (I will now dedicate my life finding the perfect scones recipe for you).

Read on Ao3.

Talk to me (like lovers do)

He hears Sam before anything else, the calm calculated voice of his brother. He doesn’t gather much but enough to know that Sam is talking about a possible job. Dean stops in his tracks and sighs; he had hoped today would be his day off.

“Yeah, right, I’ll tell Dean about it. Take care.”

“You’ll tell me about what?”

Sam looks up, obviously surprised that Dean is already awake. By the look of it Sam has been up for a while now, surrounded by a coffee mug and an empty cereal bowl. The laptop in front of him makes the same wheezy sound as always and Dean tries very hard not to think about how Charlie promised to get them a new one. He tries not to think too much about anything these days.

“Uhm… a potential vampire nest outside of Wichita.”

“Yeah well, that is a two men job, so we’re out of it.”

Sam sighs. He already knows this, they both do. You can’t hunt a vampire with a sprained ankle, you can’t hunt anything like this. Which is why Sam has spent the last few days researching and Dean has done some solo hunts. They both feel useless. There isn’t much lore about a pre-biblical force of evil for starters and Dean feels he has been wasting his time hunting ghosts and the likes when there is something way bigger out there. Just that so far nothing has really happened, despite a big cloud of dark smoke. Nothing had seemingly changed after the air cleared again. Dean was tired of waiting. He wanted to do something, anything.

“I know. That’s why Cas called to ask for your help.”

“You’re sure he asked for my help?”

“Yes. Come on Dean, you can’t avoid him forever.”

“I’m not…”

Sam gives him the look and Dean shuts up. He knows that Sam is right. Of course he is. He had tried to stay away from Cas as best as he could, always making sure Sam was around whenever they met. Apart from that one time where he had tried to find the right words to apologize for almost killing Cas. As it turned out there weren’t any right words to say or things to do. Cas said that they were good again, that it wasn’t the real Dean who had acted, that despite all he was a good man. Dean wished he hadn’t. Things would be easier if Cas were still angry. If for once he hated Dean as much as Dean hated himself. Cas didn’t do him the favour and in response Dean found it impossible to be around him anymore, let alone talk to him. No way they could work together.

“He’s sure it’s vampires?”

“Pretty sure.”

“Alright, I’ll grab my things.”

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